How to Charge a String into a Lawn Mower

Creating a beautiful lawn and maintaining it in order is not an easy task. And to make it easier, you need a reliable assistant. a lawn mower. There are many good and different models on sale. And although everyone has the same purpose, in a number of parameters they differ from each other. Let’s try to figure them out.

Lawn mower

What are lawn mowers?

By the way of moving lawn mowing machines are divided into:

  • manual (trimmers) that are held in hand when mowing,
  • wheeled hand, which you need to carry on the lawn,
  • self-propelled.

By type of drive motor distinguish mechanical, gasoline and electric lawn mowers.

Mechanical Wheel Mowers easy to operate, it does not need electricity or gasoline, but significant muscular effort is needed. They are environmentally friendly, silent and allow you to adjust the height of mowing the grass. The cutting mechanism is a cylindrical knife driven by wheels. Such a tool is good for caring for a young lawn, as the low speed of rotation of the knife prevents pulling out grass with a fragile root system.

Mechanical Wheel Mower

And we will consider gasoline and electric lawn mowers below.


Hand Lawn Mowers (trimmers) fit for regular lawn mowing in a small area even with an uneven surface, as they can mow at any angle. The trimmer is a holder bar, at the lower end of which is a cutting device with fishing line. And with high power. additionally with a circular knife. The mower hangs on a belt on the operator’s shoulder, literally making it easier for him to work.


Trimmer can be equipped electric or gasoline engine. Electric is located on the lower or upper end of the rod, and gasoline. only on the upper.

A protective cover limits the mowing edge and protects the legs of the mower from injury. During operation, the left hand holds the handle of the bar (adjusting, if necessary, the height of mowing the grass), and the right hand holds the handle with the engine control button.


The main advantage of trimmers. the ability to mow grass in uneven areas and close to bushes and trees. But maintain the same mowing height at the same time will not work.

Electric trimmers

The electric trimmer is powered by a household power outlet. To his merits can include:

  • light weight
  • environmental friendliness (there are no exhaust gases and noise).

Disadvantages of the electric trimmer:

  • binding to a network (outlet),
  • the presence of a stable voltage,
  • forever disturbing cable on the lawn
  • low power.

And the cable itself has a limited length: you can’t squint far from home.

Electric trimmer

Battery Trimmer. the same as the electric one, but the engine does not work from the outlet, so you can mow at any distance from the house. This is his basic convenience. However, the mowing area is determined by the capacity of the battery.

Petrol trimmers

The gas trimmer is designed to work in large areas. Therefore, it is especially in demand by summer residents, and owners of country estates, and workers in urban utilities. However, working with it requires some preparation.

Petrol trimmer

This type of lawn mower is distinguished by an enviable mobility, increased power and practicality. It can be used for mowing not only lawn grass, but also weeds and bushes. And professional models are able to cut stems up to one and a half centimeters thick.

However, even with a small fuel tank, such an assembly:

  • weighs quite a lot,
  • requires a mixture of gasoline with oil,
  • pollutes the environment with exhaust fumes,
  • makes a noise.

But it can work in any weatherat.

The convenience of mowing grass with a trimmer is determined by several points, and one of them is the location of the engine.

Trimmers engine bottom on sale a lot. Most often they rechargeable low power. They overheat quickly, so they require frequent interruptions in work. Protection against moisture and mechanical stress is poor. They cannot work on morning dew and immediately after rain, otherwise a short circuit may occur.
Engine Trimmer

Trimmers engine top more practical, more balanced and more powerful, require less mowing effort, and therefore more comfortable in operation. They have good cooling (less overheating), and, therefore, greater performance.

How to Charge a String into a Lawn Mower

Engine Top Trimmer

Among the trimmers with an upper engine, I especially want to highlight knapsacks. Their engines are secured behind their backs (like a schoolbag), which significantly reduces the load on the hands and much less restricts movement.

Knapsack petrol trimmer

A nice trimmer option is anti-vibration system. It allows you to reduce the vibration load on the shoulders and hands, protects the arms and back of the mower.

Powerful gas trimmers to reduce the burden on the hands equipped with ergonomic handle, similar to a bicycle wheel. On the right handle are buttons to control the operation of the tool. When buying a trimmer, make sure that the handle and button layout on it are comfortable for you.

Comfortable bicycle handle

Undoubtedly, a well-groomed and beautiful lawn is the pride of every summer resident. And each of whom knows firsthand that achieving such a result is quite difficult, takes a lot of time, and the waste is quite large. So what to do? After all, I want so much that my lawn looked no worse than that of a neighbor.

Video: How to Charge a String into a Lawn Mower

Well, that day has come when you can enjoy your country house, but here a different question arises regarding the landscaping of the plot. First you need to get the seeds of the lawn grass, which will most suit your needs and preferences. The second point is both planting and growing landscaping painstakingly and carefully caring for him.

After your grass has grown, it requires very careful care in order to be able to be an “ornament” of your lawn. You may ask: how to do this? Everything is very simple! For this kind of manipulation you need to purchase a high-quality and versatile lawn mower, through which you will have the opportunity to keep your site clean and tidy always.

If you are new to this issue and have never used this kind of tool before, and you don’t have any idea how to choose the right and practical mechanism, then this article is for you.

Since here you can get all the necessary information regarding what you first need to pay attention to when buying a device, and we will also take a look at each type of lawn mower, in particular, aspects of choosing one or another type.

How to choose a lawn mower

First of all, it is worth noting that there are gardeners who prefer to use gasoline manual lawn mowers trimmers when working with the lawn. But there is one caveat that these landlords apparently don’t know about, which is that this kind of device does its job perfectly, it is unconditional, but it is intended for mowing weed grass, but not for lawn.

Since this mechanism you can not achieve a beautiful and accurate result. over, the trimmer can cause damage to the grass itself, especially if it “touches” the soil under it, and this is inevitable in most cases.

By clicking on this link you will easily find the user manual for the Druzhba 4 chainsaw, which should not be neglected.

The power of the MTZ 80 tractor is much higher compared to previous models from this manufacturer, which is its undeniable advantage. Only here //, we will provide you with reliable information about this transport.

Therefore, if you are a conscientious host, and want your site to look beautiful and well-groomed, in this case you will have to, a little say, spend money and buy a good lawn mower in the direction of activity, which will be the care of grass of a lawn nature.

But today we will pay due attention to electric and gasoline lawn mowers and note that they are both manual and self-propelled. I would also like to mention that self-propelled lawn mowers with a seat are perfect for owners of large areas, for more information about this miracle of technology, look here. Actually, let’s figure out which lawn mower to choose for a summer residence and actually what it is worth paying attention to first of all. So let’s get started.

Recommendations for choosing a mower on the video.

Gasoline models

Hand held

Even despite the fact that such devices have a fairly high level of popularity, these tools have peculiar disadvantages, among which we can note: toxic exhaust, high noise figure, and professional service.

But not everything is as bad as you thought, since there are positive aspects to these lawn mowers regarding other devices, namely: convenient start-up of the tool, they have inexpensive models, ease of operation, correct drive arrangement, as well as they are quite practical and reliable.

over, such manual lawn mowers are not particularly demanding regarding maintenance of a technical nature. over, if you are “wise” about your lawn mower and correctly distribute the load precisely during its operation, then in this case it will be able to serve you for more than a dozen years.

It is also important that if you need a gas mower, which one is not easy to choose, must first of all fully meet all your needs. As soon as you decide on them, it will immediately become easier for you to actually determine the model itself. You must consider exactly what area the machine will need to process. For example, there are special gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers for tall grass, which are ideal for working on overgrown areas, or rotary mowers.

Another important point is that if your site has a large number of shrubs, lawns, trees and other, let’s say, obstacles “for the device, then in this case you should also” emphasize “the maneuverability of the mechanism.

Take a look at the video features of choosing a lawn mower.


Many landowners are interested in questions: what should be a self-propelled gasoline mower, how to choose, the price of the device also does not leave without due attention. Now we will try to provide you with all the necessary information regarding the choice of such a mechanism. So.

over of no small importance in this case is the width of the wheels themselves. However, there are also features of such a choice, because if your lawn has a decorative direction, in this case the large wheels will simply take the grass during the operation of the device, so it’s more advisable to choose small and wide wheels. There are different variations of gasoline lawn mowers on wheels, which we will talk about in this article.

The next thing you should focus on is the engine, namely its power, as this feature directly affects both the performance of this device and the quality of the direct haircut.

You must remember that the more power the engine has, the more beautiful and accurate the work will be performed, over, the quality also depends on the speed that the engine can “accelerate”.

Below you will find the main points that you need to pay attention to when choosing and buying this kind of irreplaceable tool. So:

  • motor power;
  • herbs collection should have such a design that would allow its easy cleaning and easy removal;
  • wheel size (thickness, diameter);
  • knife design;
  • type of starter (battery, electric, manual);
  • adjustment of the height of the grass mowing;
  • cost.

Electric Lawn Mower

Manual model

First of all, what I would like to draw your attention to is that manual electric lawn mowers are suitable exclusively for those areas where there are not a large number of stones and potholes, and the land is rich in chic green grass, which actually needs to be brought in, as they say in order.

There is no doubt that such a mower on such a site will perform its work smoothly and efficiently. But many owners wonder: how to choose an electric lawn mower for a summer residence?

However, let’s now actually talk about the very choice of this kind of device. Since, knowing all the necessary nuances that you need to pay attention to, you can make the right choice of a tool in your direction without any problems.

It is also important that, for example, unlike motocross, such devices can be used exclusively for cutting low grass, because if the growth of grass is too high, then this device in this area simply can not move.

Naturally, the power available to mowers of this direction cannot be left without due attention. In addition, when choosing a tool you should carefully study what height of the grass one or another model can mow, as well as the bevel width.

It is worth noting that in most cases the lowest height indicator that this type of mower can “take” is 20 mm, and the highest is not more than 75 mm.

In addition, during the selection you must be prepared for the fact that her can not be used when it rains, the manipulation itself will be carried out in a radius that allows you to install directly the cord that is connected directly to the outlet, and also such devices have a certain time range of work.

Self-propelled device

First of all, it is worth noting that this kind of tool is best suited for areas that are quite large in size. One of the best units in this series is the Makita self-propelled electric lawn mower, click here and you will find out the main reasons why this particular device deserves your attention.

But naturally, the cost of such equipment is quite high. However, if you decide to lay out a tidy sum for the unit, you need to know what it is worth starting from in the process of choosing a mechanism. Namely:

  • from case material (plastic, metal). It is important to note that the first type is more reliable in that it is not subject to corrosion, but it is very fragile with respect to damage. Also plastic makes the device light, what is not unimportant in working with him;
  • knives. they can have any shape, so here is at your discretion;
  • grass catcher. it should be convenient, easy to remove and clean;
  • motor power. the higher the grass, the more power should be greater;
  • the width of the grip itself. the wider it is, the more productive and better the work is done.

Aspects of choosing an electric lawn mower on video.


In fact, lawn mowers have become simply indispensable for most of us, so it is not surprising that the modern market has such a huge number of different models. Undoubtedly, these tips will greatly facilitate the process of choosing the “iron assistant” you need. If the processing volume of this mower is too small for you, can it make sense to see something more powerful? Read the article that describes the mower for the neva mb 2 tiller.