How and Which to Choose a Trimmer Fishing Line

People working in the country may need a trimmer, however, not everyone knows what it is, how to choose a fishing line for a trimmer, and what it is for. Trimmer. a device that allows you to gently mow grass near trees, fences, paths. The operation of the device depends on the type of equipment, which is often used as a cutting line. It affects not only the external condition of the lawn, but also the performance of the trimmer. The main requirements. it must be bent, have strength and rigidity.

How and Which to Choose a Trimmer Fishing Line

The main parameters of the trimmer line

Fishing lines can be classified according to the following parameters:

  • Thread thickness;
  • Sectional shape;
  • The composition of the fishing line.

Thread thickness

You can learn about it by reading the operating characteristics of the trimmer or by orienting yourself in the sizes and inscriptions on the universal bobbin. Typically, trimmers use yarns with a diameter of 1.2-4 mm. True, for each device you will have to pick up a fishing line of a certain diameter.

The thread for the trimmer, thinner than the required one, the engine will not immediately fail, although it will significantly increase its wear. If you use a thread thicker than necessary, the rotation resistance will increase, the engine will work more intensively, overheat and, as a result, will break. True, a lot depends on the engine itself.

You can also find out the approximate diameter of the fishing line for the machine by the type of engine. If the trimmer is powered by electricity or a battery and its power is 1 kW, you will need a cutting thread with a diameter of 2 mm, and if its power is less than 500 W, use a fishing line of no more than 1.6 mm.

For a gas trimmer, a fishing line is chosen with a specific diameter of 2.4. 3 mm. The choice of such a thick fishing line is associated with the features of gasoline units. they are more powerful and more productive than their electrical counterparts. You can operate a thick fishing line for a long time, in addition, it can easily overcome long-term dead wood.

Sectional shape

The most often chosen fishing line for an electric braid with a circular cross section. It is inexpensive and the most popular, mows fresh grass well. Its main disadvantage is in the published noise level, which is heard during the operation of the trimmer. The noise of fishing line in intensity is close to the hum of the engine. For the best noise reduction, manufacturers suggest using a spiral fishing line.

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Today also produce a square line for the trimmer. Of the other forms, it is quite often rectangular and star-shaped. Especially productive fishing lines with notches and sharp edges. Such faces cut grass evenly.

There are also options for fishing line with notches and dents. They can mow large weeds. The noise level produced by such a fishing line is low, and due to the increased properties of aerodynamics, the trimmer is given additional power. Such a cutting element is installed on powerful trimmers, which are planned to work on overgrown, neglected areas.

To work with a fishing line of this type, special heads are installed on the lawn mower. A fishing line is wound on them. She copes with herbs of all kinds (especially weeds) and shrubs. But its cost is quite high. The consumption of such fishing line is also high, since when feeding from the reel, difficulties may arise with its extraction. It is usually used with discs that are inserted in small pieces.

There is also a two-component twisted trimmer fishing line. Its purpose is high-quality mowing dead wood. It features a round cross-section, tear resistance and increased strength. It comes with a core made from another material. Twisted fishing line is suitable only for gas trimmers. She is able to cope even with small bushes. Its main disadvantage is its high cost. For daily work, getting a twisted fishing line is quite expensive.

The composition of the fishing line

It is the composition that determines the life of the fishing line. Often it is made of nylon. It wears out slowly and improves productivity at high temperatures and high loads. The material retains its working properties for a long time, low temperatures do not affect it, as well as continuous operation.

The line of the coaxial group for trimmers is considered one of the strongest. It has a dense core, and therefore wears out gradually. Such a fishing line is difficult to cut with a knife and creates little noise during operation. Also now there is a fishing line, which includes blotches of aluminum.

Selection of fishing line for lawn mowing

What kind of fishing line to choose for the trimmer each owner thinks. It should be selected based on the following parameters:

  • The diameter of the trimmer line should be suitable for engine power. In terms of parameters, it should be combined with the possibility of a trimmer.
  • The type of fishing line should be selected based on what kind of vegetation to mow. If you plan to mow the lawn, a thin line is suitable, for the destruction of perennial weeds. a thicker one.

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What nuances should be observed when working

When treating the lawn with a trimmer, it is necessary to avoid contact of the line with hard elements, such as stones, trees, foundations. Contact with them will lead to sewing the fishing line, and will have to constantly increase it in length.

The main cutting element of the lawn mowers is a reel equipped with a fishing line for mowing grass. Its price is low, and if you follow the basic rules of use, it will last quite a long time. Today, fishing lines are presented, distinguished by their quality, cross-section, properties. The fishing line, as a rule, is sold by ordinary skeins in bobbins, or divided into pieces of the desired length, for certain models of lawn mowing. Therefore, approach with full responsibility to her choice in order to facilitate the work for herself and extend the life of the trimmer.