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Greenworks 40V 20-inch Brushless Walk-Behind Push Lawn Mower W/40 Ah Battery and Quick Charger, 2516302

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Assembly was an ease, charged battery full before first mowing. I have a small lawn, 0.2 Acre plot w house. Can mow entire lawn w 1/4 charge. 2nd Greenworks product. 1st was the 16” chainsaw. Both products work great. Like the mower w metal mower body vs plastic. 3 mowing sessions and still impressed. Looking forward to expanding w more greenworks products that fit the 40V 4Ah battery.

Most helpful negative review

I have used this lawn mower 3 times now. The battery only last about 20 minutes or so. The cut quality is poor. It misses allot of blades of grass even if I go over it twice. I don’t reccommend this mower. Sorry. I wanted to give it a good review but I have to be honest. I would like to send it back for a refund.

greenworks, push, lawn, mower, 20-inch

This is the best mower I’ve ever owned. It is lightweight. It cuts beautifully. 7 different cutting levels. The bag is easy to empty. I was able to mow for an hour and still had battery life.

Extremely disappointed. i bought this last year. only used a couple of times (not mùch grass). Put away for winter. Just pulled it out and it isnt working at all. This is the 2nd big item I bought from Walmart that was defective. Battery charges but nothing happens. Really getting fed up with Walmart. Either they’re out of stock or broken or defective. Been a loyal customer for 30 years. Company has really gone down hill.

Like the mower. Solid, well-made. Cuts well. Small grass catcher, but don’t plan to use it every time. Only downside is the battery cut out 1/2 way thru the backyard (after finishing the front). NOT a big yard, run time was about 25-30 minutes tops. Bought a second battery, will try switching out and see if that solves anything.

Grass bag, side discharge or mulching. 1 lever to adjust cut height. Easy start. Easy assembly. Haven’t used it yet because you need green, growing grass.- too early in Montana. But started up and sounded good in garage. Seems to be a solid, well-built machine. Looking forward to putting it to use. Have a Greenworks snowblower and been using it for 3 or 4 seasons now. If the mower works as well, will be very satisfied.

Was delivered on day expected. Just love the product mows better than expected. very easy to use. No more trips for gas or pull cords for me. I’m 72 and more independent now i can mow my own yard. Love it.

greenworks, push, lawn, mower, 20-inch

Ok, I came from having a plug in sun joe so its amazing. 7 different cutting heights, so easy. Charged for two hours and it used half the battery approximately.

Mower arrived yesterday. Fast shipping. Read the enclosed booklet. Attached handle as instructed. Plugged in charger and attached battery and the diagnostic charger glowed a solid red (for the battery charging). Reviewed instructions-that solid red is not listed. Repeated several times and same result so charger is obviously not diagnosing as advertised. Put battery in mower and it started ?! Left off charger then as it was obviously charged to some degree but that was never indicated by the light colors. Mowed a few minutes today and battery has obviously run down so is on charger again. If this is how this is gonna’ work, it’s more than a little frustrating. On low blade height which is what I bought it for to eliminate thatch from building in my lawn, it won’t cut but cuts off. Frustrating there too. Would I purchase again? Not sure.

Stopped working after the 7th time. Comes with warranty but minimum you get charged for repair is 50. Don’t buy Greenworks.

Stopped working after the 7th time. Comes with warranty but minimum you get charged for repair is 50. Don’t buy Greenworks.

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At first glance, the GreenWorks Pro 80V, 21-inch cordless lawn mower looks like a racecar with its angled design and large wheels, and although it looks bulky, it is easy to maneuver.

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The GreenWorks Pro 80V cordless lawn mower is a good mower for homeowners with mid- or large-size flat lawns, and the included second battery is a great value.


  • – Because this cordless mower is not self-propelled, it can be difficult to push on hills or steep grades.

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At first glance, the GreenWorks Pro 80V, 21-inch cordless lawn mower looks like a racecar with its angled design and large wheels, and although it looks bulky, it is easy to maneuver. The mower is made from a tough polymer that can take a beating while producing zero emissions, and it does this without tying you down with an electrical cord.

The wide cutting deck allows you to mow your lawn efficiently by cutting down on the number of passes required to mow it. There is also a height-adjustment lever that lets you choose from seven cutting heights, allowing you to give your lawn a smooth, polished, even look.

One of the best features of this electric lawn mower is that it comes with two 80-volt rechargeable batteries instead of just one, however you have the option to purchase this lawn mower with only a single battery, or none. The two batteries, when they are fully charged, last up to 60 minutes each. The included charger only charges one battery at a time, but each battery only takes about 30 minutes to fully charge. With this mower’s long run time – it’ll run about an hour on a single charge – you can easily mow a yard up to a 1/3 acre or more before you run out of power.

In addition to its long battery life, the Pro 80V features GreenWorks’ automatic power-adjusting system. This system monitors the power needed to cut your lawn and adjusts the battery accordingly to extend the mower’s run time. The engine also directs extra power to the dual blades to make quick work of thick grass.

This electric lawn mower features two oversized 10-inch wheels that help make the Pro 80V easy to maneuver. This is helpful, especially since the mower does not have a self-propel feature and you will have to use your own strength to push it. If your yard consists of a steep grade or hills, you may want to consider an electric lawn mower with a self-propel feature. This cordless lawn mower weighs 62 pounds with an empty bag.

This mower is an excellent choice, but most, if not all of its features are surpassed by our top pick. EGO LM2102SP.

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The Greenworks 25022 Lawn Mower, Tested by the Spruce

Sarah Vanbuskirk is a writer specializing in home, writing about home and gardening products for The Spruce. She has over 20 years of freelance writing experience.

Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1 Corded Lawn Mower

The GreenWorks 25022 12-Amp, 20-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower is a grass-cutting workhorse. It gets the job done quickly and easily and has enough options to handle all your lawn needs.

Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch 3-in-1 Corded Lawn Mower

We purchased the Greenworks 25022 Lawn Mower so our reviewer could put it to the test on her lawn. Keep reading for our full product review.

Growing up, my parents disliked grass-cutting so much that they bricked in our yard. So, you could say I was predisposed to avoid (and even dislike) lawn maintenance, and I know I’m not alone. Even shopping for a lawn mower—whether a corded or uncorded, ride-on or push model—can be a chore and not to mention an investment. Electric lawn mowers are more affordable and eco-friendly than their gas counterparts, and they supposedly don’t sacrifice power. Could the Greenworks 25022, a top choice for small- to mid-sized lawns, change my mind about mowing?

Safety: Read the manual

Before you begin, read the provided safety instructions carefully. Children under the age of 14 should not operate this equipment, and bystanders should be at least 50 feet away. Don’t use this mower in the rain or wet conditions, and don’t operate with wet hands. Exercise caution and avoid slopes exceeding 2.5 feet every 10 feet.

Clear the yard of stones, sticks, wires, toys, etc., and make sure you put on the proper attire (no loose clothing or accessories); protective goggles, gloves, and footwear are also advised. To reduce the risk of electric shock, this mower has a polarized plug, which can only be used with a polarized extension cord. Though the mower is double-insulated, the extension cord and receptacle must still be grounded to avoid electric shock.

greenworks, push, lawn, mower, 20-inch

Ease of Assembly: Simple

The Greenworks 25022 was surprisingly easy to assemble. The directions were clear and, because the product itself is relatively lightweight at 56 pounds, I was able to do it by myself.

All that’s required is aligning the upper and lower handles on either side of the body and securing with the cam locks and wing nuts. Then, I attached the grass catcher bag onto the back before plugging in the long, heavy-duty outdoor extension cord. I made sure to loop the cord through the cord retainer on the handle to keep it from accidentally unplugging while mowing. Setup probably took 15 minutes at most, start to finish, including reading through the instruction booklet.

To start, I pushed the “on” button and squeezed the bail switch bar across the handlebar, pulling it up to meet the top bar, which activates the mower. To turn off you simply release the bail switch.

Design: Sleek and easy to tweak

This Greenworks mower has a streamlined, bright green and black design. It features a 20-inch deck with 7-inch front wheels and 10-inch rear wheels and a powerful 12-amp motor. The lawn mower’s handle is comfortable to hold and folds down with a light squeeze for easy, compact storage.

The height of the handlebar can be adjusted to three different positions by loosening the upper handle knob. To set, simply retighten the knob at the desired handle height. Several members of my family ranging from 5-foot-3 to 5-foot-9 tried out this mower, and it was suitable for each of us.

I appreciated having so many debris removal options and thought it was simple enough to shift settings, say from mulching to bagging, for different parts of the lawn.

I like to keep my grass a bit on the longer side, so this mower’s adjustable grass length feature was a big bonus. The blade can accommodate seven different positions, from 1.5 to 3.75 inches (conveniently noted on the mower’s body), and I found it was simple to adjust by shifting the lever near the right rear wheel.

This Greenworks model’s three-in-one debris removal settings give me three options for grass clippings: mulch (via the mulch plug), side discharge (via the side discharge chute), or rear baggage (via the grass catcher bag).

Performance: A powerhouse

I found this mower easy to use and efficient. It did everything I could want. The 12-amp motor isn’t too loud, and there was no smell as in gas models. Yet, it had enough power to effectively and evenly cut the grass and deal with whatever leaves were left on the lawn.

Years of tethered vacuuming have made navigating with a cord a non-issue for me, but others may not like this about the Greenworks 25022. I found that it helped to follow a set route to save time as well as to reduce the likelihood of the cord getting in the way.

The easy-to-push powerhouse maneuvered across the yard with no difficulty, and I was able to reach the edges and corners of the yard with the 20-inch deck. I worked up a light sweat, but I wasn’t exhausted after I was done.

Years of tethered vacuuming have made navigating with a cord a non-issue for me, but others may not like this about the Greenworks 25022.

I appreciated having so many debris removal options and thought it was simple enough to shift settings, say from mulching to bagging, for different parts of the lawn. (Note that the mower should always be switched off and unplugged when installing or removing the grass catcher bag, the side discharge chute, or the mulch plug.) I didn’t experience any issues with debris spilling in any of the modes.

Emptying the grass catcher bag was easy: It detaches and reattaches easily and can hold all the yard waste from one full mowing session. I dumped it directly into my compost bin.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance: Breezy

There’s not much maintenance involved with this mower, beyond regularly clearing leaves, grass, and other debris from the motor. Using a compressed air gun or leaf blower makes this really simple (never, ever use water). I was especially careful to do this before storing the mower so that the cut grass and other debris wouldn’t dry on the blade or in the inner workings of the mower.

You’ll also want to periodically sharpen or replace the lawn mower blades (always while wearing padded leather gloves). When not in use, the lawn mower should be stored indoors in a dry, clean area.

Price: Watch the pricetag

This model retails for an average of about 150, which is a great price for a hard-working electric lawn mower. The majority of comparable electric lawn mowers on the market retail from between around 150 to about 220, which puts this product in the low- to mid-range. Keep in mind, though, that the cost varies quite a bit with different retailers, so it’s wise to shop around.

The warranty applies to material defects occurring during personal use for four years. In case of defect, Greenworks will repair or replace defective parts free of charge during this period. Note that this warranty does not apply for machines used commercially.

Greenworks 25022 Lawn Mower vs. Earthwise 50520 Lawn Mower

Both of these corded electric lawn mowers have similar specifications—they boast a 20-inch deck, a 12-amp motor, and push-button start. Both models run on electricity rather than gas and therefore don’t give off unpleasant fumes. They even offer a similar three-in-one rear bag, side discharge, and mulching system.

Where they differ is in price. They can both be found at a range of prices, but the Earthwise model (view on Amazon) usually costs more. The average for the Earthwise model is around 230, while the average for the Greenworks lawn mower is closer to 170. So, for the money, the Greenworks lawn mower is definitely the better deal.

The Greenworks 25022 Lawn Mower is easy to operate and reasonably priced. It’s an excellent corded electric option that’s compact enough for simple storage but powerful enough to tackle the whole yard with ease.

Worx 40V Cordless Mower vs. Greenworks 40V Cordless Mower: Which One Wins?

A manicured lawn is key to increasing your property’s curb appeal. While there are many ways to cut grass, a cordless lawnmower is your best bet. This tool is quieter than its gas-powered counterpart and comes with no strings – aka a power cord – attached. Not to mention that battery-powered tools are also eco-friendly, so you won’t contribute to carb emissions and the greenhouse effect.

As you’d expect, numerous brands propose their own versions of cordless mowers. Some are simple, while others come with all the bells and whistles, but if you want a capable mower that won’t break the bank, your choices often come down to Worx and Greenworks.

If you don’t know which to pick, this comparison between the Worx 40V cordless mower and the Greenworks 40V cordless mower might help you decide.

Worx 40V Cordless Mower vs. Greenworks 40V Cordless Mower: Side-by-Side Comparison

Worx 40V Cordless MowerGreenworks 40V Cordless Mower
Best for… Yards between 1/8 and 1/2 acres Yards between 1/3 and 1/2 acres
Operation Mode Push and self-propelled Push and self-propelled
Cutting Widths 14”, 17”, 20”, 21” 14”, 16”, 17”, 19”, 20”, 21”
Cutting Heights 1.16” to 4” 1.375” to 3.75”
Cutting Height Settings 5 to 7 5 to 7
Waste Management Mulch, bag, side discharge Mulch, bag, side discharge
Motor Type Brushed or brushless Brushless
Battery 2 x 20V, 4.0 Ah to 5.0 Ah 1 x 40V, 2.0 Ah to 5.0 Ah
Runtime Up to 70 minutes Up to 45 minutes
Price 179.99 – 549.99 229.99 – 529.99
  • Nutricut dual-stage mulching pulverizes grass blades into very fine clippings
  • A charge level indicator lets you know when to recharge
  • Automatic speed control adjusts torque to demand
  • Two 20V 4.0 Ah Power Share PRO batteries and dual charger included
  • Includes collection bag, side discharge chute, and mulch plug
  • 40V battery and standard charger included
  • Single-lever, 5-position height adjustment
  • Mower offers 2-in-1 bagging and mulching capability
  • Ultra-compact with the handle folded

Worx 40V Cordless Mower vs. Greenworks 40V Cordless Mower: What’s the Difference?

Greenworks and Worx’s 40V mower lineups include a range of push-behind and self-propelled mowers. Tools in both lines are designed for lawns of about the same size. Plus, they have similar and performance capabilities. However, subtle differences do exist, and they could make you prefer a specific model over the others.

Let’s see how these two mowers compare.


Cordless lawnmowers have been frowned upon for a long time due to their poor performance, but that’s no longer the case. Today, even residential-grade battery-powered tools can deliver gas-like power, but you must still consider things like cutting height, cutting height adjustments, and cutting swath when choosing the right mower for you.

Worx offers its 40V cordless mower in four sizes, from 14 to 21 inches. However, keep in mind that the specified size refers to the actual size of the cutting deck, not the cutting swath.

In fact, the cutting swath is one inch smaller, which basically translates to more passes to mow the entire surface. Likewise, the Greenworks 40V mowers come in six sizes between 14 and 21 inches, but the actual cutting swath can be up to 1.25 inches smaller than the specified deck size.

In the Worx 40V mowers, the cutting heights vary from 1.16 to 4 inches, depending on the model. This generous range makes these cordless mowers ideal for all kinds of turfs, including warm and cool-season varieties. Greenworks offers a cutting range from 1.375 to 3.75 inches, which is still great for most grasses, but less ideal for some ornamental turfs such as Zoysia, Creeping Bentgrass, or Colonial Bentgrass, which should be cut shorter than 1.375 inches during the growing season.

Both brands offer their mower with five to seven cutting height adjustments, depending on the model. Smaller, push-behind models typically have fewer settings than the larger or self-propelled variants.

As far as cutting performance is concerned, some Greenworks models feature a dual-blade deck designed to improve efficiency. Worx boasts Auto-IntelliCut™ technology that adjusts power based on turf conditions. Basically, this function helps prevent ripping the grass blades and saves energy on patches that don’t require a high cutting power.

Battery and Runtime

While the 40V mowers from both Worx and Greenworks have the same nominal voltage, a difference in the battery pack wins Worx a victory. This brand equips its 40V mowers with two 20V batteries. The mowers can’t run on one battery alone, but each battery brings up to 35 minutes of runtime. Combined, you can get up to 70 minutes of uninterrupted mowing per charge.

The Greenworks 40V mowers use a single 40V battery. This battery delivers a maximum runtime of 45 minutes, depending on the actual amount of energy charged or amp hours (Ah).

Greenworks offers a range of batteries for its 40V mowers, from 2.0 Ah to 5.0 Ah. Worx’s 20V batteries feature the same capacities, but most of its 40V cordless mowers use 4.0 Ah or 5.0 Ah batteries. Since higher amp hours mean a longer runtime, the use of higher-capacity batteries gives Worx an advantage.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Electric Lawn Mower | Brushless G-MAX | Unbox Assembly | First Drive Review

However, the high amp hours also come with a drawback — these batteries take longer to charge. Regardless of the actual capacity, Greenworks wins this round with its fast-charging systems. The brand’s 2.0Ah batteries are the fastest to charge, in about half an hour. A 4.0 Ah battery can be fully charged in around 60 minutes, which is a lot faster compared to Worx. In fact, the Worx 4.0 Ah batteries require about 125 minutes to be fully charged with a fast charger. With a standard charger, the time goes up to around four hours.

On the bright side, both brands equip their mowers with interchangeable batteries within their respective ecosystems. Hence, you can use batteries from compatible tools to extend the runtime.

Waste Management

Dealing with grass clippings can be a hassle, but most cordless mowers allow you to choose between mulching, bagging, or side discharging. The same is true for the Worx 40V and the Greenworks 40V mowers, even though the entry-level models from both brands only offer mulching and rear bagging. Side discharging is available on the higher-end options, including the self-propelled models.

Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower Review Hands On Greenworks 40V 20-Inch


Both Worx and Greenworks offer their 40V mowers in push-behind and self-propelled models. As you can imagine, the push-behind mowers rely on your pushing power for propulsion, and the tool’s overall weight plays a direct role in maneuverability.

Lighter mowers are obviously easier to push across the lawn and turn around obstacles. However, heavier decks cut grass better. So, when choosing a push mower, it’s all about finding the right balance between weight and maneuverability.

Worx manages to find a better balance than Greenworks. For instance, the Worx 40V 14-inch mower weighs 29.1 pounds (without batteries). That’s light enough to push across the lawn but heavy enough to deliver great cuts. The Greenworks 40V 14-inch mower weighs 33 pounds. It is obviously heavy enough to ensure clean cuts but somewhat more challenging to push around.


Worx and Greenworks manufacture similarly priced mowers, but there are some slight differences. The former is cheaper if you want a capable entry-level model, which you can get for around 180 from Worx. A similar mower from Greenworks can set you back around 230.

Things change for the high-end options. You can expect to spend about 530 on a self-propelled 21-inch mower from Greenworks, but a Worx 40V 21-inch self-propelled mower costs around 550. These price differences are not excessive, so it’s up to you to decide whether the Auto-IntelliCut™ technology is worth the extra premium.

Worx 40V Cordless Mower vs. Greenworks 40V Cordless Mower: 5 Must-Know Facts