Ferris Mowers. Ferris riding lawn mower

Ferris riding lawn mower

All Ferris commercial mowers are distinguished through innovative features and high quality standards in performance, durability and ergonomic design. Whether you’re a landscape professional or property owner, Ferris mowers with patented suspension technology will give you a noticeable improvement in your mowing productivity. We’ve earned our reputation by delivering our customers high quality outdoor power equipment products and solutions for over 100 years. You can be sure Ferris commercial lawn mowers will keep you on the cutting edge, with innovative mower designs and technology, for years to come. Experience the Ferris mower difference. Experience Suspension.

We specialize in outdoor power equipment like high performance commercial zero turn mowers and walk-behind lawn mowers. Come see us and experience the difference patented suspension technology can make on riding mowers.

ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower

Ferris Mowers

How many times have you had to stop and fix your mower in the middle of cutting your lawn? Or does your equipment often not work like it should, making it difficult and frustrating to create the lawn you dream of?

At SteveCo Power, we work with the best quality brands so you can achieve the results you’re looking for with ease and feel good about the outcome. That’s why we’ve partnered with Ferris Mowers.

A Ferris mower will ensure the job is done right and the patented suspension will make the process enjoyable!

Why Ferris Mowers?

ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower

Multi-Patented Suspension Technology

This innovation reduces the effects of uneven terrain, virtually eliminating shock to the chassis and your body.

ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower

ICD Cutting System

Exclusive, next-level mowing performance in a variety of conditions.

Extended Oil Change Interval

The first-of-its-kind Oil Guard System from Vanguard means you spend less on oil and can cut up to 500 hours before ever needing an oil change.

ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower

Innovative Engine Technology

The EFI-ETC technology delivers improved starting and load performance with an easier maintenance experience.

Ferris Mowers Available

ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower

Zero Turn Mowers

Maximize productivity and agility without wearing yourself out.

ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower

Walk Behind Mowers

ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower

Stand on Mowers

Combine speed, agility, and high cut quality with comfort.

Your Local Lancaster County Ferris Mower Dealer!

Founded in 1981 to distribute motor vehicle supplies, accessories, tools, and equipment, Ferris Mowers believes there’s no glory in getting beat up on the job. Aches and pains aren’t trophies. They’re just barriers keeping pros like you from getting the work done. You know better than anyone that this business can be backbreaking, but that’s all the more reason to partner with someone who has your back.

Ferris Mowers is about helping you finish strong and feel good doing it. That’s why they build their equipment for unmatched comfort, durability, and quality of cutting, and why they build you up with world-class customer support so you can get more jobs, with more peace of mind and have more energy to take on tomorrow.

Ferris Mowers is a premium turf brand that is built to last. Their equipment helps small businesses thrive and provides the best yard on the block for passionate homeowners, and they take pride in the quality they put into their products, and that includes you.

If you live in Lancaster County or nearby, call, text, or stop by SteveCo Power to see how we can set you up with your own Ferris Mower and make taking care of your yard easier and more enjoyable!

Let the other guys keep suffering for the job. It’s time for you to finish one more day of hard work. Feeling good.

Ferris Mower FAQs

Where are Ferris mowers made?

Ferris Mowers are proudly manufactured in Central New York in the city of Sherrill.

Who are Ferris mowers ideally made for?

Ferris mainly targets commercial clients but has recently added products to target the everyday consumer. Ferris focuses on the quality of their mowers, and quality comes with a price, so even though Ferris’s residential models may cost more than some other brands, you can have the peace of mind that not only will you get what you pay for, you won’t regret paying a little more for the quality and comfort you will only get with a Ferris mower.

What makes Ferris lawn mowers high quality?

With Ferris, “No Pain No Gain” is effectively a thing of the past. Why choose between productivity, comfort, or quality of cut if you can have all three in one machine? Ferris zero-turn mowers are designed to help you work faster while accomplishing more with greater ease. Ferris Mowers has developed a committed fanbase due to its maneuverability and combining modern comfort with old-world dependability.

Ferris’s state-of-the-art multi-patented suspension technology reduces the effects of uneven terrain, virtually eliminating shock to the chassis and your body. Many operators aren’t always aware that they slow down to compensate for rough terrain, so when protected from these effects using a Ferris zero-turn mower, the operator can take full advantage of the power available from the machine to maintain a consistent mowing speed. In turn, it increases productivity and gets the job done faster.

Landscape professionals routinely seek commercial mowing equipment that elevates productivity and increases revenue. To meet this demand, Ferris turned to engines with advanced technologies and integrated systems that optimize mower performance, require less maintenance, and minimize downtime. Ferris has partnered with Vanguard Engines and their Oil Guard Technology for select commercial models. Together, they raise the bar on how productive a landscape contractor can be on any given day. A first-of-its-kind solution for the commercial turf market, the Oil Guard System offers significant productivity gains by allowing landscape contractors to operate their mowers for 500 hours between oil changes. Increasing the oil change interval by five times means spending less time maintaining equipment and more time mowing.

When talking about commercial-grade equipment, a top priority is ensuring the reliability of the equipment. Technologies like Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) provide more consistent starting in all temperatures and reduced fuel consumption. That assurance of reliable power means less downtime and more grass being cut. Ferris has partnered with Vanguard and Kawasaki to bring advanced EFI technology to select models. The Engine Control Module (ECM) constantly monitors and fine-tunes every single engine operating point thousands of times per minute. It takes in all of the signals from the engine sensors to make cycle-by-cycle decisions on how much fuel and spark to provide the EFI engine and when to do it, improving starting and performance at all temperatures and elevations, resulting in load governance with on-demand power for maximum performance at faster speeds, and reducing fuel consumption.

How many hours will the average Ferris zero-turn mower last?

The average life expectancy of any Ferris mower depends on several factors, including the frequency and quality of maintenance, the hours of operation, and the environmental conditions it is used in, to name a few. To put a number on it is almost impossible. As with any product, if you use it as intended and properly maintain it, it should provide reliability and performance for many years.

Ferris Mowers

HOW DOES IT WORK? Our patented suspension system allows each wheel to move up and down independently smoothing out uneven turf. The deck of the mower works in conjunction with the suspension system to provide a consistent cut. This system virtually eliminates shock to the chassis, resulting in superior operator comfort, increased mowing speeds, stability and extended mower life.

PRODUCTIVITY. The benefits of our suspension add up to increased productivity for you. The more productive you can be the more time you will save and the more money you can make.

SPEED. Many operators are not aware that they slow down to compensate for uneven terrain – until they test-drive a mower with suspension. Insulated from these effects, the operator naturally increases speed, taking full advantage of available horsepower. The result: acres per hour and more money in your

CONSISTENCY. The mower deck follows the movement of the wheels and the flow of the terrain. The result is a beautiful, consistent cut.

EXTENDED LIFE. Suspension also benefits the chassis by reducing shock load. Our frame rails are made of much heavier material because we do not rely on frame flex to keep all four wheels on the ground.

ADDED COMFORT.Ferris’ exclusive suspension system absorbs the shocks and vibrations that cause operator fatigue. The increased comfort translates to operator satisfaction and increased productivity.

No matter if you’re a professional cutter, weekend warrior or discriminating buyer, zero-turn mowers with suspension will give you a measurable improvement in your mowing efficiency. The smooth ride will enable you to get more done in less time than conventional mowers.

Ferris riding lawn mower

ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower


ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower

ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower

ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower


ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower


ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower

ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower


ferris, mowers, riding, lawn, mower


New Lawn Tractors, Mowers, and Outdoor Equipment

We offer FREE set-up, prep, delivery, and equipment operating instructions on all NEW lawn tractors!


When you are looking for a lawn or garden tractor, there are many manufacturers and features from which to choose. But if you FOCUS on what’s important, quality of cut and having a great looking lawn, the decision will be easy. Simplicity.

Free Floating Mower Deck —The secret to getting a beautiful looking lawn is the Simplicity Free Floating Mower Deck with full-width rollers. This exclusive Simplicity mower deck features infinite height-of-cut control, freedom to float up or down at the rear and to pivot with the front axle. You can follow every ground contour for a clean, smooth and precise cut through the entire yard and not to mention create ball-park style striping effect.

The Simplicity Dealer Advantage —Unlike some outdoor power equipment manufacturers, Simplicity products are sold only through independent dealers. Your Simplicity Dealer offers end-to end service to help you select the product that is right for you and maintain it for years to come.

Since 1983, Scag Power Equipment has been producing heavy-duty, commercial mowers. This gives us the experience needed to know what really works, and what doesn’t.

We listen to our customers, and constantly make the changes needed to meet their needs. In fact, every Scag mower receives many improvements and enhancements on a constant basis. Even the smallest improvements are important in creating the ” Simply the Best ” commercial mowers on the market. This constant product evolution has enabled us to retain our title as the premiere commercial mower line in the industry. You can find less expensive mowers however, you get what you pay for.


Ferris designs its commercial landscaping equipment to help you get more done with greater ease. How do we beat the competition in mower productivity without sacrificing a quality cut?

Start with the industry-leading innovation : the first multi-patented suspension system for the riding lawn mower, making it possible to cut faster – not slow down – even on uneven terrain. Because we designed the cutting mower deck to respond in harmony with the suspension, you have greater control to get perfect stripe lines and a beautiful, level cut in less time. That alone puts a Ferris zero.turn mower in a class all by itself.

Throughout its tenure, Echo has worked hard to maintain a strong foothold in the industry, both with technological advancement and solid business operations. No stranger to product innovation, Echo engineers have pioneered many ground-breaking products as a result of aggressive market research, engineering proficiency and recognition of customer needs. Within recent years, Echo successfully evolved 2-stroke engine technology to meet the growing demands of the commercial market, while pioneering new efforts to meet both EPA emissions regulations and CARB standards. Today Echo’s engine technology represents the very best in industry leadership. balancing high-quality performance with environmental demands in a 2-stroke engine.

Use Only Genuine Ferris Parts!

Ferris Parts Depot is your trusted source for original Ferris parts, accessories and equipment. We carry a full selection of all Ferris Mower Parts at the lowest online. Save even more with our flat rate shipping. Need help with your order? Call us anytime and our experienced Ferris sales techs can help you locate the Ferris parts you need fast. Call us at 786-592-2094. We supply only original, Made in the USA, Ferris parts for all Ferris Lawn Mowers. Have your Ferris Part Number? Use the Quick Search at the top of the page to find your Ferris part FAST!

For over 50 years, we have supplied quality products and customer service.

We cater to all home owners, commercial landscapers, churches, schools, farms and many other municipalities that depend on our experience for their lawn, land, garden and recreational needs.

Power Mower Sales was founded in 1966, and to this day the small business spirit and family owned environment remains.

Throughout the years Power Mower Sales has become one of the largest multi-line dealers in the south east region. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service.

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