How To Adapt An Angle Grinder To A Circular

How to use an angle grinder to make circulars How can you make a circular from an angle grinder, and what you need for this. Instructions for making several options for a circular from an angle grinder with your own hands

What you need to rework an angle grinder for a circular

The principle of manufacturing a stationary wood sawing machine from an angle grinder is that the power tool must be rigidly fixed by fixing it to the base of the table or workbench. This will not be difficult to implement, but this will require the following tools and consumables (depending on the scheme):

  • Angle grinder or angle grinder. And for this it is recommended to take a powerful power tool, since the capabilities of a stationary machine will depend on this parameter. If a small angle grinder is used, then only thin materials can be sawed with it, so this should be taken into account even at the stage of manufacturing the device.
  • A drill is needed to make holes with which to fix the brackets that hold the power tool
  • Welding machine for joining metal plates
  • Chipboard
  • Clamps and fasteners

A special disc for cutting wood must be installed on the angle grinder. It will not work to use a circular disc on an angle grinder, since it will not fit in the outer and inner diameters. The disc to be mounted on an angle grinder for cutting wood must match the diameter of the bore. In addition, the outer diameter should have projections of teeth, the number of which directly depends on the tool itself.

With the choice of a suitable disc for an angle grinder, there will be no difficulties, since they are sold for the corresponding model of an angle grinder. In addition to an angle grinder with a wheel for cutting wood, you will also need to prepare a table on which the power tool will be fixed. Even a frame or workbench is suitable as such a table, to which the main requirement is this stability.

If there is a ready-made table, then you only need to attach the power tool to it. If there is no table, then it can be made from improvised means. As a table top, you can use boards or fiberboard. The table top also acts as a stop.

To ensure the immobility of the power tool, it is necessary to make an appropriate mount using bars, boards or metal plates. The bracket for the angle grinder can be movable or fixed, which affects the quality of the tool. The movable mount allows you to adjust the size of the cutting wheel. If the bracket is stationary, the sawing depth cannot be adjusted. Clamps, metal plates and other materials can be used as clamps to securely and efficiently attach the angle grinder to the base.

After the installation of the angle grinder on the base is completed, only the last action remains to check the operation of the homemade tool in action. For this, a test short-term start-up is performed, according to which all defects and design flaws are revealed. If there are none, then you can make a test cut of the wood.

Which angle grinder to use to make a circular

There are no special remarks here, since both low-power and powerful angle grinders can be used, which differ in size, weight and diameter of the saw wheels. The more power and size of the blade, the higher the efficiency and productivity of the sawing machine. If you use a small and low-power angle grinder, then in the end the machine can only be used for cutting chipboard, thin boards and plywood.

If a household tool is used as a driving mechanism on a sawing machine, then the peculiarities of its temporary work must be taken into account. If the household angle grinder overheats, the motor will quickly fail. When planning to often use a sawmill for wood, you need to purchase an appropriate power tool.

Hand circular from angle grinder

When making a home-made machine, you need to take into account that they can be stationary and portable. The angle grinder does not have large dimensions, so there are no difficulties with its transportation. However, if it is necessary to transport a homemade circular, then it will be possible to do this only if it is portable. If a metal or wooden workbench is taken as the basis, then it will be quite difficult to transport the tool. This factor must be foreseen at the design stage of the circular saw. Before you start work, you need to prepare drawings, according to which you will understand what exactly needs to be designed.

In order for the tool to be transported, it is recommended to make a mini circular from an angle grinder. The principle of its manufacture is simple, and consists in performing the following actions:

  1. A sheet of metal with a thickness of 1-2 mm is prepared, which will be used as a base. Sheet size 80×80 cm
  2. On the reverse side of the sheet, a bracket of metal plates is welded, which will serve as the basis for installing the power tool
  3. A cut must be made in the steel sheet for the protrusion of the cutting disc
  4. Attach the angle grinder and test it in action

The principle of making a machine for sawing wood is simple, and everyone can cope with the task of arranging a circular from an angle grinder. There are a large number of home-made options, and which one to choose depends on the preferences of the master, as well as the work that is planned to be performed.

Useful Tips

With the general layout of the equipment, it is necessary to take into account the following requirements:

  • Feed the workpiece to be processed from right to left, for left-handers in mirror image;
  • Place the on / off button in front of the machine;
  • Work behind the machine and its location should be away from the location of others.

What does that require

The simplest circular saw from an angle grinder, which you can make with your own hands, will look like a metal table on which a wooden surface and guides are located. There are also places to mount the engine, wood disc and disc drive system. The bed or frame is made of metal corners.

how to adapt an angle grinder to a circular

Such a structure should have special strength, but at the same time not be massive. The stability effect can be achieved thanks to special fixing elements that secure the bed to any of the flat surfaces. The unit can be created without drawing sketches. It is enough to follow the recommendations given in the article, having minimal skills in construction.

For the manufacture of the working surface of the device, you can use MDF or plywood. The most optimal is plywood sheet, the thickness of which is 9-12 mm. Let’s consider a couple of options for how to equip a disk drive.

The first option is considered the simplest solution. To do this, install the disc to the regular location of the angle grinder. In other words, select the same disc suitable for high speed operation. Please note that the characteristics of conventional wood discs are slower. In addition, the circumference of the discs used should also be taken into account.

To prevent possible overload, it is worth using discs of smaller diameters than those that are mainly used for the operation of an angle grinder.

A feature of the second option is its insignificant complexity. But using belt drives, it is possible to reduce the speed of the disc and create conditions for increasing the torque. In such cases, it is possible to create a complete machine. By equipping the equipment with several pulleys, we can make a device on which we can change gear ratios. Such machines have the ability to use different discs in the working process, which will allow you to effortlessly saw any wood materials and even sheet metal.

In home-made machines, the angle grinder can be attached not to the working surfaces, but to the bed. The fixation should be done as securely as possible. Do not use plastic ties, clamps and self-tapping screws for this. Do not neglect this, because due to the resulting vibrations and high speed, fasteners can collapse quite quickly, which will entail the most unpleasant consequences.

You can ensure a reliable fastening with clamps, which are provided as accessories to the angle grinder. Or, you can press the tool to the machine structure using homemade clamps. To connect threaded elements, it is imperative to use threaded fasteners.

Next, you need to install one of the most important parts of the stop bar. It must be installed on a work surface parallel to the flat side of the disc.

It is more expedient to make stop strips from iron or aluminum corners. The stop bars must be movable. For this, the corners are not attached to the working surfaces, but to other plywood plates. In this case, the plates are located on the working surface. It is best to fix them by means of clamps purchased at specialized points of sale of construction products. The design of the machine can be thought up at your discretion.

The only condition is to arrange all equipment elements as simply as possible. After attaching the work table to the bed and securing the angle grinder, it is necessary to cut a place for the disc. This is easily done through the inside of the machine. Having made the required number of marks, the table should be removed to mark the place for the slot with a ruler and a corner. An angle grinder can be used to cut the gap according to the markings.

To cut plywood, you can use a regular abrasive disc. When making a cut with little effort, nothing will happen with an angle grinder. The only drawback can be considered a little smoke. This is best done outdoors and not indoors.

The use of plastic ties, for example, is suitable for securing the cord from the power tool to the machine frame. The switch can be made from an extension cord, which has a built-in power on / off button. The extension can also be attached to the bed by placing the button in any of the accessible and convenient places.

Take care of safety, your life and health depend on it. Provide for one very important piece of the shield above the disc. To make it, you can use plywood by making a small narrow box, fix it on the furniture hinges so that you can fold it back if necessary. Ignoring the presence of such a protective mechanism, you significantly risk harming your health.

Compliance with additional security measures

A powerful motor and working parts that rotate at high speed are very dangerous not only for the person working at the machine, but also for those around them. Careless work and rash actions can lead to the fact that the workpiece will easily rip out the hands. Such a flying product becomes an uncontrollable weapon. However, such a failure can lead to the destruction of the saw blade. The scattering of small fragments entails a dangerous injury. To minimize risks, when creating a machine, you should take into account the mandatory rules.

  1. Do not place the on / off button on the work table of the bed. It should be placed on one of the side surfaces.
  2. Provide a protective cover.
  3. It is forbidden to operate such equipment without secure fixation on a stable surface.

How to make a “circular” wood from an angle grinder with your own hands?

A circular saw is useful and sometimes a must for the DIYer. The owners of private or country houses are constantly renovating, creating, rebuilding something. The main material is wood or its derivatives, plywood or chipboard, which must be cut, cut into blanks or parts.

The purchase of a hand-held circular saw requires costs, and creating a stationary circular with your own hands is impossible without a working shaft and an electric motor. A good way out of the situation will be to use an angle grinder as a drive mechanism, which is equipped with a seat for a saw blade and has its own electric motor. You only need to create external equipment that turns a conventional angle grinder into a kind of circular saw.

  1. The design of a homemade circular from an angle grinder
  2. Necessary materials
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Safety engineering
  5. Final recommendations

We suggest you look at the options for homemade circulars on:

Necessary materials

To make a homemade machine you will need:

  • Rectangular pipe, steel or aluminum corner;
  • Chipboard sheet, dense plywood 12-14 mm thick;
  • Bolts, nuts, washers;
  • Metal strips, plates, large-sized corner pieces;
  • Welding machine with electrodes;
  • Electric drill or drilling machine;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Saw blade;
  • Connecting wires, on / off button.

Depending on the capabilities and needs of the master, other materials or tools may be needed. It is impossible to provide a complete list of components, since the design of the machine can be complicated, additional elements or functions added.

Examples of drawings of a conventional machine, for a general understanding of the device:

How to make a circular from an angle grinder

In any home workshop, the need for a circular saw periodically arises. But because of this rare frequency, it simply does not make sense to acquire it. Not cost effective. In this case, practice prompts the way out to make a circular with a drive from an angle grinder. It’s much cheaper than buying a factory saw for two hours of work.

Required tools and materials

To make a circular with your own hands you will need:

  • Angle Grinder;
  • Electric drill;
  • Welding machine (possibly);
  • Screwdrivers and pliers.

Of the materials will come in handy:

  • Steel corner 25 mm or aluminum 50 mm;
  • Steel plate;
  • Bolts and nuts;
  • Tube segments.

The circular angle grinder will be connected to the network using a switch, which, according to all the rules, must be placed on the panel from the side of the worker. It should be available at any second.

Something else may be needed, but the home workshop is designed in such a way that a lot is replaced in it. Therefore, a strict list will not stand up to criticism. You will need some kind of fasteners or self-tapping screws, pieces of wire and insulation.

Rework process

To be precise, it can hardly be called a rework, it is a refinement or expansion of the functionality of an angle grinder. You can divide the revision into stages or steps in the work. To begin with, let’s define the main tasks. It is necessary to make a table for the installation of a circular saw. It can be of any material available, but a steel corner base is preferable.

The angle grinder should be painlessly installed and removed, so its attachment to the table should be open and accessible. The cutting disc will be mounted directly onto the shaft of the angle grinder. It must be adjustable in height or change the height of the cutting blade above the table plane.

There should be an adjustable rail on the table. With its help it will be possible to set the thickness of the board cut. As a special case, you can install the corner guide, if necessary.

So, we constructively make a machine for the existing angle grinder with adjustment for the height of the cutting wheel. For simplicity of construction, we will use wood:

  • We make a cut for the saw in the tabletop from the board. If it is a furniture board or plywood sheet, then it is advisable to strengthen it with an additional bar along the position of the cutting wheel;
  • We fasten the rear part of the machine structure on a hinge. Then we fix the angle grinder. A short bolt with a locknut is required to secure it. The bolt will screw in instead of the handle, and attach the angle grinder to the hinge part of the machine;
  • On the side of the handle of the angle grinder, we make a clamp with a sawn-off adjustment bar. This is a U-shaped bracket into which the drill handle should fit snugly. For density, rubber strips can be glued. An adjusting strip with a cut will be attached to the same u-shaped plate.
  • We fix the hinge and the adjusting bar from below to the tabletop so that the cutting wheel evenly enters the cut of the tabletop;
  • We install the tabletop on a base made of a steel corner or wooden blocks;
  • We supply electricity. Electrical safety conditions must be met. It is better to connect using a cable that is not afraid of a piece of board accidentally falling onto it;
  • We are doing a test run. The saw blade must rotate without catching the edges of the slot. If this is not the case, then it is necessary to change the position of the attachment of the hinge or u-shaped plate. The material feeding to the cutting wheel should not cause movement or vibration of the angle grinder.

Both the angle grinder and the hand-held circular saw are very useful removable drives for the stationary circular saw.

It is not difficult to make a circular saw from an angle grinder. To do this, the protective cover must be redone so that almost the entire saw blade is covered. And it is necessary to install a movable protection on the working sector of the disk, which will move during operation. It is also advisable to install a vacuum cleaner pipe on the casing if the saw is to be used indoors.

An additional curved handle made of thin-walled pipe must be installed in the front. With this handle it will be safer and safer to fix the position of the circular during operation.

You may have difficulty making a stationary circular from an angle grinder or hand held circular. On construction sites and forums, you can find the required drawings of simple structures.