How to Cut Skirting Corners On The Ceiling

A beautiful and neat edging of the ceiling hides the joints between the coatings and is an additional element of the decor of the room. But in order for the ceiling plinth to look really beautiful, you need to be able to qualitatively join its corner joints.
How to evenly cut the corners of the ceiling plinth, you can learn from our article.
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The first way. with the help of a miter box

The miter box usually looks like a tray with vertical holes for a hacksaw. It can be made of wood, metal or plastic. This tool represents the oldest and simplest carpenter tool designed to cut wooden parts at 90 ° and 45 °. There are types of such devices for professional work, with a rotary mechanism, in them the cutting tool can be rotated and fixed in any position.

how to cut skirting corners on the ceiling

How to properly cut the ceiling skirting

Ceiling corners are divided into internal and external, the method of docking on them is slightly different.

If necessary, you can make a miter box with your own hands. To do this, you need three trim from plywood or boards of the same size. First, they are applied in the form of an inverted letter “P” and mark the corners. Then, according to the marking, cuts are cut out under the hacksaw almost to the very bottom, and the boards are twisted.

Inside corner

    • Making the right measurements.
    • We install the plinth strip in the miter box so that this position exactly matches the placement on the ceiling.
    • The baseboard must be pressed firmly against the opposite wall of the miter box. Hold and hold with your free hand.
    • We put a hacksaw at an angle of 45 ° in a special hole and cut off the part.
    • An adjacent part must be cut in the same way, only in a mirror image, as shown in the photo.

    When cutting soft materials (PVC, expanded polystyrene) use a hacksaw for metal or a regular construction knife. Then the work will be neat and with even edges.

    Video: How to Cut Skirting Corners On The Ceiling

    Outer corner

    • The length of the plinth is measured from the nearest wall to the outer corner, the fishing line is left on the inside with a pencil, indicating the desired length. It should be noted that the edge (its upper part) should go out a little.
    • The baseboard is moved into the miter box and cut.
    • The adjacent bar also needs to be measured with a margin and cut in mirror image to the first part.

    We try on the ceiling plinth: the joining of the parts should be perfectly even. If the result is not achieved and there are irregularities at the joints, you can trim the edges with an ordinary knife to the perfect fit.

    We check the smooth docking

    The video describes all the nuances well:

    The second way. without additional tools

    For the inner corner, you can use the simplest method of perfect joining. by marking on the ceiling. Another example of how to cut a corner is beautiful and even.

      1. Apply the fillet to the ceiling, tightly pressing its even edge into the corner.
      2. Draw fishing line along the long side of the plinth on the ceiling.

        1. The same action is done with an adjacent part on the other side.

        The result is an even angle of 45 °, if you draw a line from the point of intersection to the edge of the part. Note that the above marking method works only with perfectly even angles.

        other methods

        With a good eye and accuracy of hand action, you can use a home-made template that resembles an imitation of a miter box. To do this, take a thin board or dense plywood and draw a layout in the form of a horizontal rectangle. Using a protractor mark 45 ° on the right and left side of the rectangle. Draw lines connecting the opposite edges. Now you can cut off the ceiling skirting board using this layout. The actions are simple and similar to the description above in the first embodiment. Only the ceiling parts should not be inserted, but superimposed on the drawing and combine the hacksaw with the layout of the layout.

        Special accessories for docking