How a Hacksaw Looks For Metal

The demand for hand saws for metal remains relevant, since this type of tool has many advantages and only one drawback. This is the first tool that was invented by man for cutting metal workpieces. Today, in the arsenal of every master honoring himself, there is at least one option among the different types of this tool. A hand saw for metal is popular in that the tool is always ready to work in the absence of an angle grinder and electricity.

Design parameters of hand saws for metal

The hand saw for metal looks quite simple:

  • The base or frame "P" shaped mainly from metal
  • Handle of various shapes for handmade
  • Sheet metal for a hand saw or a cutting element fixed on the edges of the frame

These are the main elements that make up hacksaws for metal. An important detail is the canvas, which has a characteristic appearance of the teeth. Small teeth are designed specifically to work with hard materials.

How a Hacksaw Looks For Metal

On the frame the canvas is fixed. For the manufacture of frames used alloy steel. Frames come in different types, shapes and designs. Professional hand-held devices have the function of adjusting the angle of inclination of the paintings. There are options for frames that can move apart. This function in the tool allows you to set cutting elements of different lengths.

Lever It is also an important unit, as it is able to provide the convenience and comfort of using the tool. Handles come in different shapes, and are also made from such materials. wood, metal, plastic. The simplest handle is made of wood, and the most comfortable are two-component devices: metal and rubber insert.

Canvas for a manual hacksaw for metal. a thin tape, which is made of solid types of steel, and has a different length. On one or two sides there are wedge-shaped teeth. Hacksaw blade is the most fragile element of the tool, so when working it is important to control the rigidity of its fastening. Cutting elements for hand files are made by the method of heat treatment of teeth, which allows to extend the life of the product.

When choosing a canvas, attention is paid to its length. The length of the blade can be from 10 cm to 70 cm. The classic manual hacksaw for metal allows manual use of blades with a length of 30 cm, since it is precisely such tool dimensions that are as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Why do you need hand saws for metal

Hand saws for metal is intended for sawing metal materials. This is not the only purpose of the tool, since it has established itself well in relation to such materials as plastic, chipboard, polystyrene foam, polystyrene foam, plexiglass, ceramics, and laminate.

The considered file for sawing metal is a very necessary tool in the household, because in the absence of an angle grinder, it can always help in this situation. to saw off the head of an oxidized bolt or to saw through a steel wire. A big disadvantage of such an instrument is a large expenditure of physical strength and time. The presence of small teeth is reflected in the time the result is achieved. To obtain a result from the master, an application is required not only of titanic power, but also patience. The result of long and hard work of the tool is the most accurate result, which sometimes surpasses the cut angle grinder.

Video: How a Hacksaw Looks For Metal

Types of hand saws for metal

The following types of hacksaws for metal are distinguished:

  1. Homework. The simplest options that are available in the set of each master. Such devices are considered an obsolete option, but their production continues to this day. The advantage of these tools is the simplicity of the design. The handle is made of wood, and is located in the same plane with the canvas
  2. Professional are intended for use during continuous work. Such products are equipped with a more comfortable handle, which in addition is rubberized. Some expensive models are equipped with a mechanism for adjusting the angle of the cutting part during operation
  3. Mini hacksaws or a metal saw-handle have a special shape that differs from the first two types. Such products are intended for use only when there are difficulties with access to the sawed part. The device has the shape of a knife with an additional point of fixation of the canvas. The handle is made of plastic and metal with rubber

How to saw with a hand hacksaw

Hand saws for metal require the master to comply with the following operating rules:

  1. Taking the right stance to the master. Feet should rest well on the floor, and work with the device is performed exclusively with two hands, so initially worry that the workpiece is securely fixed in the jaws of a vice
  2. Reliable web fixation. Hacksaw blades are very fragile, so if the product will “fidget” from side to side with poor fixing, then at one point it will simply break
  3. The correct movement of the saw. To saw a part, you need to not only hold the tool correctly, but also work with it. The clamp of the tool to the sawed part is performed when moving forward, and when you return to the reverse position, the clamp pressure is weakened. If you do not reduce the pressure of the clamp during the return movement of the tool, the teeth of the blade will quickly become dull

Choosing a tool or what you need to pay attention to

To choose the best hacksaw for metal manual, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The length of tools and cloths. The canvases have different lengths, but if you select a device, you need to take one that is convenient to work with. If the tool is selected for a specific purpose, then remember that the length of the hacksaw should be 2 times longer than the sawed part
  2. Lever. To choose the best device, you need to take several models and hold them in your hand. The difference is felt right away, as some handles are uncomfortable. Tool with hollow handles is better not to take, as they are not reliable. The handle should be comfortable and fit well in the hand
  3. Canvas. The main characteristics of the paintings are: tooth shape and pitch. Depending on what part will be sawn, the corresponding canvases with tooth sizes are selected. Since few people pay attention to this in household goods, it is better to take several different products
  4. Cost. Price depends on quality and functionality.
  5. Manufacturer. If you take the selection of tools strictly, then pay attention to the models of well-known manufacturers. A popular brand specializing in the manufacture of hand tools is IRWIN

Such a reliable tool as a manual hacksaw for metal is necessary on the farm, so you should take its choice responsibly and competently. After using the blade, do not throw it away, as it may be suitable for the manufacture of additional tools: knives, cutters, compasses and even chisels (provided that the teeth are not worn and dull). It all depends on the imagination of the master, so it’s never too late to start implementing ideas, and do not forget to share your inventions with others. The video tells about the correct operation of hand saws for metal, which will also be useful and interesting to learn.