How to Cut Tiles at an Angle of 45 Degrees

The presence of corners or bulges on the wall, various ways of laying tiles, as well as the non-standard dimensions of the room play a huge role in the working process of facing, causing additional difficulties. Therefore, you often have to deal with the need to flush tiles.

Right outer corners, which are sawn at 45 degrees, form a neat right angle with a smooth transition, so you do not need to resort to the use of overhead aluminum or plastic corners. However, in order for the cuts to be accurate and coincide with other parts of the tile, special tools must be used.

What is it for?

Basically, washed down the corner edges of the tiles at 45 degrees is carried out in the following cases:

  • for the coincidence of the inner and outer corners of the rectangular tiles when they are joined in the laying process;
  • to form a beautiful bevel edge;
  • with a diagonal layout of tiles.

Trimming the edge of the tile products under a special angular slope makes it possible to forget about the use of patch corners forever.


To make a high-quality and smooth saw cut without chips and cracks is possible only with the help of special devices, each of which has its own advantages.

Electric machine

The main advantage of this tile cutter is a clear and high-quality cut on a tile, which is carried out in two directions: an ordinary straight cut and a special cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Thanks to the rotation of the cutting wheel at a certain angle to the cut part of the tile, it is easy to make a cut, starting from 0 to 45 degrees. An electric machine may have a water supply function, due to which less dust is released, and may have a conventional design. However, both versions of the devices provide the same quality of work and guarantee that a large volume of tiles is washed down in a short time.

In the case of cutting tiles with concave shapes, the electric tile cutter does not repeat the concave deflection of the product. Therefore, you can cut off only the back side, so as not to touch the enamel on the front. This is especially true for porcelain stoneware.

Required Accessories:

  • special masking tape;
  • a simple pencil;
  • small ruler;
  • tile cutting machine;
  • Angle grinder with adjustable speed.

On that part of the tile where the saw will be held, you need to stick a masking tape. Pencil and ruler to make the necessary markup. Then place the tile on a specific section of the device at a 45 degree angle. According to the principle of a circular saw, a tile is cut with a diamond tape. In some models, water is supplied during the cut, which protects the tile from melting and rinses off the dust.

In case of damage to the glaze of the outer part of the tile, the saw cut will turn out ugly with the presence of cracks and chipped edges, which, when stacked to each other, will have a sloppy appearance. Therefore, when working with an electric tile cutter, you only need to carefully remove the clay layer.

Professional secrets of experienced tilers:

  • with the help of a tile cutter it is necessary to achieve an even cut;
  • then form the necessary angle on the back of the product;
  • glaze, which touched in the workflow, is rubbed with sandpaper.

Manual tile cutter

Manual tile cutter is popular not only among professional tilers, but also among amateurs. Many models of such tile cutters are equipped with a special swivel base and an integrated ruler, which allow you to make high-quality washed down tiles at 45 degrees. Having inserted a tile in a tile cutter under a certain degree, it is necessary to combine a label on a tile and on the building tool. By lowering the handle down, you need to slowly move it in the direction from yourself with slow movements at the same speed and with equal pressure.

Angle Grinder

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Despite the fact that such a construction device is present in almost every house, it is very difficult to independently cut tiles at a 45-degree angle, an angle grinder.

For quick and even washing of tiles, it is necessary to install a diamond wheel on the device. In this case, the tile should be placed under the rib with the outer side to the bottom. Now the angle grinder needs to be ground at an angle of 45 degrees the back side of the ceramic tile.

From the first time to make a smooth and clean cut will not work. Therefore, after the angle has formed, it is necessary to repeat the process and go through the diamond wheel with an angle grinder along the cut edge. Only in this way will the angle become even.

To form an angle on the tile, you need to choose the right angle grinder, since not all models can perform the necessary functions. In this case, it is worth buying a construction tool from which you can adjust the speed.

At the beginning of the work, you should set the minimum speed at which the edges of the tile will be polished, and not burned.

Basic Rules

When skidding a tile, it must be remembered that only clay can be cut, not reaching the glaze of 0.5-1 mm. In this case, the corner of the tile will turn out beautiful and smooth, without damage and chipping.

Modern capabilities and skill of specialists allow to cut tiles at 45 degrees, not only from the edge, but also in the middle of the product. To do this, the tiles need to be measured and cut in accordance with the required size, and then cut to 45 degrees. To get a high-quality result, you should close the cut edge with sandpaper.

How to form an acute angle?

The next step after the process washed down the tiles at a degree of a certain angle is its worthy application, as well as the organization of a right angle. To do this, observe the following points:

  • Using a special building level, the first part of the tile must be glued evenly. Its cropped edge should slightly get out of the base of the right angle;
  • the second tile should be glued in the same way on the contrary, while the glue fixing period allows moving and adjusting the contacting tiles in order to achieve a tight contact.

Before you start facing the corner, you should check the consistency of the vertical wall. With even the lowest elevation differences, the angle above may not converge and may not turn out even. It will be impossible to mask or close up this flaw in the future.

The scope of use of sawn tiles at an angle of forty-five degrees has certain limitations. As a result of the cut clay from the back, the narrowed edges of the tile become thin and brittle, so they can easily break off.

Forming right angles from cropped tiles in places where there is heavy traffic is not recommended.

Cutting without special tools

Tile blocking is optionally carried out using special devices. At home, you can easily manually sew down tiles at 45 degrees. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • on the outer part of the tile (glaze) is a glass cutter;
  • with the help of an angle grinder, a small groove is formed on the back of the tile in the form of the English letter "V", which is located across the width of the entire tile;
  • then you need to carefully break the bend of the slice and treat it with sandpaper.
How to Cut Tiles at an Angle of 45 Degrees

How to make a cut mosaic?

Today, many modern designers use mosaics in the design of rooms. a small ceramic tile that is no different from ordinary tiles, except for its size. Therefore, often when using this tile, there is also a need for washing it at an angle of 45 degrees.

For washing down small tiles, it will be most convenient to use an electric tile cutter, in which it is necessary to place the moving small parts of the mosaic with the icing down. Conveniently fixing them on the reverse side of the cutting disc, you can begin to perform a gash while holding the tiles with your hand. Just like with a regular ceramic tile, when washing the mosaic, one should remember the outer layer of the glaze, which is not recommended to reach.

An equally complicated process washes down the mosaic. the usual angle grinder, which is accompanied by a large amount of dust. In this case, the tile should also be fixed with the outer side down. Only during operation is it necessary to find a suitable object and hold on to small parts of the tile that are constantly moving.

Work angle grinder should be at the smallest speed. With slow movements, it is necessary to remove the back layer of clay using a diamond wheel. However, it will not be possible to carefully grind the cut edge of the tile with an angle grinder, therefore, upon completion of the process, it is necessary to seal it with sandpaper.

Trimming and sawing should ideally be done by a professional.

Today, the use of aluminum or plastic corners has decreased due to the possibility of washing down tiles at 45 degrees. This method, as well as joining tiles at right angles, has been known for a long time. Previously, such methods were used for facing the facades of various buildings. Now, such options for laying ceramic tiles can be found in almost every home.

However, for all the positive characteristics of the tile washed down, this process also has negative sides. This corner of the tile becomes too thin and vulnerable, so it can easily crumble, which will lead to unnecessary troubles and waste.

On how to make a gash of the mosaic end face at 45 degrees, see further.