Help Choose a Chain Gasoline Saw

Help Choose a Chain Gasoline Saw

The STIHL FS 38 trimmer was purchased by us on July 1, 2008 for mowing. And for 11 years now he has been working properly. During the operation, we have never contacted repair services.

lawn mowers "Stihl"

The passport says “lawn mowing” on the unit, the discrepancies in this case are not important, the most important thing is convenience and reliability in operation.

lawn mowing

As expected, the instruction manual and warranty card were attached to the trimmer.

Instruction manual

Warranty Card

Acquisition Date of Calm


The weight of the lawn mowers is only 4 kg, which is acceptable for female hands. Vibration is almost not felt.

The capacity for the fuel mixture has a capacity of 350 ml, this volume is enough for an hour of work without interruption.

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Fuel tank "Calm", it is convenient to fill the mixture

The fuel tank is made of translucent plastic, which allows you to visually see the fuel level in the tank.

Fuel tank, fuel level clearly visible

The lid of the container is twisted and has a limitation, thus eliminating its loss.

The lawn mowing bar is long, which allows you to make a wide grip if necessary. The handle is corrugated, very comfortable, the hand does not slip.

Pen "Calm"

It is very convenient for our Stihl lawn mowing to remove grass at the border with the concrete blind area.

The grass is near the blind area, the lawn mower isn’t enough here, and Stihl is doing well

Mowed grass

And the stones on the border of the lawn can be removed. So it was before the mowing "Calm":

Stone grass

Mowed grass edge near stones

In rainy and damp weather, Stihl just helps us out. The electric lawnmower cannot be operated, but the "Calm" can be in any weather. this is a big plus.

At the time of purchase, its cost was 4600 rubles.

For the winter, we pour out all the remaining fuel mixture from the lawn mowers, wash “Stihl”, and store it in the garage.

My conclusions for 11 years of using "Calm": easy to operate, economical, easy to use.