How to Cut Tiles Under 45 Degrees Angle Grinder

When performing repairs, many homeowners need to cut ceramic tiles, which can be done using an angle grinder. This tool allows you to do this job at a high level, with minimal risk of chips or cracks. In this article we will talk about how to use ceramic angle grinder to cut ceramic tiles.

Required Tools and Materials

By cutting ceramic tiles is meant a laborious process that requires maximum concentration. The complexity is largely due to the fact that the tile consists of durable material. Without dust, tiles can be cut and sawed with a tile cutter, but such a tool is expensive. Using conventional cutters and saws, this is almost impossible to do, and the cut will certainly be uneven and unattractive. An ordinary angle grinder is best suited, the cutting wheel of which allows you to accurately trim the tile even at home.

how to cut tiles at 45 degrees angle grinder

Despite the fact that this process is relatively complicated, if you get the hang of it, it will not take much time and will not require special efforts. An ordinary homeowner who could not do this kind of work and will be able to cut off even the hog without the help of a tile cutter can cope with this task.

You can cut tiles using the following tools:

  • special tile cutter;
  • diamond tools;
  • Angle Grinder.

For cutting ceramic tiles, those that have diamond spraying are suitable. Their use minimizes the formation of cracks and chips. It is forbidden to use disks used for working on metal, since you will only damage the tiles with them. Even if you manage to make a cut using such a circle, it will be uneven and of poor quality. This is due to the sliding of the disk along the tile, due to which the presence of small cracks is inevitable. At the same time, when it comes to home surface finishing, you can not pay attention to these damage, since they will surely disappear during subsequent processing.

In no case should you neglect safety measures, since the risk of harm is high enough.

Be sure to have the following attributes with you:

Please note that the selected angle grinder or grinder must have a speed regulator, since many modern inexpensive tools lack this function. Such models operate at the highest speed, which is why it is impossible to cut tiles with their help.

We cut tiles correctly

Using a tile to finish the walls, a situation will surely arise when you need to cut a part of the slab so that it fits into the remaining space. At the same time, a similar procedure will be required regardless of what type of tile you choose. Cutting is most often required in cases when unique patterns are created on the walls or various decorative objects are formed using tiles.

If you have already prepared all the attributes necessary for the job, you can consider how tiles should be cut correctly. An angle grinder is an excellent assistant in the matter under consideration, since with its help it is possible to create not only straight sections, but also curly ones. Next, we will consider how to cut tiles in various ways.

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Direct cut is as simple as possible:

  • First, you need to fix the tile on the plane so that it does not slip and does not ride on it.
  • The part of the tile that needs to be cut must remain on its weight. the fishing line will be a guideline for the notch line;
  • You need to take the angle grinder so that you can see the cut line. If you hide it from yourself, you cannot make an even cut.
  • You need to direct and move the blade toward yourself, and not from yourself. This is the mistake many newcomers make. Hold the tool firmly and evenly so that it does not go in different directions, otherwise the cut will be ugly. Holding the angle grinder crookedly, you can ruin the disk, because it can fly off because of this.

The round hole is as follows:

  • Initially, you need to use a marker to draw the desired hole. You need to draw on the glossy side of the tile.
  • Then you need to determine the center of the circle. This can be done using straight lines drawn crosswise.
  • Carefully file the angle grinder on the inside of the tile in a circle until we go deep.
  • It is necessary to turn the angle grinder so that the blade gradually fits into the outlined circle.
  • When the cut is deep enough, you need to cut the drawn cross on the drawn fishing lines, after which you carefully remove the 4 sectors of the circle.

It is only necessary to incise the tile along the front side, since this is the only way to obtain a cut without various defects. Consequently, all possible damage will be concentrated on the back of the tile, which will be hidden using tile glue.

It’s best to measure and mark the tiles you need to cut from the very beginning.

To cut at an angle of 45 degrees, follow the instructions below:

  • It is important to note that cutting tiles obliquely is more difficult than making a straight cut. However, this is much easier than creating curly elements. You need to start by doing it.
  • The angle grinder must be turned so that the disk is located at the angle you need, while you must carefully drive with the blade, removing excess, so that an even angular cut is obtained at the end.
  • Ideality can be achieved by using ordinary sandpaper, which is best secured to a bar.

The abrasive skin should be used to process each element, as this will help improve the appearance of the cut.

Important Nuances

The angle grinder needs to be set to a low speed so that you can control and adjust its actions. Having the opportunity to fix the tool, be sure to do it, because this way you can simplify the work. Having fixed the angle grinder, you only need to move the tile along the desired path.

If there is no possibility of fixing, the floor will be the best place to work. Under the plate, be sure to put blocks or lumber. It is important to note that A small speed should also be set due to the fact that this will prevent the blade or disc from dropping upon contact with the surface.

Including the maximum speed, you are sure to simplify the cutting process, however, this increases the risk of damage to the tiles, which simply can fly into pieces. The easiest way to cut appears in a straight line, since even a beginner can handle this work. When it comes to rounding, then more effort will be required here. If you have not previously encountered such a job, we recommend that you first try your skills on defective material.

You can protect the tiles from chips by using a special grinder or sandpaper. This work is not complicated, but it will significantly improve the quality of the cut. Thus, you can get rid of existing defects.

If you decide to choose a grinder for this work, rather than sandpaper, then you need to work at minimum speed.

Be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • you need to work in special clothes;
  • goggles are required;
  • it is recommended to use earplugs during work;
  • all devices used must be in good condition;
  • work can only be done by adults who know the safety rules for using a cutting tool;
  • when wet processing, make sure that the grinding machine does not get into the water, as this can lead to electric shock;
  • do not cut slices at maximum speed;
  • you need to work in a room with good ventilation.

To maintain your health, it is extremely important to follow these recommendations.

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