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Ferris is700z Reviews 2023 | Worth It? (Unbiased)

Can’t figure out what the deal is regarding Ferris is700z reviews? Leave it to us. Here, we have minutely explained every detail you should know about this product in the following article!

Now you may think that a lawnmower is a comparatively easier-to-use appliance and getting one will be a breeze. However, if you already didn’t know, there are around 15 types of lawnmowers out there; each with its unique range of functionality. Grass growing season in the USA will require you to consider all of these alternatives along with your budget and the specifics of your backyard space. Most of these models come equipped with either seated driving, walking, or self-propelling functions. Consequently, ride-on mowers like the Ferris is700z, are expected to hold a majority share of the market by 2030, as per this study. This boom is not only due to the user-friendly nature of the usage of these lawnmowers but also a result of the increase in private space gardening in the aftermath of the pandemic. Having covered that, let us move to what you should cover while opting for zero-turn mowers like the one we will talk about.

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

The Ferris is700z is a zero-turn ride-on mower. What that implies is that not only will you get increased maneuverability in your lawnmower but you’ll also be able to cover more area per session. P referred by a host of gardening enthusiasts due to its smooth finish and increased safety, the Ferris is700z is definitely one to watch out for. Read on and find out if they make the cut for your list of gardening essentials!

Ferris is700z Reviews | Does It Work?

This lawnmower is manufactured in Ferris’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Upstate New York, USA. The company stresses on their motto “Products are a reflection of the people that build them.” and claim to have been in the business for over 100 years with that philosophy in mind. Additionally, you can look up their mower productivity chart to review how your model will perform. Ferris is accommodative of all types of customers as their 22 Year Limited Warranty plan shows. All zero-turn mowers including the is700z are covered for four years (48 months) or 500 hours, whichever comes first. The mower is also completely insured for unlimited hours for the entirety of the first two years(24 months). Easily detachable parts like belts, tires, brake pads, battery, and blades are covered for 90 days. specific parts like coil-over-shocks and all suspension-related components are covered for 4 years (48 months) unlimited hours. You need not be worried about the 61” deck because of its size and weight, as it’s pretty sturdy and leaves no tire tracks or ruts behind. The ICD system is another important highlight that we will discuss later in this Ferris is700z review.

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

Market searches were skewed and the product is not available on Amazon but a lot of users were pleased with its exclusive features. Among these features, the cutting accuracy of the mower and the whopping 500-hour oil change interval along with an Oil Guard System are the most prominent.

For any lawnmower, the minimum time of usage is about 8-9 years and that is the same for Ferris’ is700z zero-turn lawnmower. However, Ferris does stress on their website that they can’t really put a number on such a thing as life expectancy. Regardless, they have a proper dedicated dealer network who can assist you with product pricing and purchasing, genuine repair parts accessories, and replacement manuals. Now, let us move on and analyze a few more components as well as the working mechanism of this product.

Ferris is700z | How Does It Operate?

If you have not looked up any other Ferris is700z reviews, operability might be one of your more prominent doubts. Like John Deere lawnmowers, Ferris mowers mostly utilize Briggs Stratton Commercial Series engines but some variants also have Kawasaki engines. Handlebars with grips in the front seat, and a patented suspension technology implies supreme riding comfort while operating. Extra-wide discharge openings evenly disperse grass clippings and the rubber flexible discharge chute reduces contact damage. Two welded layers of 10 gauge steel reinforce the top center portion of the cutter deck. A reinforced leading-edge protects it where the heavy-duty deck needs it the most. over, an offset center point optimizes the inner airflow and provides a larger discharge opening, allowing for mowing at higher velocity. What you would notice is that the sloped nose design allows you to cut at improved speeds without sacrificing the quality of your cut. Overall, a lot of pros seem to be present for this lawnmower but a few notable flaws also came up while I was researching about them. Let’s see what those are!

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

Ferris is700z Advantages

Consulting several Ferris is700z reviews, revealed a few recurring plus points for this lawnmower. I have listed them below concisely so that you can have a look at them all in one go:

FAQ’S | Ferris is700z Reviews

This section will look to answer any uncertainties you might still have regarding the Ferris is700z. Hopefully, these will help you get more clarity on this lawnmower and allow you to make an informed decision regarding its purchase!

Is the Ferris is700z Any Good?

The Ferris is700z from Ferris lawnmowers is not extremely highly rated on online retail platforms but present customer reviews suggest it is a decent model. Some comparisons on Reddit mention that it is better than the other models out there but there is very little hands-on evidence. One thing is that the massive quantity of replacement units available on Amazon is a witness to its effectiveness.

Where Can I Find the Ferris is700z for Sale Near Me?

You can look up the Ferris is700z lawnmower with the 61” deck on their homepage. Amazon has a wide variety of servicing parts available in case you need them at your disposal. For second-hand alternatives, I would suggest Tractorhouse as they not only have recent models but the earlier versions as well in case you would like to opt for them. The Ferris is700z usually has a starting price of around 6699 as per the retail website Fastline. That may go up to an excess of 8000 if you include mulching kits, blade accessories, and shipping charges.

Closure | Ferris is700z Reviews

In this review piece, I have tried my best to supply all types of data that you may look for in Ferris is700z reviews. One of the main things I have experienced while looking for lawnmowers is that mainstream websites like Amazon do not have them on sale. Seeing how search results showed only parts for the lawnmower, I decided to make a brief checklist of everything you should look for, in one place. You may also find a bit of technical language and have difficulty with identifying parts. But with the video guide I have attached, it should be made simpler. However, like with every review, I would implore you to conduct your own research as well.

Ferris is700z lawnmowers are slightly pricier alternatives by themselves, but they happen to provide all-around service for first-time users. Faulty belts and inconsistent servicing are a few of the drawbacks in the case of this product but it’s generally not a big bother. That apart, this lawnmower is sure to enhance your lawn-mowing experience with its smooth drive-around features!

Ferris 1000Z Zero Turn Mower Won’t Start Wiring Repair To Seat Switch Wire Broken

The Ferris 500S is a popular model of zero-turn lawn mower. However, like all machines, it is not without its problems. Some common issues that owners of this model have reported include the following:

1) The deck may vibrate excessively, making it difficult to mow in a straight line. This can be caused by the blades being out of balance or by something being caught in the deck itself. 2) The engine may stall unexpectedly, particularly when going up hills.

This problem is typically due to a dirty air filter or spark plug. 3) The mower may pull to one side while in use. This is often caused by an uneven distribution of weight on the wheels or by one of the drive wheels being defective.

If you are experiencing any of these problems with your Ferris 500S, take it to a qualified repair technician for diagnosis and repairs.

Ferris Is1500Z Problems

If you’re a fan of Ferris mowers, you may be disappointed to learn that the Is1500Z model has been discontinued. But if you already have this mower, you may be experiencing some problems with it. Here are some of the most common issues reported by owners of the Is1500Z:

Engine stalling: This is a common issue with small engines, and it can be caused by a number of things, including a dirty air filter or spark plug, low oil levels, or fuel contamination. If your engine stalls frequently, take it to a qualified technician for diagnosis and repair. 2. Transmission problems: Some owners have reported that their Is1500Z’s transmission slips or refuses to engage properly.

These issues can usually be resolved by having the transmission serviced or replaced by a qualified technician. 3. Deck rusting: The deck on the Is1500Z is made from stamped steel, which is prone to rusting if not properly maintained. Be sure to regularly clean and wax the deck to protect it from moisture and corrosion.

If the deck does rust through, it will need to be replaced. 4. Tire wear: The tires on the Is1500Z are designed for turf use only; they will wear out quickly if used on pavement or other hard surfaces. Replace worn tires with new ones specifically designed for turf use before they cause damage to the mower deck or wheels.

Ferris Zero Turn Mower Problems

If you’re a Ferris zero turn mower owner, then you know that these machines are built tough and designed to provide years of dependable service. But like any other machine, they’re not immune to problems and occasionally need repair. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common Ferris zero turn mower problems and what you can do to fix them.

One of the most common problems with Ferris zero turn mowers is engine trouble. If your mower’s engine is having difficulty starting or staying running, it could be due to several different issues. Check the oil level first, as an insufficient amount of oil can cause serious engine damage.

You should also check for fuel contamination or water in the fuel tank. Either of these can prevent the engine from running properly. Another common problem with Ferris zero turn mowers is deck vibration.

This can be caused by several different things, including loose blades, damaged spindles, or an imbalanced pulley system. Inspect the blades and spindles for damage and replace any that are damaged or worn out. If the problem persists, have a professional check the pulley system to make sure it’s balanced correctly.

These are just a few of the most common problems that Ferris zero turn mowers experience.


If you’re a fan of Ferris mowers, you may have noticed that the Is2000Z model has been having some problems lately. Engine failures and deck issues have been plaguing this particular model, much to the frustration of owners. While Ferris has issued a few recalls on the Is2000Z, it doesn’t seem to be enough to fix the problem.

Many owners are still reporting engine failures and deck problems, even after taking their mower in for repairs. At this point, it seems like the best thing to do if you own an Is2000Z is to keep a close eye on it and be prepared for any potential problems. If you do run into any issues, be sure to contact Ferris customer service so they can help you out.

Ferris Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers Review

The walk-behind mowers made by Ferris are some of the most advanced walk-behind lawn mowers in the market. They are well-renowned for their extraordinary performance and maneuverability. And of course, they can take care of any kind of steep slopes and obstacles that your lawn may have.

The best Ferris walk-behind mowers are as follows:

FW15 Walk Behind Mower

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

The FW15 is the best selling push mower that Ferris has ever made. It is a well-built and heavy-duty machine. A robust Honda GXV 390 engine powers it. It is a 10.2HP engine, which is truly powerful, especially for a push mower.

The FW15 is quite user-friendly, and you can easily control this mower. There is a gear on the handlebar that you can adjust to determine whether the mower will go forwards or backward. There is also a speed range on the handlebar that you can use to determine the speed of the mower.

It’s a pull-start lawnmower, and so you have to pull a cord to start the engine. But it always starts on the first pull.

The FW15 mower is quite user-friendly, and it features a one-handed operation. The controls of the lawnmower are situated on the right part of the handlebar.

over, you can adjust the handlebar to four different positions. So you can choose a position that is comfortable for you.

You can change the height of the deck and also the blade by pulling a pin. You can change the height from 1-1/2 inches to 5 inches.

The ISX 800 has a maximum forward speed of 10 MPH. That’s extremely fast for a lawnmower. It can also go in the reverse direction. And, its maximum reverse speed is 6 MPH.

Hydrostatic transmission:

Unlike any of the lawnmowers that we have reviewed until now, the FW15 features Hydrostatic transmission. This is what provides the mower with enough traction to go over slopes and terrains. It also makes sure you get a smooth, crisp cut.

The FW15 lawnmower has a 32-inch compact deck that’s made of fabricated steel. The steel has been reinforced to make it even more durable.

The FW15 is one of the best walk-behind lawnmowers in the market. You’ll be impressed by its performance.

FW25 Walk Behind Mowers

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

The FW25 mower is a commercial hydraulic walk-behind mower. It has a 36-inch deck and a 118.5 HP Kawasaki FX 600V engine.

This mower is quite durable, and it can handle inclines and steep slopes. It has two spacers on the front deck that can be used to change the cutting height of this lawnmower.

The controls of this lawnmower are pretty straightforward. It has pistol grip style throttle and brakes.

And there is a gear that can be used to adjust the speed of the mower. You can even start this lawnmower by using a key. So, you don’t have to worry about pulling a cord multiple times to start the engine.

The FW25 lawnmower features cruise control which is used for setting the speed of the mower. It’s extremely easy to use. All you have to do is move the cruise control bar to control the speed. Push it forward for increasing the speed and pull it back for decreasing the speed.

There is also a speed indicator that will show you the speed of the mower at all times.

When you have to remove an obstacle that gets in the way of your mowing, you don’t need to stop it’s engine and move it. You can just pull the cruise control lever all the way back.

This will prevent the blades from rotating, but the engine will continue to run. And here, your mower will be in a neutral position, and you can move away from it and remove the obstacle.

The FW25 features high-quality deck drive belts. They are made with durable materials, and they don’t wear down with time.

This mower has a rock-solid construction, and it can effortlessly withstand all kinds of strains it may face during regular use. It has a sturdy deck made of 10-gauge steel.

There are points in the front and back of this lawnmower that can be used to tie it down using a rope. That’s why you can easily transport this mower.

The FW25 is easy to use, and it comes with a lot of amazing accessories. As an outstanding lawnmower, you should consider purchasing it.

Ferris Front Mount Mowers Review

The Ferris front mount lawn mowers feature zero-turn capability. The front part of these mowers are quite low, and that’s why the user gets better visibility. Most importantly, the weight of these mowers is evenly distributed through the lawnmower’s whole body.

These mowers have large tires that create enough traction to handle hilly terrains.

Let’s know about some of the best Ferris Front mount mowers.

F800X Front Mount Mower Series

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

We were undoubtedly impressed by the cutting quality and speed of the F800X lawnmower. It’s a high-quality lawnmower, and it also comes at an affordable price. It’s really fast, and you can finish mowing your entire lawn in just 3 hours.

You can easily change the height of the blade in order to cut the grass according to your desired height. It has an amazing quality of cut, and it’s also fuel-efficient.

You can mow at a top speed of 10 MPH. The only complaint that we have about this lawnmower is that it’s a bit loud.

The F800X lawnmower features a state-of-art cutting system known as iCD. This method has been developed for providing the users with the best cutting performance regardless of the mowing condition.

This lawnmower is remarkably easy to maintain. That’s because it features an electric deck-lift. You can just raise the deck only by using a switch. In fact, when you are down with servicing and maintenance, you can put the deck into its position using the same switch.

You can quickly and easily release the latches that hold the outer part of the engine compartment. This will make it easy for you to gain access to the engine.

Its electric deck-lift also enables you to change the cutting height of the deck. You can change the cutting height from 1.5″ to 5”.

The F800X lawnmower has a maximum ground speed of 10 MPH. Its maximum reverse speed is 6 MPH. It can mow 6 acres of land per hour. And it has an accuracy of around 80%.

The F800X is a sturdy and versatile lawnmower. Thus, it’s suited for different mowing conditions. It exceeded our expectations, and that’s why we highly recommend it.

ProCut S Front Mount Mowers

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

This lawn mower comes with two engine choices. You could buy the one with a Briggs and Stratton engine of the one with the Kawasaki engine. Both of them are gasoline-powered.

This ProCut S is designed in such a way that it’s really maneuverable and the mower can follow the ground contours flawlessly.

This mower has a huge 61-inch deck, and it is made with 10-gauge steel. This deck is much more durable than the standard decks made of 7-gauge steel. You can also raise the deck by using the electric deck lift. This will help you while mowing over curved surfaces.

The height adjustability option on this lawnmower is a little different than the other entries on our list. There is a lever near the caster tires that can be used to adjust the height from 1.5” to 5”.

The ProCut S lawnmower can mow a maximum of 4 acres in an hour. Its efficiency is roughly 80%.

It features a robust fuel tank that’s easy to refill. It can store up to 5.5 gallons of engine oil.

The electric deck lift of the ProCut S lawnmower makes it convenient for the user to raise the deck up to perform maintenance checks underneath the deck.

This mower comes with coil-over-shocks that adjust the deck according to the contours of the terrain. It will make sure that you get a smooth ride.

The ProCut S has a practical design, and it will provide you with an excellent quality of cut. We believe this mower is certainly worth considering.

Ferris Stand-On mowers Review

The Ferris stand-on Mowers come with an art ergonomic design. These mowers are well-balanced and stable. They are also quite user-friendly. They have adjustable suspension platforms.

They are versatile, and you can add accessories to them to increase their efficiency. Here are the best stand-on mowers made by Ferris:

SRS Z1 Soft Ride Stand-On Mowers

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

The SRS Z1 soft ride mower has superior balance, maneuverability, and traction. Just like the previous Ferris mowers on our list, the SRS Z1 is famous for its innovative features and ergonomic design.

It has 23-inch rear tires that create enough traction to mow over steep slopes. This mower is suited for mowing tight areas. Its state of the art cutting system will provide you with maximum cutting performance.

The SRS Z1 features sharp steel blades that generate a sufficient amount of lift for cutting the grass smoothly. It also has large drive tires for creating traction.

You can easily change the height of the cutting blade of this lawnmower. And you can change the height from 1.75 inches to 4.5 inches with increments of.25 inches.

This lawnmower was designed with the user’s comfort in mind. It has thigh pads that make the ride comfortable for you, especially while going over steep, uneven surfaces.

The SRS Z1 lawnmower has a large fuel tank that has a fuel capacity of 6-gallons. The oil-container is situated at the center of the mower so that the mower can stay well-balanced.

There are three different speed control options available to the user. You can easily adjust the mower’s speed. It has a maximum forward speed of 8 MPH and a maximum reverse speed of 4 MPH.

You can adjust the suspension platform of this lawnmower according to your weight. You can have different adjustment positions to make yourself comfortable in different mowing conditions.

In terms of speed, durability, and quality of cut, the SRS Z1 is unmatched. And definately, It’s worth considering.

SRS Z3X Soft Ride Stand-On Mowers

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

ferris, is2000z, problems, turn, mower

The SRS Z3X is not an ordinary lawnmower. You’ll be surprised by the speed at which this lawnmower can cut the grass.

It’s designed to deal with unpredictable and hilly terrains. It comes with two engine options to choose from. We preferred the Vanguard big-block EFI 37HP engine.

It has a 500-hour oil change interval. The Z3X is available in two deck sizes. One of them has a 61″ deck. While the other one has a 72″ inch deck. That’s the most substantial deck in the lawnmower industry.

You can adjust the platform of this mower into five different positions. So, you can choose the one that makes you feel comfortable.

This lawnmower has a huge fuel tank. It’s located at the center of the mower in order to maintain the balance of the lawnmower. Refilling this tank is quite easy, and the neck of the tank is located on the right side of the mower.

A Kawasaki vanguard engine powers the SRS Z3X lawnmower. The engine also features an oil guard system. The engine is pretty robust, and it can enable the mower to deal with rugged grass and uneven terrains.

Just like the previous entry on our list, this mower also features three speed-control options. The mower has a user-friendly design, and you can easily change the speed of this lawnmower. It’s the fastest lawnmower on our list with an impressive top speed of 12 MPH. Its maximum reverse speed is 5 MPH.

The SRS Z3X has an adjustable suspension system. You can adjust it to make the ride more comfortable.

The SRS Z3X provides the user with a flawless cut, and it has a ton of exciting features. You’re sure to be satisfied with its performance.

Ferris Mowers Buying Guide

Ferris is a reputed brand in the lawnmower industry. They are well-known for manufacturing high-quality, productive, and versatile lawnmowers. They also make different types of lawnmowers. In our Ferris mowers reviews, we have discussed the features that make them stand out among the rest.

But you know there are certain features that you have to consider before buying a Ferris lawnmower. Also, you have to check the features according to the type of mower you are planning to purchase.

The features that you should check before buying a Ferris lawnmower are as follows:

The speed of the lawnmower determines how efficiently the mower can cut the grass. This is especially true for Zero-turn lawnmowers. You should buy a mower that has a user-friendly speed control system.

Most of the Ferris lawnmowers feature independent suspension platforms. These platforms are connected to the mower using coil-over-shocks. This platform follows the contours of the lawn and makes sure you get a smooth ride.

Most of the Ferris lawn mowers have a 500-hour oil refill time. You should buy a lawnmower that has at least 5 gallons of fuel capacity.

You will need to adjust the deck height for getting a precision cut. That’s why check the height adjustment options of the lawnmower before buying it.

Where to get Ferris Lawn Mowers?

There are a lot of dealer outlets all over the country that sell Ferris lawnmowers. But, finding a dealer outlet that sells the Ferris lawnmower that you are looking for may seem a bit difficult for you.

That’s why, in order to make that task easy for you, Ferris has come with a web application that’s available on their website. Let’s see what you have to do here.

Where to Buy Ferris Lawn Mowers?

Ferris mowers are available through authorized dealers. You can find the closest dealer to you by using the dealer locator on the Ferris website. Other possible dealers are:

Caldwell Outdoor Equipment

Caldwell Outdoor Equipment has rapidly become one of the largest and most recognized Ferris mower outdoor equipment distributors in the Midwest.

Green Acres Powersports

The newest Ferris goods and accessories are available at competitive pricing at Green Acres Powersports.

Maintaining a beautiful lawn can be a daunting task, especially if you lack the appropriate know-how and tools to handle the challenges that may crop up. Fortunately, LawnAsk is here to offer you an all-encompassing resource that covers everything you need to know about lawn care.