How To Change The Line In The Trimmer And Which One Is Better To Choose?

Since we considered the choice of the trimmer in the previous article, today we will tell you how to trim the trimmer with the fishing line, and which one is better to choose based on the working conditions.

After you have bought a trimmer and began to use it actively, sooner or later the question of replacing the fishing line will arise, since this is the most wearing element in the tool, intensive use of the trimmer will lead to frequent replacement of consumables.

What types of woods are?

The most common type of line that fits almost all types of reels is a round cord. It is a simple fishing line, suitable for mowing juicy grass, but it will be much more difficult to mow dead wood, and even more so it will not cope with shrubs.

As a rule, the diameter with which to mow young grass does not exceed 1.6 mm. The thicker the thread, the coarser the grass it can overcome.

There are fishing lines with sharp edges in the form of an asterisk or a square, this option is more adapted to mowing dry grass just due to the existing sharp edges, but the disadvantage of it is more wear and strength, and it is inferior to a round cord.

There are lines with improved aerodynamics with characteristic dents, scales, and notches, a similar product makes less noise, but is used only on trimmer since the exit of such a thread from the coil is difficult, it is most often used with discs in which segments are inserted. The disadvantage of this product is its fragility.

Most often in gasoline trimmers with an engine capacity of more than 1.5 hp apply cords with metal cable inside. This thread is ideal for mowing dry grass and small shrubs. The presence of the core has a positive effect on the durability of this material. The disadvantage of such a cord is its price, which is significantly higher than the opponents listed.

How to fill the line in the trimmer reel?

To wind the line, it will take about 10-15 minutes. What is the trimmer reel? Plastic case with a cassette inside, which has a special hook for easy winding of fishing line. Practically all trimmer spools have a similar mounting principle. It is the central screw-button when pressed, it becomes possible to extend the fishing line of the required length. The photo below shows a few examples of different trimmer spools.

Trim reels, the motor of which is located on the ground, have a different attachment to the axis of rotation, they have two buttons on the coil located on the sides that need to be pressed, otherwise, the replacement of the thread is no different from other tapes.

The principle of the correct winding of the fishing line is similar in all the above cases; therefore, for example, consider the standard version with two antennae.

To remove the reel with the fishing line, you need to unscrew the screw located in the center, but note that there is a left thread there, so you have to turn it clockwise, this was done intentionally so that during operation it does not open under the influence of centrifugal force.

Next, using a screwdriver, disassemble the head and remove the reel, which is directly wound fishing line. Having measured the required length and folded in half, you need to fill the line in the coil, removing; as a result, its ends opposite each other (for this there are special slots for fixation).

After that, it is necessary to assemble the head in the reverse order, passing the ends of the cord into two corresponding holes.