How to Check Anchor And Stator Angle Grinder

Checking the anchor angle grinder with a tester. possible diagnostic results

Among the most common causes of equipment failure, the most common interturn closure of the anchor is an angle grinder. It can be detected. ringing. with the help of a tester. A multimeter is an electrical measuring device that includes the functions of an ammeter, voltmeter and ohmmeter. They can not only check the presence of interturn closure in the winding of an angle grinder, but also measure the resistance between the lamellas. A simpler device is a tester. Checking with it the anchor of the angle grinder, you can detect malfunctions caused by a short circuit.

how to check the anchor and stator angle grinder

How to ring an anchor with a multimeter?

To complete this procedure, you will need a measuring power tool and tools to disassemble the device. How to ring an anchor with a multimeter. instructions:

  1. Prepare a work surface. There should be enough space to position the necessary tools and parts removed from the device.
  2. Disassemble the angle grinder and remove the anchor.
  3. Clean the part from dirt and dust.
  4. Using the recommendations in the presented video, you can independently ring the anchor with a multimeter.

At the initial stage of diagnosis, the value of the measuring device is set at 200 kOhm. If your multimeter does not have such a scale, then you can limit it to 20 kOhm. For anchor ringing, one probe of the measuring device is applied to the mass, and the second is touched to each of the plates. If no indicators appear on the scale of the analog multimeter or digital screen, most likely there is an interturn circuit in the armature winding. You can accurately diagnose the problem with the help of a special device that is available at professional locksmiths.

Features of checking the anchor angle grinder tester

The diagnostic procedure will help to accurately determine the malfunction of the motor part. An instrument, which is available in the arsenal of tools of many amateur electricians, will allow you to check the anchor of an angle grinder with a tester. Using the tester, you can check not only the anchors of the grinders, but also the stator windings of other electric motors. In the video below, you can see one of such home-made measuring instruments in action.

Video: How to Check Anchor And Stator Angle Grinder

When the tester is connected to the network, the indicator lights up. A red light without applying technical equipment to the anchor means that the device is ready to perform a test. The working active surface of the measuring device has two points of contact with the investigated. One of them is a generator coil, the second is a coil of communication curls. During the check of the anchor, the angle grinder with a tester should substitute this surface to the groove under study. Make sure that the sensors do not extend beyond the armature plates at the same time on both sides.

If the electric component is working properly or rewound, then during its testing by the tester opposite to each of the grooves the indicator will light up in green. If there is a malfunction in the anchor of an angle grinder, in particular, an inter-turn circuit, a red light will be indicated on the indicator of the device at its location. Be careful when performing the diagnostic procedure to ensure that the surfaces touch correctly when checking the armature of an angle grinder with a tester. It should not be excluded from the causes of the failure of the angle grinder mechanical damage that can be seen visually without ringing with a multimeter. They can be both significant and small. You may notice a breakdown during inspection by disassembling the angle grinder. It is necessary to diagnose such malfunctions before checking the armature for an interturn circuit.

If you do not have the experience of disassembling a power tool or preparing to work with measuring instruments for ringing an anchor with a multimeter and are not confident in your own strengths, do not interfere with the design of an angle grinder. Do not experiment, so as not to damage the angle grinder. In this case, to find out the cause of a power tool breakdown and perform an anchor check, the angle grinder with a tester is better to contact a service center or qualified locksmiths who specialize in equipment repair.

What problems in the operation of the device can be detected when checking the anchor of an angle grinder with a tester

If you have sufficient knowledge to perform the proper disassembly of a power tool, in some cases you will be able to diagnose the cause of a device failure yourself. Checking the anchor angle grinder with a tester for inter-turn closure will allow you to determine further actions regarding the detection of malfunctions or repair of equipment. If the part is not damaged, but the tool still does not work, contact qualified personnel for help. Check the anchor angle grinder tester allowed to accurately detect the cause of equipment failure? Repair of equipment with the necessary tools can be performed independently in such cases:

  • winding damaged in the upper visible layers can be tried to solder. Such an anchor will serve for some more time. After sealing, it must be checked or ring with a multimeter;
  • with interturn circuit, rewinding of the winding or replacement of the armature is required.

Breakdown diagnostics and repair of the angle grinder can be carried out under voltage. Turn this work over to professionals for your own safety.