How to Change the Head on a Gasoline Lawn Mower

How to Change the Head on a Gasoline Lawn Mower

A good way to simplify work on a plot of land was to use garden equipment. The hand tool has already exhausted its capabilities, and a lot of multifunctional devices are produced for owners of gardens.

In maintaining a well-groomed appearance of any plot of land provided for under the lawn, it will help lawn mower. To get the right machine, you need to consider several factors.

Ideal Model Specifications

According to the power source, grass cutting machines are divided into electric, gasoline and diesel. Gasoline models are most popular on the market because of the maximum set of advantages in comparison with analogues. They are divided into self-propelled and non-self-propelled.

One of the main advantages of a gasoline unit is the ability to work for a long time and process large areas. This is beyond the power of electric models.

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Devices running on gasoline are characterized by high power. You can choose a lawn mower with two-stroke or four-stroke engine. The cycle is the movement of the working piston in one of the directions.

In push-pull models this movement is up or down. At this time, compression and expansion occurs. At the same time, fuel is introduced and exhaust gases are released.

In four-stroke models a separate measure is used for each of the listed actions. The main differences are expressed in the fact that two-stroke engines have a liter and specific power more than four-stroke ones. Wherein fuel consumption of the second option is more economical up to 30%.

In addition, such a design will reduce the noise level from the device, increase environmental friendliness and extend the life of the device. Push-pull models are significantly easier to maintain because of their simple design.

The lawnmower engine can be located front or rear. The rear engine will provide the unit with greater maneuverability.

Self-propelled mowers mean that there is a drive on the wheels and the operator only needs to direct the machine in the right direction to achieve a result. Such models are usually equipped with a gearbox, which allows you to control the speed of movement.

If the device is not self-propelled, then some efforts must be made to move it around the site. In this case, the cutting mechanism is powered by an engine. The advantage of this mower is that all the power of the motor is spent on the main task. mowing grass. Such a device is best purchased for small areas.

If you examine in more detail how to choose a self-propelled gasoline lawn mower, you can determine that they divided into rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. For areas with a flat surface and no pronounced relief rear wheel mowers.

Front wheel drive differ in greater maneuverability. Therefore, they are used in areas with a lot of interference and bumps.

Manufacturers use fuel tanks of various volumes for their products. When choosing this indicator should also take into account fuel consumption. Then it will be possible to choose exactly the device that can process the site available to the buyer without refueling.

The easiest way to use mowers with an automatic start system. It is enough to press a button, and the engine is started, and the device is ready for operation.

Cutting Width Depends on the size of the mower. The wider it is, the faster you can process the entire plot. Such a machine is deprived of the opportunity to cut grass in tight places, on paths between flower beds and in aisles.

Therefore, it is worth choosing a wide model if the site is flat, without similar obstacles. The mower with an average mowing width will be universal.

The best view of the lawn is provided by a lawn mower equipped with sharp knives. Such a machine will carefully cut the plants, leaving the lawn green and well-groomed.

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After this treatment, the lawn may turn yellow and the lawn will lose its fresh appearance.

Mower selection criteria

Before the final choice, you should find out some facts about the site for which the purchase is made, and about the mower itself:

  • Grass characteristics: for cutting lawn grass, you can use a device of lower power than for cutting field grass and shrubs.
  • Lawn pitch: the wheeled device is suitable for a site with a small angle of inclination, and it is better to use a gas trimmer on a lawn with a large inclination.
  • Lot size: The larger the area, the more powerful the mower should be. The same applies to the volume of the fuel tank and grass catcher.

Comfort of use

For convenience, it is better to choose a model of a lawn mower equipped with soft-coated control handles. This feature significantly reduces the load on the hands by minimizing vibration.

Using such a device, you can not feel tired in your hands for a long time.

To adjust the cutting height, manufacturers use different systems. It is better to choose a device with central adjustment. This will save the operator from having to adjust each wheel separately.

The handle of such a system is usually located on the panel for easy access.

Noise reduction systems, which are equipped with many models will also allow you to work in a larger Forte and not annoy others with loud sounds.

An additional function of a garden vacuum cleaner is inherent in many varieties of lawn mowers, thanks to the special design of the cutting knives and deck.

The quick movement of the knives creates a powerful stream of air, which raises cut grass, small twigs and fallen leaves from the lawn into the grass catcher.

Enhanced cross-country ability have models with large rear wheels. This feature allows them to overcome small obstacles on the way. It is better if these wheels are made on the basis of ball bearings. This design is the most durable, and its course is smooth and soft.

In the case when the operator releases the throttle, the engine instantly stops working. This will prevent injury and damage to the device in the event of an unforeseen situation.

Disposal of cut grass

Many modern models combine several options for using cropped grass. The simplest thing is dumping directly onto the lawn. It is carried out backwards or sideways. This procedure allows you to cut the entire lawn without stopping.

To get a neat lawn, the waste will have to be removed with a hand tool.

The second option is grass catcher application. It is made of plastic, soft, durable nylon, or a combination of soft and hard materials.

It is more practical to use a plastic container. It can be easily emptied and washed with a stream of water from a hose.

The third option is using the mulching function. The process consists in the use of additional equipment provided with the mower.

By installing a plug in the discharge hole, you can use grass as a natural fertilizer.

Mulching knives they will chop the scraps to a state of dust and, right in the direction of travel, they will bring them into the soil. This procedure will heal the lawn naturally, without the use of chemical fertilizers.

In combination with mulching it is better to use aerators and scarifiers. This way you can achieve the best nutrition of plant roots and in the future get the perfect green lawn.

How to navigate prices

Lawn Mower Cost depends on the available set of basic and additional functions, as well as on various indicators of its work.

The cost of a gas trimmer can be from 2500 rubles. And the price of a lawn mower reaches up to 35,000. Raiders or mini-tractors are more expensive, which, in addition to mowing, are endowed with many other functions.

In addition, the cost is influenced by the material of manufacture, country of origin, brand popularity in the market and other factors.

How to choose the right brand of lawn mower

Choosing the brand of lawn mowers, you need to consider the fact that the main component of the device is the engine.

There are several manufacturers who make power units for garden equipment.

One of the most popular among them is the product of an American company. Briggs & Stratton. Usually these are four-stroke engines with power from 3 to 6 liters. with. This brand has established itself worldwide as a manufacturer of internal combustion engines.

Another famous manufacturer is Japanese Honda A large margin of safety and excellent engine life made lawn mowers with such an engine very popular in the market of garden equipment. In addition, this company also produces lawn mowers under its own brand.

Among high-quality power units can be distinguished Minarelli, Tecumzeh, Lombardini, Minsel. They develop power up to 7 liters. with. and provide the device with a long, reliable operation.

Among the popular imported models can be noted Japanese Makita, Swedish Husqvarna, American Partner. The models of the company Craftsman and Bosch were widely used in the Russian market. The last two brands are leaders in the ranking of gardening equipment of this class.

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Domestic manufacturers on the market of garden equipment are represented by the plants LLC Sadovaya Technika Caliber, ZAO Interskol, Energomash, Enkor, ZAO Zubr OVK, Profer.

Before buying, you should make sure that the manufacturer has a service center near the buyer. If there is none, even the smallest repair can be a big problem due to the lack of components and specialists.

In conclusion, let’s watch a video showing an overview of gasoline lawn mowers:

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