Grease For Drills Makita 196804 7

Grease For Drills Makita 196804 7

Which parts of the punch need to be lubricated

According to the operating instructions, three zones must be lubricated in the hammer drill. This will extend the life of the device and equipment, and facilitate the operation of the tool. Let’s see what exactly needs lubrication and why.

Working equipment

Working equipment (drills and crowns), inserted into the cartridge, are under enormous strain. They receive from 1000 to 5000 beats per minute, transmitted to solid material, so that the tool easily passes stone, concrete screed, brick and other obstacles.

The operating manual instructs you to lubricate the shank of the drill before each use. If working with a hammer drill is carried out during the day, then the operator is required to periodically remove the drill and check for grease on the shank. Without lubrication, the assembly will quickly overheat and break, which will require not only the purchase of new equipment, but also the repair of a cartridge.

Lubricant for drill punch is applied to the grooves (two or five, depending on the type), which are fixed with locking wedges. It is first required to wipe the outside with a cloth to remove any dust and dirt. The product is usually squeezed out of a tube. Enough 1 g for uniform application. When changing the drill, chisel and other equipment, it is necessary to lubricate each time. After removing the drill or other device, you need to wipe the end face with a napkin so that it does not stain the suitcase and surrounding objects during storage.

Proper lubrication of the drill punch.

Lubricant for drills reduces friction in the fixing system and extends the life of the drill shank (if this section "converges", then even with the whole breakdown part with a winning nozzle, the inventory will not be suitable for work). Also, the punch lubricant protects against the ingress of dust, holding it on itself. Small particles of a crushed wall and other debris do not penetrate the instrument.

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When buying a new hammer drill, its cartridge is dry. The user needs to lubricate the entry point of the snap-in, since the greatest friction occurs here. This action will protect the unit from excessive wear and dust penetration deep into.


This unit is responsible for transmitting torque from the electric motor to the cartridge. Internal parts here are subject to increased friction when operating at high speeds and elevated temperatures. Another mechanism is gradually clogged with debris, dust and dirt. To reduce wear, manufacturers provide it with a special coating, but this is not enough for everyday work, therefore, after a long period of operation, it is necessary to disassemble the housing and apply grease to the gearbox. If you do not know how to do this, then the tool must be taken to the service, where the wizard will perform this work.

The gearbox can be of two types:

1. With separate performance from the strike group. Here, the reciprocating mechanism for striking is made separately. It consists of a crankshaft and piston group, creating a force transmitted to the cartridge. The system has its own lubrication. The gearbox is only responsible for the rotation of the snap.

Separate rotary hammer reducer from shock group.

2. With a single ratchet type implementation. In this case, the gearbox also includes the shock mechanism (“drunken bearing”). The lubrication for the gearbox of the punch and hammer assembly is common here and is applied by the operator according to the schedule, depending on the frequency of operation of the device.

Gearbox with shock mechanism.

The gearbox itself consists of two gears. They can have straight or oblique teeth. The latter are designed for increased load.

There is a new type of gearboxes with planetary gear including more than two gears. Thanks to this mechanism, the gear ratio can be changed. the rotor of the engine rotates quickly, and the cartridge slowly. This gives increased power (rotation power) at a low number of revolutions. The equipment heats less, but does not wedge, but confidently drills solid material.

Planetary reductor.

In the ratchet mechanism, in addition to the friction of the gears against each other, longitudinal movement is also carried out. The small gear is equipped with a movable mechanism that moves back and forth up to 2000-4000 times per minute. This whole mechanism should be sufficiently lubricated, otherwise the assembly will quickly wear out and loose.

The shafts themselves are also installed in bearings, which may have their own lubrication (bearings of a closed type) or common with a gearbox (bearings of an open type). Without proper lubrication, the balls in them will be erased, which will lead to backlash and runout of the cartridge, as well as increased volume during the operation of the punch.

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Varieties of tools and lubricant requirements for rotary hammers

It is important to remember that the lubricant for the drill and gearbox is not the same thing! For example, the manufacturer Makita, these substances have a completely different composition. Therefore, when choosing a lubricant, you always need to pay attention to its purpose, otherwise you can spoil the tool.

Lubricant for drill punchers

However, the lubricant must be suitable for use on rotary hammers with certain characteristics (power, number of revolutions and impacts), then it is logical that the properties of such a lubricant will be similar. Some lubricant manufacturers indicate

If you use a hammer drill for many hours a day, then buy a special grease, designed to work at high temperatures. For imported tools, it is better to purchase imported lubricants.

Lubricant for rotary hammer gearboxes

Hammers are sold ready to use, so initially in its gearbox there is enough lubrication for the first time. But subsequently, it will need to be disassembled and re-lubricated.

Video: Grease For Drills Makita 196804 7

Attention. There are universal greases (nigrol, lithol, salidol, etc.) used to lubricate household appliances, rubbing car parts, electrical appliances. But for perforators (household and professional) it is better not to use them.

It requires a specialized substance, designed specifically for hard work in conditions of increased heating (because the rotational speed of the rotor of the washing machine is much lower than that of a perforator). Close in composition is a means for refueling in a CV joint of a car, but not everything is so smooth here. The gearbox has specific processes (sharp extrusion of the lubricant upon impact with a frequency of 4000 per minute), which requires unique properties from the lubricant. Therefore, general greases are not applicable here. But to purchase only the grease of the same brand as the tool is not necessary.

Here are the properties that a lubricant must have for a rotary hammer gearbox:

  • Corrosion protection. The gear housing is made of aluminum and its alloys, as well as alloy steel. The ductile substance should help protect against rust or plaque on both types of metals.
  • High adhesion. The tool should adhere so much to the details that, despite the impact of shock and high speed, it will retain a thin film over the entire surface.
  • Delay and removal of garbage. Construction dust can get into the gear housing. A high-quality lubricant collects abrasive particles on itself, binds them and displays them on the inner walls. This prevents settling inside the gears.
  • Water resistance. After cooling, a reduced pressure is formed in the gearbox, which helps to draw in air. If its humidity is high, then it can condense on the surface of the mechanism. The lubricant must protect the parts from water and do not form an emulsion during whipping.
  • High temperature drop formation. The gears become very hot from friction and when rotating at high speed, they discard the lubricant. The thicker the composition and the longer it liquefies before dropping, the more reliably the gearbox is protected.
  • Property recovery. After cyclic heating and cooling, the properties of the lubricant must be restored, otherwise it will cease to fulfill its functions, despite a sufficient amount.

The best lubricant for drill drills

Makita 196804-7

Lubricant from a Japanese brand, designed only for application on the shank and inside of the cartridge. Available in a white and red tube with the brand logo and index. 95 g is placed in the container, which lasts from a month to a year, depending on the frequency of use of the punch. The soft walls of the tube make it easy to extrude the composition and apply it to equipment.

Pros of Makita 196804-7

  1. Not stratified even during long-term storage.
  2. During heating, does not turn into wax.
  3. Directly produced in Japan.
  4. Convenient packaging for extrusion.
  5. The tube fits easily in a suitcase for transportation.
  6. There is a loop for hanging in a garage or other workplace.

Cons Makita 196804-7

  1. The cost is relatively high.
  2. The white bottle quickly gets dirty.
  3. The composition does not indicate the composition. it is difficult to find a similar one, but cheaper.

Arsenal AR-401 (100 g) PATRIOT

In second place is the product from the American brand Patriot. The product stands out at an attractive price. Suitable for lubricating all drills with a rotation speed of 1000-4000 rpm. The capacity of the tube is 100 g.

Pros Arsenal AR-401 (100 g) PATRIOT

  1. Relatively low cost.
  2. Need to squeeze just a little bit.
  3. Convenient packaging for use.
  4. Good dust retention.
  5. Not a soiled body.
  6. There is a hole for hanging.

Cons Arsenal AR-401 (100 g) PATRIOT

  1. Sometimes splashes from the cartridge onto the wall.
  2. When heated, it becomes very fluid.
  3. The cap of the tube does not have a relief. it is difficult to unscrew in working gloves.

Bison ZSB-125

Third place in the rating for domestic lubrication from the Bison. Its composition has a semi-synthetic basis. The manufacturer added special additives to increase the positive properties of the substance under extreme loads. The tool is suitable for drills, chisels, crowns. It can be loaded into the "light" SDS cartridges and the more "heavy" SDS-Max. The grease is water resistant and does not form an emulsion. The tool reliably protects the metal components of the hammer from abrasion and corrosion.

Pros Bison ZSB-125

  1. Relatively low cost.
  2. Tube capacity. 125 g.
  3. Large inscription "For Boers", so as not to confuse when servicing the gearbox.
  4. Eyelet for hanging grease on a hook in a garage.
  5. A thin layer is sufficient for SDS drills.
  6. When developing the composition, nano-technologies were involved.

Cons Bison ZSB-125

  1. It is difficult to unscrew the cap with sweaty hands.
  2. Quickly becomes liquid.
  3. Flies to the wall from the cartridge.
  4. It is difficult to rub off the wallpaper.

Elitech 2006.000100

This category is completed by another domestic semi-synthetic lubricant. It is available in a soft tube with a capacity of 60 g. The substance is designed to reduce tool friction and protect against corrosion. The temperature range allows you to use the product from 55 to 140 degrees.

Pros of Elitech 2006.000100

  1. No strong spraying when overheating.
  2. Affordable price.
  3. It does not turn into oil.
  4. There is a hole in the tube for suspension.
  5. Suitable for all types of shanks and types of working equipment (chisel, chisel, crown, drill).

Cons Elitech 2006.000100

  1. It gets very dark during long-term drilling.
  2. If stored in a warehouse or garage for a long time, it can dry out or exfoliate.
  3. The tube capacity is less than other brands.

Conclusion. This lubricant best prevents metal corrosion. With it, your drills and cartridge elements will remain intact and free of rust. If you prefer to use expensive drills and crowns of domestic manufacturers, then this grease is perfect.

The best grease for rotary hammer gear

Makita P-08361

Development from the Makita company, intended for jackhammers and powerful punchers with the SDS-Max cartridge system. Grease is available in a traditional red and white tube containing 30 g of substance. The company keeps the composition of the lubricant secret, so it is difficult to choose an analog at a more affordable price.

Pros of Makita P-08361

  1. Easy to apply on gears.
  2. Black color helps to keep track of which areas have already been processed.
  3. Liquid consistency promotes flowing even in hard to reach areas.
  4. A compact tube does not take up much space in a suitcase.

Cons Makita P-08361

  1. 30 ml capacity for a long time is not enough. one or two maintenance.
  2. Uncomfortable to unscrew the cover. slides in the hands.
  3. Not suitable for rotary hammers that do not have an oil seal between the gearbox and rotor (will leak).
  4. It is impossible to apply on reducers of high-speed light punchers.

Conclusion. It is an excellent lubricant for rotary hammer gearboxes that use a pneumatic hammer mechanism with a piston system. The substance withstands high vibrations and always stays on gears.

"Ultra" (50 g) VMPAUTO ET.110005

Pros "Ultra" (50 g) VMPAUTO ET.110005

  1. Good adhesion to metal gears.
  2. The optimum consistency for application is moderately liquid and fairly viscous.
  3. Attractive price.
  4. The mechanism quickly distributes the substance between the teeth.
  5. Dark color helps visually control the coverage area of ​​the material.

Cons "Ultra" (50 g) VMPAUTO ET.110005

  1. It has a pungent, unpleasant odor.
  2. If we put more than the norm, it is squeezed out from all the cracks.
  3. Inconvenient packaging for storage and application.
  4. Enough for refueling in two gears.

Conclusion. This grease is suitable not only for two gears, but even for a number of planetary gears. Due to the increased fluidity, the tool penetrates between the disks deeply and completely envelops all the rubbing parts.

"Ultra" (200 g) VMPAUTO

Pros "Ultra" (200 g) VMPAUTO

  1. Special additives to reduce wear.
  2. It protects against overheating at high speeds.
  3. Compatible with all types of gear reducers.
  4. A large tube of 200 g is enough for a long time.
  5. Semi-fluid consistency provides penetration into distant corners.
  6. It is convenient to squeeze directly from the tube.

Cons "Ultra" (200 g) VMPAUTO

  1. No slots for hanging the tube.
  2. Slippery cover.
  3. Immediately you need to give a relatively large amount.
  4. Poorly compatible with "heavy" low-speed rotary hammers.

Conclusion. This grease is designed for high speed tools. Perfect for lightweight rotary hammers working at a spindle speed of 1500-2000 rpm. In addition to the lubricating effect, the tool helps to reduce noise.