Fabrication of Saw Blades

In all band saws for cutting meat, a band saw (saw) welded into a ring is used as a cutting tool.

Depending on the model of the saw and the type of raw material to be sawed, the band blades differ in size (length, width and thickness), the number and shape of the tooth, as well as the grade of steel from which the saw blade is made.

Company "MT service" offers ribbon belts for meat, fish, poultry and bones made of modern high-quality alloy steel, the teeth are hardened, bred and sharpened. For the production of tape paintings, the fabric is used in bays of trusted manufacturers from Italy, Germany and Sweden (Munkfors).

Always available in stock tape bands for meat saws of the most popular sizes: 1550, 1570, 1650, 1830, 2345, 2645, 3135, 3620 and 3680 mm; 16, 19 and 20 mm wide; with a rare tooth (3TPI). for frozen meat or standard (4TPI). for chilled meat on the bone. Production of tape paintings for meat, fish, poultry or bones of any size within 1-2 days at our own production.

For more information about tape sheets for meat products: classification of sheets, comparison, characteristics and how to choose a tape sheet can be found in the article at the link: http://pila154.ru/a197369-lentochnyh-polotna-dlya.html.

Band saw blade APACH ASW-183A

Fabrication of Saw Blades

Meat for a band saw for meat 1650х16х0.56 mm 4TPI (standard tooth)

Meat for a band saw for meat 1650х16х0.56 mm 3TPI (rare tooth)

Video: Fabrication of Saw Blades

Meat band saw blade 1650x16x0.6 mm 4TPI (standard tooth, Munkfors)

Canvas for a band saw for meat 1650х16х0.56 mm (variable tooth)

Band saw blade HURAKAN HKN-SE / 1650

Band saw blade AIRHOT HSL-1650A

Band saw blade EKSI HLS-1650 / HLS-1650A

Band saw blade GASTRORAG MS-1650 / MS-1650A

Band saw blade JG-210 / JG-210A

Band saw blade La Minerva C / E-165

Meat for a band saw for meat 1980x16x0.56 mm 3TPI, 4TPI

Meat for band saws for meat 1550x16x0.56 mm 4TPI (standard tooth)

Meat for a band saw for meat 1550х16х0.56 mm 3TPI (rare tooth)

Canvas for band saw for meat 1550x16x0.56 mm (variable tooth, Banso)

Meat band saw blade 1550x16x0.6 mm 4TPI (standard tooth, Munkfors)

Band saw blade APACH ASW-155A

Band saw blade La Minerva A / E-155

Saw blade for R3-FRP-2 (610x50x1.8 mm)

Ribbon for meat 1550×16 mm

Ribbon belt for meat 1570×16 mm (for KT-210)

Ribbon for meat 1600×16 mm (for Fama FSGM 106E)

Ribbon for meat 1650×16 mm

Ribbon for meat 1666×16 mm (for PLN-225)

Our company supplies a band saw blade for all types of band saws for cutting meat from all known manufacturers, such as: KT (Koneteollisuus), Fama, Fimar, Sirman, SAP, GAM, Kolbe, Apach, Amb, Hurakan, Hobart, Hualing, EKSI, Airhot , Viatto, Gastrorag, Mado, Freund, Fooma, Efa, Biro, La Minerva, Jarvis, JG, ADE, AEW, Bankeryd, Berkel, BestDonovan, Bizerba, Braher, Butcher Boy, CEReich, Dorfel, Eureka / Ems, Fanal, Cosum, Globe, Kentmaster, Kogateq, La Felsina, La Perla, Macchi, Mai, Mainca, Master, Mobra, Nieros, Nsv Modena, Omas, Omega, Page, Regina, Reich, Reweebo, Serena, Starfood, Teko, Toledo, Velum , Wiegand, domestic PM-FPL-250, PM-FPL-350, PM-FPL-460, B2-FR-2P, MPEL and other band saws.

Own production (welding of the band saw is carried out on modern IDEAL equipment) allows us to guarantee the quality of the weld of the band saw, low prices and the manufacture of saw blades for any model of band saw for cutting meat, fish, poultry and bones in the shortest possible time.

We carry out shipment in Russia and the CIS by transport companies, courier or mail.