How to Clean the Cosulin Trimmer Yourself

Squids are ten-armed edible mollusks of the cephalopod order, which are simply irreplaceable in cooking. Hundreds of dishes are prepared from this marine resident: salads, soups, snacks. For example, crispy rings in batter can be served as a snack or as an addition to the festive table. And to make the dishes tasty, you need to know how to clean the squid properly. There are many secrets and rules in this process.

  1. What are the benefits of marine mollusks?
  2. How to clean squid from the film: the main methods
  1. Cold method
  2. Hot method
  3. Cleaning boiled squid
  • How to peel fresh squid
  • Clean whole frozen carcasses
  • The easiest and fastest way to clean
  • Secrets and tips for choosing and making squid
  • Useful video
  • What are the benefits of marine mollusks?

    How to Clean the Cosulin Trimmer Yourself

    In general, if you have this product from the category “rare guest” in your diet, urgently correct yourself: squid meat contains iron and potassium, iodine, zinc and selenium.

    In him no cholesterol at all, but lots of protein.

    Calorie content is relatively low. 100 kcal per 100 grams (the number of kcal varies depending on the method of preparation).

    Dishes with squid. a high-quality “building” material for muscle tissue, which has a restorative, anti-sclerotic, vasoconstrictive effect.

    When this marine mollusk is consumed, toxins and salts of heavy metals are excreted, digestion is improved, and the endocrine system (especially the thyroid gland) is supported.

    Usually this product is rarely used by those housewives who do not know how to clean the squid, which part to eat, and also how to cook and how much to cook on a salad or some other dish. There are difficulties, of course, but their minimum! Once you do everything and then you just have to wonder why I did not know how to do this before!

    How to clean squid from the film: the main methods

    There are 3 main ways to deal with the film on the carcass. clean without heat treatment and apply blanching, preliminary boiling.

    Cold method

    Fresh or quick-frozen carcass is taken into the hand and the film is pulled off with a “stocking”.

    If the film is not removed by a sharp movement, it can be removed a little, delayed by smooth movements.

    After removing the film, the insides of the marine animal and the chord (chitinous spine) are removed.

    Hot method

    If the method of freezing is unknown, moreover, if the squid was thawed during storage and frozen again, or covered with ice, or crumpled and deformed, then the “hosiery” cleaning method is not suitable for it.

    Such mollusks should be put in a heat-resistant colander and lowered into boiling water for 7-10 seconds. Then remove and immediately immerse in ice water. In most cases, the film shrinks and peels off itself. Sometimes you will need to work a little with your hands and remove its remains from the carcass.

    Cleaning boiled squid

    If the squid was boiled in a film, then to remove it you need to slightly cool the carcass.

    After that, you can use the new soft kitchen brush.

    It is enough to rub the carcass a little, and the film will gather in balls and peel off.

    Experienced cooks do not like to use this method. the taste of the finished seafood deteriorates.

    How to peel fresh squid

    If you are lucky to get a freshly caught mollusk, then you need to clean it immediately. The process diagram is simple:

    1. well we hold the whole carcass with one hand, grasp the head tightly behind the eyes with the other and confidently stretch it. in one hand there remains a body with fins, and in the other. a head with tentacles and insides:
    2. cut off the tentacles, the rest (eyes, insides, the longest “mustache”) are thrown out. Carefully with the beak. it can stay with tentacles, remove it, do not eat it;
    3. we release the carcass from the remaining viscera and the chitin rod. we just pull it out manually;
    4. we tighten the film under running water.

    Clean whole frozen carcasses

    To clean squid, you need to defrost it.

    The best way to defrost is gradual, sparing.

    For this, the carcass from the freezer is transferred to the refrigerator compartment.

    When it thaws, you need to move it to room temperature and hold until the normal state is fully restored.

    We clean as well as freshly caught. After. rinse the carcasses with water and dip in boiling water.

    The length of stay in boiling water depends on further actions.

    If after scalding it is immersed in ice water, then a residual 10-second blanching. Carcasses taken out of cold water are easily cleaned by hand. This method is reliable, but squid, peeled with it, is not so tasty.

    Video: How to Clean the Cosulin Trimmer Yourself

    If the squid is cleaned immediately after being pulled out of boiling water, then it should be kept in water for about a minute. Carefully brush off the film with a brush. Meat purified by this method squid is juicier after cooking.

    The easiest and fastest way to clean

    Frozen carcasses need to be put in a bowl, pour steep boiling water for a couple of minutes, then substitute under a stream of cold water and clean hands, film, chord and viscera.

    This method is really quick and easy. Its only minus is that squids become less juicy and fragrant, gain stiffness.

    You can use this “shock” method only if there is an acute lack of time for sparing defrosting.

    Secrets and tips for choosing and making squid

    It is very difficult to find fresh carcass in the city, and therefore you have to be content with frozen.

    • The carcasses should be evenly frozen, not frostbitten to each other, but should be freely separated from one another. When shaking, two or more carcasses produce a thud.
    • The carcass can only be white. A yellowish color indicates a violation of storage conditions.
    • The smaller the carcass, the younger the animal, so its meat is more tender.

    Most often, squid is boiled with roots and seasonings as an independent snack dish; fried with onion rings under the lid, stewed with onions and garlic in butter.

    Useful video

    I suggest to see how to clean squids from the film easily and quickly:

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    Even those who assembled the collection surely have favorite models that literally “ask for hands” every day. And it is they who need particularly careful and regular care.

    The easiest way is to contact a dry cleaner. But the result of such procedures, unfortunately, can be unpredictable. There are several simple and effective techniques proven by no generation that will allow you to return your favorite accessory to its original appearance at home. In addition, these techniques are safe and quite delicate. And this is exactly what your favorite accessory needs.

    How to clean a leather bag with a napkin

    To begin with, it is necessary to thoroughly clean it from dust, this can be done using a dry soft cloth. Pay particular attention to decor, pockets, flaps, seams and joints.

    But the procedure itself needs to start with a lining, lay out all the contents and twist it. As a rule, the lining is sewn from synthetic fabrics, so they can be easily washed.

    For washing you will need any gentle detergent and a little warm water. Wash the lining, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. If even after washing there are stains, any stain remover will help. Act carefully, using cotton pads, trying to avoid contact of aggressive agents with the skin.

    But it is worth remembering that genuine leather, especially with embossing or dressing, does not tolerate water procedures and sudden changes in temperature. Therefore, the idea to wash it entirely should be abandoned immediately. How can I clean a leather bag? Simple means that are in every home.

    How to clean a leather bag: soap solution with ammonia

    To clean the leather bag as delicately as possible from general pollution and simple spots will allow soap solution with the addition of ammonia. As a detergent, baby soap or shampoo is perfect. Make a strong soap solution based on warm, but not hot water and add ammonia to it at the rate of one tablespoon of alcohol per liter of solution.

    Prepare two sponges or terry towels and a container of clean water and a towel or napkin to dry the accessory. The procedure must be carried out quickly, avoiding abundant wetting and natural drying of the skin. this can thoroughly damage its appearance.

    How to clean a leather bag with this tool? Apply soapy water to the entire surface of the accessory without wetting it, but only rubbing it slightly into the surface. Pay special attention to the handles and the areas near the clasp. they get dirty the most. Wipe the seams and joints and immediately rinse with water at room temperature. Dry and inspect the accessory immediately. “complex” spots may remain. For them, the procedure will have to be repeated.

    This method is considered the main one, and is great for accessories of any color. And how to clean a leather bag if there are spots on it? With accessories of any dark shades, natural ground coffee will do just fine. It is enough to brew it to the consistency of sour cream.

    It takes only a couple of tablespoons of coffee, the solution needs to be cooled to room temperature and used either to remove stains or treating the entire surface. Coffee has light abrasive properties and the ability to tint the skin. Just like a soap solution, it must be rubbed with light movements, rinse and dry the surface.

    No less than spots or dust, overgrown areas appear. handles, fasteners, pockets. How to clean a leather bag in this case. You can tidy up the overgrown places with the help of onion juice. Just cut the onion in half and rub the overgrown area. To remove odor, clean these areas with soap and water again.

    How to clean a white leather bag

    Accessories in bright colors are the constant companions of spring and summer, but they deliver more trouble than color ones. Nevertheless, to clean a light leather bag as it should also be possible at home.

    The technology is the same. Before cleaning the leather white bag, we turn out and carefully erase the lining, let it dry, and proceed directly to the procedure. We clean it from dust and prepare a soap solution with ammonia. It perfectly removes general pollution. But on a light, and especially white skin, any spot becomes noticeable.

    If you notice it right away, urgent measures will help. A spot of any complexity, even a greasy one, should be sprinkled with fine salt, soda. A baby powder or chiseled chalk is also suitable, sprinkle a spot abundantly with one of these products and leave for half an hour.

    For any light, and even more so white skin, cosmetics, such as makeup remover milk and alcohol-containing tonic, are perfect. In the same sequence as you usually use them, treat the surface and wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.

    Looking for something to clean a light leather bag, look in the refrigerator. A mixture of chicken protein and milk fights no less effectively. Whip the protein into the foam and add a little milk, so that you get a creamy mass.

    On a surface cleared of dust with a cotton pad or cloth, apply the mixture, gently rubbing it in especially problem areas and not letting it dry, remove with a cloth soaked in warm water. Such products not only cleanse the skin and improve its appearance.

    Overgrown areas can be treated with a cut of the bulb. And do not forget about lemon. its juice has excellent whitening properties and getting rid of colored spots with this help is as easy as shelling pears.

    After all the procedures, the accessory should be thoroughly wiped with a napkin dipped in warm water and dried. But, in no case near a heating appliance or in the open sun.