How to Choose a Lawn Mow For Garden

What characteristics to look for before choosing a trimmer

If you are the owner of your own plot of land, then you will certainly be faced with the question of how to better, more convenient and faster to cut grass on it. Whether it is a neat lawn, a lawn for children’s games or a wasteland overgrown with weeds, a trimmer or, in other words, a lawn mowing will help you in this matter. Today, almost all the most well-known manufacturers of gardening equipment have gasoline, electric and battery trimmers in their line for all occasions. How to understand this variety and choose the right model without overpaying too much? This article will help you with this. Here the main features of the lawn mowing will be considered and the scope of their application will be shown.

Any trimmer has four main components. This is the engine, the rod, the handle and the working element, which directly mows the grass. Let us consider in detail each of the elements so that you can understand what features of the trimmer are fundamental for your choice.

The trimmer can receive energy for operation from a gasoline or electric engine. If you plan to use the lawn mowing on a small lawn for mowing soft grass, you will have enough electric model. the trimmer is great for beginners and is convenient for short-term household use from time to time. Electric models are very easy to maintain, light in weight and do not produce strong noise and exhaust fumes. The trimmer with an electric motor can work from a network or from the accumulator. The advantage of working from the network is that the trimmer is always ready to work, just plug it into an ordinary 220 V outlet. To work with a cordless lawn mowing, you first need to charge the battery. If you forgot or were too lazy to do this in advance, then immediately starting to work with the device will not work. But the battery model allows you to freely move around the cultivated area without fear of overtightening the wire. The possibility of autonomous work is especially important if your site has trees, flower beds, garden furniture and ornamental shrubs. In order not to touch them with a wire and not constantly think about their movement, it is convenient to work with a cordless trimmer.

Gas trimmers are generally much more powerful than electric lawn mowers. All professional trimmer models are manufactured specifically with a gasoline engine to provide sufficient power, efficiency and battery life. But there is a large selection of domestic gasoline lawn mowers. They will be useful in the summer cottage, in the garden, and in the private household. The benzotrimmer can be equipped with a two-stroke or four-stroke engine. For the user, the fundamental difference is which fuel to fill in the tank. Two-stroke engines run on a mixture of gasoline and engine oil. Therefore, in order to refuel, it is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture. The proportion of gasoline and oil is 50: 1. It is much more convenient to refuel with a four-stroke engine trimmer. Pure gasoline is immediately poured into the fuel tank. However, lawn mowers with a four-stroke engine are much less common in the line of any manufacturer. Also, if you want to buy a gas trimmer, pay attention to whether the model you like has an easy start system: primer, decompression valve, air damper. These options greatly facilitate and accelerate the start of work with the device.

The trimmer bar can be straight or curved. The curved type of bar is often used on simple household models and allows you to conveniently work on a flat lawn surface. To perform more complex work, it is better to purchase a straight-bar trimmer. Both straight and curved rods can also be detachable, telescopic or integral (integral). The split bar will allow you to quickly and without the use of additional tools to divide the trimmer into two parts to compactly store and transport the tool. Such a bar is often installed on simple household models for mowing the lawn. The split bar is also mounted on a multi-tool. This allows you to attach to the part of the trimmer where the engine is located, various working tools from the line of the same company. Instead of a trimmer head, you can equip such a lawn mowing head with a brush cutter or chain saw to expand its functionality. The telescopic boom can be adjusted in length according to the growth of the operator and helps to compactly store the trimmer when folded. All these options are very convenient for domestic use. Professional models of trimmers, to which high demands are placed on reliability and durability, are most often equipped with a direct integral bar. Since a professional tool is operated intensively and in difficult conditions, there should not be any elements on it that could potentially fail with such a tough use.

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For comfortable work, it is very important how the trimmer handle is arranged. After all, the position of the hands of the operator during operation depends on this. Models that are produced for domestic use in a small area, usually have a fairly short duty cycle, so the shape of the handle does not have much time to affect the degree of operator fatigue. Here, more requirements are imposed on the compactness of the handle and its position on the rod. Most often, household models of trimmers are equipped with a D-shaped handle, which is in a fixed position or having the ability to adjust. For a short haircut lasting 20-30 minutes, this is enough. powerful models, designed for frequent and prolonged use, are usually equipped with a U-shaped handle, which is often called a bicycle-type handle. This allows you to reduce user fatigue during prolonged use and comfortably control the process, since the main control nodes are usually concentrated on such a handle.

How to Choose a Lawn Mow For Garden

Finally, the working element of the trimmer. His choice depends on the type of vegetation with which you have to work. On the trimmer, you can install the head with fishing line (cord), trimmer knife or disc. The standard equipment for lawn mowers most often includes a trimmer head with fishing line. This is a great option for lawn care. Fishing line can have a different thickness and cross section. The thicker the fishing line, the more coarse vegetation it can cut. The cord section may be round, square or star-shaped. The last two have a higher cutting ability and are designed to work with weed grass, a circular cross section is used for mowing lawns. There is a type of braided cord, where two fishing lines with a circular cross section are twisted together. It also increases the strength of the cord and allows you to work with weeds.

A knife and a disk are sometimes included in the configuration of lawn mowers, but more often they have to be purchased separately if necessary. They can cope not only with coarse stems of weeds, but also with shrubs and even small trees. The trimmer knife most often has three teeth with sharp sharpening at the ends, which will allow to cut off coarse vegetation. And the principle of operation of the trimmer disc resembles a circular saw, it can remove thin branches or cut thin trunks of young trees.

Now let’s talk about what is important for the convenience of continuous work with the trimmer. Firstly, the instrument must be well balanced. Proper distribution of weight greatly facilitates the work. Today, all trimmers from world famous manufacturers (Honda, Husqvarna, Stihl, Bosch, etc.) have an optimally located center of gravity. Secondly, if we are talking about a model for domestic use, it is better to choose a light-weight model of lawn mowers. After all, people with unprofessional physical training will most likely deal with the tool. If you intend to use the trimmer for a long time and intensively, then take care of the availability of a complete set or the additional purchase of a belt equipment. It reduces the strain on the operator’s arms by distributing the main weight between the back and shoulders. Finally, it’s very good if the model you like in all respects is equipped with an anti-vibration system. After all, vibration negatively affects the joints of the operator and its long-term strong effect on the hands can lead to health problems.

Also take care of your safety during work. Use protective gloves for hands, wear work glasses, and preferably a special mask, clothes with long sleeves and trousers. Shoes should be comfortable during work and fit tightly on the foot.

Now, having learned about the basic parameters and features of the lawn mower, you will certainly make the right choice of tool!