How to Choose a Circular Saw Disc

How to Choose a Circular Saw Disc

Circular saws. a manual tool with which you can make a transverse and longitudinal section of different materials. The main structural element of such a tool is a metal disk with cutting teeth along the edges.

Classification of circulars

All circular saws on the market can be divided according to their purpose.

Among them:

  • Models used for cutting metal. (Also used in miter saws);
  • Used for cross cutting wood;
  • Circular saws for longitudinal rails of wood;
  • Models used for cutting board materials, including laminate.

Any circular circular saw can relate to models with different depths of cut.

Among the huge range offered by manufacturers, four types stand out:

  • Small saws, in which the depth of cut is from 4 to 4.6 centimeters;
  • The average depth is cut with a distance of 5-5.5 centimeters;
  • Large depth cut from 6.5 to 7 centimeters;
  • Saws of a professional level, in which the depth of cut is 6.5-14 centimeters.

Scope of use and main parameters

Circular saws, small and medium in depth of cut, belong to the class of manual equipment, which has sufficient maneuverability and convenience. At the same time, such circular saws have a small power, therefore they do not differ in high productivity.

Saws with a large depth of cut are more professional equipment, which is why they are used in small enterprises, woodworking shops.

Hand saws are one of the most popular tools on the market. It is the depth of cut that is the main parameter that you pay attention to when buying a product.

You should never rush into a choice, the same depth of cut is not yet an indicator that the selected tool can cope with the task.

The second main indicator is the power of the power unit inside the saw structure. Product performance depends on this parameter.

In third place in terms of basic parameters is the rotational speed of the disk for circular. Sawing solid materials is necessary with a tool with this indicator as high as possible.

How to make a circular saw blade?

A saw blade is called a tool for a circular saw, which is used to cut workpieces from different materials.

The main material for the manufacture is chrome vanadium steel or high speed. Molybdenum and tungsten are added to the composition of the metal of the instrument, which give the necessary strength. Such CV or HSS discs are marked.

Metal cutting

Such metal is not fragile, but there are more carbide materials on which the marking of the vehicle is. The design of such discs more than half consists of chrome vanadium steel, the teeth are made of tungsten carbide.

In the process of manufacturing parts they are soldered to the main part of the disk. Such a circular disk will last ten times longer than a regular steel disk.

There are circular saw blades with diamond segments that are attached to the main part using laser welding.

Such products are distinguished by high strength and the ability to use them for cutting durable materials, for example, concrete or natural stone.

Circular disks are made of different thicknesses, from 0.7 to 2.8 millimeters, it all depends on what thickness the cut needs to be done.

Different models of tools differ in shape, length, angle of inclination and type of wiring of the teeth.

The most commonly used tooth types are:

  1. Trapezoid
  2. Divorced
  3. Multidirectional
  4. With straight side profile

The load on the cutting part also depends on the position of the teeth, for example, it is distributed evenly in multidirectional ones, while in divorced ones the load is greater at the ends.

What circular saw blades are there?

In production and in everyday life, discs of different types are used. Between themselves, they differ not only in the material of manufacture, the position of the teeth, but also in the scope of use.

All products on the market can be divided into 4 types:

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Stone disc

Models used when working with brick, tile, granite and other solid materials. On the cutting edge of such products, there is often diamond brazing., which allows you to quickly cope with any density material.

When the saw is working with such a tool, it is necessary to take breaks so that the nozzle cools down. The wet saw blades have no teeth, and there is soldering along the entire edge.

Wet saw blade, marbled

The diamond layer can reach 5.5 millimeters in height. Such accessories are used in the professional field, for long operation. Cooling is due to the supplied fluid.

Circular saw blade for wood

This type of product is used when working with lumber or solid wood. They, in turn, also differ, but in the operations that they perform.

Wood saw blade for circular saw

There are disks of this type for quick cutting of wood. They differ from others in a small number of teeth, which gives a rough cut. There are also products on the market for a clean cut, on the edges of which there are many small teeth and for longitudinal cutting with large teeth.

If the cut is supposed to be done across the workpiece, then use a disk with small teeth. There are universal products, on the edges of which there are small and large teeth. With their help, you can do any woodwork without changing the tool.

For metal

This model is used for working with metal, including pipes, profiles, fittings and so on. They differ in the type of material that they will process.

If the disk is used in the design of the saw without liquid cooling, then there will be slits in its body, which will compensate for the injected temperature.

For plastic

Use such equipment when working on plastic, fiberglass or metal plastic. The teeth on such products have a negative sharpening angle, therefore, it is possible to make a neat cut even for small parts. Some snap-ins of this type are used as a laminate disk, chipboard or fiberboard.

Saw blade on plastic, laminate, aluminum

During operation, sharp equipment must be used. Damaged or already blunted tools become jammed in the product and, consequently, block the motor.

It is impossible to prevent exceeding the maximum mode of use for the saw, this applies to a greater extent to the speed of rotation. To snap last longer you need to constantly clean it from the remnants of sawn material.

How to choose

Not everyone knows how to choose a product so that it copes with the task with high quality.

To choose the right disk for circulars, it is important to know the basic parameters that you will need to focus on during the work.

Among the main parameters, we highlight:

  1. The diameter of the disk. It can range from 13 to 50 centimeters. The larger the diameter, the larger the workpiece can process the tool.
  2. Landing diameter. This size is always indicated in millimeters and the product is selected according to it in accordance with the size of the saw. Among the most popular wood tools, sizes with an indicator of 16, 20 and 22 millimeters, for an angle grinder 22.2 millimeters, and for end equipment 20, 22, 24 and 30 millimeters.
  3. The number of segments. It can vary 10-150 pieces. The accuracy of the cut will depend on the number of teeth, the more of them, the better.

It is worth paying attention to the thickness of the equipment, especially if it is supposed to work with dense material. In products in which the thickness is greater, the cutting ability lasts longer. If it is necessary that less material is eaten from the product with a snap, then it is necessary to choose a thin disk.

What you need to know when choosing miter saws

It is better to take products from well-known manufacturers who have already established themselves in the consumer market. Such equipment will not let you down, but their only disadvantage is their cost.

How to remove the snap

Not many who use such units know how to remove the disc from the circular saw, but the time comes when replacement becomes inevitable. But to shoot, in fact, is not difficult, the main thing is to know the basic rules.

No special equipment is needed for this; on some models, the equipment is unscrewed in the direction of disk rotation.

In order to remove the disc, you need to take a wrench of a suitable size and unscrew the nut that holds the disc in the saw structure. It is necessary to do this when the equipment is turned off, as safety equipment is glossy and this is quite reasonable.

Circular Saw Disc Replacement Example

The shift process takes only a few minutes, even an inexperienced worker can make a change. There is no need to perform unnecessary actions when changing.

Changing a circular saw blade in four steps:

  1. Unscrew the nuts.
  2. Remove the saw blade from the support.
  3. Install a new product.
  4. Tighten the nuts in place.

It is recommended to replace the snap immediately, as soon as it is dull. Working with bad disks will lead not only to breakage of the saw and damage to the workpiece, but also to a violation of safety precautions.

The presence of defects will become the main reason because of which the snap gets stuck in the material and it will not be so easy to pull it out.