How to Assemble a Grass Trimmer

How to Assemble a Grass Trimmer

Trimmers are divided into two main types. Electric (electric braids), which can only cope with the "cosmetic" lawn mowing.

Gasoline trimmers allow you to care for the lawn comprehensively. Consider the most important characteristics of this type of gardening equipment.

Comparative characteristics of electric and petrol trimmers

Both of them have both positive qualities and shortcomings. Therefore, anyone who wants to purchase a trimmer must make a choice according to their own preferences.

Electrical samples have the following advantages:

  • they weigh less than gasoline, which is important for prolonged use;
  • make less noise;
  • do not produce harmful emissions;
  • top engine models are not afraid of wet grass, i.e. you can work with them after dew and after rain.

The disadvantages include low power, dependence on the power source, fast overheating and the need to pull a long electric wire.

Gas mowers trimmers are distinguished by such advantages:

  • have high power, especially modern models with a four-cylinder engine;
  • full autonomy of work. do not depend on a stationary current source, wire length, etc.;
  • many models have the ability to attach all kinds of nozzles.

The disadvantages are the fear of moisture, high noise levels and exhaust gases.

How to choose a trimmer

When choosing a gasoline grass trimmer, you should pay attention to the presence of all types of cutting elements, namely:

  • Type 1. Cutting line.
  • Type 2. Flexible cutting cord string
  • Type 3. Metal cutting knife.
  • Type 4. Plastic cutting knife.

When buying a trimmer, you should pay attention to the design solution of the cutting head. It can be equipped with fishing line, which is suitable only for more even lawns, i.e. produces a “gentle” haircut.

Instead of fishing line, the head can be equipped with a flexible cord string. She is not afraid of small pebbles, branches, etc., of course, if you do not apply too much zeal. She is not afraid of complex reliefs, but only soft grass is mowed. String braid captures the strip immediately up to 50 cm.

Some companies, for example, Husqvarna, produce not only heads with manual feeding of fishing lines, but also semi-automatic and automatic, as well as cord for haymaking or cord with low noise level.

Knife cutting is suitable for tall and tough grasses. Knives can be metal or plastic. A powerful gasoline trimmer with an iron knife copes with rough weeds, they can easily clear a rather neglected area. However, such a knife is afraid of shock, heavy enough in weight and requires constant sharpening.

Answering the question of how to choose a gas trimmer for grass, it should be noted that the most universal option is a trimmer equipped with a knife and fishing line. Depending on the nature of the site, you can swap them.

Pay attention to the trimmer knobs. They come in three types. The D-shaped handle is convenient where maneuverability is needed (processing paths, trees, shrubs). Here, fishing line as a cutting element is also appropriate.

Large and heavily overgrown areas require more careful observance of safety measures. Here, trimmers with metal knives and a J-shaped handle are used. It protects the operator from proximity to the gearbox.

So, having familiarized yourself with the main points on the operation of gasoline trimmers, you realized that universal models do not exist. Therefore, you need to choose according to basic needs and according to the characteristics of the site that will have to "get under the knife" of your equipment. Take into account your physical abilities.

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Popular models of gasoline vehicles

Hitachi Trimmers

Hitachi CG27EJ (S) trimmer easily copes with dense and naughty vegetation. On a straight tool bar, the engine is located at the top, and the cutting parts of a metal knife or fishing line are located below. The power of the unit is 880 W, which contributes to its high performance.

The tool mows grass up to a width of 45 cm.

Its weight is only 4.6 kg, which facilitates the work with it, since the unit is worn on itself. The fuel tank is quite roomy. 0.67 liters, so frequent refueling is not required. The tool uses electronic ignition, from which the engine starts smoothly, without jerking. The unit is perfectly balanced at the center of gravity, providing comfort in working with it for a long time.

What work can this model perform, in addition to the main function of mowing grass:

  1. The main function is mowing grass.
  2. Cultivation of soil in the garden and flower beds.
  3. Mowing hedges. The height of the haircut can reach 3 meters.
  4. Can be used as a delimber.
  5. The trimmer copes with pruning branches on fruit and ornamental trees.

To perform all the additional functions along with the trimmer comes a set of expansion nozzles. Let us consider in more detail the models of the best gas trimmers.

Shindaiwa Trimmers

The Japanese Shindaiwa unit with 242 S not only mows grass easily, but can also cut bushes. Its maximum power exceeds 1hp, but despite this, the lawn mowing is almost silent.

Its two-stroke gasoline engine is a reliable and robust design. It improves the engine cooling system, and the cylinder has a chrome surface, which extends the life of the unit.

Efco Starc Trimmers

The Italian lawn mowing machine Efco Starc 25 is quite simple and highly reliable, because it is not for nothing that the company gives it a lifetime warranty. Its two-stroke engine with a cylinder capacity of 25.4 cc has an electronic ignition system. Trimmer power 0.8 kW. The volume of the fuel tank is 0.75 l and it is made of transparent material for the convenience of controlling fuel consumption.

As a cutting device, a knife or reel with fishing line is used. All trimmer parts and the control system are conveniently located, which simplifies its maintenance. It is equipped with an anti-vibration system. This trimmer weighs 5.6 kg.

Since gas trimmers generate exhaust fumes during operation, the standard is established for the content of harmful substances in them.

Husqvarna Trimmers

The Swiss campaign launches the Husqvarna 128R trimmer, in which due to the perfection of the design, emissions are much lower than the standards established.

The weight of the trimmer is only 5 kg, which makes it easy for women and even teenagers to cope with it. He also has advantages that made this brand very popular. This is high power, low exhaust levels and a folding straight handle that makes it easy to carry.

Husqvarna trimmers are of high quality and professionalism, but they are not cheap. And for their repair there are too few service centers. And in the distance from large cities they are not at all. And this is really a problem, because you will not go to distant lands to repair a lawn mowing ground.

Therefore, most often such garden equipment is acquired by people living in their homes and who are not indifferent to the improvement of the site, who love beautiful lawns and a cozy garden. And over time, the trimmer pays for itself with interest.

Solo trimmers

Now the German company Solo is actively entering our market. Although she is not yet very famous, but her story has a decent figure. 60 years. And now her budget models of lawn mowing can be a significant competitor to popular brands.

For example, the Solo 130 BR trimmer has a four-stroke engine with separate filling of gasoline and oil. It works much quieter than push-pull.

Some manufacturers, including Solo, produce models with a split bar, which makes it possible to connect various nozzles. Typically, branded trimmers use only their own nozzles. The Solo company is one of the few that does not produce its own nozzles, but adapts the design of trimmers to dock with other people’s nozzles, which should be considered when choosing a gas trimmer.

Thus, acquiring a lawn mower, you can convert it into a delimber, brush cutter or cultivator and snow blower. Such designs have even more advantages: the trimmer is much easier to wash and a disassembled bar allows you to put the unit in the trunk of a car.