Greenworks lawn mower 25112. Greenworks 25022 vs. 25112 Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25022 vs. 25112 Electric Lawn Mower

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Greenworks 25112 Review

Finding the perfect electric mower doesn’t need to be hard. The Greenworks 25022 and 25112 are fantastic models with a lot to offer. They save you money over gasoline-fueled mowers, provide you with plenty of power, and allow for easy storage. On top of that, they are light enough for just about anyone to push around.

Here, we’re going to provide some important information on both of these models. Additionally, we’ll compare the two so that you can see which one offers exactly what you need. Let’s take a look.

Comparison Chart

Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1Electric Corded Lawn Mower, 25022

Greenworks 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25112

Greenworks 25022 Review

When it comes to a quality mower, there are a number of reasons to opt for an electric model over one that uses gasoline.

To begin with, models like the Greenworks 25022 are less of a hassle for you to use. There’s no need to refill it with gasoline, meaning no nasty gasoline smell on your hands. Additionally, you won’t need to worry about the added cost that can come with buying gas for the mower regularly.

Furthermore, the 25022 is more eco-friendly than models that use gasoline. This benefits the planet while you get the benefits of a lighter, easier-to-push machine that is still capable of providing a lot of power. On top of that, you only need to push a button to get it running. No more pulling the cord over and over.

greenworks, lawn, mower, 25112, 25022, electric

Once you get it running, the 12 amps provided by the motor will ensure you can get through weeds and grass with ease. Additionally, you’ll have the option to bag or mulch the trimmings, or just let them discharge from the side. It’s totally up to you.

With wheels larger than most and a steel deck that provides 20-inches of cutting space, this is an ideal selection for most smaller yards. You can choose the cutting height from 7 different positions, and it’s not something that will take up a lot of space. The handles even fold down to make storage a little easier. As a result, this is a perfect option for those who just don’t have enough space for something like a riding mower.

Greenworks 25022 Pros and Cons

  • You won’t need to deal with gasoline
  • The electric unit is more eco-friendly
  • Offers plenty of mowing power
  • Provides multiple options for dealing with the trimmings
  • Large tires make maneuvering easy
  • Maneuvering with an extension cord can be tricky
  • The motor can become dirty while in use
  • Unit may cease working unexpectedly

Greenworks 25112 Review

If you like the benefits that an electric mower can offer you but want something with a little more power, the Greenworks 25112 is a fantastic option. This mower comes with a motor that is a bit more powerful than the previous option, providing 13 amps of power rather than 12.

Furthermore, the cutting deck is slightly larger as well. With 21 inches at your disposal, you can certainly rely on this machine to be able to handle small yards. You’ll also be able to choose the exact height you want to cut using the 7 unique height options available on this machine.

While you’re working, you can choose how you want to handle your trimmings. If you’re okay with them discharging out of the side of the machine, this device can handle that. Additionally, it can help to create greener growth with mulch, or simply bag it so you can dispose of it easily.

Many mowers are quite heavy, especially if they are models that use gasoline. However, the 25112 weighs only 63 lbs., making it pretty easy to move around. Additionally, the over-sized wheels are perfect for getting the mower around your yard without too much extra effort.

What is worth keeping in mind is that you may need the help of an extension cord to get around your whole yard with either of these models. As a result, it’s a good idea to make sure you get a cord that is suitable to the mower you’re purchasing, otherwise there can be problems with the power.

Greenworks 25112 Pros and Cons

  • Runs more quietly than gasoline options
  • Electric model is easy to start
  • Works through weeds and grass easily
  • budget-friendly than gas mowers
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Model is not for heavy-duty use
  • Frequent clogs in the side-discharge
  • Electric models may accidentally run over the power cord


When you’re comparing the on these two mowers, you’ll be likely to find that the 25112 comes at a higher cost. This makes sense considering it’s a little bit larger and more powerful as well. However, you won’t need to worry too much as the price difference doesn’t tend to be excessive. Just make sure to compare your through various sellers and you’ll be able to find a price that works best for you.

Much like the price, the 25112 offers a bit more in the way of motor power. While the 25022 has 12 amps of power, the 25112 provides you with 13. This makes it a bit easier to use in yards that might be less even, or yards that might be a little bit larger. Just keep in mind that neither mower is for heavy-duty use.

Cutting deck. The 25112 also provides a cutting deck that is slightly larger. With 21-inches of space rather than 20, you’ll be able to get a little bit more done. It’s really not a huge difference by comparison, but it’s one that will count if you don’t have the smallest yard. Every little inch and amp can add up to provide you something with more overall capability.


Options for Trimmings

With both of these machines, you’ll get the ability to choose how you want to handle your trimmings. Whether you prefer to mulch, bag or spread your trimmings, they both have you covered. Just make sure that you get any extras you need before getting to work, such as the bags you may need to keep the trimmings in.

Best Selling Lawn Mower on Amazon Review [GreenWorks 25022 Corded Lawn Mower]

Height Adjustments

Both of the mowers here allow you to choose the ideal height that you want your grass to be. There are seven different selections you can make, allowing you to choose the length of the grass from 1 ½ inches all the way to 3 ¾ inches. No matter what your preference is, you’re sure to get the perfect results.

Compact Design

These mowers are both compact and relatively lightweight when compared to other options on the market. As a result, they are easier to maneuver around your yard. This gives those who may not have the most strength more of an edge when they need to mow the lawn. Additionally, you can fold down both options for compact storing.

Each of these mowers provides larger wheels than other options out there. They both include back wheels that are 10” in diameter and front wheels that are 7” in diameter. Because of that, they allow the mower to be easier to move around, even if you don’t have the smoothest lawn.

Best Uses for These Mowers

Both of these mowers can be used in lawns of just about any size. What is worth keeping in mind is that depending on the size of your lawn, you’ll need the ideal extension cord to make sure your mower gets the right amount of power. Then, you’ll be ready to tackle your lawn easily.

Keep in mind that neither of these will be the mower that can easily cut through extremely thick overgrowth and intense debris. They are smaller mowers designed for yards that are already pretty well-maintained. They can handle a small amount of debris, but much more than that could leave them unable to function.


These models are really very similar, but the 25112 does offer you a little bit more power as well as a larger cutting deck. On top of that, it comes at a very small price increase over the 25022. Consequently, it’s going to provide more convenience, allowing you to get your yard mowed a little more quickly and easily. That said, keep in mind that these are both really fantastic mowers with a lot to offer. It’s just a matter of choosing the best one for your needs.

Greenworks 25022 FAQ

What is the best extension cord to use with this model?

Typically, it’s a good idea to get an extension cord that is rated for at least as many amps as the motor. Because of that, you’ll want to get something designed for 12 amps or greater. Otherwise, the setup simply won’t work as well as it could. Additionally, getting a cord that is 14- or 16-gauge can provide a bit more durability.

Is the 25022 self-propelled?

The 25022 is not self-propelled, but it is a lightweight mower that shouldn’t present too many problems in motion. Furthermore, the wheels are larger than on many other mowers, adding to the overall ease of movement. Those who are smaller or not as strong shouldn’t have too much of a problem getting their lawn mown with this device.

What is the best way to handle trimmings?

With this model, you can handle them in any way you want. If you’re looking to get the most effective use out of the trimmings, you can opt to mulch them. Otherwise, allowing them to discharge from the side can provide the rest of your lawn with nutrients as well, it just takes a bit longer. Bagging is the ideal choice for those who just want a clean lawn after trimming.

Can the 25022 handle debris?

You don’t want to put this mower through anything too rough, but it can handle smaller bits of debris just fine. Things like small twigs or nuts shouldn’t present too much of a problem while you’re mowing. For larger bits of debris, it may be a good idea to clear them away before starting up the mower.

How long is the warranty on this model?

The warranty on this model is considered to be 4 years. That said, it’s always a good idea to look for up-to-date warranty information from the manufacturer before purchasing. With that information in hand, you’ll have everything you need to understand the support the manufacturer offers.

Greenworks 25112 FAQ

Is a cable included with this model?

A cable will not be provided with the purchase of this mower. What that means is you’ll need to find the best measurements suggested for this model and compare that to the size of your lawn. Depending on the coverage you want to achieve, you may need a different gauge and different amp capabilities.

Will this mower arrive assembled if I order it online?

If you choose to order the mower online, it will arrive to you mostly intact. That said, there will be some assembly you have to finish yourself. Typically, these are finishing touches that don’t require the use of tools. Consequently, it shouldn’t take long to get it ready to mow.

Can this mower be used with a battery?

This is a mower that is designed to use corded power only. Because of that, it will not work with a battery.

How long is the warranty for the 25112?

For this model, the warranty should be 4 years. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check with the manufacturer for the latest warranty information.

What is the best extension cord to use with the 25112?

Overall, the extension cord you choose will depend on the length of cord you need. For example, if you need a 25-ft. cord, then a 14-gauge option will be best suited to the device. Meanwhile, a 12-gauge cord will be ideal if you need something that is 50 ft. long.

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Greenworks lawn mower 25112

UPC 841821006174 is associated with Greenworks 13 Amp 21-inch Corded Electric Walk-Behind Push Lawn Mower 25112

UPC 841821006174 has following Product Name Variations:

  • GreenWorks 25112 13 Amp 21-Inch Lawn Mower
  • Greenworks Electric 13 Amp 21 Lawn Mower
  • GreenWorks 25142 Lawn Mower- 10 Amp, 16-Inch
  • Greenworks 25112 13 Amp 21 in. 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower
  • GreenWorks 25112 13A 21-Inch Corded Lawn Mower
  • Greenworks 25112 21 in. 3-in-1 Electric Mower
  • 25112 13 Amp 21 in. 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower
  • 25112 13 Amp 21 in. 3 in.-1 Electric Lawn Mower
  • 25112 21 in. 3-in-1 Electric Mower
  • Greenworks Lawn Mowers 21 in. 13-Amp 2-in-1 Electric Walk-Behind Lawn Mower GW25
  • New Greenworks 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25112 Green/Black
  • Greenworks 13 Amp 21-inch Corded Electric Walk-Behind Push Lawn Mower 25112
  • Greenworks 13 A 21-in Corded Electric Lawn Mower


UPC-A: 8 41821 00617 4
EAN-13: 0 841821 006174
Amazon ASIN: B0076SOAGO
Country of Registration: United States
Brand: Greenworks
Model #: GW25112
Color: Gold
Weight: 53.1 Pounds
Product Dimension: 31.5 X 17.2 X 23.2 inches
Last Scanned: 2023-07-07 11:01:29

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GreenWorks 25142 Lawn Mower– 10 Amp, 16-Inch 165.00 2023-07-07 11:01:29
New Greenworks 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25112 Green/Black 248.95 2023-07-07 11:01:29 Greenworks 13 A 21-in Corded Electric Lawn Mower CAD299.00 2023-06-25 04:57:18
Greenworks Electric 13 Amp 21 Lawn Mower 159.99 2019-01-30 20:41:15
Greenworks 25112 13 Amp 21 in. 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower 172.04 2019-07-01 09:48:31
GreenWorks 25112 13A 21-Inch Corded Lawn Mower 179.98 2017-01-12 15:28:06
25112 13 Amp 21 in. 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower 193.29 2018-05-16 09:45:57
Greenworks 25112 13 Amp 21 in. 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower 194.99 2018-11-02 22:59:34
25112 13 Amp 21 in. 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower 199.99 2018-11-08 05:00:51
25112 13 Amp 21 in. 3 in.-1 Electric Lawn Mower 229.99 2016-12-07 05:54:34
25112 21 in. 3-in-1 Electric Mower 238.08 2022-08-14 10:40:32
Greenworks Lawn Mowers 21 in. 13-Amp 2-in-1 Electric Walk-Behind Lawn Mower GW25 239.00 2016-12-07 09:33:16
Greenworks 25112 13 Amp 21 in. 3-in-1 Electric Lawn Mower 257.78 2020-06-04 10:04:47
Greenworks 13 Amp 21-inch Corded Electric Walk-Behind Push Lawn Mower 25112 269.21 2023-02-20 12:17:22

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Greenworks MO13B00 Vs 25112 : Review And Pricing

Greenworks is your go to brand for good electric lawn mowers. The Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 are two options of lawn mowers you can consider. They are corded electric lawn mowers that are operated manually. These two lawn mowers are sustainable choices to consider. This is because they do not emit any gas, oil, or emissions. The Greenworks 25112 is essentially a predecessor to the Greenworks MO13B00. Thus the Greenworks 25112 is obviously cheaper. However, the Greenworks MO13B00 has some enhancements that eclipse the Greenworks 25112. In many aspects the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 are the same. Which one should you settle for then? Let us find out together as we discuss more.

Greenworks MO13B00 Vs 25112: Comparison Table

Greenworks MO13B00 Greenworks 25112
Power Source Corded Electric Corded Electric
Style Mower Mower
Motor 13 Amp Electric 13 Amp Electric
Cutting Width 21 Inches 21 Inches
Specialized Feature 3-in-1 3-in-1
Rear Wheels 10 Inches 10 Inches
Front Wheels 7 Inches 7 Inches
Weight 56 Pounds 60 Pounds
Number of Positions 7 7
Operation Mode Manual Manual
Build Material Alloy Steel Alloy Steel
Warranty 4 Year 4 Year
Price Check Price On Amazon Check Price On Amazon
Greenworks MO13B00
Greenworks 25112

Greenworks MO13B00 Vs 25112: Design

Both the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 have a 7 position single lever for height adjustment. They also have foldable handles that make compact storage easier. They also both have a 21 inch steel deck which delivers a cutting width of 21 inches. The cutting deck is made out of composite material thus making it durable. They both have a push button to start and they also have a mulch, side, or rear bag. The Greenworks MO13B00 has brushless motor but the Greenworks 25112 does not have a brushless motor. The two lawn mowers both have a cord retainer which helps in handling the cord when in operation. It provides a cord restraint system which keeps the plug connected and the cord free from hanging up.

greenworks, lawn, mower, 25112, 25022, electric

Greenworks MO13B00 Vs 25112: Ideal Landscapes

Both the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 have limitations in this regard. These two lawn mowers are best suited for flat landscapes. Using them on surfaces that are not flat can be complicated. These limitations are worsened by the corded element. Plus their cutting decks are not that big; only delivering a 21 inch cutting width. Overall, this makes the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 best suited for small and flat yards. Anything beyond that will be a stretch for them and you might not get the best performance.

Pros Of The Greenworks MO13B00

The Greenworks MO13B00 is easy to assemble, easy to use, provides value for money, is relatively light weight, is easy to maneuver, and has a considerably low noise level. You also get to enjoy smooth operation. Power delivery is always constant and dependable. The Greenworks MO13B00 delivers good cutting given the abundant power. The Greenworks MO13B00’s design makes it plug and go and thus easy to use. It has the 3-in-1 function. This means you can easily toggle from rear bag, to mulch or to side discharge. You have the advantage of choosing from 7 different cutting heights settings. These heights range from 1.5 inches to 3.75 inches.

Cons Of The Greenworks MO13B00

The handle bar may be susceptible to vibration when the lawn mower is in operation. This also adds on to instances when you have to fold the handles for compact storage. The associated screws may over time loosen. This will lead to scenarios where the handle bar may not be properly extended as should be. In fact, whilst in operation the handle bar may fold. You could fasten the screws more tightly but this is an issue many users cite facing from time to time. Having to deal with the cable can be problematic especially for a first timer. The MO13B00 will not be ideal for use on large yards or large surface areas. It is also difficult to use on landscapes that are inclined i.e. not flat.

Pros Of The Greenworks 25112

The Greenworks 25112 ranks high on safety features and being easy to assemble. In 5 minutes or less you can be done assembling it. The Greenworks 25112 is also light weight and is easy to maneuver. The Greenworks 25112’s smooth operation also leads to good cutting and extended operation. It is easy to use because no batteries are needed and no charging is needed. Just like it is for the Greenworks MO13B00, it is a plug and go. The Greenworks 25112 also features the 3-in-1 function. You also enjoy the 7 cutting heights settings with the Greenworks 25112. The fact that you can do this via one lever is highly convenient. Cutting is pristine and it does not matter the grass or lawn is mildly wet or dry. The operation is even way smoother when the lawn is dry.

Cons Of The Greenworks 25112

Just like Greenworks MO13B00, the Greenworks 25112 has a cutting width of just 21 inches. This means it will be tasking to work on large spaces or yards. The Greenworks 25112 is not particularly suited for expansive surfaces areas. The other challenge has to do with the absence of an extension cord. Normally you will have to purchase it separately because it does not come included in the package. Thus if you do not have an extension cord you will be limited since you will have to move more. The Greenworks 25112 is not ideal for heavily wet lawn or grass. It is also not ideal for thick or overgrown landscapes. Inclined landscapes are also problematic to work on with the Greenworks 25112. The Greenworks 25112 does not have a brushless motor so power delivery and efficiency is limited.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Lawn Mower

One of the first things to consider is the type of landscape and grass you will be using the lawn mower on. Some lawn mowers such as the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 are not ideal on inclined landscapes. Type of grass mainly looks at how thick or tall it is. Thicker grass usually requires lawn mowers that have high power ratings. The converse it true too; thinner grass does not need powerful lawn mowers or blades that are too thick. Another consideration is the size of the space to be worked on. Cutting width matters since a small cutting width will not be ideal for large areas. The same applies for the need for extension cords. Large areas would need a lawn mower with an extension cord.

Where will you store the lawn mower when not is use? This will consider the size and weight of the lawn mower. You also have to check for the presence of convenient settings. For instance, a lawn mower with adjustable height settings and a 3-in-1 functionality are best. You must also consider if the lawn mower had robust safety features. What are the maintenance dynamics of the lawn mower in question? This matters immensely in the long run. You will do well to consider the operation mode and the power source too. In light of everything you will consider the price tag so that you end up with a cost-effective option.

Greenworks MO13B00 Vs 25112: Our Pick

The Greenworks MO13B00 is essentially an upgrade to the Greenworks 25112. Thus it has much better functionality. For instance, it has a brushless motor. No wonder it is smoother and less noisy. The Greenworks MO13B00 is also more powerful than the Greenworks 25112. That is why it can better handle thick or overgrown landscapes. Overall, you will work less when working with the Greenworks MO13B00. The other upside is that the Greenworks MO13B00 is lighter than the Greenworks 25112.

This helps in easy handling and also reduces the effort you need to put in when operating it. You can easily move it around and that is augmented by the substantially big front and rear wheels. Notably, the Greenworks MO13B00 has an improved design that stops debris from building up in the engine compartment. Debris build up is a challenge when using the Greenworks 25112. The Greenworks MO13B00 still delivers all the other advantages that the Greenworks 25112 has. Of course the Greenworks MO13B00 does cost more but it is the best pick regardless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any difference between the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112?

The two are similar in most aspects. However, the Greenworks MO13B00 is essentially an upgraded Greenworks 25112. This means the internal electrical and transmission dynamics of the Greenworks MO13B00 have been enhanced.

What makes the Greenworks MO13B00 better than the Greenworks 25112?

According to Greenworks, the physical features have changed. However, the basic function has not. The mower still has an easy to turn on electric start. We have upgraded and reworked the internal electrics and transmissions to make it more efficient and more reliable.

Does anyone know if the Greenworks MO13B00 model suffers from the same problem of debris infiltration into the engine compartment like the Greenworks 25112 model does?

The Greenworks MO13B00 is an updated version with a different housing for the electric motor. That is why debris will not infiltrate into the engine compartment.

Do these lawn mowers come with a battery and charger or you have to order the items?

These lawn mowers do not use batteries. They are corded electric, 110 volts. You will need an extension cord rated 13 amps or more to operate. You have to purchase this separately since it does not come provided in the package. For example, you can use a 15 amp rated extension cord and it will work fine.

How often should I clean a corded electric lawn mower?

A corded electric lawn mower must be cleaned after every use. This will ensure grass does not clog it plus it avoids the building up of corrosion or algae from moisture. You can clean it using a clean, damp cloth with soapy water. You must then make sure the lawn mower completely dries up before you store it away.


There are numerous considerations to make when purchasing a lawn mower. As you saw with the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 it is not always about price. The performance and longevity aspects can offset the initially high price in the long run. For those who are looking to spend less they would settle for the Greenworks 25112. For those who want top notch performance then the Greenworks MO13B00 is your best shot. Given some of the limitations the Greenworks MO13B00 and the Greenworks 25112 have, the need for power is important. That is why settling for the Greenworks MO13B00 is smarter because it is more powerful and efficient.

Greenworks MO13B00
Greenworks 25112
greenworks, lawn, mower, 25112, 25022, electric

Top 7 Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower Reviews In 2022

While a gas-powered lawn mower will often reign in terms of sheer mowing power, it’s not always the practical choice. For some lawn owners, they are better off using a lawn mower that produces less noise and is more environmentally friendly. In this case, we should look for the best corded electric lawn mower.

Top 7 ​Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

Greenworks 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower MO13B00

The first mower in the list uses an impressive 13-amp electric motor. Thus, it is enough to cut the thickest patches of grass in your lawn even without a fuel-powered engine. Likewise, this 13-amp motor powers the 21-inch cutting decks. This deck width is on the higher end of the spectrum, and the steel cutting deck can finish a small to medium-sized lawn quickly. It’s quite impressive that rocks and twigs didn’t affect the blades that much.

If you want to change the cutting height, you could conveniently pick among seven height settings. The lowest height setting is 1.5 inches and it goes up to 3.75 inches. For mobility, the Greenworks MO13B00 Lawn Mower has seven-inch front wheels and 10-inch rear wheels.

Instead of just one option for dealing with grass clippings, this model offers all three aforementioned methods: discharging, bagging, and mulching. Bagging operations are done at the rear while discharging is conducted at the site. over, the discharge cover and the bag seem sturdy. However, we noticed that the cutting speed is slightly affected when we opt for mulching the grass clippings.

What We Liked​

  • 10-inch rear wheels help move this mower with relative ease
  • Level for adjusting the height is spring-loaded for single-hand use
  • Weighs just less than 56 pounds
  • Offers discharge, mulching, and bagging options

What We Didn’t Like

  • Mulching affects the mowing speed a bit
  • Grass clippings get stuck around the motor at times

Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe 14-Inch 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower With Grass Bag

Up next, we have the MJ401E lawn mower from Sun Joe. It has a 12-amp motor to power its 14-inch cutting deck. This guy was also specifically designed for clearing small and regular-sized lawns. Also, the compact size allows the Sun Joe MJ401E to maneuver around narrow space without much effort. If the terrain is uneven and rocky, the all-terrain wheels will keep the lawn mower moving well.

Storing this in your shed will not be a problem. Apart from the compact design, its meager weight of 29 pounds won’t make you get tired of carrying it. Likewise, this is an ETL-approved electric lawn mower. Thus, the Sun Joe MJ401E complies with the safety and performance standards set by the Intertek Testing Services.

Getting this electric mower is done by pushing a single button. In fact, accidental stats are unlikely to happen thanks to the safety switch. If you want to get the right mowing height, you can use the three-position height control. As for grass clippings, the Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe Electric Lawn Mower comes with a detachable grass catcher. In case there are any problems with the parts, you can use the two-year warranty.

What We Liked

  • Compact design with a collapsible handle for easy storage and great maneuverability
  • ETL-approved for certified safety and reliable performance
  • 14-inch steel blade is extremely sturdy
  • Cutting height ranges from 1.18 inches to 2.52 inches
  • Well-detailed instruction manual for quick assembling

What We Didn’t Like

  • Collection bag could have been bigger
  • Only has the bagging option for dealing with grass clippings

Greenworks 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25012

This time, we have another corded electric lawn mower from Greenworks. Similar to the Sun Joe MJ401E, this lawn mower uses a 12-amp motor. What’s interesting is that the electric motor powers a 18-inch cutting deck instead of a 14-inch one. However, the motor doesn’t have enough cover to protect it from dirt and grass clippings during mowing operations. We recommend cleaning this regularly to keep the motor running properly.

Due to this deck size, you should not expect it to mow as fast as the Sun Joe lawn mower does. Still, this deck results in more grass being cut at the same time. In addition, this 18-inch steel cutting deck is not only durable but also highly resistant to rust. Just like the first Greenworks lawn mower we reviewed, the 25012 Lawn Mower has seven height settings. The difference is the level that ranges from 1.75 inches to 3.75 inches.

However, the wheels are the same with the 10-inch rear wheels and the seven-inch front wheels. Thus, moving in uneven terrain won’t be an issue. On the other hand, this has an overall weight of 46 pounds, which doesn’t make it easy to store and carry as the Sun Joe MJ401E corded mower. Still, we appreciate the mulching and discharge features.

What We Liked

  • Handle can be folded for storage purposes
  • Metal height adjustment level is well-designed
  • Rust-resistant and durable blade

What We Didn’t Like

  • Motor cover is not enough to prevent grass clippings and dirt
  • Feels underpowered at times

Greenworks 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25142

This is the third Greenworks corded electric lawn mower on our list, and it is far different compared to the first two. For one, it uses a 10-amp motor instead of a 12-amp motor. However, we feel that this a good decision since the cutting deck only has a width of 16 inches. In other words, this is designed to be a compact lawn mower that can go through narrow areas and be easily stored afterward.

It was expected for the Greenworks 2514 Lawn Mower not to have all three options for grass clippings. Still, the mulching and discharging features are commendable for such a compact lawn mower. Instead of seven-position height adjustment setting like the other mowers, this one only has five. With them, you can change the mowing height from 0.625 inches to 2.625 inches.

The six-inch front wheels and the seven-inch rear wheels feel tough enough to go through rugged terrain. Consequently, the Greenworks 25142 Lawn Mower has a push-button electric start for a hassle-free activation at all times. Compared to a gas-powered model and to some electric variants, this compact mower will produce significantly fewer vibrations.

What We Liked

  • Foldable handle has a padded grip for added comfort
  • Well-packaged and no assembly is needed
  • Operates without much noise
  • Mulching and discharging options for grass clippings

What We Didn’t Like

  • Collection bag is small and needs to be emptied frequently
  • Plastic parts don’t feel durable enough

Sun Joe MJ403E Mow Joe 17-Inch 13-Amp Electric Lawn Mower/Mulcher

This is the second Sun Joe model here, and it’s bigger than the first with the use of a 13-amp motor and a 17-inch cutting deck. Like other entries here, this has the push-button start feature for immediate activations. In addition, it has the seven-position height adjustment level that we previously saw on two Greenworks corded electric lawn mowers. The cutting height ranges between 0.98 inches to 2.87 inches.

While it lacks the discharge option, the Sun Joe MJ403E does have decent bagging and mulching processes. For one, the collection bag has a decent capacity of 12 gallons. As for mulching, the lawn mower isn’t slowed down as the clippings are turned into finer pieces. This is an ETL-approved electric lawn mower and this is due in part to the safety switch. Also, there’s a two-year warranty for any faulty parts.

This only weighs 31.5 pounds, which makes it quite compact for storage purposes. However, this does not mean that it doesn’t have front and rear wheels capable of traversing in uneven terrain. The wheels feel durable, and the overall construction of the Sun Joe MJ403E should ensure a long lifespan.

What We Liked

  • Fairly light at just 31.5 pounds for easy storage
  • Mulches grass clippings well without slowing down the mower
  • Tough front and rear wheels
  • Powerful motor

What We Didn’t Like

  • Maximum cutting height is not high enough for some operators
  • Some of the bolts come loose during operations because of the vibrations

Earthwise 50520 Corded Electric Lawn Mower

This is the only mower here that comes from Earthwise, but it leaves quite an impression with its many features. For one, the 12-amp motor produces 120 volts with an rpm of 3,600. The steel cutting deck is 20 inches wide, which is good enough for small and medium-sized lawns. Also, the Earthwise 50520 is well-packaged, but it does take some time to remove the materials and the mower out of the box.

The V-handle has a well-cushioned grip for ensured comfort while the safety bar and safety blade control keep things in order during operations. While every mower has a height adjustment feature, this one allows you to change the cutting height from just 1.5 inches to an impressive four inches. This maximum cutting height is great news for lawn owners who want to cut tall grasses with as few passes as possible.

You can also rely on the seven-inch front wheels and the 9.5-inch rear wheels to keep the mower balanced. Still, it’s likely for this electric lawn mower to leave some grass blades uncut, especially those around the wheels. Furthermore, the Earthwise 50520 Electric Lawn Mower has the discharging, bagging, and mulching options.

What We Liked

  • Seven-position height adjustment with a maximum height of four inches
  • Handle has a well-cushioned grip
  • Mulching, bagging and discharging options
  • Powerful 12-amp motor

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not all of the grass blades in its path are mowed properly
  • Cord holder does not function well

Sun Joe MJ408E Mow Joe 3-in-1 Bag/Mulch/Side Discharge Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Finally, we have another Sun Joe mower that has a 12-amp motor to power the 20-inch cutting deck. You can manually adjust the cutting height using the handle and choose among seven positions. Likewise, this is an ETL-approved corded lawn mower with a push-button start. Still, the foam cushion located on the handle should have been more durable.

Additionally, the Sun Joe MJ40E offers discharging, bagging, and mulching options. In particular, the collector bag has a capacity of 14.5 gallons. While this is bigger than the other collector bags on this list, this is still not big enough for a single mowing operation. You will likely empty this bag a couple of times if you have a regular-sized lawn. Thankfully, the collector bag is detachable for quick disposals. Lastly, this Sun Joe mower comes with a two-year warranty.

What We Liked

  • ETL-approved for compliance with safety and performance standards
  • Discharging, bagging, and mulching options available
  • Collector bag is detachable
  • Two-year warranty included

What We Didn’t Like

Why Choose A Corded Electric Lawn Mower

We know about the existence gas-powered lawn mowers, so why should you get an electric variant instead? Likewise, an electric lawn mower can be either cordless or corded. Thus, it’s important to understand to know the benefits and limitations of a corded electric lawn mower.

Compared To A Gas-Powered Lawn Mower

In terms of sheer power, the gas-powered model will triumph over an electric variant. No battery or cord design whatsoever can match the horsepower of a mighty Briggs Stratton engine. Still, this mowing power is achieved with a high level of noise, which will very likely get on your neighbors’ nerves and require you to wear ear protection.

Likewise, regarding environmental problems, it cannot be dismissed that gas-powered mowers emit a lot of carbon emissions. In addition, maintenance of these mowers can be demanding as you replace the spark plugs, clean the air filters, and check the oil. Due to these parts, ensuring a smooth and easy start each time won’t be easy at the start. Lastly, you have to replace and store the fuel properly.

Compared To A Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Instead of running on fuel and an engine, the cordless electric mower uses a battery to sustain its mowing operations. Even if you cannot connect to any electric outlet, you don’t have to worry about activating this electric lawn mower. By eliminating the cord, you can move through trees and narrow areas with ease.

Then again, the battery itself does pose some disadvantages. For one, the runtime of a cordless variant is limited to the charge remaining on the battery. You can’t expect it to last long if the battery is small in the first place. Even when the battery is large, the added weight can make handling it tiring. Regardless of the size, you need to recharge the battery and even replace it when it shows damages or a poor performance.

Choosing A Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Similar to a cordless model, this lawn mower will perform with remarkably less noise and with no harmful carbon emissions compared to a gas-powered lawn mower. Instead of worrying about the engine, you only really have to sharpen the blades from time to time. You don’t have to pull any cord to start any engine whatsoever. You just plug the corded lawn mower and start the cutting operation.

With a corded electric lawn mower, you don’t have to constantly recharge any battery. Likewise, there is no added battery weight, which makes handling them much easier. One disadvantage of a corded type, however, is the limited range.

If you want to expand the mowing range of this mower, you need to have an extension cord. In addition, you must be careful not to get the cord in tangles, especially when you are circling around trees and other obstacles.

Both corded and cordless electric lawn mowers are considerably cheaper than a gas-powered model. Still, it’s worth noting that a corded variant is usually more affordable than a cordless electric lawn mower that needs a battery. This is undoubtedly the easiest type of lawn mower to start.

Still, mowing power is definitely an issue. Using an extension cord to improve the range could result in a bit of voltage loss. If you have a small or regular-sized lawn, the cord shouldn’t be a problem for you. Basically, a corded electric lawn mower is a lightweight machine that starts smoothly and operates without much noise.

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Now that you know the pros and cons of using a corded electric lawn mower, it’s time to know the many factors that will help you pick the right model for your lawn.

Size And Weight

If you have a small-sized lawn, a corded electric lawn mower with a 14-inch deck size is good enough. You don’t really need a large corded mower if your property isn’t huge. This will help you save a lot of money while still having efficient cutting operations. Also, a smaller and lighter mower will be easier to push. If you do want to significantly cut down the mowing time, you can get one with a 21-inch cutting deck.

This 21-inch one is using a 13-amp electric motor and can get up to one hour of cutting time per charge. It also allows you to cut the thickest and highest lawn paths without a fuel-powered engine. Besides, if you want to experience its 3-in-1 function: mulching, rear bagging and side discharge capabilities, it will be a great option. This guide has a useful filtering tool that allows you to filter through the best options

Warranty And Money-Back Guarantee

Lawn mowers, no matter their type, do cost quite some money. Sometimes, it’s not your fault that the parts don’t work. Rather, it’s the fault of the manufacturer for sending erroneous parts. Whatever the matter is, it’s important that a warranty lasting for at least a year is included.

These will prove to be valuable when an accident occurs or when the mower suddenly doesn’t work well. Some manufacturers even allow the purchase of extended warranties. Similarly, a money-back guarantee lasting for 90 days at most is more than welcome.


Instead of horsepower, the power of a corded electric lawn mower is determined by its ampere. With a bigger ampere, the mower gets more power for cutting decks. The high-quality corded electric lawn mowers have amps ranging from 10 to 13.

If you have thick and tall grass to cut, a higher amp should do you well. However, most of us usually have a small-sized lawn at home, so it will be a waste of money buying a high-ampere mower, since we don’t need to use that much of power.

Lawn Size

Electric lawn mowers are fantastic choices for people with small-sized lawns ranging from several yards to a fraction of an acre. However, there are corded mowers for bigger areas. These mowers have enough power to run large cutting decks around an acre size.

Just to be sure, it’s best to contact the manufacturer and read about the mower before making a purchase. In addition, you should get a corded electric mower with more power if your lawn has uneven terrain or sections with a lot of weeds and rocks.

Grass Clippings

After an extensive mowing operation, you’ll have a lot of grass clippings remaining in your lawn. While the old electric lawn mowers would only have a discharge chute for these lawn clippings, the modern variants offer other options such as bagging and mulching. Some electric lawn mowers have all three options, but even having the bagging and mulching modes are already great.

With bagging, all the clippings are conveniently collected in one place. Through mulching, the grass clippings are shredded into finer pieces. These fine grass clippings will then be applied to the grass as they’ll act as a natural source of fertilizer. Thus, you can save money on having to buy fertilizer for your lawn as you use your corded electric lawn mower.