Honda HRN Series Walk Behind Lawn Mower HRN216VKA. Honda hrn216vka lawn mower

Honda hrn216vka lawn mower

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A place to get help with and discuss lawn garden equipment and various small engine applications. Questions are welcome, and so are pics and accomplishments! Please remember to keep it civil. Visit our sister sub, r/smallengines!

so i’ve decided if im going new im buying this one.

i read the reviews. theres way more good than bad however the bad reviews are very consistent with the same issues. wheel lock, carburetor. self propel not working, and start up issues.

i know this model is only about 2 years old and before the HRN was the HRR. How is the HRN overall for the people that own this model?

some of you guys have had no issues and a few little to major. what should i expect? i will keep my old briggs as i want two mowers. i love having two cars and my brother says two mowers is the same reliable idea. one goes you still have another.

Honda HRN Series Walk Behind Lawn Mower HRN216VKA

Honda HRN Series Walk Behind Lawn Mower HRN216VKA replaces the Honda HRR Series. This self-propelled model offers a new, powerful four-stroke Honda GCV170 engine that delivers 9% more power and 18% more torque, allowing you to power through thick and heavy grass with ease. The 3-in-1 Clip Director allows for quick change between bagging and mulching with no tools or extra parts needed. Honda’s Twin Blade MicroCut System allows for exact cutting and fine mulching at any height while the Dual-Lever Height Adjustment adjusts to 7 cutting heights. Smart Drive variable speed control allows you to easily adjust your speed while comfortably resting your hands on the handlebars. The HRN216VKA also features a 2-Way Ratchet System that improved maneuverability and reduces the effort to turn in a tight radius, easy fold handle for height adjustment and storage, and a large 1.9 bushel grass bag.

Honda GCV170 engine with Auto Choke System 21-inch cutting width Self-propelled, variable speed Smart Drive 3 in 1 with Clip Director to mulch, bag, and discharge Dual-Lever Height Adjustment System MicroCut Twin Blades System Smart Engine Layout offers a large fuel tank spout, easy oil changes, and easy access to spark plug and air filter 8-inch High Traction Wheels Flywheel brake safety system stops the engine when you let go of the flywheel brake lever

Honda GCV170 engine with Auto Choke System 21-inch cutting width Self-propelled, variable speed Smart Drive 3 in 1 with Clip Director to mulch, bag, and discharge Dual-Lever Height Adjustment System MicroCut Twin Blades System Smart Engine Layout offers a large fuel tank spout, easy oil changes, and easy access to spark plug and air filter 8-inch High Traction Wheels Flywheel brake safety system stops the engine when you let go of the flywheel brake lever

Honda HRN216 Performance Features

The Honda HRN216 series comes with Honda’s twin-blade design, making it more effective at mulching. When you bag, the clippings are smaller and you get more grass in the bag so you’re stopping to empty less often.

honda, series, walk, lawn, mower, hrn216vka

They also increased the chute diameter, making it tougher to clog. In Honda’s internal testing, the new design made a fast 5” cut 131′ – more than double the distance the HRR 216 made before clogging (62′).

We were all set to do some high-quality cutting in Honda Power Equipment’s backyard when a thunderstorm interrupted us. I did get to cut for about 15 minutes and it’s pretty impressive in wet grass on a regular maintenance cut. We’ll do some more thorough testing, including in taller grass when it arrives at our world headquarters.

honda, series, walk, lawn, mower, hrn216vka

If you’re familiar with Honda’s HRX mowers on the commercial side, the 3-in-1 Clip Director makes its way over to the new line. This is a lever that closes off exit airflow for mulching. If you want to bag or use the rear discharge, flip it over to the bag setting and roll. There’s no plug to worry about.

Here are a few minor fixes compared to the HRR216

Other Features

Sleeker Design

A side-by-side look at the HRR and the HRN216 shows that Honda is going after a sleeker, sexier design is an improvement over the previous utilitarian look.

The design team goes with a 2-point height adjustment system – one lever on the front axle and a second on the rear. Using a rivet to connect the solid rod to the wheels, it creates a rigid construction that resists the torsion you often see from a 2-point or 1-point design.

honda, series, walk, lawn, mower, hrn216vka

As an added bonus, you can tilt the front end up a notch and bag more effectively than when all 4 wheels are level.

Combined with its heavy-duty 21” steel deck, it’s a solid, durable machine.

Rise and Drive

There are 7 height adjustment levels covering 1” to 4” cutting heights (1.06″ to 3.93″). Conveniently, each height marking corresponds to the height and it’s a high-contrast white on black so you can see it easier.

For the self-propelled models, there’s a big change in the drive operation. The Smart Drive push bar under the main handle lets you feather your speed from 0 – 4 MPH. It’s broad enough to easily use with your thumbs so your other fingers can keep the presence bar engaged.

honda, series, walk, lawn, mower, hrn216vka

A slide in the middle of the thumb bar allows you to adjust it into 5 positions moving up the bar. Chances are, you’ll find a comfortable position to settle on. Once you do, adjusting your speed comes very naturally as you work your way around the yard.

The goal was to reduce thumb fatigue with better ergonomics. In the short period of time that I got to use it, it seems to work. We’ll test it for a longer period once we get one in for a full review.

One upgrade that was immediately apparent was the 2-way ratchet system on the drive. When you release the drive bar, a key in the drive allows the rear wheels to freewheel in forward and reverse. The HRR only had forward freewheeling. When you’re working around landscaping or corners where you need to pivot frequently, it’s really noticeable.

Additional Features

Born in the USA

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out Honda’s USA-based manufacturing. While not every component comes from the US, most of the engine and mower parts are manufactured in the Swepsonville, NC facility we visited. The entire mower is assembled at that plant and it was the same facility that the product team conceived and designed it.

honda, series, walk, lawn, mower, hrn216vka

Looking more broadly at Honda’s American facilities, there’s an impressive commitment to manufacturing in the US and North America in general. Many of the cars and products they make have more USA in their DNA than American companies that source a lot of the work elsewhere.

Expect the Honda HRN216 line to see limited distribution starting in September 2019, with a bigger push to retailers this winter.

Honda HRN 216 Lawn Mower Models

Shared Specifications

  • Completely redesigned Honda GCV170 engine (167 cc)
  • Auto choke system
  • 0.237-gallon fuel tank (0.9L)
  • 8″ tires
  • 21″ Steel/resin deck
  • 7-position, 2-point deck height adjustment
  • 1.06″ to 3.93″ cutting height range
  • Mulch/bag/rear discharge with Chip Director
  • 17-gallon bag
  • 2 handle positions
  • Twin blade cutting system

Honda HRN216 PKA

To get the benefits of the HRN216’s redesign without the self-propelled drive, go with the PKA version.

Honda HRN216VKA

The VKA version is the most basic of the self-propelled versions. It uses a recoil start with the rear-wheel drive Smart Drive system.

Honda HRN216VLA

The VLA has a keyed electric start that is mounted on the handle where you see many self-propelled speed adjusters on other mowers. As you might expect, Honda gives you a recoil backup in case the battery dies.

Honda HRN216VYA

The VYA joins the VLA at the top of the Honda HRN216 line. It includes Roto-Stop—a feature we see on the HRX that lets stops the blades without stopping the engine. It’s helpful for times that you need to move a stick out of the way, empty the bag, or prod a stubborn alligator back into the lake. The big deal is it saves you from having to restart the mower after every interruption.

The fuel valve can be shut off for transport, storage, or to performance maintenance.

You can rest easy, knowing your lawn mower is covered from top to bottom for 3 full years.

Honda HRN216VKA

HRN216VKA for sale at Rippeon Equipment Co., Maryland. Serving your new and used equipment needs from Baltimore, Frederick, Gaithersburg, and Westminster, MD.

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Intuitive, variable speed control while mowing. Five adjustable positions for user comfort. Variable speed from 0 to 4 mph.

Superior Mulching and Bagging

The HRN mowers offer superior cut quality whether you’re mulching or bagging, even in tough mowing conditions.

3 in 1 system with Clip Director /strong>

Simply slide the Clip Director for mulching, bagging, or discharging versatility. No attachments required.

MicroCut Twin Blades System

Stacked and offset twin blade design provides superior cut quality and smaller clippings for better mulching and bagging.

Reliable, easy starting power to tackle the toughest mowing conditions.

Honda Auto Choke System. easy starting

No engine choke required! Just start the mower and go!

Easy Fold Quick Release handle for easy height adjustment and storage

Easily adjust the handle to 2 comfortable mowing positions, or fold over for storage.

Improved Maneuverability

2-Way Ratchet System improves maneuverability and reduces effort to turn in a tight radius, drastically reducing pull-back force

Dual-Lever Height Adjustment System

User-friendly levers conveniently adjust to 7 cutting heights (1″ to 4″)

Innovative Honda design optimizes air flow for superior mulching and bagging

Smart Engine Layout offers a large fuel tank spout, easy oil changes, and easy access to spark plug and air filter.

Excellent traction in a variety of mowing conditions.

Large easy off 1.9 bushel grass bag

Our large capacity grass bags are balanced so they are easy to empty, saving you time and effort.

Quickly stops the engine when you let go of the flywheel brake lever.

Manual fuel shut-off valve

The fuel valve can be shut off for transport, storage, or to performance maintenance.


Honda HRN216 lawnmowers upgrade homeowner’s mowing experience. For homeowners that are seeking an easy to start, simple to use and incredibly reliable lawnmower Honda has designed the perfect lawnmower. With The Mower Shop’s incredible parts support, this lawnmower keeps your lawn healthy for years.

The Honda HRN lawn mowers were designed from the ground up and tested at Honda Research and Development Americas, Inc. (HRA) in Swepsonville, NC. All HRN models are produced at the nearby Honda Power Equipment Manufacturing facility, which recently celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Introduced in 2020, Honda HRN216 Series improves upon HRR216 models. The new HRN216 Series is wholly redesigned from the ground up. The new model offers more power, performance and efficiency than prior models. The new deck, wheel and blade design follow Honda’s reputation for innovation and independent design.

Twin Blades and Smart Drive self propel system are powered by a GCV170 engines. This engine is larger than prior GCV160 engines. Smart Drive self propel is driven by a new transmission design for smooth operation both forward and when reversing in tight corners. Deck design includes twin blades to reduce grass clippings into fine mulch or bag efficiently.

The HRN216VKA is completely separate from Honda’s Premium HRX Series crafted with homeowner’s budgets in mind.