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Fill Fishing Line In Patriot 1000 Trimmer Coil

instruction for gas trimmer

Instructions for running in gasoline trimmers. Articles, Help in choosing. Discounts, super prices, WHERE TO BUY, information about the SC. Car batteries, ne

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For more information on a particular product model, please contact the manufacturer’s website directly.

Instructions for running in gas trimmers

Introductory instruction for running in gas trimmers. (To run your model, use the manufacturer’s instructions)

Before starting operation of any imported gasoline trimmer, a preliminary run-in is required. It is necessary, on the one hand, to extend the life of a gasoline engine. During the break-in phase, the moving parts must first be run in to each other, as in the drive mechanism there is an increased friction resistance. On the other hand, during the break-in, you can acquire the necessary skills to work with a gas trimmer. This is especially important for those who are working with a gas trimmer for the first time.

When working with a gas trimmer, use only branded oils when preparing the fuel mixture. The brands of oil that can be used to prepare the fuel mixture are indicated in the instruction manual. Strictly observe the required proportions of oil and gasoline. The octane number of gasoline used must not be less than 90 (except as specified in the operating instructions) in our country not less than 95, otherwise, the service life of the chainsaw or trimmer decreases sharply, the operation of the saw / trimmer is accompanied by overheating. unstable work.

Carefully read the instructions, those sections relating to starting a hot and cold engine. The principle of starting the engine in all gas trimmers is the same. Differences can only be in the arrangement of the saw controls (STOP button, choke lever).

Run-in must be done within 3-4 hours (cumulative operating time). It is forbidden to run the chainsaw / trimmer in idle mode for a long time during running-in. Allowed to idle for no more than 15-20 minutes with periodic engine shutdown with an interval of 20-30 seconds. Then it is necessary to continue running in operating mode with a small load. This means mowing. "soft grass" with minimal operator effort.

It is recommended that you periodically (about 1 time every six months) present the gas tool to a service center to carry out maintenance work and check the carburetor settings. This service is paid.

We hope that the gas tool you purchased will serve you for many years and you will enjoy working with it.

similarly in "in a nutshell" (To run your model, use the manufacturer’s instructions)

Read the instruction manual. (Read carefully)
1. Gasoline 1:25. In 2.5 liters of AI-95 (we strongly recommend) add 100g. 2x oil, best of all is Husqvarna or Stihl (red).
Mixing container preferably special plastic or aluminum, as rust is present in conventional cans, which can eventually build up in the carburetor and cause damage (clogging).
2. Check and, if necessary, add special grease to the lower gear.
3. Start (according to the instructions). let it idle for 5 minutes, then with an interval of 20-30 seconds, gas preparation for 1/2. 2/3 of the gas (in half the gas). at the very beginning of the break-in, do not gass it sharply and for a long time.
Continue for 10-15 minutes.
Attention! In the instruction manual "winding" painted for an ambient temperature of 10 20 gr. When it’s hot 25 30 after the first "rrrrrrr" I recommend to translate the air damper of the gas tool operating mode. "wring out" throttle button and start up
4. A break of 15-20 minutes.
5. Start (according to the instructions or see above). let it idle for 5 minutes, then with an interval of 20-30 seconds, gas preparation for 1/2. 2/3 of the gas (in half the gas). at the very beginning of the break-in, do not gass it sharply and for a long time.
Continue for 10-15 minutes.
6. A break of 15-20 minutes.
7. Run-in lower gear. Mowing "soft grass" 5 minutes with an interval of 5-10 minutes. Repeat 3-4 times.
8. The gas trimmer is ready to go.
9. Check and if necessary add grease to the lower gear. periodically add (1 time in 1-3 hours).
9. Running-in occurs with a total working hours of up to 3-4 hours.

We recommend that you do not overheat the engine and lower gear. mowing time no more than 10-15 minutes with a break of 15-20 minutes.
The most optimal mode is 5 minutes of work, 3 minutes of rest, 5 minutes of work, 10-15 minutes of rest. With this operation, even inexpensive trimmers and chainsaws serve more than 4-5 years.

Series: Home Master
Publisher: Samizdat (produced in Belarus)
Year of publication: 2012
Pages: 1
Binding: no
Format: A4
Posted by: Victor Korolko


instructions for gas trimmer:

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    Other articles

    Proper selection of trimmer

    From the beginning of the 20th century, people began to master such agricultural hand tools as a scythe. A lot of time has passed, but human needs have not changed. Maintaining the lawn in good condition will not work if you do not periodically mow. Many homeowners are increasingly wondering which tool to use to cut grass. The old grandfather method in the form of a wooden handle with a metal blade in modern times, with the latest technology, is not very effective. He was replaced by a type of lawn mower. a trimmer.

    This tool is a light rod with an electric or gasoline engine on one side and a rotating head for fishing line or knife on the other. This device is very mobile and independent. The global difference from a manual scythe is that the trimmer owner does not need to exert much effort to cut his lawn evenly. However, there are many trimmers on the market that work with which turns into flour. We will talk about what parameters to pay attention to, which cutting head to choose and why the handles of such tools can be pink in shape.

    Trimmer Types Electric

    It can be used wherever there is access to electricity. It is a device with low noise, light weight and instant start-up. No need to take care of fueling. However, the electric trimmer is completely dependent on the length of the cable. Such a tool happens with lower and engine top. The first option is great for mowing young grass, regularly trimmed. Very scrupulous in work, they allow you to gently mow grass around flower beds. The weight of the braid usually does not exceed two kilograms, and the power varies from 200 to 600 watts. The disadvantage of the device lies in the fact that the duration of continuous operation should not exceed 15 minutes, since the cooling of such an engine is insufficient. It is strictly forbidden to work on a wet lawn in order to avoid a short circuit in the engine. Well, the top location of the engine allows you to mow any grass, the area, again, is limited only by the length of the cable. In the weight category, it loses to the analogue, but this is due to higher power and performance. Models of the lower price segment have a 25-minute continuous operation limit, while more expensive models have an engine overload protection system. The power of such a tool is from 600 to 1000 watts. They can easily mow grass even after a recent rain.

    Video: Fill Fishing Line In Patriot 1000 Trimmer Coil


    A mobile type of electric trimmer, great for cutting a small area of ​​the lawn in the absence of an extension cord. Typically designed for half an hour. The battery of such devices is weak, otherwise you would simply be tired of holding the device on weight.


    The most powerful and productive type of trimmer. Suitable for any kind of work, completely independent of external power sources. In most cases, a single-cylinder two-stroke internal combustion engine is installed on it, the power of which varies from 0.6 to 5 hp. If you buy a gas trimmer, then get ready for certain difficulties. For the perfect operation of such an engine, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of gasoline with an octane rating of not higher than 92 and the oil recommended by the trimmer manufacturer. The mixture must be prepared in a strict proportion (32: 1 for mineral oil and 50: 1 for synthetic). In a word, you can’t do without reading the instructions, otherwise you may encounter premature failure. Is it necessary to say that such actions require certain skills? This is not a car for you to refuel.

    To avoid mixture preparation, pay attention to four-stroke engines. In this type of device, oil and gasoline are poured separately. Such models are much more powerful and productive. But this can also be considered a disadvantage, since there will be a lot of high capacities for cleaning an ordinary lawn. Therefore, we do not recommend overpaying, it is better to spend some time in front of gasoline and oil, achieving the right mixture.

    The fuel tank capacity in such trimmers varies from 0.5 to 1.5 liters, this parameter affects the time of non-stop operation. However, in any case, manufacturers recommend providing a break for the engine every 40 minutes of operation in order to avoid overheating.

    note Types of Cutting Heads

    The fact that the cutting head is equipped with a trimmer is essential. A fishing line or knife (metal or plastic) can be supplied with the device. There are those models in the box with which both of these items are invested.

    Diameter fishing line electric trimmers range from 1.2 to 2.4 mm. For gas trimmers, the thickness range is from 1.2 to 4 mm. Fishing line should be used with a large number of stones and trees in the cultivated area. Why? Yes, everything is simple. a tree can be damaged with a knife. And even if this does not happen. the knife will definitely be damaged. For each model of the trimmer, the fishing line is selected strictly individually, the recommended diameter, which cannot be exceeded, in order to avoid wear of the bushings. Fishing line with round section It is universal, capable of mowing both young grass and dry grass. Square section allows you to cut woody grass. Asterisk section has a gentle cutting mode, this line is best suited for lawn.

    Knives are great for mowing tall, hard grass and shrubs. Plastic knives easily clean hard plants. nettles or burdocks. Shrubs are better to cut with a knife from metal. The more teeth on the knife, the better he will cope with the task.

    Perhaps the most suitable option for choosing a cutting head would be a trimmer equipped with fishing line and knife. This will allow you to replace it depending on the nature of the site.

    Trimmer Handle Type

    Trimmer handles are available in three different styles. Let’s look at the benefits of each.

    • D-shaped handle convenient, compact. it will definitely suit you, but only with a small amount of work. In particular, when processing small sections, hedges and paths with a fishing line.
      • J-shaped pen convenient when a metal knife is installed on the trimmer. Such a handle eliminates the possibility of approaching the bevel gear. A shoulder strap will further facilitate work.
      • T-handle very convenient to use. The movements that are made during work are very similar to the course of a hand braid. Such trimmers are characterized by high performance and power. Can be used with any kind of cutting head.

      Useful Tips

      • Before buying, pay attention not only to the price. Hold the trimmer in your hands. Look at how comfortable it is in them, how easy the device is to operate.
      • The presence of a shoulder strap is a very important characteristic of a product. The belt significantly reduces the load on the hands, distributing the weight to the rest of the body. A detachable rod will increase the mowing area.
      • The weight of the trimmer should be the minimum allowable, in accordance with its power. Believe me, a heavy appliance will quickly bother you. soon you will abandon lawn care.
      • To ensure maximum efficiency, the engine must have high power with fast acceleration.
      • The engine should start easily.
      • When choosing a tool, pay attention to how effectively the vibration absorption system works.
      • Trimmer manufacturers additionally produce heads for attaching various nozzles. If you buy a trimmer with their support, you will get a multi-tool from the device: a delimber, a cultivator and even a snow blower.

      Popular Trimmer Manufacturers

      Trimmers are produced by many companies. Some of them have their own characteristics.

      • Bosch. in the assortment of this manufacturer there are models with a lower engine arrangement, they are lightweight and at the same time reliable. Great for seniors. Very clear and easy to use.
      • Makita. This company presents high-power trimmer models. Equipped with reliable engines. The tools of this company are capable of performing an arbitrarily large amount of work. In the basic configuration, twisted fishing line with high cutting qualities is most often installed.
      • Stihl. Dozens or maybe hundreds of models with an overhead engine are represented under this brand. They are the lightest in the class among this kind of technology. In most cases, the tools are collapsible (a complete wrench is used for this), which makes transportation easier. Very balanced in weight, equipped with anti-vibration handle. Thermal sensors allow you not to think about working hours.

      Operation Errors

      The cutting head of the trimmer is most often semi-automatic. the fishing line comes out of it with a slight pressure on the ground. However, many owners make too much effort, because of which the head breaks. This is the most common reason for contacting a service center.

      Even among the owners of trimmers, non-compliance with basic operating rules is popular. such as exceeding the time of continuous operation or mowing wet grass with a device with a lower engine position. All this leads to the combustion of the motor.

      Quick breakdown of the trigger occurs with constant operation at high speeds. At such moments, the button is pressed all the way, causing the contacts to burn out.

      For exactly the same reason, carbon brushes in the engine fail.

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      Metal knife trimmer cord lawn mowing shrub wire rope cutting disc reel fishing line gasoline braids trimmers electric stihl fs mtd ast homelite h

      A METAL KNIFE can cut thicker, more durable stems, but it can only be mounted on ELECTRIC AND PETROL SPRAYS with a DIRECT SHAFT with a GEAR.
      There is also an option for a TRIMMER with a BENT SHAFT. The differences between these types of ELECTRO- and lawn mowers are not only in appearance, but also in technical characteristics. The absence of a DIRECT SHAFT with a REDUCER means that the CUTTING DISC or COIL with a FOREST is not driven by a straight metal rod, but by a steel cable, which is somewhat less reliable, although it is quite acceptable.

      One important rule to remember is that ON ELECTRIC and PETROL TRIMMERS with a BENT BAR, only a COIL with a FOREST is installed. If you install a METAL KNIFE on it. having a higher TORQUE during rotation, and mowing thick stems or, God forbid, shrubs, then the load on the ROPE may be critical and the tool may fail.

      The cutting (working) part of the GASOLINE and ELECTRIC Scythe with a BENT BAR is a FISHING LINE (CORD). fixed by DRUM and covered with a durable semicircular PROTECTIVE COVER. larger than models with a METAL KNIFE. since the cut grab at CORD is larger.

      Before work, pull out two pieces of CORDA of the required length and fix them. The DRUM is driven by a motor. Under the influence of centrifugal forces, the ends of the CORD are straightened and sharp knives are transformed, and the excess edges themselves are cut off on a special KNIFE mounted on the PROTECTIVE CASE. always acting as a mowing width adjuster.

      To adjust the release of LESKI, there is no need to completely disassemble the TRIMMER COIL. just press it in a rotating state against the surface and due to centrifugal force the ends of the CORD themselves will come out to the required length. In addition to this type of release of LESKI (SEMI-AUTOMATIC), there is also a system of AUTOMATIC RELEASE OF FISHING LINE (BLACK & DECKER). after each subsequent press of the power button, CORD is released to a certain length. Undoubtedly, this type is preferable, but not economical.

      On some models of ELECTRICAL and PETROL TRIMMERS, the working BAR may consist of two parts. This arrangement of the tool implies a wider use of ELECTRO. and lawn mowing. for example, like a Lopper. BUSH CUTTER. GARDENING SCISSORS. MINI CULTIVATOR. SNOW CLEANER. All additional nozzles are purchased separately after prior consultation with specialists.


      How to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil?

      Specifications for the trimmer contain links to recommended fuel and lubricants. At the same time, the octane number of the gasoline brand is specified specific, but in the part of the oils there is a lengthy explanation about the need to use a product of a particular manufacturer. For persuasiveness, it is indicated that only when these recommendations are followed, the company extends the warranty. What is it: a marketing move or oils from other manufacturers do not meet the requirements? The answer is in this article.

      Why mix trimmer oil with gasoline

      The two-stroke engine has a simple and, at the same time, extremely efficient design:

      • the piston makes a working stroke every second cycle;
      • cylinder lubrication is made with oil dissolved in gasoline;
      • removal of combustion products occurs due to compression, without a special mechanism.

      All this led to the creation of a family of small engines that have successfully adapted to domestic and professional equipment:

      Due to the design features, it was possible to achieve the desired fuel consumption only on small engines with power in the range of 15. 20 hp. This indicator looks especially good in the range of 1. 5 hp. Here fully low weight and engine dimensions correspond to gas mileage.

      With increasing size, the area of ​​the inlet and outlet channels increases. The process of gas removal and fuel supply is deteriorating sharply. In this regard, the transition to a more efficient gasoline mixture burning system was required, which would include the presence of forced engine maintenance systems. Four-stroke models thereby seized the palm among the power units of high power. Their combination into multi-cylinder structures allowed the creation of special systems related to the formation of the composition of the fuel mixture, lubrication and other things, which favorably affected the consumption of gasoline.

      The lubrication of the rubbing elements of the piston and cylinder of a two-stroke engine occurs with oil, which is in a certain proportion in the composition of the fuel. Gasoline burns, and oil settles on the surface of the cylinder, reducing the friction of the rubbing parts. Lack of lubrication leads to damage to the cylinder, up to jamming. In the case of an excess, under the influence of high temperatures, a thermally modified product is deposited in the annular grooves. Compression drops, and with it the power.

      How to mix oil with gasoline

      Engine oil is used to supplement trimmer gasoline. Mixing is carried out in a certain proportion. Manufacturers have a different volume ratio: from 1 to 50 to 1 to 20. In the technical specifications there is a link to this. Care should be taken with a small proportion of the oils. A small inaccuracy leads to oil starvation of the engine, reduces its resource.

      There are products in which a proportion of 1 to 20-40 is indicated. It is better to refuse the use of such a lubricant. A wide range of the mixture indicates the low quality of the product. The occurrence of piston rings, with the constant use of such grades, is almost guaranteed.

      Motor oils, type M-8, are added in a proportion of 1-20. In high-speed engines, their use is undesirable. The cycle between the supply of the mixture is so small that it will cause an excess of lubricant in the cylinder. Trimmers have low revolutions, therefore they allow the use of low-grade grease. Due to the initially low resource, you can not worry about the coking rings. First, complete wear and tear of the equipment will occur.

      The principle is not the use of recommended oil or from other manufacturers. The main thing is to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil in accordance with the proportions in accordance with the characteristics of the product. The refusal of service workshops to guarantee only on the basis of using a different brand of grease, but with acceptable parameters, is illegal.