How Many Meters of Fishing Line Wrap On a Trimmer

How to wind a fishing line into a trimmer?

When refueling a fishing line for the first time, this process may seem rather laborious, but with time and dexterity the task is solved much faster.

how many meters of fishing line to wind on a trimmer

In order to fill the line, you must:

  • Take the coil, unscrew its cover. On some coils, a thread was made to the left, so the cover must be unscrewed in the necessary direction.
  • Measure out five meters of fishing line;
  • Fold this segment in half, that is, determine where the middle is;
  • Next, place this middle of the fishing line in a special hole on the reel;
  • Wind the line to the side where the arrow points;
  • If there are two places for winding, then the first part of the fishing line should be wound on one half of the reel, and the second part on the other half;
  • Push both ends of the fishing line into the reel holes;
  • Screw on the cover.

What kind of fishing line is used for the trimmer?

There are several types of fishing line:

  • The most durable is round;
  • For mowing soft vegetation. curly;
  • For mowing thin grass. with notches;
  • Special. suitable for certain types of trimmer.

The cross-sectional view of the cutting thread should correspond to the vegetation that needs to be mowed.

If it is necessary to replace the fishing line, then it is necessary to select exactly the type that is recommended by the manufacturer of this particular trimmer model, that is, the thickness of the cutting thread should be suitable for the engine power and the size of the unit.

It is better to choose a specialized cutting thread. It is worth soaking the fishing line for a while, if you plan to replace it in the reel.

After soaking, it acquires an elastic look and becomes stronger.

The cutting thread can be made of various components. The most common among them is nylon.

This material is characterized by a high degree of wear resistance, the ability to withstand various temperatures and high loads.

Nylon fishing line can be stored for a long time, it does not dry out and does not lose its strength.

Therefore, its service life can be quite long.

Coils or heads for lawn mowers have a different structure:

  1. Single string In the modification of such a trimmer there is only one working line. Such an aggregate is used mainly for small jobs, such as trimming grass.
  2. Two-stringed. They can be either automatic or semi-automatic. Here the package includes two strings. Such a trimmer is used for mowing and clearing areas.

Instructions for the correct winding of the cutting thread on the trimmer spool:

  1. First of all, you need to disassemble the head. To do this, press the latch and turn the cover to the side. Next, the spool is removed.
  2. Measure the desired amount of cutting thread and insert it into the slot.
  3. Wrap fishing line on both sides in the direction of the arrow.
  4. The ends of a length of 15 cm should be left not wound.
  5. These ends are inserted into opposite slots.
  6. Then the ends are fixed in the hole on the head.
  7. Then the spool is carefully inserted into the case, To do this, gently press it.
  8. If necessary, the remaining ends of the thread can be pulled out. To do this, first pull one end of the thread, and then the other so that they can easily pass through the slots on the head.
  9. Now you need to assemble the grooves on the case and tighten the cover.
  10. Then press the spool and try to twist it all the way. If you hear a click, then the spool clicks into place.
  11. Next, you need to stretch the free ends of the thread to the end.

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How to remove the coil from the trimmer?

To change or wind the cutting thread on the spool, it must be removed.

The complexity of its removal depends on the model of the tool:

  1. Low engine tool. The motor here is almost near the ground. To remove the coil, press the buttons located on the side of the trimmer. After pressing these buttons, the housing opens, where the reel with fishing line is located.
  2. Curved Trimmer. Here it is necessary to turn the special lamb counterclockwise. After that, the coil and the spring in it are removed.
  3. Straight bar tool. The bar is held motionless with a screwdriver or other object. Turning it clockwise removes it. Then they disassemble the tool into parts and take out the reel.

Refueling fishing line:

  1. If you use a tool with one antennae, then you will need about four meters of thread. This thread is passed into the hole inside the spool where it can be fixed. Next, one end of the fishing line is directed in the direction of the arrow. Then the end of this thread is fixed in the groove, which is located in the bobbin. This is necessary so that the thread could not unwind when assembling the coil. In the absence of grooves, you should hold the fishing line with your hand and collect the reel.
  2. If a tool with two antennae is used, first you need to check the number of grooves available.

If the reel is equipped with a semi-automatic mechanism, then wrap the fishing line as follows:

  1. The thread is threaded into the hole that is inside;
  2. Fasten the ends of the thread in the grooves on the body.
  3. The coil is assembled and a special button is pressed;
  4. After that, the line itself starts to wander in the right direction.

You must always remember that the cutting thread must be protected from solid things. This will extend its service life.

If you do not adhere to this rule, you will often have to stop work, remove the spool and change the thread to a new one.

Threading reels with various types of bobbins

With two-string automatic heads:

  1. First you need to press the clip until it clicks, remove the cover.
  2. Gently turn the spool so that she can disconnect from the holder. Remove her.
  3. Measure two pieces of cutting thread of the same length. To make further work easier, the ends of the fishing line must be cut at an angle. Take one end and push it into a special hole in the coil. It can also be slots, grooves, clamps, etc.
  4. Next, in the direction of the arrow, you need to wind the fishing line, and quite tightly and evenly. In a special eye on the reel, you need to fix the end of the fishing line.
  5. The second half of the fishing line is subjected to the same operation, only on the other half of the coil.
  6. Next, install the coil in the trimmer head. And thread the remainder of the fishing line into the hole in the head.
  7. Then carefully straighten the thread and close the cover. If the fishing line turned out to be long, then it is better to cut off the excess. About fifteen centimeters should remain on each side.

On a semi-automatic head:

  1. The thread is threaded into the hole that is inside;
  2. Fasten the ends of the thread in the grooves on the body.
  3. The coil is assembled and a special button is pressed;
  4. After that, the line itself starts to wander in the right direction.

It is necessary to carefully and carefully thread the cutting thread into the machine, because not only the cleanliness of the garden plot, but also personal safety depends on the correctness of its winding.