How To Choose The Right Oil For Your Tiller And To Pour It?

Tiller today can not surprise anyone. It became a faithful assistant in the performance of work on the site and on cleaning the territory. The owners of such units know that they need constant care: replacing some consumables, checking and tightening the nuts, refueling. But still, need to change the oil for the tiller.

Classification of grades of oils.

To increase the life of a gasoline or diesel engine, you need to make the right choice of engine oil. Late replacement of the engine reduces the life of the engine. How to choose it, in what quantity, how to fill it in tiller. let’s talk about it in more detail.
Each mini-tractor or tiller comes with a manual and a product passport. In the instructions, the manufacturer lists the appropriate types of fuels and lubricants that can prolong the life of the vehicle. Engine oil performs the functions of:
With air cooling, the lubricant settles on the walls of the hot cylinder. These deposits pollute engine parts and complicate lubrication processes. Therefore, antioxidant additives are present in the lubricant. They clean the walls of the cylinder from carbon and prolong the life of the tiller. Different climatic zones require the use of various oily fluids. They differ in viscosity, composition, and purpose.


Viscosity is determined according to SAE J300. For mechanisms, it depends on the following characteristics:

  • unit design;
  • features of the work;
  • mechanism age;
  • ambient temperature.

Motor oils are divided into winter and summer. Winter is designated by the letter W. Low-viscous winter varieties with the designations SAE 0W, 25W, as well as with intermediate values ​​of 20W, 5W, 15W and 10W are often used. Compositions for use in the summer do not have letters in the title. They are distinguished by high viscosity and are referred to as SAE 20, 60, CAE 30 or 40. When using summer brands in winter, problems arise with the launch of the unit. Winter varieties in the summer are not able to provide high-quality lubrication.
Scientists have developed all-season compositions used for filling in tiller in summer and winter. Their designation. 5W-40, 10W30.

By composition.

In addition to seasonal signs, lubricants are divided into types according to the composition:

  • mineral;
  • synthetic;
  • semi-synthetic.

When running, an air-cooled engine heats up quickly. Engine oil lowers its temperature. Not that category causes a breakdown in the motor. It is not recommended to use synthetic oil mixed with mineral.

To destination.

When the need arises to replace lubricating fluids, each manufacturer recommends pouring its brand. For Honda agricultural machines, they use all-season 10W-30 SF grade. Subaru, in its recommendations, indicates to work in temperate climates 10W-30, in cold regions. 5W-30. Oil grade is SE.
Lifan products require the summer brand SAE-30, for winter conditions. SAE 10W-30. Conditions for the quality category are absent. In the tiller and the company, Kaluga engine pours all-weather composition 10W-30 or 15W-30 of the quality of SF or SH.

What oil to pour into the engine tiller?

Manufacturers of tillers and mini tractors prescribe the use of motor oils for both gasoline and diesel engines. Motors are tested at the factory. At this time, lubricants are used, which are recommended in the instructions.

For gasoline engines.

For tillers working on gasoline, it is recommended to pour the following types of liquids into oil tanks:

  • SA. for work with low loads;
  • SB. for work with an average mechanical load;
  • SC. used in engines without PCV valves;
  • SD. works in engines with PCV;
  • SE. lubricant for use in engines manufactured since 1980;
  • SF is a better analogue of the previous oil;
  • SH. used in many engine systems.

Category SB has good anti-corrosion properties. Products quality lubricates the cylinder walls and bearings. SF reduces the amount of oil carbon in a 4-stroke engine and two-stroke engines.

For diesel engines.

The recommended engine oil owners increase the life of the unit and reduce the consumption of diesel fuel for diesel tiller.

The instructions for a diesel engine tiller include the following categories of lubricants:

  • SA. for work with low loads;
  • SV. for work with high-sulfur fuel;
  • SS. for the engine without turbocharging, working with increased loads.

The CA category reduces the amount of soot in the cylinders but reduces the quality of the lubricant. Any lubricant is poured in the right amount. Reducing it or increasing it leads to seizure of the motor.

What oil to pour into the gearbox tiller?

Each tiller in the composition has a gearbox. For him, too, used gear oil, which is regularly replaced. Today there are mechanisms in which there is no need to change the oil. To replace the need to use transmission compounds. It will extend the life of the unit. For tiller gearbox, Neva MB-2 requires transmission substance TEP-15. It operates in summer at air temperatures from.5˚С. For the winter poured TM-5. It maintains up to.25˚С. Volume. 2.2 liters.
For the Neva MB-1 unit it is necessary to prepare TAD-17I or TAP-15 V. The volume of lubricant. 1 l. Salyut 5 and Belarus 08N-09N uses M-10B2 and M-10G2 in warm weather. In winter time. M-8G2. In the Oka MB-1D1, the TAD-17I or TAP-15 V transmission is poured. The tiller MB teller is refueled in the factory. Lubricant change is not required. Tarpan refuels TAD-17I or its analogs. Favorite. MS-20 or TAD-17I aviation oil.
Vario every two years requires the replacement of 80W90. The best oil for the Patriot Garden unit is 85W90. Recommended composition for gear Zubr. TAP-15.
A few words about the timing of the replacement: in the gearbox Favorite first replacement is made after 25 hours of work. In the future, it is changed every 250 hours. Replacement takes place better on a hot engine. Drain hot working done through the oil bleed, and pour fresh. through the hole for the Gulf.
In the device, the Celina for the first time change the contents of the gearbox after 50 operating hours, then every 200 hours. Ugra and Oka are replenished daily with a small amount. Full replacement is done after 100 hours of operation.

What oil to fill in tillers “Neva”?

The quality of the lubricant in the tiller gradually decreases and becomes unusable.
Along with this process, engine wear occurs. To prevent the process of wear, you need to change the lubricant mixture on time. The instructions contain the recommended mark and its quantity. When buying, you must take into account the level of its viscosity, quality classification. For tiller Neva need to purchase oil in the gearbox and engine.
Tiller Neva is equipped with different motors. They need lubricants of various brands and manufacturers. In the engine should fill them with viscosity and category.
If a vehicle with a Honda engine is purchased for a land plot, it is possible to pour the SAE 10W-30 brand into it in the summer and winter. The same universal tool is suitable for the Lifan engine. Subaru company for its equipment itself produces lubricant. With the Subaru engine, you need to buy oil of the same company. Her brand is Ow20. It is suitable for winter and summer operating conditions of the motor. It is permissible to fill in 5w-30 of the same manufacturer instead.
Into the engine of Briggs Stratton poured SAE 10W-30 summer engine oil. For winter conditions is suitable SAE 5W-30. Its consumption is more than that of other engines, so the level should be checked more often. If necessary, the lubricant is added to the norm.
Gearbox. an essential part of the tiller. For proper operation, it is necessary to fill in a tiller gearbox Neva with good quality oil and replace it periodically. Such oils include TEP-15 and TM-5. Its volume is 2.2 l. Spent liquid in a hot state is poured through a special opening and poured fresh. These types are suitable for devices MB-1. When replacing the unit is installed in a vertical position, under it is placed the tank to drain the mining.
On the newly purchased unit, the first replacement is made after 30 hours of work, then every 180-200 hours.
If a tiller is rarely used, replacement is done at least once every two years. In the Neva MB-2 unit, you need to fill in the oil TAP-15B, instead of it, you can use the brand TAD-17I.
Need to know when the oil changes. In the newly purchased unit, check its level. Some tillers are sold without lubricants. If necessary, you can pour oil and roll in the device for 20-25 hours. Then the replacement is made in 100-250 hours. Terms specified in the instructions.

How to change the oil in tiller?

Changing the oil in the cylinders tiller on a hot engine. It applies to actions for both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The heated waste mixture flows well into the substituted container.

The following actions:

  • unscrew the breather plug;
  • drain oil;
  • pour fresh;
  • screw in the breather plug;
  • checks the operation of the unit.

The lubricant in tiller cylinders of different designs is replaced in the following order:

  • gasoline tiller installed horizontally;
  • using a screwdriver to remove the cork on the tank;
  • drain mining;
  • cork is twisted;
  • fill the box with fresh oil;
  • the filling opening is closed.

Drain the oil and pour fresh in 15-20 minutes. If you replace the waste oil substandard products, problems arise, leading to the repair of equipment. It applies to engine lubrication and gearbox oil. Lubricants are aging and require timely, high-quality replacement. After how many hours you can fill the car oil, it is written in the manufacturer’s instructions. It is necessary to read it so that the purchased expensive unit assists for a longer period.
Used lubricant is disposed of at unique points.