How To Choose A Professional Or Household Gasoline Trimmer?

  • vegetation type for mowing: lawn grass, perennials, shrubs;
  • the area of ​​the site for cutting, relief features;
  • trimmer weight, commensurate with the weight category of the mower;
  • which gasoline engine is preferable to use: two- or four-stroke;
  • view of the cutting tool gasoline unit;
  • what form the handle will be most convenient during the work;
  • the amount of money a person agrees to pay for the instrument.


Trimmers are divided into amateur household and professional, which differ in power, performance, functionality, weight.

When using a household gas trimmer:

The two-stroke gasoline engine trimmer has the following specifications:

    1. Power up to 2 horsepower allows you to mow the grass from a plot of 5-10 acres.
    2. Continuous work of the tool. 20-40 minutes, then the trimmer needs air cooling for 10-15 minutes.
    3. The weight of the device is 2-3 kg, plus the volume of gasoline from 0.5 to 1.5 litres.
    4. Often the household toolbar is curved to mow vegetation in hard to reach places comfortably. A folding system is used to transport the product comfortably
    5. Trim control is located on the bar, access to which is sometimes limited.
    6. Several types of handles are used, you can choose the most convenient option.
    7. The gasoline used to operate a two-stroke engine must be pre-mixed with engine oil, usually in a 1:50 proportion. It is recommended to read the instructions carefully before using the tool. Gasoline and oil are used a certain brand, strictly according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. If you do not comply with the dosage, the trimmer will work a much shorter period.
    8. The design is equipped with two types of cutting tools. a nylon fishing line and a metal circular knife. The thickness of the fishing line is selected depending on the stiffness of grass stalks on the site.

Women and pensioners are better to choose a household gasoline trimmer
Domestic trimmer use mowing mowers: women, pensioners, people with weak health. The price of the tool is almost two times lower than that of professional models.

When is it profitable to use professional models of mowers

The four-stroke gasoline trimmer weighs 5-7 kg, the fuel tank holds 0.5-1.5 litres of gasoline. Separate tanks are provided for mixing oil and fuel, which occurs automatically. To redistribute the weight of the braid, the set of delivery includes straps for fastening the structure on the back. Without experience, a person of average build can mow grass from a plot of 10 acres for 5-6 hours of continuous labour.
Enduring strong-built people can use a professional gasoline trimmer: it is quite challenging to work for several hours in a row, transferring a tool with a weight of 6-10kg.

Professional models created to mow the grass in large areas:

  • harvesting hay in the countryside;
  • upgrading the territory of large enterprises;
  • farm work on the provision of cattle with herbal feeds.

As a cutting tool is used:

  • Kapron fishing line of various thickness and cross section is selected depending on engine power: the more horsepower is concentrated in the motor. the thicker the fishing line is required;
  • plastic knives;
  • metal knives and discs with different number of teeth.

Professional gasoline trimmers suitable for work on large areas.

Features of the use of disks

Cutting tools vary in thickness, diameter, material and structure.

Each type of work corresponds to a certain knife:

  1. The knife with two blades is suitable for mowing young grass with succulent stems.
  2. If the grass is tough with perennials, it is best to use a three-prong tool.
  3. High thickets are better treated with a four prong knife.
  4. eight serrated knives are used for mowing hay, long-term work without interruption.
  5. The 40-prong disc easily bevels not only grassy vegetation but also young growth of trees with a trunk thickness of up to 3 cm.
  6. The most durable disc with 80 teeth can remove a shrub with a branch diameter up to 4 cm.

Professional models of gasoline trimmer are equipped with a protective cover made of impact-resistant material, which serves as an additional guarantee of occupational safety.
For the convenience of mowing, two types of handles are used: U. shaped and D. shaped. The first ones are used in a wide space, and the second ones are convenient if you need to mow in hard to reach places.

Pros of the gasoline trimmer:

  • can be mowed in any hard-to-reach places;
  • ease of management;
  • mowing speed, minimal physical cost;
  • wide selection of models that can satisfy any customer demand.
  • noise during operation;
  • exhaust air pollution;
  • the weight of the structure is beyond the power of many users.