Honda Lawn Mowers & Trimmers Review. Reviews, Specifications

Honda lawn mowers and trimmers review

Before starting the Honda lawn mowing / trimmer review, let us give a few words to the founder of Honda, Mr. Soichiro Honda. At the age of 30, Soichiro Honda created his first company, which, unfortunately, was completely destroyed during the Second World War. These events did not stop the entrepreneurial and talented Japanese, but on the contrary helped to gather strength and open in 1946 a new company Honda, producing first motorcycles and then cars.

Honda Lawn Mowers & Trimmers Review. Reviews, Specifications

Little time passed and Honda was recognized as the best automobile company in Japan and crossed the borders of its state. At the moment, the company produces not only automotive equipment and all kinds of motors, but also a large list of garden tools, including trimmers, lawn mowers, etc. Honda’s production sites and representative offices are available in most countries of the world, brand technology has truly conquered the world.

The Honda brand received several awards, indicating the high environmental friendliness of the units produced by the company.

It is important to note that environmentalists around the world have evaluated the efforts of the company’s engineers to produce mechanisms that do not pollute the environment.

The lineup

lawn mowing (trimmer) is a lightweight portable garden tool designed for mowing grass and weeds. The special shape of the tool and the method of attachment allows the operator to work for a long time without fatigue, mowing vegetation even in hard-to-reach places (along fences, borders, fences, etc.).

Honda brand produces several varieties of trimmers:

  • Electric;
  • Rechargeable electric;
  • Gasoline.

Battery Models

Honda’s trimmer battery range is presented by the HHTE38.

Advantages of cordless lawn mowers:

  • compact and light;
  • independent from the mains;
  • Mobile
  • eco-friendly, without harmful emissions;
  • very quiet.

Disadvantages of Honda cordless lawn mowers:

  • high price;
  • low productivity;
  • short duration of work.

Honda HHTE38

The electric braid weighs only 5.2 kg. The bar is straight, non-separable, made of light aluminum. The electric motor is located at the top of the trimmer.

The battery has a capacity of 4 Ah and a voltage of 56 V. The width of the grass is 38 cm. The cutting element is an automatic court with a fishing line. D-shaped lawn mowing handle.


Electric models

Honda electric mowers are represented by the EG15K modification.

Benefits of Honda Electric Trimmers:

  • light weight, compact size;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • quiet
  • double insulated;
  • more affordable than lawn mowers;
  • increased safety (protection against accidental start-up, the absence of flammable liquids).

Disadvantages of electric trimmers:

  • binding to a power source. electrical network;
  • low power;
  • processing of small areas.

Honda EG15K

The weight of the electric mower is 4.8 kg. The electric motor power is 1500 W, the power supply is 220 V. The electric motor is located in the upper part of a collapsible aluminum rod.

Adjustable loop handle, working width 42 cm. Cutting elements: knife or automatic head with fishing line.


Gasoline models

Advantages of Honda gasoline trimmers:

  • full autonomy, lack of network connectivity;
  • high power
  • reliability;
  • mobility, the ability to handle medium and large areas of the lawn;
  • compact sizes, light weight;
  • these lawn mowers can be used as a brush cutter;
  • long term of operation;
  • convenience at work;
  • Ease of Management;
  • carrying out delicate haircuts (along borders, fences, fences).
  • high price;
  • exhaust gases (although in small quantities);
  • noises at work;
  • high cost of fuel;
  • work with flammable materials.

Honda UMK435T

The weight of the gas trimmer is 7.51 kg. At the top of the boom is a 4-stroke Honda engine, model GX35T, with a capacity of 1.6 liters. with. Electronic ignition and easy-start system, air cooling, improved muffler. less noise, less exhaust emissions, fuel pump (primer) for pumping fuel.

Rubber bike handle with vibration protection. Included is a trident knife (capture 22.5 cm) and an automatic court with fishing line (capture 44 cm). Convenient shoulder straps protect the operator from overload during operation, and a plastic protective cover will protect against injuries and accidents. There is an emergency engine stop button.


Honda UMK425E1 UEET

Lawn mowing weight 6.7 kg. The four-cylinder gasoline engine Honda GX25-OHC has a capacity of 1.1 liters. with. Starting is easier, a fuel pump is used to pump fuel, the location of the motor is in the upper part of the straight rod.

The handle of the bicycle type, rubberized, anti-vibration. The working body is a semi-automatic court with fishing line. Convenient shoulder straps act as fasteners.


Honda UMK435E1 UEET

The weight of the trimmer is 6.7 kg, located in the upper part of the straight bar the four-stroke gasoline engine Honda GX35-OHC has a capacity of 1.8 liters. with. Air cooling, easy start system (fuel pump, decompression), handles with anti-vibration protection of a bicycle type.

Shoulder strap with two straps, working body. semi-automatic cassette with fishing line. To protect the operator there is a protective cover made of plastic.


Honda UMK435E3 UEET

Semi-professional tool designed for processing medium and large areas. Motor Honda GX35T OHC (4-stroke) is located on a straight bar at the top, has a capacity of 1 liter. with. Starting the engine from a manual starter, pumping fuel with a primer.

The handle with vibration protection is bicycle, the shoulder straps are backpack, with vibration protection, there is a plastic protective cover. The working body is a court with fishing line or a cutting three-blade knife. The width of the fishing line is 40 cm, with a knife 25 cm.

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Honda GX35

The weight of the petrol trimmer is 6.5 kg. The four-stroke engine is located at the top of the structure. Power plant performance 4.7 l. with. The start-up system is improved, a primer is used to pump fuel. a fuel pump.

The rod is straight, rigid shaft, anti-vibration handle, U-shaped, backpack-type shoulder belts, there is a plastic operator protection casing. The working body is an automatic head with a fishing line and a blade knife.


Honda HHT52S

The weight of the portable lawn mowers is 6.5 kg. The Honda 2-stroke powerplant has a capacity of 3.2 liters. with. Starting is manual; a starting pump is used to improve starting. The location of the motor is top, a motor brake is provided for an emergency stop of the unit.

Straight rod with a rigid shaft. Rubber handles are equipped with anti-vibration protection, the shape is bicycle. Working bodies. knife (capture 25 cm) and fishing line (capture 40 cm). Shoulder straps with vibration protection function. The casing is made of plastic.



The Elmo mower is equipped with a 1.6-liter Honda gasoline engine. with. Fuel is pumped using a primer, starting from a kick starter.

The location of the motor is top, the bar is straight, bicycle handles are equipped with vibration protection. Knapsack shoulder strap. The working body is a semi-automatic court with fishing line or a three-pronged knife. Plastic protection.


Honda RBC521L

Lawn mowing weight 6.5 kg. A 2-stroke 4.7-liter engine is mounted on a straight bar at the top. with. Manual start, there is a primer, protection against accidental start.

The gearbox is reinforced, vibration is reduced. Bicycle handle, corset type shoulder straps. Working bodies: knife or fishing line.


Honda GX625

Professional trimmer designed for processing large areas. It can act as a brush cutter. The power plant performance is 5.71 liters. with.

There is a primer, protection against accidental start-up, a convenient anti-vibration bicycle handle. Shoulder straps on both shoulders, the trimmer works with both fishing line and with 3 and 8 blade blades.


User manual

When buying a trimmer, check the availability of the operating instructions in the package. This document contains complete information about the mowing unit purchased.

Sections in the instruction manual:

  • Honda trimmer device, assembly order (circuit description).
  • Table of characteristics of lawn mowers.
  • Safety requirements for the operation, maintenance and storage of the Honda trimmer.
  • Preparing for the first launch / to work.
  • Start-up Guide, Running-in (for gas trimmers).
  • Maintenance of lawn mowers.
  • Faulty trimmers "Honda".

You can get complete information about the gas trimmer by reading the current instructions: Your browser does not support frames
Download Honda Trimmer User Manual UMK435T

First start

The preparatory actions for lawn mowers and electric mowers are different.

First launch of Honda gas trimmers:

  • assemble the trimmer as described in the instructions;
  • put on and adjust shoulder straps;
  • put on and securely fasten a knife or an automatic head with fishing line;
  • attach the protective cover;
  • connect the I / V wire to the candle;
  • pour gasoline (AI-92 / AI-95);
  • add engine oil (SAE 10W30 for 4-stroke engines);
  • prepare and fill the fuel mixture of gasoline and 2-stroke oil (for 2-stroke engines);
  • start the power plant in accordance with the instructions;
  • check the serviceability and operability of all nodes and mechanisms.

After the first start of the trimmer, a breakdown of the power plant is necessarily carried out.

Important! The duration of the break-in period is 5 hours.

During the break-in period, all systems work half-heartedly, the efficiency of the mechanisms is checked, the moving parts of the motor are run-in. At the end of the break-in period, the engine oil is completely replaced.

Preparing for the work of Honda electric trimmers:

  • the trimmer is going;
  • the cutting element is put on and fixed;
  • the protective cover is put on;
  • adjustable shoulder straps for the operator;
  • the degree of tightening of the fasteners is checked;
  • the network cable is checked for damage;
  • network voltage control is performed;
  • the lawn mow is connected to the power supply;
  • the engine starts, the performance of controls and mechanisms is checked.

Preparing for the work of Honda cordless trimmers:

  • lawn mowing is going;
  • the battery is charging;
  • the cutting element is inflated and securely fixed;
  • joins a casing;
  • adjustable corset from belts;
  • checking the tension of bolts and screws;
  • engine start;
  • checking the operation of all systems and organs.


Correct and timely maintenance will protect the lawnmower from wear and premature failure. Petrol and electric trimmers require different maintenance.

For gasoline units, the following care is required:

  • Engine oil change: after break-in, after 25 hours of operation and later after every 50 hours of operation.
  • Filter cleaning (daily before work and every 3 hours of operation).
  • Clean and adjust the spark plug every 100 hours.
  • Replacing candles every 150 hours.
  • Daily cleaning of the trimmer from grass residues, dust and dirt.
  • Lubrication of nodes and mechanisms.
  • Replacing / sharpening knives.
  • Preservation for long-term storage:

Preservation includes the following actions:

  • remove the high voltage wire;
  • remove the knife;
  • drain fuel and oil;
  • clean and grease trimmer knots;
  • remove the cutting element, wrap with oiled paper.

Electric braids require the following care:

  • Cleaning the trimmer from dust and grass residues;
  • Air intake cleaning.
  • Check cable for damage.
  • Replacing / sharpening knives.

Basic faults and solutions

The malfunctions of the power plants of the electric and the lawn mowing are different, the cutting unit is the same. Let us consider in more detail the problems specific to each tool.

The engine does not start, stalls:

  • no fuel;
  • out of oil;
  • the quality of oil and fuel is poor;
  • in the wrong position, the lever;
  • the primer does not pump fuel;
  • disconnected I / O wire;
  • ignition not configured;
  • lost carb settings;
  • fuel line and carburetor clogged;
  • clogged filter;
  • magneto is out of order;
  • fuel overflow;
  • the spark plug burned out;
  • the cable does not start.

Electric braids do not start for the following reasons:

  • there is no mains voltage;
  • air intakes clogged with grass and dust;
  • low speed of the cutting element;
  • no power connection.

Battery models require timely recharging of batteries.

The knife stopped rotating:

  • the drive is out of order;
  • the knife is locked;
  • protection is blocked;
  • weakened fasteners.

The trimmer vibrates violently during operation:

  • knife deformation
  • imbalance of the knife;
  • weakened fasteners.

The knife does not stop:

  • the drive is broken;
  • throttle wire not connected;
  • high idle speed.

Grass does not cut:

Video review

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Owner reviews

Stanislav, 39 years old

“The trimmer is in operation for the third year. The motor is excellent, it works without problems, it starts easily, it runs smoothly. But the court is unimportant, it was replaced by an analog with a square section, and the corset is poor, the quality is not right, and it doesn’t fit my height. In general, I’m satisfied with the purchase, but there are some minor flaws. ”

Vladimir, 27 years old

“I bought a trimmer a year ago, by the end of the first season problems started, the motor began to stall. We cleaned the carburetor in the service, brought it home. it worked for an hour and then died out again. Then my efforts were crowned with success, but I don’t like such competitions. “I pulled it, started up. let’s go, this is for me!”

Oleg, 34 years old

“I have an electric braid in operation. Mows only fishing line and only the length of the cord. At first I got used to being tied to a network, then I learned to work. I don’t have any particular complaints, it works like a clock, but you need to mow it regularly, not allowing it to stand tall. then the mowing is more difficult and the casing is blocked, you have to stop cleaning. ”