How to cut ceramic tiles for the bathroom. Cut without tile cutter is real

How to cut the floor tiles

Very often, owners of apartments and houses decide to independently make repairs and lay ceramic tiles or ceramic tiles with their own hands. Regardless of whether you will lay floor tiles or wall, without such an operation as cutting tiles, you can not do.

In order to cut tiles as little as possible, you need to think over the way of laying it and then you can minimize the number of cut tiles.

In order to cut off the required size of the tile, you will need not only special tools, but also the skills of performing such work.


If when performing the angle, you have to cut the material, then the width of the elements should be at least half, otherwise such a coating will look ugly. If you are faced with the indicated work for the first time, then it is better to buy several tiles more and train them to cut them.

It is clear that you will ruin several elements, but you will acquire the necessary skills, understand how to carry out cutting correctly and further work will be performed simply, quickly and efficiently.

If we talk about cutting tiles, then everything is simple here. To do this, you can use ordinary glass cutter, also the indicated work can be performed using manual tile cutter.

For figured cut, you can use a hand.made lobby with a diamond wire or do it using an electrician with a special file. Equipment such as an electric tile cutter or corner grinder with a special disc is suitable for both tile cutting and working with porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tile has more hardness, so working with it is much harder.

When using mechanical tile cutter for these purposes, its knife will dull very quickly.

For cutting porcelain tiles, electric tile cutter is best suited, with it you can make both straight cuts and at an angle, make bends.

If you need to cut only a few elements, then buying such a tool is inappropriate, so you can take it for rent or work can be done using a corner grinder with a diamond disk.

Using glass cutter

If you need to cut several tiles, then you can cope with this with a simple and cheap tool. glass cutter.

For such work, a tool with a thin diamond disk is suitable, and not with a tip.

When working with porcelain tiles, glass cutter is not used, since this material is very solid.

If necessary, cut off a thin strip less than 1 cm wide, it will not work with a tile cutter.

If you worked with glass, you can cope with the tiles.

The tile is placed on a flat surface with the front side and apply a fishing line for a cutting trimmer using a marker.

A metal ruler is applied along the line and cut it when you pass the glossy part, you will need a slight effort to break.

If the windows are new, then it is enough to draw one fishing line for the trimmer, then it will be necessary to carry out several times with a tool along the cutting line.

After that, the wire or wooden bar is substituted from below, and evenly pressed to the edges of the tiles, after which it breaks clearly along the line.

The edges are processed with sandpaper and the work is done.

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Manual tile cutter. how to use

With this tools, you can only make straight cuts along one of the sides of the tile or diagonally. The tiles have a base, the runners are fixed on it, a carriage and a cutting video are moving along them.

When the marking of the element is carried out, it is laid on the base, a video is set and when pressed on the handle, the process of cutting occurs.

Typically, the cutting tool is removable and if it is dull, it must be changed, be sure to follow this, otherwise you will not be able to do the work qualitatively. Using the specified tool, you can cut a wall or floor tile, but it will not be possible to cope with the porcelain tile.

The advantages of manual tile cutter are that the work is performed simply and quickly, it is inexpensive.

Of the minuses, it should be noted that it is impossible to make a curly cut, often the edges are uneven and they have to be modified with sandpaper, you can not cut stripes with a width of less than 5-6 mm.

Marking on the tile

Cut ceramic tiles with glass cutter does not represent much difficulties if you adhere to certain rules.

Having put it on an even surface, they mark 2 points with a thin marker, and draw a fishing line for a trimmer of the alleged cut. To do this, use a ruler or flat rail. It must be put on a line and you can start cut

In this case, it is important to hold the glass cutter correctly. He must be in an almost upright position

By pressing it with an effort with the index finger, you need to draw a line from the opposite side of the tile to yourself. An accompanying faint crackling sound and a thin feature notify that they cut ceramic tiles correctly. If the glass cutter is stupid or it was kept incorrectly, then small fragments will appear on the line. Before starting work, it is better to train on small pieces of material and understand how to cut ceramic tiles.

How to choose a suitable cutting tool?

The tool is selected taking into account the volume of work:

  • small. If the tiles are required to fit a little and only once, purchase a tile cutter and another specialized tool is inappropriate. It is more correct to use the corner grinding: it is used for a number of tasks and therefore is available in almost every farm. For cutting thin tiles, glass cutter is suitable. Also, with one.time work with a small volume, you can order tile trimming on a hydro.carbrane machine in a workshop;
  • average. The purchase of manual tile cutter is justified. Picking will also come in handy. to cut off fragments of a small width or by a curve;
  • big. Professionals face significant volumes of work. It is worth buying electric tiles for straight and curved cutting. If a serious workshop is equipped, they acquire a hydro.carbrane machine.

The circular saw is used to cut tiles only if it is already available. Buying it specifically for this purpose is unjustifiably expensive.

How to cut tiles without chips?

The key to an even cut without chips is compliance with the following rules:

  • When using glass cutter, manual tile cutter or nipple, a furrow with a cutting roller should be made in one pass. With a repeated attempt, the video will not fall into the same place, you get two furrows and the tile will break crookedly. With a lack of experience, it is recommended to practice scrap. It is necessary to learn how to create sufficient effort along the entire path of the tool and move it at uniform speed;
  • When working with a disk tool, cutting begins on the front side: chips are formed when the disk exits from the material;
  • At the beginning and end of cutting, the speed of its rotation should be reduced.

If there is no confidence in their abilities, it is recommended to leave an allowance for processing 3-5 mm. The edge with chips and bumps is removed with a grinding circle or nozzle.

The nozzles used

For cutting ceramics, you need special discs that are intended for this. Most often on the circle there is an inscription indicating the direction of turning. Quality always depends on the price. The following types of disks are distinguished:

  • Stone are rarely used due to the quick ability to grind and spread dust. In the process of cutting, it is necessary to control the cutting basis. If irregularities formed on the edge, then you should replace the disk in order to avoid damage.
  • Metal diamond circles. In turn, they are divided into solid and divided into compartments. The first type is better for ceramics. You can’t work with such a nozzle more than one minute. You need to take small breaks so that the tool is cooling. Segments are intended for porcelain tiles, concrete or stone. This type of nozzle has properly located slots that are designed to increase the service life.
  • Special circles for wet cutting allow you to cut the tile without dust by applying water to the nozzle.

If you need to cut the brick of paving slabs, then in this situation only a diamond circle will help.

Here it is worth remembering some features:

  • use not only protective glasses, but also headphones due to an increased noise;
  • The corner grinder should have great power to cope with the material;
  • Avoid dust on an already lined surface.

In which direction to cut?

To work as a tool without the formation of a large amount of dust and fragments, you need to know all possible methods depending on the direction.

Three cutting methods are distinguished:

  • Straight. For this, the tile must be firmly fixed on a stable surface. It is important to see which way the angular grinder moves in. The best speed speed at a diameter of 100 millimeters is 8,000 rotations per minute.
  • Angle of 45 degrees. To obtain an uneven cut, at first, the tile is cut off at an angle in ninety degrees. Using a metal diamond disk, it is necessary to direct the tool towards removing unnecessary material. You can make the edges ideal by means of cleaning paper with a special basis.
  • To form a large hole. Previously, on the front side of the tile base, the circuit circuit is determined by the writing instrument. Then its center is installed using perpendicularly intersecting lines. During the cut of the corner grinder, the disk rotates in such a way as to delve into the inside from the marked line. The material is cut slowly and evenly in the sectors of the circle.

It is necessary to do all the work only on the front side of the tile to prevent severe damage to the upper layer.

How to cut with hand tiles?

This tool is used only for the production of light straight cuts. You can cut the tiles either evenly, or diagonally. In this case, the direction does not matter. This equipment is very easy to use. At the same time, before cutting tiles with a tile, it is necessary to have general ideas about its structure. The tool is a reason where special tubular runners are fixed. A carriage with a solid alloy roller glides along them. The tile after applying the marking in a necessary way is laid on this base.

Here are the main recommendations for the operation of this tool:

  • It is necessary to apply a video to the tile and, through a special handle, make a neat cut. In this case, only one cut is needed. Do not cut the same place two or three times. The result will be deplorable. the material will break completely differently as necessary. It is precisely because of this that you need to carefully monitor the severity of the cutting device. It is removable on specialized professional models, therefore, if necessary, a dull video can be easily changed.
  • It is worth noting that in order to obtain high.quality tiles when working with such a tool, you must also be able to correctly break the material. Based on the equipment along the course of the cut, a small tubercle is provided, lifting the edge of the ceramic product clearly above the rez and then releasing its ends. It is thanks to this that the tubercle, along with the slot on the tile, acts as a guide for the breakup. In addition, the product also breaks with the help of a mobile T-shaped heel, which is located in front of the video. This heel should be installed exactly in the middle of the cut, so that in the process of pressing the lever it presses on the canvas. Also, this tile cutter can be cut diagonally.

How to cut tiles with an electric tile cutter?

If it is planned to work with a very hard and large tile format, then it is best to use professional equipment. electric tile cutter. To work with such equipment, certain professional skills are needed. In particular, since the cutting process is quite complex and laborious. However, nevertheless, if you are interested in how to cut ceramic tiles as quickly and neatly even with very large volumes, then an electric tool is the best choice. Such equipment is quite expensive, but pays off with repeated use and can serve several decades. In its design, electric tiles is almost completely identical to a modern circular saw. The main differences are in the discs used and the presence of water baths.

Another feature of these machines is the ability to carry out a neat cut with an inclination. This is very useful when facing external angles. In this case, the need for aluminum or plastic corners completely disappears completely. The product, which is jointly in the corner with a trim of 45 degrees, looks very interesting.

We present to your attention a brief operating instruction:

  • Pour water into the bath so that it overlaps the disk by 2-3 centimeters;
  • We measure part of the tiles that need to be cut off and put on the machine;
  • Then we press our canvas to the machine and slowly bring to the disk. It is not recommended to crush strongly on the disk, as it can stop;
  • Now you need to make a cut on the second line. To do this, carefully raise the tile and do a similar procedure.

Oblique lines and curly edges

Very often, tiles are laid in non.standard rooms. Therefore, it is necessary to cut it not in a straight line, but to form a more complex shape than a rectangle. Oblique cutting can be performed by almost any previously described tool.

The technology of cutting such non.standard products consists of such consistent steps:

  • First of all, you should accurately and evenly break the tile into several figures. The main thing is that the final result can be adjusted to a specific place of installation.
  • Cutting is performed by corner grinding, tiles or other tools. If you need to cut along several lines, then the best option will be the tool that completely cuts through the entire thickness of the tiles. The material is not processed to the end of the lines so that chips do not form. When all the elements are cut out, you should just carefully break off or knock out an extra piece.

As for the formation of complex figures, then only hydro.carbonated cutting will help you here. With its help, you can process almost any tiles with both spraying and classic. If you need to remove the chamfer, then special machines are used for such purposes that are equipped with the corresponding in shape circles. In this case, not only the angle can change, but also the shape of the end.

Useful tips

Working with tiles requires some skills. To get a high.quality and beautiful cut, you should adhere to several recommendations:

  • Using an electric tool, all safety rules should be followed. Process the materials carefully and slowly.
  • Do not try to cut the tile of the corner grinder completely in one pass. It is advisable to initially cut out a small groove, repeating this in several approaches.
  • Cut curly elements (for example, snowflakes) from ceiling and other tiles best with the help of corner grinders, drills and other tools.
  • Give preference only to quality tools. This is especially true for diamond discs and crowns that quickly fail.
  • Capal of ceramic tiles can be facilitated if it is soaked in water for a while. This will lead to softening its structure, which minimizes the risk of chips.

Tile cutting technology differs depending on the selected material. To simplify this process, select a quality tool that is optimally suitable both in terms of quality and efficiency.

Use angular grinding

Tiles can be cut using an angular grinding machine. This tool helps to make a perfectly even cut with exact dimensions.

However, in order to get such a good result, you need to buy the right disc for a machine. There are many models on the market, but you need a disk with spraying from diamond crumbs.

The main thing is that the size of the baby was as low as possible.

Conducting hydro.carbonated cutting

This method of cutting appeared not so long ago, but he has already gained some popularity among users.

  • Its essence is to use water to cut tiles.
  • A powerful stream of water easily cuts the material, while the tile is not subjected to temperature.
  • Thanks to this, it is not damaged.
  • The result will also be accurate and even.

Using alternative tile cutting methods, you can do work without buying expensive equipment.

Varieties of cuts

There are several different cuts by which you can cut ceramic tiles.

Consider each of them individually so that you can choose the most optimal option for specific conditions.

  • Direct cut is a cut of tiles in a straight line. This type is recommended to be used if it is necessary to make a few smaller ones from one whole tile, the same size. This method is used to create small patterns of tiles of the same type.
  • Round holes in the tile. This method is much more complicated, however, it allows you to create a more original and interesting appearance of the finish, it is extremely rare at home.
  • Figure cut is used if it is necessary to cut certain forms from whole tiles. It can be rectangles, triangles, circles and other elements.

The mosaic cut, if it is supposed to be used to create small elements, followed by the purpose of creating a single picture, it can also be attributed to a figure cut.

The methods below are perfect for cutting tile, ceramic tiles at home, due to the lack of the possibility of using a professional tool.

Corner grinder

This tool can be found actually in any pantry or garage, if necessary, it can be bought, it is inexpensive. In addition, with this tool, you can easily cut the tiles at home, you only need to have basic skills to work with this device.

  • In order to carry out the correct and high.quality cut using this tool, it is necessary to use a high.quality circle to work on stone, as well as protective devices of the organs of vision, breathing and hand.
  • With the help of this tool, you can carry out direct and figured cuts, it is quite possible to even cut even circles, diameters of at least 5 cm, but this is possible only with a great experience in the master.
  • In order to facilitate the process of work, it is necessary to apply landmarks for subsequent cutting. Further, according to these landmarks, it is necessary to create recesses with any sharp object, this will improve the quality of the work on the tool.

It is also recommended to be carried out not on the floor, but on any, stable elevation. Previously, a piece of any board must be placed under the tile, so as not to spoil anything during operation.


This tool is very underestimated by many masters, but it may well be used for cutting tiles if there is no professional tool and corner grinder.

  • For TGO, so that with this device you can beautifully and correctly cut the tiles, you will need to install a file on it on it, which will allow you to work with several varieties of tiles.
  • Also, do not forget about safety requirements, it is necessary to use protective glasses, gloves and protection of the respiratory system, because dust will form, which can adversely affect human health.

Particular attention should be paid to this tool if it is necessary to carry out a curly cut, because with the help of an electrician you can easily create very sharp angles and transitions. Such a tool is perfect if it is necessary to cut complex figures from tiles.

Glass cutter

This tool is used at home in extreme cases, if there are no other options. A feature of the use of this tool is that only direct cut can be carried out.

It is also worth considering that the width of the tiles that has to be cut should be at least 2 cm in width.

  • Before applying glass cutter, you need to create an approximate scratch so that the cut is the most neat and clear.
  • To do this, use a metal line and household (stationery knife).
  • Pay attention, working with this knife is as neat as possible, it will be enough to apply a deep scratch to the glossy surface, after which it will be possible to work as a tool.

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Shock on the sharp corner

A very risky method, it is used only if there is no need for even split, because in this way it will not be possible to get it.

The main condition is the presence of an acute and durable angle, which is not deformed when the tile is hit. It can be a metal corner or wooden beam.

  • It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the blow should be from a distance of 5-8 cm, and should be as sharp as possible.
  • You need to take the tile with two hands, on both sides of the edge.
  • A blow can be applied in fact at any angle, at which it is convenient, the main conditions are sharpness, distance and fortress of the angle, which will be struck on.

This method is often used for the convenience of transporting old tiles, large in size. After her dismantling, so that it is convenient to carry it, it is broken on the corners, thus reducing it in size. It is not recommended to use this method to reduce new tiles.

Methods of cutting tiles

For cutting tiles there are special devices. However, at home you can cut the tile without tile cutter. You can use devices for one.time work, others will cope with facing on an industrial scale. And also distinguish the devices depending on the types of tiles.

Cramping Ceramics with corner grinding

This corner grinding machine can dissect both ceramics and tiles at home. The tool in skillful hands will make not only a straight line for a trimmer, but also a figure. First you need to prepare:

  • Tiles.
  • Angular grinding machine or corner grinder.
  • Cutting and grinding wheels.
  • Remedies. Mask or glasses are needed for sure, and the respirator and overalls are worn if necessary.
  • Vise or clamp.

A pointed item must be made preliminary marking. You can use an unbearable marker. The lines applied by a simple felt.tip pen will be erased from the mirror surface.

On the table where it is planned to cut the tile, you need to lay a piece of plywood or other material so as not to spoil the surface.

With shallow cuts, the tile can not be held. Its masses and friction forces of the lower side on the table are enough for it to stay in place. With a more serious deepening, the help of a partner may be required if it cannot be fixed with a tile with a foot.

Curved cuts will require fixing the tiles in a vice, it must be shifted on both sides with a soft cloth or cardboard in order to avoid scratches.

To conduct high.quality fitting, you need:

  • The deepening is gradually, cutting 2-3 millimeters in the depths in one pass.
  • Small dissection performs on the entire thickness at once.
  • In order to prevent a random touch of the disk on the front surface, it is recommended to mark on both sides. Then make one continuous cut along the glossy part, and bring to the end from the internal.

With the help of a corner grinder, it is better to make curly edges, and straightforward. other, simpler, tool. This will avoid the costs of acquiring diamond discs, as well as dust that rises when working in this way.

Expanding an electrician

If there is no corner grinder at hand, then another electric tool may be nearby. Когда не важна скорость, то можно использовать и обычный лобзик с полотном для работ по камню. Tile cutting such a device does not differ from processing any other material. Only a special saw and preliminary soaking of the tile will be required.

For tiles of large thickness, the jigsaw is not effective. It is suitable for wall covering and cutting pieces with a large radius of curvature.

Glass cutter or any pointed item

This is another way to cut tiles without tile cutter. Such a tool works only on a tile and in a straight line. There is also a restriction on the width of the cut part. at least 20 millimeters. This will require the tool itself or a similar device. As it, diamond or winning sovers are used as it. Sometimes you can use a good economic knife.

The line on which the incision will be made is metal, since wooden can be ruined when a knife is disrupted from the cutting line.

The cut must be applied slowly, carefully. Particular attention should be paid to the initial and final pressure on the tool. Usually at such moments it is insufficient. If it is good not to cut the edges, the break in these places will be uneven.

In order to cut ceramic tiles at home, you can use improvised means. A drill or knife must be carried out along the trajectory several times until the upper layer of tiles erases. The number of visits depends on the hardness of the tool.

You can split the cut tile in several ways:

    Taking the tiles on both sides on both edges of the incision, clearly, from a distance of 10-15 centimeters, hit the edge of the table. The corner itself should be straight and tough. The blow must be applied carefully, without hitting the surface on the surface.

  • Can be placed under the entire length of the tile along the cut line of an even rod. He must play for the edges a few centimeters. You need to sharply press from two edges with both hands. If the length of the piece of tiles is large, carry out this operation in several visits.
  • To break in clamping devices, the tile must be wrapped with cardboard and clamp between the lips along the fault line. You can make a homemade clamp from two metal corners or wooden bars fastened with bolts or studs.

Methods of drilling holes

The process begins with the selection of a sore or crows of arbitrary diameter. Drilling tool is suitable for any electric or manual. For drills, the presence of speed adjustment is desirable. This is important for the preservation of cutting accessories, since tips quickly sit on high speeds. And also in this case, the likelihood of a chipping of enamel increases.

ceramic, tiles, tile, cutter, real

Holes are made using special acute.angle. However, they have a high cost. But you can drill the surface of any hardness, and the period of use of such a tool is great. The use of inexpensive spear.shaped tiles is suitable for periodic, small in terms of work. One tool, provided that the tiles are used, is enough for two dozen holes. Winning drills are recommended only as a last resort.

For the production of large round openings, you can apply a crown with spraying or ballerinka.

Manual tile cutter

This tool allows you to cut the tile in a straight line or diagonal with a width of a cut canvas from 5 millimeters. With it, you can saw tiles for floor and porcelain tiles. Its design consists of a base and a carriage with a diamond knife. a wheel sliding along the runners. For a greater depth of cut, the diameter is larger than that of glass cutter. As you wear, the knife can be replaced. When choosing a tool, it is advisable to purchase a mechanism with bearings, which will ensure a smooth sliding of the cutting mechanism.

To break off the cut strip on the base on the edge, a flat metal strip is fixed, and behind a cut with a knife a small T is a figurative lever. It is he who presses on the tile after the cut.

The tile incision begins with alignment of the material on the basis of the marked line. Then tightly fixed. The carriage is driven by hands, producing a single incision. Then, pressing on the handle, the tile is split into parts. With this method, small chips are sometimes obtained, which are masked with grouting.

Cutting with improvised means

Do not always need to perform a large amount of work. Why spend money if you need to cut off a few tiles. In this case, you can use the following tools:

Important! It is recommended to use a drill with a winning attack. Thanks to it, you can give a deeper scratch to the surface of ceramics better.

How to cut with glass cutter with ceramic tiles? The algorithm of actions is this:

  • An extra fragment is measured.
  • Marking is applied on it.
  • A metal line is superimposed along the line. It is important to do it perfectly evenly.
  • It remains to have a one.time with glass cutter or other sharp improvised material along the ruler. In the process, the ruler should be well held. As a result, you get a noticeable scratch.
  • The tile is located on the edge of the table or workbench. Scratch on it should coincide with the edge line of the table.
  • A strong, confident and sharp movement of the hand should be pressed on the edge of the tile.

The desired piece will break out. It is clear that making a cut perfectly will not work. But you can save money. And after that, just wipe the cut with sandpaper. In addition, if you put tiles in clean water for only an hour, then the cutting process will become better.

note! Some ask whether it is possible to cut ceramic tiles with a jigsaw. Yes, but the cut will not work as high quality as I would like. The use of an electric jigsaw is rational when adjusting the tiles laid in an inconspicuous place. But, there are special saws with diamond spraying for manual or electric jigsaw. This option is allowed.

Complex curly cutting

In addition to standard cutting products in which an even section is made, there is a curly cutting of ceramic tiles. In this case, tiles become useless, as they can make exclusively even cut lines.

One of the common cases of a socket. How to cut a hole under the outlet in ceramic tiles? It all depends on the circumstances. Sometimes it is enough to make a P-shave on the size of the outlet. Another option is to divide two tiles into two rectangular parts and cut them off. In this case, the long side is cut using a tile cutter, and a short. corner grinder. External angles are performed according to the same scheme.

Advice! When marking, it is taken from 1.4 to 1.8 mm per indent from the wall, and 2.5 mm on the grout.

There is another way to perform a P-shaped cutting. For this, any acceptable method is used. For example, the same ruler and glass cutter, to create cuts on the glaze. After which, the excess parts are abandoned, and the edges are wiped with sandpaper.

But how to cut a hole in ceramic tiles under the pipe? It is already more difficult, since there are no straight angles. The hole should be round and even. Professionals use special crowns that have diamond spraying and allow you to quickly make a hole of the desired diameter for a sewer or water pipe.

But what if there are no such crowns? The first option is to use a tile drill or a winning drill. This is not the easiest way, but quite realized:

  • Before cutting a circle in ceramic tiles, you need to install the tile on an even and clean surface.
  • Marking is applied to the surface of the tiles.
  • Drown in the drill are made even holes according to the intended circle. They need to be done dense, the closer, the better.
  • Using the same drill, you need to remove the remaining gaps, performing work at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • The hole will turn out rude and inaccurate. Therefore, this is recovered with sandpaper and large nippers.

If this hole is made under the mixer or under the units, then you do not need to bother with the alignment of the edges, they will be hidden.

When you need to make a hole of larger diameter, for example, for forced ventilation, a mini-upper grinder is used with a ceramic disk. Again, marking is made on it, and with the help of a corner grinder, two cuts of crosswise are done. After the four even cuts are made between them to form a square. The rest of the edges are bitten off with nippers. Do not immediately bite off large pieces. In the end, everything is cleaned with sandpaper. Another cutting option. directly along the contour of the intended circle of half the thickness. After which the cut is made for the entire thickness of the cross-steal. It remains to break off 4 elements.

You can make a hole using a jigsaw and a special string for it. The tile is placed, a hole is made in it, into which a string for a hand jigsless or a saw on an electric tile is inserted. A hole is made along the contour. It will turn out even and neat.

One of the most popular ways is the use of a drill called a “ballerinka”. The ballerinka will allow the most carefully performing round holes of the correct shape of various sizes.