How to Clean the Trimmer After Work

Lawn mowers are devices that make it easy to care for lawns. The question of how to use the trimmer is asked by those buyers who are just about to purchase a garden tool. The industry produces devices of different types, so when choosing, you need to pay attention to their characteristics.

How to Clean the Trimmer After Work

Principle of operation

If we consider the principle of operation of the trimmer, then it looks like a hand braid. The difference is that it is equipped with an engine, with its help the cutting element is driven into rotation.

Manufacturing companies produce the following models of mowers:

  1. On which a gas engine is installed. Such garden tools have a fuel tank, this is their distinguishing feature.
  2. Devices with an electric motor. These tools have less weight, because they do not have a fuel tank. But when choosing such models, you need to consider that for their work you need a power source.

All electric braids can be divided into those that operate on batteries, and models connected to the electrical network. Each view has its own characteristics, but they affect the power supply. If you do not take it into account, then the remaining parts of the design are similar for different devices.

If you take any trimmer model, then it consists of elements such as:

  • motor;
  • fuel tank (electric lawn mowers do not have one);
  • levers with which the mower is controlled;
  • knife for cutting grass;
  • barbell;
  • a spool with wound fishing line used to cut grass;
  • protective cover;
  • bevel gear.

The engine is placed near the mowing head; it can be installed from below or from above. Only those models that have a direct boom have a gearbox. If it is curved, the main bearing becomes the connecting element. It consists of 2 bushings.

The choice of the cutting element depends on how hard the grass will have to be mowed. Most often, fishing line is used in the work, it is called cord. On sale there are products of various shapes, among buyers in demand spiral and round.

The fishing line is wound on a reel, it is inserted into the bobbin, while the 2 ends of the wire remain free. When the mower engine starts to work, the bobbin rotates, the grass is cut off by the free ends of the fishing line.

How to use a trimmer

Garden trimmers are effective. Beginners think that working with a lawn mower is easy, because you just need to plug it into a power outlet or pour fuel, but this is not entirely true.

The efficiency of the garden tool and its service life directly depend on the operating conditions. Therefore, before using the trimmer, you need to perform preparatory work.

The lawn with which to mow the grass is carefully examined. Be sure to remove glass and large stones. Having flown out from under a working mower, they can injure a person. The wire is removed from the lawn, because it can be wound around a rotating element, breaking the mower.

After that, they proceed to install the cutting system. There are small power trimmers on sale that use only fishing line. It is designed for mowing juicy and soft grass. But there are models with a capacity of more than 1 kilowatt, on which metal knives are installed. They cut sow thistles and other hard weeds, trim the young shrub.

In order to replace the cord with knives, you need to unscrew the fastening nut, install the cutting element. Then the nut must be returned to its place, tightened with a wrench.

The operator must take care of his safety. Mow the grass in tight protective clothing. Special glasses are used to protect the eyes, they will protect from dust, grass and flying debris. Hands cover with gloves.

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An electric trimmer is included in the network, and battery models charge several hours before use. Fuel is poured into a gas mower.

The mower is held so that the spool or knife is parallel to the ground. When the tool is installed in the correct position, turn on the motor. After the grass is mowed, the mower is turned off.

First start

Before the first start, the operator collects the mower, the procedure is described in the instructions that are attached to the product.

If the trimmer is gasoline, it must be checked before use. The fuel tank is filled up to the neck.

The engine must run on fuel, so when you first start it should run for several minutes without load. After that, start mowing the grass.

How to refuel a gas trimmer

petrol lawn mowers come with two-stroke and four-stroke engines. The first option is much more common. What differences can be distinguished between them:

  • trimmers with a 2-stroke engine have a faster response to pressing the power lever (for this reason, lawn mowers are mainly equipped with this type of engine);
  • a tool with a two-stroke engine will be much easier and also easier to maintain;
  • fuel consumption of a two-stroke engine is higher than that of a four-stroke engine with a similar power by about 30%;
  • A 4-stroke engine is more environmentally friendly, since the fuel in it burns out completely and is not emitted into the atmosphere, and its noise level is much lower;
  • and the most important distinguishing feature is the refueling: a 2-stroke engine is equipped with one common tank, where gasoline mixed with oil is poured; The 4-stroke engine has a separate gas tank and engine oil tank.

For refueling, it is necessary to use fresh AI-92 or AI-95 gasoline and high-quality motor oil for garden equipment (manufacturers produce different types of oil for 2- and 4-stroke engines). Oil can be used mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic.

The proportion of gasoline and oil for trimmers with a 2-stroke engine can be found in the operating instructions for the specific model. Usually it is 50: 1, in some cases, a ratio of 25: 1 or 40: 1 is recommended. It is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture in a separate container with exact proportions. Never pour liquids “by eye” directly into the tank without first mixing them. Detailed instructions for mixing gas oil, with video and description, can be found on our website here.

Running in

Before starting operation, gas mowers must be run in. The operator turns on the motor; he has to idle for some time. It is necessary to ensure that the engine does not overheat, there should be no load.

When running the lawn mowers, the load is increased gradually. If you start work at high speeds, the engine will run in poorly, this will affect the further operation of the mower.

When you first start it is not necessary to fully develop a temporary resource. After the engine runs at idle, you can proceed to the processing of the lawn. the lawn mowing should work no more than 15 minutes, after that the motor is turned off, it should cool down.

If you want to run the trimmer, the braid is first collected. Then make trial runs at least 3-5 times. If the engine works well, go to the mowing. At first, they work no more than 5 minutes, then the duration of work is gradually increased.

How to wear a belt

If the tool has a shoulder mount, before starting work it hangs on the shoulder. The trimmer is fixed on both shoulders if it has a backpack mount.

The model with the bicycle handle is held with 2 hands, the D-shaped handle is wrapped around the palm of your hand. The belt must be worn so that it is comfortable, then the back will not get tired.

How to mow the lawn to make it smooth

To keep the grass trimmed evenly, lower the mower as low as possible during operation. The plot must be divided into squares. You need to work, moving clockwise. In this case, the hay will always lie on the left, without interfering under your feet.

Kosim under the hay

Hay is better to mow not with fishing line, but with a metal disk. The grass is cut under the root, preserving its length as much as possible.

Mowing tall grass

If you need to mow tall grass, this is done in several passes. He processes the lawn 2-3 times. The rotating part is lowered from top to bottom, in this case the grass is not wound on a reel.

The operator must remember that grass wound around a reel causes the motor to overheat. If this happens, the lawn mow is turned off, and the coil is cleaned.

It is most effective to mow the grass with the tips of the line, rather than the entire length. In the second case, the tool works worse, engine overload is possible. If you need to cut the grass over a large area, to increase the efficiency, the trimmer should be tilted towards mowing.

Wet weather operation

Electric mowers must not be used in rain, possibly short circuits. When the rain stops, you need to wait until the grass dries.

Not all gas mowers are protected against moisture, so some manufacturers prohibit the operation of mowers in the rain.

Mowing time

You can use the electric grass trimmer for no more than 20 minutes, after which you need to take a break for the same time. Violation of the operating mode negatively affects the engine, reducing its resource.

Gas mowers work from 40 minutes to 1 hour, and professional tools can mow grass until the fuel runs out. The break between work should be at least 20 minutes.

How often do you use such an indispensable helper as a trimmer in the country or garden?