Grass Trimmers Rating

Here is a ranking of the most popular models of gas trimmers. For each, a review of their differences, shortcomings is presented, as well as in the framework of this publication we will talk about which one is better to choose under certain conditions on the site, we will compare it from the cost.

Which one is the best. Reviews

All petrol trimmers have the same device:

It is the bar that main part of the trimmer, to which all the other parts are already attached.

You can install on it:

The bar is usually made telescopic, it is very convenient, and the handles on it can be installed models J, D, T.

The cutting knife is usually plastic or metal. There may be more models with fishing line. It is usually mounted directly on a coil, which is easy to replace as needed.

The brackets of the limiter are also a convenient fixture, they can grab and mow what is needed, while the plants needed are not affected.

What to choose? Gas or electric trimmer

And those and others have their pros and cons, everyone chooses an option with fewer minuses.

Pluses of electric models:

  • environmentally friendly, no emissions.
  • silent work.
  • quick preparation for work.
  • long service.
  • the engine starts quickly.
  • quite powerful models.

It is convenient to use, their cost is low, and the dimensions are quite compact.

  • the working area depends on the cable length.
  • the cord may get tangled or get under your feet.
  • models can overheat, so they require a break in work.

Typically, such trimmers work for 20-30 minutes, so they will not overheat and will last longer.

In terms of price and quality, gas trimmers are significantly different from each other.

Pros of gasoline models:

  • generally good mowing speed.
  • easy to manage.
  • usually does not require significant physical effort.
  • models are represented by a wide selection of manufacturers, as well as in the model line itself.

They also perform well in hard to reach places.

  • loud noise.
  • significant weight.
  • exhaust at work.

Grass Trimmers Rating

Top lawn mowers firms according to consumer surveys

If you are looking for an inexpensive gas trimmer, then you should find out which one is best for your case. As a rule, how many people, there are so many opinions, which is good for one. categorically does not suit others.

The market now has 2 large groups of trimmers. European and Chinese. The latter are usually noticeably cheaper. But the quality is appropriate for them.

Of the Asian manufacturers, only the Japanese company Makita can be separately noted, their lawn mowers cost from 15 thousand rubles.

And at the head of European ratings you can usually see Stihl. a German company with time-tested build quality. Their models are represented by a wide selection and a variety of technical characteristics.

And they all started with gasoline saws, proven themselves from the best side.

Shtilevskie lawn mowers cost about 11. 20 thousand rubles.

It is noteworthy that on their models are usually lightweight engines, dual-circuit, highly reliable and with minimal vibration parameters.

Chinese manufacturers usually have complaints on the following points:

  • does not keep revs carburetor.
  • the spark disappears.
  • start up badly.
  • oozing oil from the silencers.

China also has quite decent models, but it will be necessary to study the characteristics, and the model itself.

Shtilevskie models are more reliable, it will not be difficult to purchase spare parts for them. But the model from Huskvarna will cost you 50 thousand.

We choose. a domestic or professional model of lawn mowers

Consider a few important points when choosing:

  • unit weight.
  • the nature of the vegetation on your site.
  • area of ​​proposed work.
  • relief of the site itself.
  • pen shape.
  • engine type. 2-pin or 4-stroke.
  • type and material of the cutting element.

Professional and household models differ not only in price, but also in weight and power.

Household options for lawn mowing for a summer residence.

Typically, reliable models of gasoline units for cottages have two-stroke engines, and their technical characteristics are as follows:

  1. An engine of 2 horsepower is enough for a standard 5-10 hectare plot.
  2. The weight of this design will be no more than 2-3 kg. Add here a half liter. a liter of gasoline and get the total mass of lawn mowers.
  3. Such data is enough for continuous operation in 20-40 minutes, breaks can be made for 10-15 minutes to allow the engine to cool.
  4. There is a control system on the bar, it prevents getting to the control.
  5. The bar itself is usually curved, it is a great convenience for work. In addition, it can be folded into compact dimensions, which makes transportation very convenient.
  6. The kit provides several models of different handles, each owner, depending on the task at hand, will choose the best option for himself.
  7. In the cutting part there are both nylon fishing line and a metal circular knife.
  8. Gasoline, which will be used for refueling, is usually interfered with engine oil in a ratio of 1 to 50. But the instructions for this must nevertheless be carefully studied.
  9. On the selected model, inspect the control buttons. they should be easily accessible during operation.

As a rule, the price for household lawn mowers will be 2 times lower than for professional lawn mowers. Due to their light weight, they are perfect for teens, women and retirees.

Selection and use of professional lawn mowing models.

If you read this article, you’ll learn about what to choose a gas trimmer for grass.

In professional trimmer models, the engine is already 4 cycles long and weighs from 5 to 7 kg. And the tank is standard, 0.5-1.5 liters. The design has containers for mixing gasoline with oil, moreover, they are located separately from the tank. And the mixing process itself takes place in the unit independently, automatically, in households you do it yourself.

A gardener without experience with such professional models will mow his plot of 10 acres for 5-6 hours!

Typically, professional models are used for:

  1. Extensive lawns in large enterprises.
  2. In the village for hay.
  3. Harvesting hay cattle for the winter.

They include:

  • Plastic knives.
  • Nylon fishing line of several thicknesses. The more powerful the engine, the thicker the line will be.
  • Blades or teeth are present on plastic knives or discs.

In most cases, these models are used by physically strong people who can easily bear the weight of the equipment at 10 kg. To facilitate this task, there are belts on lawn mowers; with their help, an aggregate mounted on itself is much simpler and easier to operate.

Which model to choose in accordance with different purposes in the economy

Household and professional lawn mowers have differences in the thickness of the cutting elements, as well as the structure, diameter, and material of which they are made.

There are different cutters for different jobs:

  • If the knife has only 2 blades. this is a cutter for juicy young grass.
  • It is better to go into the thickets if there are 4 teeth on the cutter.
  • A knife with 3 teeth cuts the grass mixed with perennials.
  • Hay is mowed with a knife with 8 teeth, the work is long, but with such a cutter your scythe will not overheat from long operation.
  • A knife with 40 teeth is needed for cutting young trees up to 3 cm in diameter and grass.
  • But for shrubs or trees with a trunk thickness of 4 cm, you need a knife already with 80! with teeth, it is the most durable.
  • Various handles will really facilitate your work. For difficult areas, take a D-shaped handle, and for working in open space, a U-shaped handle is suitable.

Rating of models of light type

Next will be grass trimmer rating 2019. Weight is the main criterion by which you should choose your own machine. After all, after about 15 minutes of work, you will feel on yourself every extra 100 grams of lawn mowing weight.

Lightweight models are usually considered to weigh more than 5 kg. You will also like them and a low level of noise at work.

Usually the hardest part of the trimmer is the engine. The more powerful it is, the harder it is. They try to make them from lightweight materials, and low-weight models are very popular in the market.

Pros and cons of the Stihl FS 55 trimmer.

It is this model that is suitable for you, provided that you have a site with a large area or with a complex terrain.

If you choose the right nozzle, you can cut everything. reeds, shrubs, hard dead wood.

  • light in weight.
  • It starts up quickly and easily.
  • economical design.

The shoulder straps will also delight you with their comfort and softness. And with all this, the Stihl FS 55 is in the middle at its price.

The disadvantages include the fact that heavy disks should not be mounted on it, it is not intended for this.

Husqvarna 323 R. benz trimmer

Very durable with proper handling. Sometimes it consumes a lot of fuel. But this happens in case of improper dosage when mixing gasoline and oil. And with proper mixing, such a model will be very economical.

With a weight of 4.5 kg, the Husqvarna 323 R has quite good power.

  • Efficiency of average values.
  • easy.
  • good design.
  • high power.
  • strong motor.
  • You can install it.

Always pay attention when buying a complete set. in them you can find glasses and headphones, and sometimes even a saw blade.

Hitachi CG22EAS.

The unit is Japanese, so it almost does not give exhaust emissions during operation. This is especially appreciated when operating in densely built-up areas or in child care facilities. And if you often rinse the mesh metal filter inside the muffler, then such a trimmer will last a very long time and without problems.

The motor on it is installed relatively low-power, at 12,500 rpm, and at the same time vibration is reduced during operation, the knives operate at 9900 rpm.

The height of the handle on the tripod is adjustable to any height, the handle itself is very convenient T-shaped bicycle.

The deck and the engine housing are plastic, and, of the most durable plastic.

Partner XS.

Now we learn what the Partner xs gasoline trimmer is. With a capacity of 700 watts, this unit gives high efficiency, moreover, without fail and in any conditions. It also has a quick start due to the built-in fuel pump, and the remaining fuel and air from the carburetor are removed very quickly.

A 0.34 liter tank is enough for a long and uninterrupted operation. The widest part of the unit is 41 cm. The trimmer head works as a semiautomatic device, as a result of which the work of the cutting part is greatly accelerated, and the fishing line is extended by pressing the trimmer to the ground.

Video: Grass Trimmers Rating

In general, Partner XS is simple and convenient to use. It weighs 3.6 kg, it has a convenient D. shaped handle and a curved shaft.

Model Stihl FS 38.

Very suitable for beginners mastering gasoline trimmers. The handle helps to get to difficult places, for example, between trees and bushes. Or where one must be left and the other removed.

So if you have alpine slides on the site, or other options for landscape design, then this is the option for you. It will also show itself well when mowing:

  • flower beds and lawns.
  • along fences and borders.
  • next to the track on which the tiles are laid.
  • under benches or under pillars.

A secateurs are included, they can even remove young trees.

By weight it is 4.1 kg. Easy and safe, control buttons are located directly in the handle. There is a fuel pump supplying to the carburetor, so there are no jerks when starting the engine. And for you, glasses are included in the kit.

Gas lawn mowers. an overview of the most powerful of them

If you want to purchase a light and powerful gas trimmer for personal use, this article will help to see such models. A powerful engine mounted on the trimmer affects the quality of work, as well as the consumption of gasoline. the more powerful the engine, the coarser the grass and brushwood the mowing trimmer, but it will eat a lot of gasoline.

The simplest trimmers are equipped with a 1 liter gas tank. For lawn grass, a power of 170. 550 watts will be quite enough. And the mowing process is carried out using a fishing line.

They are quite budget-friendly for the price, for example, Bosch’s ART 23 Easytrim (power 280 W) costs 1300 rubles.

But if you are in those. characteristic you see that the engine capacity is 1 to 3 liters, then this is a class of professional equipment and but is suitable for processing and garden, and a plot with an average area.

But the volume of more than 3 liters speaks of a super powerful lawn mowing, for example Vega 4 liters from Germany. It can cut:

  • bushes and young trees or large weed grass.
  • just mow the grass.

The price tag for such powerful units for mowing grass will also be higher. As an example. Bosch ART 37 costs 4600 rubles, its power is 1000 watts.

Hitachi CG40EY (T).

Very suitable for difficult terrain. The entire design of this model is balanced for convenient control and operation, and the power will allow you to perform complex work.

The model has:

  • bicycle handle.
  • Knapsack straps for comfortable wearing.
  • anti-vibration system.

The motor is 1.8 liters, and fuel can be poured into it 1 liter, all this allows you to work freely for a long time, and the efficiency is very decent.

Advantages of the Hitachi CG40EY (T) model:

  • powerful motor, giving high speed.
  • the cutting element is easily replaced.
  • the fuel tank is increased in volume.

Of the minuses, it is worth mentioning about the heavy weight and high fuel consumption.

Husqvarna 143 R. II.

A powerful engine with overload protection makes it possible to work with this model in difficult conditions. Users like it for durability and smooth operation.

It is usually used in conditions of:

  • difficult terrain.
  • over large areas.
  • in confined spaces.

To it in the kit are nozzles, significantly expanding the list of capabilities of the unit.

Particularly well-forged steel shaft, which can easily cope with shrubs and young trees and other rough vegetation.

Pros 143 R. II:

  • very efficient drive shaft drive.
  • roomy fuel tank.
  • cylinder walls are treated with highly resistant coating.

Among the shortcomings, we note the large weight and sensitive vibration.

Champion T 527-2.

Despite the weight of 8 kg, the cost of this unit is more likely to budget options. Absolutely non-capricious and at the same time quite powerful engine is ready to perform the most difficult tasks.

The forged shaft seamlessly feeds the cutting tools. Therefore, you can mount heavy discs on Champion for complex work on cutting bushes or young trees, or stiff dead wood.

The bar of this model is non-separable. Access when replacing candles or an air filter is feasible.

So in maintenance Champion is not at all complicated. To it in the kit you will receive a knife with 3 blades and with a rotation speed of 8,200 rpm, as well as a trimmer nozzle. The delimbers or brush cutters are purchased separately for this lawn mowing machine.

When mowing the grass, a strip of 25 cm is covered, the motor here has a capacity of 2 liters, and the speed of its revolutions is 10500 rpm. and is located on top of the structure. And there is also a protective brake against accidental engine starting.

VEGA from Germany (4 hp).

Its base is a 2 stroke 1 cylinder engine. It gives out at a maximum power of 4 liters. 3200 watts. For him, 8000. 9000 rpm / min is a normal working indication.

For refueling, AI 92 grade gasoline should be used; other options are fraught with malfunctions. The VEGA rod is not collapsible, and the handle on it is light and very convenient to use.

Pros in comparison with other models:

  • There is a Tap en Gow system.
  • quick system when starting Smart Start.
  • her hard shaft has a non-separable design.
  • the motor has an overheat protection function.

Included with the trimmer is 1 knife for cutting bushes and 4 steel knives for various purposes, all knives are branded. And there are 2 reels with fishing lines, one of which is made of plastic, and the other is made of metal. They will be useful to you in hard-to-reach areas of the site or on a regular lawn.

ECHO SRM. 4605.

Of the entire production line of ECHO trimmers, this is one of the most noteworthy in its power. It refers to professional lawn mowers.

He will show himself especially well:

  • in large areas with continuous operation.
  • under difficult working conditions.
  • mowing thick and hard grass.
  • cutting dead wood or bushes.

The model has a protective cover. In general, the ECM SRM. 4605 has proven itself in terms of power and weight.

It comes bundled with:

  • key for candles.
  • knife made of metal with 3 blades (with a diameter of 25.5 cm).
  • 2 protective covers for knife and fishing line.
  • backpack-type straps for shoulders.

The ignition system is used condenser. The transmission is made by a rigid shaft with diameters of 8 mm. A reliable lock well restrains the throttle.

This lawn mowers handle is made on a bicycle pattern U. shaped. The wing nut will hold it well in a position convenient for you.

The air filter can be reached without any problems, and a special system isolates you from vibration. In the uninterrupted operation mode, this lawn mower will prove to be absolutely reliable!

The best trimmers for working in difficult terrain

When choosing a lawn mowing site for your site, especially if it has a difficult landscape, be sure to consider this when studying the technical characteristics of the selected model. Not every suitable price is suitable for such a job. Make your choice on a powerful unit with many accessories included in the kit for different purposes. Then you get on one bar a whole arsenal of useful devices:

  • braid.
  • gardening scissors.
  • cultivator.
  • edge cutter.
  • and even a snow blower!

Also useful will be the function of protecting the braid from overheating during long work. After all, difficult terrain can not be quickly processed. A special sensor in time will tell you about the need for a break.

Some models have an equally convenient function for turning the cutting parts to work in the opposite direction.

True, they are more expensive, but you must admit that it is convenient when, with the heavy weight of the lawn mowing, it is also equipped with wheels to facilitate its movement around the site.

Do not buy the option of acquiring a simple trimmer on a fishing line for mowing on a site with complex terrain, as if you wouldn’t have to buy a trimmer every month then all summer. Miser pays twice! The best option is to buy a trimmer in the fall, waiting for the sales season. Then maybe you can get a fairly powerful and reliable option for a relatively low price for it.

Semi-professional ECHO SRM. 2655SI (L).

This is a universal gasoline semi-professional lawn mowing machine. A good option if your site is not more than 25 acres, and its relief is not important.

So you can cut dead wood, grass thickets and unnecessary bushes. This model will be equally in demand both in rural areas and in urban conditions, for example, in housing and communal services.

  • the fuel tank is made of translucent plastic, which facilitates a visual assessment of the amount of fuel.
  • rotary carburetor.
  • easy start of the engine.

That’s just the rotational principle of the carburetor and will provide you with the normal operation of this lawn mowers on difficult terrain. over, the position of the trimmer may change during operation.

Of the minuses, the not-so-convenient belt fastening system is mentioned.

Stihl FS 55.

This is already an option for large and complex territories. It is also used for forestry; it is simply a pleasure to cut bushes with this model.

The flexible shaft hidden in the boom reliably provides energy. Fuel is a mixture of gasoline and oil. The total mass of the unit is 5.1 kg. There is an anti-vibration system, it is very convenient for the worker, because the engine of this Calm is quite powerful.

On the shoulders, the braid is quite conveniently fixed with straps that evenly distribute the mass load on the person.

Note that the model is one of the most popular among owners of country houses or cottages. After all, a 2-stroke engine quickly rotates a steel knife that cuts vegetation. It can be replaced with the fishing line included in the package.

The advantages of such lawn mowers include a low noise level and virtually no exhaust emissions during operation.

Champion T233.

The Chinese budget model also has many of its fans. Although production began in the USA, therefore the quality is quite reliable.

Users especially liked the D-shaped inverted handle, which ensures any tilt or rotation during operation. And the bar is straight, so the Champion’s design is very similar to a classic braid, it’s very convenient when working.

The width of the grass is up to 40 cm. The knife works at a speed of 5050 rpm. The handle can be moved to the desired height. Both fishing line and knife are included. Unit weight is 5.4 kg.

Huter GGT. 1000S.

Model from German manufacturers. It is suitable for work:

  • in parks.
  • on the garden lawns.
  • on the lawns.
  • in the local area.

Both in the village and in the city, Huter has established itself very well. In hard-to-reach places, it will be reliable in operation.

  • anti-vibration system.
  • air engine cooling system.
  • the bar has a collapsible design, so it is easily transported in cars.
  • during storage has a small size.
  • comfortable handle, easy to control.

Semi-automatic feed to the reel with fishing line or to a three-blade knife. The latter is used for dead wood, thickets, and fishing line. for grass, including around obstacles. poles, benches, along fences, around trees.

Patriot T 545 Pro.

Also a good choice for complex sites or large areas. Everything is thought out here. from design to a convenient design in terms of service. When replacing them, candles can be reached even without special equipment.

The handle has a bicycle pattern. The set includes a knife with a diameter of 25.4 cm and a fishing line with a thickness of 3 mm.

Patriot cuts soft lawn grass, dry grass and shrubs, wild thickets and even marsh grass. The weight is not light. 7.8 kg, but on correctly located belts you won’t even feel it.

This is almost a professional model, it should also be noted low noise during work and this creates additional comfort for the worker.

Prices for the most popular models on the market

Now you know what powerful electric grass trimmers are. We give the average prices from the parameters power. weight. quality of work. Light models:

  • Husqvarna. 323 R. Sweden. 24,000 rubles.
  • Stihl. FS 55. Germany. 16,000 rubles.
  • Hitachi. CG22FAS. Japan. 10 300 rubles.
  • Partner. XS. China. 6,800 rubles.
  • Stihl. FS 38. Germany. 11,000 rubles.
  • Hitachi. CG40EY (T). Japan. 23 000 rub.
  • Husqvarna. 143R. II. Sweden. 26,000 rubles.
  • Champion. T. 527. 2. China. 7,600 rubles.
  • Vega. VTG3200. Germany. 7 000 rubles.
  • Echo. SRM-4605. Japan. 34 500 rubles.

Trimmers for difficult terrain:

  • Echo. SRM-2855SI (L). Japan. 20,000 rubles.
  • Stihl. FS 55. Germany. 11 000 rub.
  • Champion. T322. China. 5,100 rubles.
  • Huter. GGT-1000S. Germany 6 700 rub.
  • Patriot. T545 Pro. China. 12 100 rub.

Basically, quality trimmers from reliable manufacturers will last you for many years, but they will, in the end, fail. Therefore, it’s good to be able to repair them yourself at home.

Causes of Some Trimmer Problems

It is worth noting that failure of a gas trimmer is not uncommon. It is important to find out the reasons. First, find out the cause of the problem. This is done as follows:

  1. Fuel tank. (is there fuel, and what quality is it).
  2. Candles and canals.
  3. Air filter.
  4. Breather.
  5. Graduation channel.

Usually these are the places that most often can cause the trimmer to suddenly stop working. It is generally better to check the fuel tank more often, regardless of the operation of the unit. And so that he generally served longer, here are three rules for you:

  • Refuel the tank properly.
  • Do not save on fuel.
  • Mandatory following the instructions from the manufacturer.
  • We replace the filled candle with a new one:
  • We take out the item and wipe it.
  • Be sure to dry it properly.
  • We also dry the camera after removing spilled gasoline.
  • We put a new candle with a gap of 1 mm.
  • Check the operation of the trimmer.

You can lubricate the nest with a little gasoline before screwing in the candles, sometimes the trimmer does not work precisely because of the dryness in the nest.

With filters and a breather, everything is much simpler, they are immediately replaced with new ones.

Some reasons why trimmers don’t start. video

But if the carburetor or engine fails, the repair will be deeper and more serious. If you undertake to repair them yourself, never use a needle or wire to clean the nozzles or channels, they can damage the threads.

Possible problems in the carburetor:

  • Lack of tightness. we change the part.
  • Gasket wear. change the part.
  • Blockages in the channels or nozzle. flushing agent, then blowing.

If there are no complaints about the carburetor, and the trimmer still does not work or does not work evenly, then the reason may still lie in the wear of the pistons, this is clarified during inspection. Carefully inspect the engine cylinder and the pistons themselves, tm you can see scratches, chips. Then it is better to immediately replace them with new ones. Piston rings are also subject to inspection, the slightest backlash. and also replacement parts. over, the replacement of the rings is best done by professionals, you can do it yourself when there is already enough experience in fixing the trimmer.