How To Choose An Angle Grinder For Your Home

How to Choose an Angle Grinder for Home Use 10 Key Criteria Which Angle Grinder Should You Choose for Your Home? What parameters should you pay attention to in order to work comfortably? Read the article to find the right tool!


These grinders do not have a motor. The disc spins because the air flow creates pressure on the blades located in the housing. They drive the axis with a circle. Models are equipped with a lever: the air is supplied by pressing it.

Since the tool is lightweight, does not overheat and is able to function as long as the user has enough strength, such an angle grinder can be chosen for difficult construction work.

Other attractive features:

  • The motor of the angle grinder creates almost no additional noise: only sounds from the processing of materials will be heard;
  • Savings in maintenance: replacement of bearings, valves is not expensive;
  • Safe to use in high humidity.

Pneumatics like the 74L214 are a good purchase for use in the construction of a country house, gazebos, furniture manufacturing and other similar work. True, it should be borne in mind that it costs a lot.


Devices that run on gasoline are large in size, since the design, in addition to the engine, is also equipped with a fuel tank. To hold such a massive device, manufacturers supplement the tool with a frame-handle, an additional handle. This type of grinder, like the previous one, makes it possible to cut concrete, stone in places where power is not supplied.

Note: A special circle is needed to cut through hard material.

Why are they good:

  1. Impressive power figures.
  2. The ability to install large drives.
  3. High productivity: cutting large structures takes less time.
  4. Autonomy.
  5. The possibility of refueling allows you to work for a long time.
  6. It is often completed with a stand, which makes it possible to use the device as a cutting machine.
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  • Additional fuel costs;
  • Loud noise;
  • Harm to the environment;
  • Work will have to be stopped from time to time to cool the engine.
how to choose an angle grinder for your home

Types of grinders

In addition to the fact that the angle grinder is divided into household and professional, the angle grinder is distinguished by the principle of operation. The difference between the two is only in what is inside and in the power source. Given these features, you can choose the appropriate option for specific operating conditions.

Angle grinder motor power

The more engine power, the more force the tool develops, the more dense materials it is able to cut. With increasing power, the weight of the device increases. The industry produces tools with motors from 0.5 to 3 kW. For home and summer cottages, it is recommended to choose an angle grinder with an engine power of 0.8 to 1.2 kW. The more powerful mechanism is more difficult to hold in your hands, it consumes more electricity during operation.

A professional tool is designed for long-term operation, it has a higher service life. If large-scale construction is planned in the country, cutting steel bars, assembling formwork, you can use a tool with a motor up to 1.5 kW.

Angle grinders: application

The main task of angle grinders (grinders) was originally to perform grinding work. Today, with the use of various attachments, they also perform the following tasks:

  1. Cutting metal, stone, concrete, brick, marble, tile, plastic.
  2. Cleaning surfaces from rust, paint.
  3. Material polishing.
  4. Tool sharpening.
  5. Sanding wood and other surfaces.
  6. Weld seam treatment and descaling.

When carrying out body work or work in hard-to-reach places, it is recommended to use a one-hand angle grinder. This model is best suited for pure sanding work and cutting off materials other than stone, because it can be difficult to keep it during such works. A two-handed model is suitable for cutting brick, steel, concrete or stone.

Angle grinder: additional functions

Depending on the model and its cost, the angle grinder may have additional functions in addition to those aimed at performing the main task of the tool. These include:

  1. The function of smooth switching of revolutions, which prevents surges in the rotational speed of the disk, which can render equipment unusable.
  2. The rpm control function will allow you to select the optimal number of revolutions per minute for each type of processed material, while saving energy and the material itself.
  3. Maintaining the speed at the same level is a function that allows you to maintain the performance of the tool during a large amount of work.
  4. Protection against wheel jamming.
  5. Restart protection is an important safety feature when, in the event of an unexpected power outage and switching on, the angle grinder will not start working without pressing the start button again.
  6. Vibration damping. A function that increases the comfort of work with high equipment power.
  7. Adjusting the handle position of the angle grinder can be a useful feature for left-handed people and when working in hard-to-reach places.
  8. The quick disc change function will save you working time when you have to change disc attachments frequently during operation.
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How to choose an angle grinder for home

The angle grinder, also known as the angle grinder, is a popular tool for home use. A wide range of models of grinders on the market sometimes confuses you, which parameters should be guided by in order to choose an angle grinder (angle grinder) suitable for the home. This tool should be chosen based on the intensity of its use. If an angle grinder is needed for constant work, it is best to purchase a professional model, it is more powerful, has high productivity, but also a higher cost. If the tool is needed for periodic use, it is better to opt for household models.

There are two types of grinders, one-handed and two-handed. The first type has a power of up to 1.5 kW, the diameter of the discs used is no more than 150 mm. The second type is more powerful (up to 2.5 kW), the diameter of the circles varies from 150 mm to 230 mm. In addition, the angle grinder is available in battery and mains type. Rechargeable batteries are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, allowing you to work regardless of the electrical network, it is convenient on a large construction site or on a country house site. Networked angle grinders are powered by an electrical network.

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Important conditions when working with an angle grinder

Regardless of the experience, professionalism and complexity of the upcoming work, the master is obliged to follow the safety rules when working with an angle grinder.

  1. Do not remove the protective cover from the tool, it protects the operator from splinters if the blade is damaged, as well as from grinding and sawing products flying off.
  2. Use personal protective equipment, goggles (mask), respirator, heavy gloves, work clothes and shoes.
  3. Only use discs of suitable dimensions and properties for the angle grinder.
  4. Do not use the tool for other purposes.

How to choose the right angle grinder for your home

Whatever you call an angle grinder, it will still remain an indispensable mechanical tool for a master for most areas:

  • Car service;
  • Construction of houses and buildings;
  • Indoor renovation;
  • Repair and replacement of pipes, heating equipment;
  • Locksmith works, production of structures, manufacturing of metal products.

The invaluable assistance that a standard angle grinder provides is known to every craftsman. After all, an angle grinder with correctly selected attachments is a versatile set of functions that performs at least 5 different tasks.

Brief theoretical information about the angle grinder: full name, main differences, types

The types of grinders are divided into just two categories:

  • Household;
  • Professional.

As a rule, they are the simplest household models with a minimum of functions and low efficiency. Professional ones, on the other hand, have a multifunctional set of characteristics and differ in power limits.

The principle of operation of the angle grinder is based on the rotation of the rotor of the motor, which works when connected to electricity.

Depending on the disc installed on the angle grinder, the grinder differs in the scope of application:

  • For cutting sheet metal;
  • For stripping surfaces from corrosion, old coating;
  • For stripping welds;
  • For cutting concrete;
  • For cutting stone;
  • For cutting wood.

In addition, the angle grinder is used for cutting pipes, metal profile, ceramic tiles.