How to Cut Mosaic from Stone

The question of how and how to cut the mosaic often baffles not only lovers, but even experienced tilers. Many experienced craftsmen cut mosaics with an angle grinder, but this method is very difficult, time-consuming, dangerous and absolutely not suitable for a beginner mosaic. Some craftsmen use glass cutters, but this method also requires significant skills and is also very time-consuming.

In addition, the mosaic can be cut on most professional electric tile cutters, as well as on some models of professional manual tile cutters, including using special tools. See also the article How to cut a tile with a tile cutter. The main disadvantage of this method is the price of the equipment.

Smalt separator for manual tile cutter

At the same time, few people know that there are special tools for cutting mosaics, the cost of which is comparable to the cost of one square meter of mosaic, and the ease of use makes them affordable even for an amateur.

Mosaic Nippers

Mosaic Nippers, or mosaic tongs used for direct mosaic cutting. Hold the cutting pliers in the cutting hand, with the other hand, hold the mosaic with your thumb, index and middle fingers as motionless as possible. Place the mosaic between the cutting surfaces of the wire cutters. The tile and the cutting part of the cutting pliers should not overlap completely, the cutting pliers should protrude approximately halfway out of the tile.

The direction of the fault is set by turning the head of the wire cutters. To increase the cutting force, keep the wire cutters closer to the ends of the handles.

Tip 1: How to cut a mosaic

It will take some practice to get a quality cut.

How to Cut Mosaic from Stone

Mosaic Roller Nippers

An even more convenient tool are mosaic roller cutters, they combine the functions of glass cutters and mosaic cutters. With some skills, roller nippers allow you to cut the mosaic into minimal parts, as well as give the mosaic tile almost any shape.

The video shows an example of working with roller cutters

Attention! When cutting mosaics with nippers, remember that fragments of the mosaic will certainly fly in all directions, and be sure to use safety glasses and gloves.

Video: How to Cut Mosaic from Stone

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How to cut a mosaic

Quite often, a very difficult question arises as to how to cut the mosaic. And it is difficult to answer it, not so much for repair lovers, but even for the most experienced craftsmen. So, many builders use an angle grinder as a cutting tool. But wait, cutting a small mosaic using an angle grinder is not easy, not just for beginners, but even for skilled craftsmen. Some use glass cutter. However, this method is not the easiest, it requires certain professional skills and jewelry accuracy.

Also, the choice of repairmen often falls on professional tools for cutting tiles, in particular electric and manual tile cutters. In principle, this is a pretty wise and right choice, but it has one significant drawback. If you do not have such a device, it will cost you very, very expensive.

Manual tile cutter with mosaic rug

Therefore, for those who do not know how to cut the mosaic, we are in a hurry to share a list of tools and methods designed specifically for this lesson.

How and with what tool to cut mosaic tiles?

Almost any master can learn this, whether he is a beginner or a skilled worker with experience.

Mosaic Nippers

In order to correctly cut the cutters, you should take them into the cutting hand, while using the second hand (index, middle and thumb), firmly and motionlessly holding the mosaic. Next, place the mosaic between the two surfaces of the wire cutters. Now, having covered the tile with blades, about half, break. The direction of this fault is set by turning the wire cutters in one direction or another. To make the effort stronger, hold the wire cutters at the ends of the handles. First, it is advisable to practice the draft mosaic, and only then move on to the main samples.


Roller nippers for mosaics are a much better tool for cutting. This tool can combine the functionality of a glass cutter, and, in fact, the mosaic cutters themselves. Externally, this tool is somewhat reminiscent of a modern can opener. The tip of the nippers consists of two strong, sharpened discs. A piece of mosaic is inserted between these disks, and by squeezing the handles, under the influence of force, the disks cut the mosaic in half. If you are well trained in using this tool, you can make not only straight cuts, but also curly cuts, giving the mosaic various shapes.

It is worth noting that when working with any tool described above, safety measures should be observed. Because, for example, using roller cutters, when cutting, a piece or piece of a mosaic can please the performer in the eye. Therefore, when working, wear safety glasses, and you can wear gloves on your hands so that fragments do not fall under the skin. Thus, you will protect yourself and be able to act confidently and accurately.

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