How to assemble STIHL electric chainsaw

STIHL MC 180 disassembled and reassembled

No problem for an experienced user to disassemble the starter to change the cord, but the plastic housing is in most cases, can not be repaired. Chinese chainsaw range is mostly copies of the most popular European models, so we disassemble the Chinese chainsaw according to the standard scheme.

Worn-out parts in the chain saw system cannot be repaired.

  • At home, you can shorten the new circuit to fit a shorter busbar.
  • The life of a genuine bar accessory is as long as three saw chains.
  • It can be severely limited by the wrong chain pitch or excessive wear of the drive sprocket rim.

To disassemble, repair and reassemble a STIHL chainsaw

To repair the unit, it must first be disassembled. The side cover, saw chain and guide bar need to be removed. Then clean the tools, blow with a compressor and brush all the components. Then the handle must be removed. To do this, remove the plugs from the shock absorbers with a screwdriver. Then the shock absorbers and handle are removed.

assemble, stihl, chainsaw

Then remove the starter. Remove the housing cover and unscrew the starter. Remove the part. Then the flywheel is removed by unscrewing the nut that holds it, unscrew the flywheel nut. You have to twist to the left. Remove flywheel. Then disassemble the clutch, oil pump drive, and carburetor.

After that remove and disassemble the motor. It is held by 4 screws on the bottom of the saw. Unscrew them and take out the motor. Then disassemble the engine itself. Unscrew the housing screws and remove it. Then dismantle the crankshaft, oil seals, bearings and piston rings. At the end of the disassembly make repairs and troubleshooting.

Reassemble the tool after the repair. To do this, mount the piston on the connecting rod. The arrow on it should look in the direction of the chain, and to the left of the piston will be the side of the crankshaft, which requires mounting the flywheel. Put the piston in the cylinder. Install the bearings, oil seals and retaining ring in the cylinder. Then degrease the crankcase locking area and install it in its place. To reassemble, follow the reverse sequence of disassembly.

How to remove the clutch

Before unscrewing the clutch, you must remove the drive sprocket. Remove the corkscrew washer and remove the sprocket and needle bearing. Unscrew the clutch. Remove the deflector plate and pump.

How to remove and replace the sprocket

Replacing the sprocket on a chainsaw is necessary when:

To replace the chain saw chainwheel, remove the chainwheel sprocket. The teeth of the sprocket should not deviate from the required dimensions, otherwise the operation of the saw will be accompanied by vibration, which will cause damage to the crankshaft and bearings. Sprocket life is twice as long as chain life. Use 2-3 chains until the cutting surface is worn out. After that change the sprocket. It is located behind the clutch. Remove the clutch cover.

Remove the tire, the chain and the clutch. But first secure the crankshaft. Then a puller is placed in the clutch hole and turned clockwise. Remove the clutch. There is a sprocket behind it. Now they dismantle it. If it is defective, it is replaced.

Oil Pump Repair and Replacement

See how to change an oil pump. If the element is leaking then the gasket between the two parts must be renewed. If the oil pump is undamaged, wipe it down and replace it. Now check the hose. It should not have any cracks on it. If hose is damaged, replace it. Then use a compressor to clean the outlet passages.

Change the piston

Let’s look at how the piston group is diagnosed and replaced. Cylinder condition and piston wear should be checked. After dismantling the motor unscrew the sump, remove the crankshaft and piston from the cylinder. Piston pin retainers unscrewed. If the piston is faulty, the piston must be replaced. Secure the circlip with the slit underneath. Lubricate piston with oil before installing piston group to cylinder. Before assembling the crankcase, degrease it and apply sealant.

How to set the ignition

Check ignition on chain saw. The ignition is adjusted as follows:

Assembling a STIHL Ms 180 chain saw.EN

How to repair a STIHL 180 chain saw at home: a troubleshooting guide

The ignition switch often knocks out? A little tricky to get around the problem.

Repair of air damper and STIHL chain saw rpm malfunction. Do it yourself by watching this video clip.

How the whole system is done? The reason why it is broken. The saw does not start well, does not reach the necessary rpm, and shuts down. The wizard will show you step by step how to remove the fault.

The wizard will show you how to troubleshoot STIHL chain saw oil in a lucid and humorous manner.

The cause of your STIHL 180 chain saw malfunction. Can’t adjust throttle or idle and has a bad start. This is of course a fix. Your technician tells you how to solve the problem in your own home.

#894 ONE BATTERY? How much wood can you REALLY cut with Stihl MS 220C Chainsaw

Find the cause of the malfunction with our STIHL chainsaw. The carburetor is clogged and the gasoline supply is out of order. This is a very common problem with chainsaws of this model. We repair together and fix the problem.

Your chain saw has been running for hours and broke. What to do? Demonstration of replacing the piston group on Sterm chain saw (made in China). Piston cross section 43 mm and 45 mm.

This chainsaw has been running for two years and it won’t start. The carburetor is broken. Failure is familiar? Watch this video to find out how to solve it without any help from others.

Disassembled clutches are shown to you. What does the clutch consist of, and in addition what are the most frequent damages occurring at these parts?? See video review if you’re curious.

How to repair your STIHL 180 chain saw yourself: see the troubleshooting guide

The STIHL 180 chain saw is an all-purpose piece of garden equipment that is extensively used in the garden. So, it is used for cutting firewood, pruning trees and other greenery.

It’s not uncommon for the STIHL 180 chain saw to have a faulty oil system. Find such a fault can be on the dryness of the working chain or the presence of leaks.

The problem is best solved by first examining the oil pipe. The hose connection can also be inspected.

assemble, stihl, chainsaw

During the inspection and repair of the oil filter (software) must also be cleaned. Often its contamination leads to poor oil flow.

If there is an oil leak, it means that there is a leak in the system. This immediately affects the hose and oil ducts. In most cases, such malfunctions appear at the end of mechanical damage to parts of the accounting system.

SHTIL MS 180: assembly

Group :. Assembly and parts overview of the STIHL MS 180 chain saw.

The process of removing and cleaning the air filter

If the inspection determines that the hose is not intact, it will be replaced. If the damage is minor, it can be concealed with sealant. This radical method will reduce the cost of repair.

If the chainsaw starts to stall as a result of gas pressure, the problem is with the carburetor. Also a problem with the carburetor may be a delayed start and an inability to rev.

Most often, such a malfunction occurs as a result of wear of the rubber sleeve, which is placed on the piston of the fuel gas pedal. This causes an air leak when starting the tool. In general, such a breakdown occurs after several years of chain saw use.

The elimination of this malfunction is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Remove the carburetor. Unscrew the screw that holds the cap with the diaphragm. Turn the carburettor so that the pin is visible. Remove the circlip and disconnect the air damper spring. After that, the throttle valve. To do this, you need to unscrew the screw that holds it. The next step is to remove the choke axle.
  • Pull out the gas pedal with the spring. It has a collar. Wear of this very element leads to air suction and engine stalling after a recent start. Replace the piston and cuff.
  • Reassemble the carburetor in reverse order and install it on the chainsaw.

And the drive sprocket seems to be slowly coming to its own age (eat marks from the chain)

Strange that a company with the name suggests mineral for a revved motor! Up to 5 thousand you can still, 5-9 as if a little semi-synthetic, all that is higher. synthetic.

So, what’s so unusual? regular oil.

Yuriy777888 That’s what the sticker was on that STIHL saw

Constantin Volku, the number on the case under the muffler and on the sticker, the same number on the box. If it does not, that would not dare and not run into a fake, I would give up on the chain saw and went to another store to another of.the dealer.

Yuriy777888 of course but here is just a cylinder was black and the muffler blows the original Bosch plug (white such with blue sticks). When I called, they told me that they give a warranty card Victad something, not shtilivsky. what it means. Oh and also fix the number error. Where in fact to look for the serial number. Buy a saw ?

First time I bought a STIHL 180. I mean, I know the specs say to start the engine on the brake but I got confused and with the brake on I accelerated 3 times trying to reset the brake )))) now I’m worried as if it is there)))

Thanks for the reassurance))) of course I started on the brake later and started without braking. Happy New Year! ))

A set of useful video. STIHL MS 180 chainsaw (STIHL).

Today’s video selection is dedicated exclusively to the most popular chainsaw in Russia and the CIS. STIHL MS 180. Here it is necessary to understand that in connection with its popularity and questions from illiterate users very much and very much. And often they concern elementary questions. By the way, you can talk a lot about the culture of using the tool, the foreign experience, but things like cleaning the muffler, filters, change the sprocket is quite possible to do yourself. Of course, if the chainsaw is not under warranty.

This video is about how to fix minor problems, how to take apart the STIHL 180 and how to use the STIHL MS 180 chain saw. Many thanks to enthusiasts and professionals who produce these and similar videos! I hope that their work will make a lot of chainsaw users more competent and allow them to work without unfortunate breakdowns.

The first video from Pavel Omelin is dedicated to a frequent problem of inexperienced or careless owners: clogged muffler and fuel filter. It is worth noting that it would be good to soak the muffler. Also Paul mentioned one more important thing. when sharpening the chain you need to keep the clearance for the tapping. See more at

Another important thing when using a chainsaw is to properly sharpen the chain. This video shows you how to sharpen the chain correctly using the STIHL MS 180 chain as an example.

The next video is more of a “life hack” about how to make the air filter filter out as much fine filings as possible. The essence of the method in impregnating the air filter with engine oil. How effective it is, I personally can’t say. I haven’t tried it. But reasoning logically. it should work. Thanks for the video to Pavel Sergeyevich!

How to take apart a STIHL Ms 180 chain saw? On the one hand it is simple enough, on the other hand it is possible to suffer without experience To understand this process and to see it from the side watch the video below:

Removing the flywheel

The flywheel of the STIHL 180 chain saw is screwed in with a lot of force, so to remove it you need a head with a metal screwdriver. The nut holding the flywheel can be removed with a 13 head.

To block the crankshaft from turning, you unscrew the spark plug and through the spark plug hole establish a piston stopper, if it is not available, you can use an old starter cord, with knots tied to it and immersed in the cylinder through the spark plug hole.

Never install a screwdriver between the flywheel and housing, and other tools to prevent the flywheel from turning, flywheel blades can not withstand the load and break.

After the piston is locked in the cylinder, the flywheel nut can be unscrewed. The threads in the nut are common, so it must be torqued to the left side. After loosening the nut, you do not need to remove it all the way, just unscrew it until its upper edge is level with the tip of the shaft, after which the soft metal mallet is placed on the nut and a sharp blow is made on it. Thus, the flywheel slips off the shaft from the sharp blow and can be easily removed without the need for additional tools.

MS 180-14 Specifications

This equipment belongs to the household class, the manufacturer indicates the purpose of the tool, which will be used in the garden. Power rating of the block is 1500 W, and the displacement is equivalent to 31.8 cm3. The chain has 50 links, and the thickness and pitch of the chain. 1.3 millimeters and 3/8″ respectively. The products are covered by a one-year warranty after purchase, and the tool weighs 5.7 kg. Is equipment for cutting small trees, bushes, thinning groves, as well as quick collection of firewood. Homeowners successfully use the units for other types of work. Inside the two-stroke gasoline engine is installed manufacturer supplied equipment with a carburetor IntelliCarb, to be equipped with a compensator.

STIHL 180 chain saw carburetors need adjustment, both initially and periodically. You can tell if it is needed by the following signs:

  • Engine problems, such as the engine not starting or immediately shutting down after starting. The most common cause is the use of an incorrectly mixed fuel mixture.
  • Fuel consumption and increased exhaust emission. Exhaust becomes higher due to incomplete combustion. often than not, this problem can occur due to oversaturation of fuel.

Other malfunctions can also occur, such as clogging due to a damaged air filter or scale formation. Causes may be due to gasoline remaining in the fuel tank when not in use for long periods of time. This is due to the fact that the fuel is exhausted, which spoils the device.

Regardless of the cause, you will need to repair the carburetor and most often this will involve making adjustments. The way to perform this procedure depends on the model of the chainsaw, but you can follow the general principles.

How to remove the carburetor from a chainsaw

It must be removed from the STIHL chain saw before adjustment. To do this, you need to:

  • Turn the latch to the left to remove the cover.
  • Remove the filter by unscrewing the two nuts that hold it. For ease of operation it is recommended to use special screwdrivers with suitable tips.
  • Remove all the rods, including the carburetor lever.
  • Remove the carburetor and then disconnect the fuel hose.

It is recommended to remember the location of parts, so that you can then put the carburetor in place and there are no extra fasteners or warps and slots.

How to clean

In the event that the chainsaw stalls at idle, you need to disassemble the part and clean it. First of all, it is the additional filter that needs to be cleaned. This part is a strainer. To get to it, you need:

Remove the largest cover. Remove the diaphragm, which is located under the cover. Clean the mesh that is located in the recess

Be very careful when doing this, because it could cause the mesh to fall out. Use a copper wire for cleaning. In addition all passages must be flushed and blown out

The last procedure is necessary if the carburetor does not receive gasoline

In addition you need to flush and purge all the ducts. The last procedure is necessary if there is no petrol coming into the carburettor.

How to adjust

Adjusting the STIHL 180 chain saw carburettor helps to improve performance and fuel economy.

  • Clean the fuel system, including the tank, from gasoline and oil residue. Blow air duct and filters.
  • Setting the chainsaw carburetor is done with the H, L and S bolts. Bolt H controls the nozzle and provides maximum rpm. Bolt L performs the same function but provides minimum rpm. The S screw is responsible for the accuracy of the idle speed. Perform this procedure with the engine off.
  • Adjust the carburetor on the chainsaw by setting the appropriate angles of rotation of the first two bolts. To set the basic values, proceed as follows. Turn the first two bolts slowly in a clockwise direction, after the stop, go back two turns.
  • Start the engine and adjust the ignition on the STIHL chain saw and its carburettor. To do this, you need to find the highest idle speed by turning the L bolt in different directions. Once this maximum is reached, the bolt should be returned a quarter turn. In the event that the chain starts to move, the engine must be stopped.
  • Perform a technical check. Check the maximum engine speed, acceleration and idling stability, and whether these values are within the range specified in the instruction manual. The quality of the mixture for the test should be the highest.

How to disassemble and reassemble your STIHL saw

Disassembling STIHL saw involves a few more nuances, one of which is worth naming the prohibited fixation of the flywheel from twisting with screwdrivers, screws and other improvised means. Doing so can cause the piston blade to break. Only do the fixing in the way shown in the diagram. We covered how to disassemble the STIHL 180, but there are some details on how to reassemble the machine:

  • set the piston on the connecting rod, to the left of which is the side of the crankshaft where the flywheel will be;
  • Return the piston to the cylinder. Regarding elements such as retaining rings, bearings or seals, they are placed on the shaft and placed in the appropriate place on the cylinder;
  • Degrease the crankcase and its seating, lubricate with sealant and fix with 4 screws.

The nuances of the assembly back just the engine, in which difficulties may arise (if you disassemble it), all other parts are collected in reverse order step by step. Don’t forget to check the installation of the rod on the carb, the connection of the ignition wire. You can also watch all the nuances on video. KosiKosa Petrol Equipment Shop is glad to offer all its knowledge to each of our readers and customers.

The STIHL MS 180 is a reliable and rugged machine. but it can be repaired just like any other piece of kit. In this article we take a look at how to disassemble a STIHL mc 180 chain saw, which is necessary in case of an engine overhaul.

Reassembling a STIHL STIHL chain saw 180

Reassemble the STIHL ms 180 saw, easy enough, the main thing to adhere to the following algorithm:

  • Install the piston on the connecting rod, the arrow on the piston should look down the STIHL 180 chain saw, and on the left hand side of the piston located crankshaft, which is designed to install the flywheel;
  • Carefully insert the piston back into the cylinder, the place for mounting the coil should be on the side where the flywheel is mounted on the crankshaft;
  • Install bearings, oil seals, and shaft retaining ring, and lower the entire assembly into the cylinder seats;
  • Next, degrease the place of the crankcase and the crankcase itself, then lubricate the sealant and having set in place screw the four screws fastening;

To reassemble the STIHL 180 after you have reassembled the engine, follow the reverse sequence of disassembly. It is important to follow the process carefully and do not forget to install the rods on the carburetor, and connect the ignition wire.

Stihl MSA-120C battery chainsaw sprocket, bar, and chain replacement.

assemble, stihl, chainsaw

Below you can watch the STIHL 180 disassembly in the video, it is made for inexperienced users, it shows the whole process in detail.

If you have some experience, disassembly and reassembly of STIHL 180 chain saw is quite simple, the main thing is to clean the saw before the work and not to rush. In order not to lose the small parts, it is necessary to use containers, in which, in the process, it is worth laying out the parts.

SHTIL MS 180: assembly

Group :. Assembly and parts view of the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw. in any case.

Which STIHL MS 180 chain saw chain is the better choice?? Which are in the kit, (took another spare, the same one) says Switzerland, but after 2x refills on the work with almost rotten aspen already requires a file, I do not understand?

Answer: There are no spare chains! They all work. They should be changed one by one with a 180 degree flip of the tire after each work with the chainsaw.

Question: I have a STIHL MS 180 chain saw with a 35 cm guide bar and when I cut a tree I can’t cut it into logs.к. I almost went around and there wasn’t enough length for a new bar. So I was wondering if I could get a 40cm bar with a new chain? The store said it would not pull the motor. Is the bar technically and practically a good fit for the STIHL 180??

Answer: Stilev 40cm. It will do just fine. A 180 with this bar will do the job, just take it slow and without pushing. And use a little better oil for lubrication (polypter, like transmission). There is not always enough clearance, and with a long bar. especially.

Question: I started the STIHL 180 chainsaw. The chain turned out to be blunt, so in order not to waste time on sharpening, I decided just to replace the chain with a new one (it was in stock). After taking off the old one, I was unpleasantly surprised by a very noticeable play in the joints, along the chain (play is about half a millimeter). STIHL chain. It is not very long in service (I sharpened it 4 times with a file), I can sharpen the teeth even more. Can the chain be operated with this play. Or does it pull the whole set with it? ?

Answer: If the length of the chain tensioner screw is long enough for normal tensioning, you can. Otherwise the length of that screw would be much shorter. And the reason for the rapid stretching of the chain is one of three. Insufficient chain lubrication, chain is stretched too much, chain from a bad batch of chains.

Question: Which chains other than the original Stihl chain I can fit on my STIHL MS180 chain saw, bar 14? To fit in both width and other parameters. oil supply, etc. п. everything was fine?

Answer: Chains from any manufacturer with the following parameters. 50 links, chain pitch 3/8 low profile, drive link thickness 1,3 mm. And already from this variety you choose, which is more suitable in the angle of sharpening, the length of the tooth blade, the device connecting the links (the presence / absence of shock absorbers), etc. п. All these additional parameters have an impact only on performance, comfort and safety of work, but not on the principle possibility of such work.

Question: STIHL 180 power saw. The chain stretches before the teeth wear out. Even a fresh chain has very little room for tensioning, which means it will soon stretch out and be thrown away again? The stroke of the tensioner is about 3cm, of which 2cm is selected, about 1cm of the stroke remains. What can I do?? Sprocket is new, bar 14 is new.

Maybe buy a tire 15? Will stretch chains fit it, or just your own? Chains are both STIHL 50-3/8-13. Really used to have a problem with the oil flow, now fixed it, the oil flow is fine. Or a new chain with normal oil flow will not stretch as much?

Answer: No. Not only the length changes, but also the pitch, will the sprocket wear out faster. Most likely the chain will not stretch as much. Keep an eye on the sharpening.

Question: What is the difference between the STIHL 50 1,3 3/8 63PMC3 and 50 1,3 3/8 63PS3 chains?? Both chains were purchased for the MS-180 14. Do they work interchangeably?? Are there any differences in sharpening??

Answer: The difference is in the shape of the cutting link, the first one has a rounded chipper link, the second one is a more productive chipper link. Chains are interchangeable. You can use the same tool to sharpen and straighten the PS3 chain as you do for the PMC3.

Question: I own a STIHL Ls 180 chain saw, it’s my first chainsaw, and it has been in good working order for three years. The work was mostly reduced to the removal and subsequent sawing of fruit trees, mostly old apple trees in the spring and fall, myself and neighbors. Used original STIHL oil. I tried not to overload the chainsaw, but sometimes I had to cut down 2-3 trees with interruptions after the tank is depleted, and once I got an apple tree in winter with a very hard wood, three chains in a row blunted while removed on the machine, though I corrected them with a sharpening device.

Recently the chainsaw started to choke at idle, I found a compression drop. The starter cord was pulled out jerkily, slowly but all. After removing the muffler, I found black residue on the muffler, the gasket and inside the cylinder. One cylinder wall and piston head had vertical bands, compression rings pressed in. Going to replace the rings myself, as well as flush the carburetor and check the integrity of the fuel mixture in the cylinder. Maybe particles of suspended solids, sawdust? Tell me if replacing the compression rings can solve the compression problem in some way?

Answer: I think not. Or just for a little while. But replacing the piston. not ruled out that would help. But without seeing the piston, and especially. Cylinder mirrors are hard to tell. In these engines, it used to happen that a very damaged piston not so badly damaged the mirror and with a little machining with a drill, installing a new piston revived the engine. But the cause of the damage (although again, you can’t say for sure from the description) is possible. overheating. But overheating can be caused by a variety of things. Main. engine leakage or improper carburetor adjustment.

The carburetor can be ruled out, since it is virtually unregulated. Engine leakage is probably unlikely, too. It doesn’t have anything to do with it, it’s not very old. But it is necessary to look. There are a lot of places where it could be loose. That leaves. chemistry. That is. low-quality fuel with horrible m alcohol or acetone. Did not fill with 95? Combustion temperature and detonation properties of such fuel may well give the signs similar to overheating. Yes, overheating as a matter of fact. The thermal regime of this engine is very tense. And clean the old piston and treat the grooves for the rings. No need, anyway there will be some irregularities, where particles of soot will gradually get.

Question: My STIHL ms 180 chain saw does not start normally but stops after a minute at idle and if I tilt it with the guide bar down (without tilting it sideways) the chain starts rotating (it revs fast enough). I understand that somewhere is an air leak, there is no service center nearby. Where would you recommend to look first?