How often to mow the lawn with a lawn mower. When to mow grass?

When and how to mow the lawn for the first time after planting?

A well.groomed lawn is able to become an excellent decoration of a personal plot. However, it requires proper landing and proper care. In today’s article, we will find out how and when to mow the lawn for the first time after landing on the site.

The haircut of lawn grass is a mandatory procedure, which should not be neglected. Cutting the greens is required not only for reasons of aesthetics. The owner of the site must take into account that mowing is necessary because of the specifics of sown herbs. To organize and equip a neat grass cover, characterized by sufficient density, plants are often used, taken directly from natural conditions.

Lawn cultures, which are most often found in the current adjoining plots, have a number of features that should be taken into account.

  • Such types of herbs grow quite quickly, so they especially need timely mowing.
  • On the quality of the soil, such plants do not present special requirements.
  • Greens, taken from natural conditions, quickly and unearthly adapts to a variety of weather conditions.
  • Such herbs can strengthen the turf.
  • Givenly affect actively growing weed cultures, slowing down their development.
  • Can form very thick and lush bushes.

Since lawn grass grows and develops very quickly, it necessarily needs timely and regular bevel. This is necessary that the greens grow less, looks more neat and well.groomed.

Without mowing, the lawn will look untidy, will not serve as a decorative component of the territory.

Terms and time of the day

Many summer residents are interested in when exactly you can start cutting the lawn for the first time after its sowing. It is recommended that the described mandatory procedure be addressed on the day when there is no precipitation, but there is a slight cloudy. It is desirable that the level of soil humidity is high enough. To achieve the proper level of moisture, the day before, greens can be watered. In the course of the correct mowing of herbs growing on dry ground, the likelihood that they will break out with the roots increases.

It is not allowed to cut lawn grass after past sediments. If you do not adhere to this recommendation, then this may lead to the fact that fatal moisture or waterlogged land will penetrate the mower. In such a situation, garden equipment may be subjected to serious breakdowns.

The right time to mow the lawn for the first time after planting is the morning or evening. In conditions of too much heat, it is strongly recommended to engage. In the indicated period, the slices dry too quickly, turn yellow, which is why the appearance of the lawn layer on the site ceases to be attractive and decorative.

Some gardeners who pay a lot of attention to the decorativeness of the personal territory, focusing on the lunar calendar. So, the moment when the moon reaches the lowest point is considered the most favorable for mowing grass. At this time, you can not only cut the lawn, but also delete weeds.

Thanks to the indicated phase of the moon, both lawns and weeds grow much slower.

Time and frequency of cutting

The frequency of the haircut of lawns most often depends on the climatic conditions of the area of ​​their placement and the current season, as well as the type of grass itself. At the same time, small lawns are usually mowed much more often than lawns in gardens. This is done to maintain a beautiful appearance. The same thing happens with lawns at sports fields. they are subjected to more frequent haircuts than, for example, grass in flower beds.

The haircut frequency is certainly affected by the fact that the grass develops quickly and abundantly after its landing. The faster the development of plants passes, the more difficult it becomes the care of the lawn.

You can not miss the time for haircuts. if you do not cut out the outgrown grass in time, it will become more and more rude and less bright in appearance every time.

It should be borne in mind that the first haircut of fresh lawn should be very sparing. It is usually carried out at the moment when greens reaches a height of 12-14 cm. The cut is carried out to about 7-10 cm. In the next few years, the grass can be mowed by leaving only about 5 cm, and in garden and park zones, specialists often leave a lawn with a height of not more than 7 cm high. The first haircut is recommended to be carried out in the middle or at the end of spring. Spring haircuts are considered very favorable for the appearance of the lawn.

As for the first haircut of the roll lawn, it should be carried out 7-10 days after laying. If you ask any specialist about how often you need to cut the lawn, he is unlikely to answer for sure, because such a moment is very individual. Each gardener knows that mowing is carried out as plants grow. Often in favorable weather, the grass grows very quickly, therefore it has to be cut before the planned time.

Landmark for the frequency and timing of the haircut. the height of the grass. As soon as the height of the grass becomes higher than necessary by a few centimeters, it’s time to start to cut your favorite lawn.

It is believed that in the spring the grass should be mowed a couple of times a week, but in the summer. 1 time per week or every 10 days. Closer to autumn cold, mowing grass is carried out even less often. about once every 14 days. If the lawn has grown for more than a year, then after winter it is recommended to begin to ennoble in early May.

If it so happened that the lawn was not mowed in time, the grass cannot be shortened by more than one third. Bring the lawn into proper form in this case is recommended for several suits.

The optimal time for cutting the lawn is an early morning or evening. The weather is best chosen clear, without precipitation. Without much need, it is undesirable to engage in the ennolation of the lawn after the rain, since the blade of grass, if there are drops of rain or dew on them, will stick together, so it is unlikely that it is possible to achieve a dense and even surface of the lawn.

In addition, raw grass is not cut off, but it breaks off, which in the future makes the lawn ugly outwardly.


Today there are a lot of various tools with which you can cut the lawn without any problems with qualitatively and quickly, as well as organize a beautiful curly haircut to create a unique landscape design. Consider the most relevant technique that can be used in the care of the lawn.

Trimmer for grass

A trimmer for grass is a special unit with a motor with which the grass is spent even in places. In addition, such a device is also used to cut the lawn.

Trimmers for grass are two main types.

  • Electric. These devices work from an outlet, which, of course, is not always convenient for large areas. The wires also do not contribute to comfort when working with such a machine. But at the same time, electric trimmers for grass are many times easier than some other devices, which often determines the choice of these models.
  • Gasoline. Such a technique, when compared with electric trimmers, is more suitable for working on significant areas, and is also indispensable in places located far from electricity. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting their great weight, noise and high cost.

Both types of trimmers have good lawn care performance. They can use them without any problems on their own.

How to choose a suitable lawn mower

There are several different types of mowers that can be used to care for the lawn. Buying the right mowing depends on the size of your site, budget and personal preferences.

often, lawn, mower, grass

1 Determine whether your site is flat or there are height changes, including various hills and lowlands. For example, for a site with steep hills and limited space there are three.wheeled lawn mowers, for example, Stihl RM 3 RT. This is a gasoline lawn mower with a lateral emission of grass, which can easily maneuver between flower beds and around the trees.

2 Evaluate your strength. Lawn care requires a certain level of strength and endurance. This can be somewhat compensated by the lawn mower. Modern powerful lawn mowers from European manufacturers, as a rule, are an ideal balance between price and physical efforts.

Haircuts of lawns without effort: battery lawn mower Stihl RMA 339 C

3 cost. Lawn mowers can be a very expensive purchase. In this criteria, it is logical to take into account the experience and reliability of the manufacturer, the ability to repair equipment, the proposed warranty life, attracted modern developments.

In modern models, additional options are provided: a mulching knife that crushes grass into small pieces and distributes it, and a grass collector that collects mowed grass.

The modern production of lawn equipment cannot be imagined without battery technologies. lighter, comfortable, maneuverable, low.noise.

How high.quality battery technology works

You can’t do with one lawn mower to care for the lawn. For haircuts and trimming the lawn at the fence, paths and borders, or around trees and bushes, a new battery lawn mower Stihl FSA 57 is indispensable. This is a light device, equipped with an accelerator accumulator and cutting tools, weighs only 3.5 kg and, thanks to the battery technology, is especially convenient to use. The care of the lawn does not depend on the power cable, does not require means of protecting the hearing organs and does not produce irritating emissions.

A braid can be equipped with a braid head with a silent fishing line (Autocut C 3-2) or a head with plastic knives (Polycut 3-2). No tools are required to switch between mowing heads. The length of the rod and the angle of inclination of the handle are regulated in accordance with the growth of the user and individual needs. In addition, the control handle covered with non.slip soft material provides a convenient position of the device in the hand.

On the intricacies of work, the Motokos STIHL FSA 57 was told by the product manager of Andreas STIHL Marketing, Maria Savelyeva:

Alas, not all areas can be treated with a lawn mower. Therefore, the light and easy to operate the Stihl FSA 57 battery lawnies will be a good addition to all areas where the lawn mower cannot easily get: around flower beds, under trees or along the fence. A braid for grass is also ideal for caring for small areas and the edges of the lawn. Thanks to the restrictive brace for the mowing around the obstacles, the crust of the trees will not be damaged. STIHL FSA 57 can be equipped with a mowing head with a string and with polymer knives, which expands the range of tasks that it will help to solve on the site. The battery technique is very quiet, the work will not disturb your neighbors. Another convenience: one AK-system battery is suitable for different STIHL units: lawn mowers, aerator, motorized vehicles, saws, motorcycle shows or air vents. That is, by purchasing a battery and a charger 1 time together with a motorcycle, you can gradually expand the park of technology for caring for the garden of the same battery system, which significantly saves the budget when making a second purchase.

The energy necessary for work is provided by a powerful lithium-ion battery of 36 V from the battery STIHL AK system, which can also be used to manage all other garden units in the AK system. For Stihl FSA 57, AK 10 battery is recommended. One battery charging is enough for a haircut of more than 600 meters of the edge of the lawn.

A braid for grass due to elasticity and strength of the fishing line darks places among flower beds, borders, fences, stones and other obstacles.

Lawn haircut. to what height should you shorten the stems?

Another important consideration when cutting the lawn is the height to which the grass should be shortened. Also in this case, certain rules should be followed:

  • once shorten the lawn at 1/3 of its height, which is the optimal solution. It can be shortened as much as possible at half a height;
  • At the first cutting of a new lawn, shorten the grass by only 1-1.5 cm, following the same principle for the next two haircuts;
  • The optimal height of the lawn is 4-8 cm. 3 cm height can be saved for a decorative lawn, on which we do not walk;
  • The last haircut of the lawn before winter is done at a height of not more than 8 cm (preferably 4-5 cm). Too high grass will be more susceptible to the development of snow mold, and too low grass can cause freezing of the root system.


If the lawn was launched and the grass has grown too high, do not shorten it sharply. In such a situation, the best solution would be to mow it two or three times with an interval of 2-3 days-each time we remove a small fragment of the stems, gradually bringing the turf to the desired height.

Technique of haircuts of grass

The technique that we use when cutting lawn grass is also important. It is best to start work from the edge of the site and go straight to the opposite edge. your movements should be uniform. Avoid unnecessary maneuvers, even if access to some areas of the lawn is difficult. it is better to use special scissors here. When approaching turns and turns, pass through them as softer as possible, trying not to press the wheel of the mowing to the ground.

The haircut can be performed in a parallel or square method. In the first case, we mow one strip, and then return with a strip parallel to it. In the second case, mowing the grass along the square route, gradually moving to its center.

In order for the lawn to look neatly, it is best to mow it over. this method involves moving one wheel wheel on an already cut section of the grass. So there will be no uncircumcised bundles on it.

We must also remember that each subsequent lawn haircut should be carried out in the direction perpendicular to the previous haircut. So, if you recently worked as a mow on the east-west axis, the next time we must do this on the North-South axis in order to avoid constant pinching of blades in the same direction.

Whether to cut the lawn in the fall. Lawn care in the fall and preparation for winter

Thick green lawn can simultaneously serve as for the design of the territory of a summer cottage or background for flower beds, so as an element that combines the whole building and other types of vegetation into a single whole. Therefore, it is important to properly care for him, cut the grass, remove irregularities and feed the soil. In transition periods, especially in the fall, the lawn especially needs good care. After all, otherwise, by the next season, the place of the green lawn may take a completely joyful picture and the grass will have to be grown again.

often, lawn, mower, grass

To avoid this, it is necessary to carry out a number of simple actions every year.

  • We stop watering.
  • We make the last haircut (estimated terms are given below).
  • We feed the soil.
  • We are aeration.
  • We cover the lawn with mulch.

Consider each item in more detail.

Watering the lawn in the autumn period

It is traditionally believed that with the advent of September the rainy season comes in the middle lane. However, today miracles are going on with the weather, so it is still better to navigate the real events. As soon as continuous autumn rains begin, watering the lawn can be safely reduced to a minimum and completely stopped on the eve of the first frosts.

If you miss the moment, you can cause increased soil moisture, which in itself negatively affects the lawn: the grass can get sick or begins to rot. At the same time, frosts will achieve the root system and next year you will have to start sowing from scratch.

Do I need to cut the grass in the fall?

This question is asked by many. While the answer is obvious. The lawn needs to be cut in the winter. In addition, there are certain rules for this.

In the summer, the lawn haircut can be carried out almost weekly. In the fall, the temperature decreases and the earth cools down, slowing down plant growth processes. Due to this, this procedure is carried out less and less. The last time it is desirable to carry it out 2 weeks before the first frosts.

If you let everything on a very place and in the wintering the lawn will be covered with a thick field, then under the snow the grass fields.

Refusal of a haircut can cause a number of negative consequences:

  • mice can nest in the grass under the snow;
  • In the spring, the remnants of the Wipe vegetation will interfere with the breaks of new shoots;
  • the likelihood of rotting is increased.

Soil top dressing in the winter

To feed the soil and choose fertilizers, taking into account the characteristics of the soil of your site. It is traditionally believed that in the winter it is better to reduce the use of fertilizers containing nitrogen (since they not only give the grass a more saturated color, but also contribute to the growth of greens) and feed phosphorus and potassium (help the development of the root system).

In the event that your lawn is planted on a sandy or poor soil, it is also recommended to feed a layer. For example, limestone flour. This will increase the effectiveness of the use of mineral fertilizers and neutralizes the acidity of soil harmful to plants.

Lawn Mower Hits Something While Mowing Around Washing Machine

It is desirable to feed on dry calm days before the onset of cold weather.

Aeration of the soil

Conducting these works helps to saturate the soil with oxygen and organize natural air exchange. Thus, it will be possible to improve drainage and avoid the formation of puddles and icing, which often leads to bald spots during wintering due to freezing of individual sections of grass cover.

The only exception when aeration can not be carried out is sandy soil. In such conditions, natural drainage independently removes moisture and protects against deep freezing from accumulated moisture.

In the work, you can use the aerator or ordinary garden pitchfork. At the same time, the procedure is better to carry out in dry sunny weather. this is how the effect will be maximum.

When aeration of the lawn, the turf should be slightly lifted from the surface of the Earth to ensure a sufficient supply of oxygen and ventilate the soil, as well as improve drainage. At the end, it is recommended not to walk on the lawn for a couple of days. During this time, he will rest, drop and take the original appearance.

Mulching the lawn

The vegetation that remains on the surface in the winter can cause a number of unpleasant consequences for the lawn due to the development of dampness in the dying cover, which also contributes to many diseases.

To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to mulch the soil. To cover the grass cover with a protective layer, a mixture of TOA and dry compost is used.

When the lawn is mowed first time. How is the first trimming of the lawns

It is little to sow to sow lawy grass. she will have to constantly care. The first seedlings of the seeds will appear very quickly, especially if normal watering is provided. It’s no secret that mowing grass is necessary for the first time before the lawn appears in all its glory. Therefore, many begin to torment the question of when to start mowing lawn grass. To do this, first you need to determine the height of the grass. If it has reached a height of 8 cm, then you can start mating.

The first time mowed grass because it did not enter in full force. Too high sprouts can be beaten to the ground by rain. They will drop down, and it will be difficult to raise them. This is often the cause of the death of green cover. The first trimming of lawns is a test for many gardeners. They don’t know how best to spend it. Very often they are just afraid to step on young grass. In fact, this will not only not harm, and even benefit. Of course, the grass will be crushed not only underfoot, but also under the lawn mower. Actions such as trampling are not injured by green sprouts, a lot of grass from this will only become better.

The haircut of the rectangular lawn begins on the narrow sides.

The mowing is carried out after a little rain, when the grass has already had time to dry in the sun, and the soil will still be a little wet. If the earth is too wet, then you can inadvertently damage the surface. And when it is too dry too, you can tear out more sprouts than necessary.

During the first mowing, it will be enough to walk once on the surface with a mowing. It is very important to prepare it before work. Knives should be well sharpened. Many are interested in the question of what height of sprouts to leave. There is nothing complicated in this. The first time you need to mow so that at least 6 cm remains, that is, you need to cut off very little, the very tips.

Since construction equipment can swell from the remnants of the grass, after each haircut it will need to be well cleaned. Often knives grind, so from time to time they need to be checked. Different garbage may occur on the territory during mowing, it must be removed immediately. Blockages of stones and branches spoil the entire appearance.

When the lawn is mowed after planting. The first haircut

After sowing lawn grass, seedlings appear quite quickly. You need to be pretty careful to start haircut in time. The most important rule to do this before the grass appeared in all its glory. Focus on the recommended height of the lawn you used, as well as on seasonal features. The recommended height of the lawn is:

  • 3 cm for the ground lawn in the summer;
  • 4 cm for the ground lawn in the fall, in the spring, as well as during periods of drought;
  • 5 cm for a regular lawn in the summer;
  • 6 cm for a regular lawn in the spring, autumn or drought.

If you notice that the grass has overcome this height by about 1.5 cm, it’s time to start a haircut.

How TALL should you MOW your LAWN? Perfect Height?

Why is it important to observe the correct height of the grass? If you cut the lawn in short, it will not receive the dose of nutrients from the soil necessary for growth and vital activity. The best option is regular, but not strong pruning. In this case, the lawn receives enough nutrition, while the appearance of new shoots is stimulated, it becomes more thick and beautiful.

The irregularity of the lawon can lead to many unpleasant consequences: the appearance of weeds, moss, and in places, the grass weakens and the lawn becomes uneven.What time of year to start mowing the lawn?

Typically, the beginning of the lawn cut in April-May, and this season ends in October. An important role in the haircut frequency is played by the type of grass, soil and weather, however, there are general recommendations for the haircut frequency depending on the season.

So, in the summer, when the grass is in active growth, it is best to cut the lawn 2 times a week.

In the fall, spring and drought, you can reduce the frequency of this procedure to once a week.If, during active growth, the grass is more often cut than recommended, this can lead to too much loss of deciduous mass, which greatly weakens the lawn and, again, provokes the occurrence of weeds and mosses.

If you launched the lawn, and it has grown a lot, do not immediately cut it to the recommended height. First cut only the tips, wait a few days and repeat a neat haircut, shortening the grass a little. Only after that, you can trim the grass to the required height.

When to mow the lawn. Lawn haircut. how and when to mow grass

Find out everything about the haircut of the lawn. Let’s tell you when the first and last haircut of the lawn is held in the season. You will find out that you often need to mow the lawn to AK, what to do with mowed grass. Read the basic principles of the correct haircut of the lawn.

Lawn haircut is one of the most important elements of care. Only often daring grass will create a thick, green, garden carpet. Regular mowing contributes to the germination and growth of grass, limits the development (sensitive to low haircut). Find out how and when to mow the lawn.

The first and last haircut of the lawn in the season

The young lawn (only created) is cut for the first time when the grass reaches approximately 8-10 cm heights. Cut the grass to a height ok. 5.5-6cm! Only the subsequent haircut is carried out at a height of 3.5 cm.

In the next season, we spend the first spring haircut of the lawn, as a rule, in late March. early April, however, this period depends on spring weather! It is necessary to monitor the grass and, when the stems reach 6-8 cm, carry out a haircut.

The last autumn haircut of the lawn is usually carried out in mid.October. In some cases, this procedure can be performed a little later, when warm weather contributes to the growth of grass.

The grass is mowing to a height of approximately 4cm, if higher. it will be stuck and can rot under the snow. Too low mowing is unfavorable for grass. it is freezing the roots.

After mowing the grass, thoroughly rake all the stems and other plant residues (sticks, leaves, and t.D.) located on the lawn.

How often to cut the lawn

To make the lawn look like a green carpet, it must be mowed once a week! Only such a frequent haircut of grass will provide the perfect appearance of the lawn. If, however, the ideal appearance of the lawn is not required, we can cut the lawn less often, but we must not allow the height of the grass to exceed 8 cm, and, of course, it is impossible to allow the grass to bloom. in this case, after cutting the stems, only stubble remains.

The higher the grass, the worse it tolerates the haircut! It should also be remembered that at a time we can mow no more than half of its height, so if we want to radically reduce the height of the lawn, the haircut is best divided by twice-after 2-3 days. The optimal haircut height is 1/3 cutting and no more than half of the height of the grass.

How often you have to mow the lawn depends on a large number of factors, including:

  • time and temperature. grass grows faster in spring and late summer, when warm and wet. In July, the grass grows much slower due to high temperature.
  • fertilizers-intensely fertilized lawn grows quickly enough, especially when we supply too much nitrogen-then the grass becomes dark green and grows quite violently.
  • Watering. the lawn requires regular watering, when there is not enough moisture, the grass grows much slower.
  • types of herbs. of which the lawn was created. seeds for the lawn are sold in the form of mixtures consisting of various types and varieties of herbs that differ from each other by appearance, type and growth intensity. for example., Raigrace (challers) grows very quickly, so in the herbal mixture there should be as little as possible!

What to do with mowed grass? Is it possible to leave mowed grass on the lawn?

The mowed grass can be left on the lawn only if the stems are no longer than 3-4 cm. Such grass quickly decomposes and replenishes the lawn. If the grass is longer or when we spend the first and last haircut in the season, it should not stay on the lawn. Long stems and ears of herbs decompose very slowly and contribute to the intelligence of turf, which has a negative effect on the growth and appearance of the lawn. They need to rake them or use a lawn mowing with a container for grass for haircuts. Smarted grass. organic matter. Perfect for.

Preservation of the lawn for the winter. Preparation of the lawn for winter

Well.groomed beautiful lawn. real decoration of any site. But this always requires a lot of effort, time and financial costs. Behind lawn grass, so that it remains attractive for the entire growing season, it is necessary to take care of regularly and methodically. Like any culture, grass for lawns needs watering and top dressing. Given the rapid growth, it must be regularly cut.

In preparation for winter, multiple rules, recommendations and norms should be observed. Growth efficiency directly depends on climatic conditions, maintenance quality and soil.

With the onset of autumn days, it is worth taking care of the preparation of lawn grass for wintering. In different regions, the terms of preparatory work are different. It is important to consider the weather forecast for planning. This is necessarily done in order to carry out processing on time and maintain the appearance of the lawn, and in the spring do not carry out a hook.

A number of manipulations are carried out to strengthen the root system, which allows you to quickly recover with the onset of heat of the adrenal part of the grass:

often, lawn, mower, grass

Before winter, vegetable residues and foliage cannot be left on the surface. Under a thick layer of snow, they begin to decompose, causing putrefactive processes on the entire surface of the lawn. If the beds are located near the site, weeds are removed manually, because the use of chemicals can negatively affect vegetable crops.

The grass is mowed regularly, up to the first frosts, starting preparatory work since September and cutting only the tops every 10-15 days, the remnants of the greens are scooped up with fan rakes and taken outside the site.

Reference! Chemical compounds cannot be used to sprinkle garden paths located next to the lawn.

If there is no snow on the lawn, you can’t walk on it. When the ice crust is formed, it must be broken to ensure the flow of air to vegetation and prevent it from breaking. It is impossible to allow the accumulation of a large amount of snow on the edges of the lawns when cleaning paths. If this is inevitable, after the onset of heat it is necessary to get rid of snowdrifts, otherwise the propelled rods will appear, the grass will simply “suffocate” under a thick layer.

The preparation of herbal lawn for winter also includes such a manipulation as sand. This method enhances drainage and improves the aeration of the drainage layer.

Lawn Care in the fall: Preparation for winter

The lawn grass is looked care regularly and thoroughly throughout the vegetation.

  • Watering. In order to prevent yellowing of lawn grass, it must be abundantly and constantly moisturized, avoiding the surface drying out for more than 7 days. In the fall, during high humidity, watering reduce. Be sure to track so that there is no stagnation of water on the surface layer. this can provoke fungal infections and the further death of plants. When the temperatures are reduced to 10 degrees, the watering is stopped.
  • Aeration. Provides an influx of oxygen to plant roots, does not allow moisture accumulation. Seal lawns must be pierced with garden pitchfork, as well as special mechanical or automatic aerators every 1. 1.5 m. Improved breathability accelerates plant growth. Air, as an element with low thermal conductivity, protects planting from freezing. Aeration is necessarily carried out after rain or watering. In the next week it is not recommended to walk on the lawn.
  • Top dressing. The lawn in the fall must be provided with a complex of mineral fertilizers. After a hot summer and numerous haircuts, the grass weakens, loses attractiveness and color. Only potassium-phosphorus fertilizers are used. Nitrogen use is contraindicated. They can provoke intensive growth of grass on the eve of cold weather, a weakened plant will simply die in winter. Use organics, but not more often than 1 time in 2 years. Effective use of bone flour and wood ash. Fertilizers are applied only to the wet surface. It is advisable to perform work using a special scatter. After 2-3 days, the turf is watered again.
  • A haircut. The last time the lawn is cut no later than 2 weeks before the predicted frost. Only the tops are cut, the remains are combed out. Before the last haircut from the surface, all garbage, weeds and leaves are removed from the surface. Only areas with sprouted weakened grass do not cut.

Why should you cut the lawn

The state of the lawn depends on how this procedure is carried out. The systematic haircut gives the following advantages:

  • absence of weeds;
  • uniform growth of grass;
  • the emergence of new shoots;
  • the formation of a reliable base;
  • Normal density of landings.

Before the haircut, it is necessary to decide on the level of herbal coating.

Having cut too much, the gardener risks losing all the stands. This is due to the fact that the aboveground part of the plant provides the power of the root system. With a lack of green mass, the grass after the haircut will dry out.

The first sign of the problem will be the appearance of characteristic spots.

If the haircut level is higher than required, the coating will become excessively thick. Because of this, there may be a lack of nutrients in the soil.

At a time you need to remove no more than 1.5 cm.

Particular attention should be paid to the frequency of the procedure. If meadet cultures are planted in the personal territory, the lawn will have to be cut at least 2 times a month. Otherwise, the greens will have time to grow up and end your life cycle.

A systematic haircut is beneficial for a green lawn. Dernina, formed as a result of such processing, prevents the germination of weeds and evaporation of moisture. The lawn that is regularly cut, more resistant to mechanical exposure and sharp temperature differences than the site in a neglected state.

Tools used to cut the lawn

To save time, gardeners use special units, for example, lawnmands. They differ in functionality, cost, type and engine power.

Garden-park technique from this category is manual (mechanical), electric, gasoline and battery. The tools are equipped with structures for collecting cut grass, aeration and loosening of soil. Equipment of this type is most often purchased for processing impressive territories.

The characteristic features of mechanical lawn mowers are considered the absence of a drive and the presence of energy. Electric are compact and ease of control. Gasoline models are independent of standard power sources. The disadvantages of this equipment include the noise effect and the need for combustible materials.

A trimmer is a universal tool that is suitable for caring for problem areas. The device is useful to gardeners who diversified the landscape design with flower beds, paths and other elements. The distinctive features of the equipment include budget value, compactness, convenience of use.

Professional devices are often used to care for lawns. This category includes:

  • Spit cars. They can be gasoline and battery. The former are suitable for shortening high grass in areas of impressive area, the latter is best used in small.sized territories. The latter is explained by the fact that the devices need regular recharge;
  • Ryders, tractors for the lawn. They are equipped with a steering system, cutting elements located frontally, and such useful additions as trunk trunk.

Read about the choice of lawnmands in the article Rating of lawn mowers: Choosing the best.

If the summer resident is at the disposal of a relatively small area, it can do with special scissors. Using a set of various nozzles, you can adjust the lawn coating, take shape to shrubs and trees.

At the same time, special knowledge and skills are not required. When selecting equipment, you should focus on personal preferences, financial capabilities, relief, area and form of a personal plot.

Classic version for cutting the lawn: lawn mower

As a rule, the choice occurs between the gas mowers with an electric cable, with a gasoline engine or with battery. What’s better? Modern batteries are in no way inferior to gas mowers with a gasoline engine, on the contrary, with regard to the level of noise, adjustment and maintenance, then more and more amateur gardeners choose the lawnmands with battery. The fact that they have obvious advantages over the electric lawners of the older generations quickly become obvious: they are easier and work quieter, and they also do not have a interfering cable that you can stumble about!

Especially when it comes to direct work with equipment, you must thoroughly think about what properties you cannot do without. Should the lawn mower be as easy as possible so that it can be easily pushed and placed for storage? Should it be folding and equipped with a handle for carrying and convenient control of the height of the haircut? Compact lawn mowers 18 V with a haircut width of up to 36 cm are optimally suitable for small lawns. For cutting lawns of a larger area, it is better to use 36 V lawns with a haircut width up to 46 cm, which will save precious time. and uneven areas of the lawn? Here will help the battery trimmer for grass.

The secret of the ideal edges of the lawn: if your lawn has areas, then you can not do without a battery trimmer for grass. Equipped with a rapidly rotating string or plastic knife, it effectively cuts grass and weeds.

Thanks to working with the battery from the battery, the trimmers for the grass work very quietly, and the use of plastic knives can even more reduce the noise level during operation. The shoulder belt included in the supply kit, as well as the rotary buttons of the trimmer for the grass and the handles adjustable in height, greatly simplify working with it, providing maximum comfort when using.

Since the threads rotate at high speed and can scatter cut grass or small pebbles in different directions, when working with a trimmer, you should always wear protective glasses and solid shoes. You must also stay at a safe distance from trees and decorative plants, as well as from wooden terraces to prevent their damage.

Very practical: a worn string can be easily replaced with a new one, it is sold by epaulet meters in construction stores. The thread is easily wound into the reel. you can handle it without any problems yourself.