How to determine the power of a trimmer for gasoline grass. Type of the handle

How to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass for grass?

Gasoline trimmers for grass (lawnmands) are used to combat vegetation in long areas, as well as where there is no electricity. Trammers mow grass, dry, ferns and burdocks, young shoots of trees and shrubs.

Some models are optionally equipped with special nozzles, for example, by bureau. Unlike lawnmands, trimmers for grass are used not only in open areas, but also in “narrow” places: next to the walls, under fences or benches. However, there are disadvantages: lawnmands weigh about 5-6 kg and require regular maintenance.

Choice parameters

Engine power

Motokos depends on the sphere of its application: household or professional. Household models are used to cut the lawn, and for regular mowing of hard grass you will need a professional device.

Brush Cutter Harness

Power less than 1 liter.With. They have gasoline trimmers for grass, which are designed for episodic use: for example, to trim the small lawn once a month.

Trammers for grass from 1-3 liters.With. suitable for more intensive work in medium.sized areas. They are often purchased for personal plots and gardens.

Over 3 l.With. It will be needed to mow large sections of grass for a whole day.

This characteristic of the trimmer for the grass depends on its power. Powerful devices have a large weight and roomy fuel tank, when filling out the mass increases even more. The minimum weight of household models is 4–5 kg, professional. 6-8 kg. The filled tank adds another 1-1.5 kg to weight.

The volume of the fuel tank

Usually ranges from 0.5 liters in household models up to 1.5 liters in professional and determines the time of continuous operation of the device.

The shape of the handle

Should be as convenient as possible for the operator. The most common T-shaped handle, which is easy to make sweeping movements. D-shaped and bicycle shapes of the handle are less common, they are controlled by their work with an ordinary oblique.

Type of cutting element

Knife or fishing line for trimmer. To trim the lawn, a fishing line for a trimmer is suitable, and it is better to cut off the rough vegetation with a knife: hard and dried grass, shrub, young trees.

Knives are more expensive and they are often installed on powerful models, and a fishing line for a trimmer is used in household trimmers. In some models, a reel with a fishing line can be replaced with a knife.

When choosing a trimmer for grass, estimate the size of your site and the type of vegetation. For mowing grass with a soft stem, a household model is suitable, for working in a field with weeds and weeds, it is better to purchase hay blanks with a disk knife and a power of 1-3 liters.With.

engine’s type

The design of the motor affects the price, the weight of the trimmer for the grass and its operation.

Two.stroke engines are cheaper and easier, but more demanding in maintenance. To work, they need a mixture of oil and gasoline. The life of such engines is less than the four.stroke and exhaust gases. more.

Four stroke engines have separate tanks for gasoline and oil. A trimmer for herb with such an engine is more economically consuming for fuel and makes less noise. Due to the high cost, four-stroke engines are more often installed in professional models.

Popular brands

The famous German brand STIHL has many fans in the company began its activities in 1926. from the release of chainsaws and is still one of the leaders in this area. The brand is presented in since 1994., offers a large assortment of garden equipment and tools. All components for the STIHL technique produces in their own factories, which guarantees high quality of finished products. The company is constantly improving its equipment, implementing the latest developments.

Swedish company Husqvarna, founded in 1689., It is considered one of the oldest in the world. The brand produces a large number of garden, construction and stone.cutting equipment. The company’s products are distinguished by high quality, efficiency, attractive design and long service life. Household and professional technology models are presented in several versions for various tasks.

Fubag. a German manufacturer who began its way with the release of stoneware technology. The brand appeared in 1996. And now it supply a large assortment of garden, welding and power technology. All Fubag plants are observed by international standards and strict quality control is carried out. The company owns many patents for its own developments. Brand technique is powerful, reliable and affordable in price.

Best gasoline trimmer for grass for giving

The ECHO SRM benzotrimmer can be used to care for green lawns both on a small summer cottage and on large areas with uneven relief. Equipment for mowing is equipped with a two.pound belt and a bicycle handle, thanks to which a high level of comfort is provided when working with a gasoline unit. The design of the trimmer for grass provides an additional pump that provides fuel supply to the carburetor, the translucent tank allows you to monitor the level of the fuel mixture.


  • power. 0.6 kW;
  • motor volume. 21.2 cm 3;
  • engine. two.stroke Echo;
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 0.44 liters;
  • Fuel mixture consumption. 0.56 kg/h;
  • The number of revolutions is 8000 rpm;
  • rod diameter. 25 mm;
  • shaft diameter. 6 mm;
  • cutting parts. a fishing line for a trimmer 3 mm thick, a three.blade knife made of steel;
  • weight. 5.4 kg;
  • Dimensions. 178x69x46 cm.


  • anti.vibration system;
  • the upper location of the engine;
  • good maneuverability;
  • high speed;
  • I-START light launch system;
  • metal forged shaft;
  • semi.automatic head;
  • reusable air filter;
  • the presence of a protective casing;
  • low gasoline consumption;
  • simplicity of service;
  • Light weight.

The best powerful gasoline trimmer for grass

The model of a gasoline trimmer for EBH253U grass from the Japanese manufacturer is designed to process large territories. Cutting system Motokos is represented by a steel four.pound knife and fishing line. The lawn mower is equipped with a membrane carburetor pumping a fuel pump and a powerful engine that releases a minimum amount of harmful exhausts into the atmosphere.

determine, power, trimmer, gasoline


  • power. 0.71 kW;
  • motor volume. 24.5 cm 3;
  • engine type. four.stroke;
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 0.5 l;
  • gasoline consumption-408 g/kilowatt-hour;
  • rotation frequency. 8500 rpm;
  • cutting components. a fishing line for a trimmer 2.4 mm thick, a steel knife;
  • mass. 5.9 kg;
  • Dimensions. 177x62x49 cm.


  • high.quality assembly;
  • high power;
  • ergonomics;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • little weight;
  • the presence of a protective casing;
  • Running belt;
  • “Bicycle” handle with rubber anti.slip lobs;
  • the ability to regulate the position of the handle in height;
  • engine in the upper part of the bar;
  • low noise level;
  • vibrational separation of the motor;
  • start.up system of electrostart;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • warranty period from the manufacturer 36 months.

Why will a gas station need?

Before proceeding with the choice of the optimal model of a gasoline trimmer for grass, you should very clearly outline the circle of tasks that will be entrusted to this tool. Based on this, most evaluative selection criteria will be determined.

All gasoline braids for grass are customary to conditionally divide into three main groups.

  • Professional or garden-park. This is, as a rule, a tool of employees of utilities, landscaping and ennoblement enterprises, forestry farms. Such motorcycles have an increased resource, the ability to long.term work in the daily mode. They install powerful engines and enhanced transmission mechanisms. As a rule, they are equipped with knives that are able to cope with a shrub.sized shoot, and sometimes even with young trees.

Naturally, such tools are quite massive, have roomy fuel tanks. To facilitate working with them, special belt systems are provided to remove the load from the hand of the operator as much as possible. In addition, special paramedic models have been developed, that is, a power drive worn by an employee in the form of a satchel is connected to a flexible gear shaft in the casing. This layout is less and fattened by the operator during prolonged work.

The use of a trimmer for grass of this class in a personal economy looks excessive, the acquisition is unlikely to become a profitable.

  • Motokos of the semi.professional class is very often called “farm”, which quite accurately determines their purpose. These are reliable assistants in the household, designed for regular, quite frequent use with considerable loads.

The power of their drive, the features of the transmission of torque, the equipment with cutting nozzles allow you to cope with the vegetation almost no worse than the profiles. Farm Motokos is used both for caring for a garden and for the performance of specialized agricultural work.

They are distinguished by a small mass, high maneuverability, convenience in work. The power of their engine, it would seem, is low (usually within 1000 watts), but it is quite enough to mow grass and small shrub. The main cutting tool is the cord (fishing line for trimmer), although knives may also include some models.

The permissible duration of non.stop work is small, and is usually limited by the capacity of a small fuel tank.

Type of gasoline engine

Two types of engines can be installed on gasoline braids for grass. two.stroke and four.stroke. It should be noted right away that this does not directly affect the power of the tool. there are more professional motorcycles with a two.stroke drive, and small trimmers for the grass of an “amateur” class equipped with a four.stroke ICE.

  • Two.stroke engines attract their unpretentiousness in work. They are well launched even in cold weather, simple in the device, easier to repair. The for them are relatively low, which determines very broad demand among consumers.

-First of all, to refuel a motorcycle with a gasoline engine, you will have to independently prepare a fuel mixture of gasoline A-92 and special engine oil. The operation, in principle, is simple, but requires attentiveness and accurate observance of proportions. The prepared composition cannot be stored for a long time. its properties are lost over time. That is, the work with the trimmer will have to be preceded each time by preparing the fuel mixture.

For a two.stroke engine, it is necessary to prepare the fuel mixture in the proportions indicated by the manufacturer

  • The four.stroke engines of these three mentioned shortcomings are deprived of. They have separate containers for gas supply and engine oil. When working, they publish much less noise, the total amount of exhaust gases is significantly reduced.

Such engines usually have a higher motorsurs, capable of prolonged operation without pauses, and fuel is much more economical in them.

  • Attention should be paid to the design of the fuel tank. it is very convenient if it is made of translucent plastic, as this allows you to visually monitor the amount of fuel remaining in the container.
  • Almost all motos engines (with rare exceptions) are equipped with a manual starter. with a drum, an exhaust cable and a handle. Some models, in addition, have a modern light launch system. Flash Starter. Pulling the cable, the operator does not transmit rotation directly to the crooked-shaped unit of the engine, but takes a special spring, which, in turn, will already transmit a torque pulse for launching. Thus, the operator does not have to overcome compression jerks, the launch becomes simpler and smooth, requires significantly less physical effort.
  • To facilitate the launch on the power block, the motorcycles should be the “primer” button. Several presses to it before starting will provide air residues from the gas pipeline tube and the supply of the required amount of fuel to the carburetor.

The power of the gasoline drive

The engine power can lie from 700 ÷ 800 to 2500 or more watts. The choice directly depends on the proposed load on the tool. In principle, it is power that determines the operational classification of gasoline trimmers.

This parameter is sometimes indicated in horsepower. The ratio is simple. 1 kW = 1.36 “horses”, or, conversely, 1 horse force = 0.74 kW.

Electric trimmers for grass

Electric Choose a trimmer for grass or gasoline, depends on how far the territory is located. If you agree to buy an extension cord, and it will be enough, then the electric version will be more profitable, albeit less convenient. No need to buy fuel, but constantly carefully monitor the cord so as not to interrupt it. The main advantages of electric trimmers:

  • Do not need a refueling and purchase of expensive fuel;
  • less weight than that of gasoline;
  • large selection of models;
  • many components of cutting nozzles.

If you choose a cheap model of the device, then its power is usually very small. Therefore, such a device will quickly overheat, and it will need to be turned off every 10-15 minutes, which is very unpleasant. Therefore, do not take the cheapest device and save. But if the site is small, it is not necessary to overpay.

It is very important to take into account that trimmers for grass with a weak engine cannot cope with cutting bushes and young shoots of trees, even if it is declared by the manufacturer. There may also be problems with thick stems of weeds and other weeds. The engine will quickly overheat and can burn. Also, note that an electric trimmer cannot be mowed with high humidity, as well as small rain, since water can cause a closure.

An excellent choice among electric models will be Oleo-Mac TR61E or STERN GT20. But if you need something cheaper, you can trust the domestic manufacturer Sadko ETR450D or 250W team leader (84-002). Battering trimmers for herb of models operating from batteries are not common among trimmers. This can be explained by the fact that powerful batteries are very expensive and weigh a lot. Of course, such devices are very interesting. They bribe their autonomy and independence from fuel.

However, the battery may unexpectedly sit down, and you have to spend time recharging. In addition, such devices are low.power, which means that they will not be able to cut bushes or shoots. Bosch ART 26 ACCUTRIM or BlackDecker GLC1423L is ideal to work in the garden, if you do not need to pump out huge areas.

Battery trimmers for grass

Models operating from batteries are not common among trimmers. This can be explained by the fact that powerful batteries are very expensive and weigh a lot. Of course, such devices are very interesting. They bribe their autonomy and independence from fuel. However, the battery may unexpectedly sit down, and you have to spend time recharging. In addition, such devices are low.power, which means that they will not be able to cut bushes or shoots. Bosch ART 26 ACCUTRIM or BlackDecker GLC1423L is ideal to work in the garden, if you do not need to pump out huge areas.

Perhaps this is the most popular type of trimmer for grass among owners of summer cottages and gardens. It is also a favorite instrument of landscapers, which can often be found on the streets of the city. The gasoline trimmer for the grass has its advantages, such as: excellent mobility and maneuverability; good power; practicality.

However, they have some disadvantages in comparison with previous two types: expensive fuel; loud noise during work; traffic fumes; considerable weight. Gasoline trimmers for grass can be both standard and professional. Standard household models are of low power and low price. They go in minimal configuration and a little easier. Professional trimmers for grass are equipped with an engine more powerful and everything necessary for cutting plants with a diameter of up to 1.5 centimeters.

The lawn mower is better than the rest for large volumes of work and processing huge territories. Therefore, if you are going to provide a rather big site, choose a gasoline model. When choosing, it is worth considering that it is better to take a model with a four.stroke engine, such as Honda UMC435E3LAET or MAKITA EBH341U. Since this will save from the need to prepare a special mixture that needs to be refueled by a motorcycle.

It is prepared in a strict proportion of oil and 92 gasoline. And if the ratio is constantly violated, this will lead to the disabled tool. For giving the best choice will be a gasoline trimmer for the Husqvarna 128R grass, the Leo-Mac Sparta 25 and Stiga SB28JD also deserve attention. But if you are limited in the budget, you can pay attention to cheaper models, such as Werk WB-4500 or Forte BMK-2553.

As always, before moving on to the choice of a trimmer for the grass, we suggest that the 3 questions be answered as accurately as possible

You understand what basic and additional work your site is required?

Appreciated the cultivated area and landscape? Who will control the technique? Next, we will take 3 steps, each of which is equally important for choosing the optimal cultivator model. We are convinced that the correctly selected model will serve you the next 10 years.

Step gasoline or electric

Any technique is classified as intended and constructive: household (amateur), semi.professional or professional. Trammers for grass are no exception. However, in our choice of choice, we will not make Accent on this classification. We only note that gasoline models with a working volume of an engine of more than 40 cm3 are called professional, and then not everything. The rest are battery and electric, as well as gasoline (less than 30 cm3) can be attributed to the class of household.

Let’s start with the review and comparison of the advantages of electric and gasoline models.

BUT. Electric

Electric Prosesses
The price is relative to gasoline Relatively small power
Less noise and vibration An extension cord for a power cord is required
Unpretentious in maintenance Maneuverability is limited by the length of the extension cord
Lack of exhaust Models with the lower engine location are unsuitable for working on moist grass
No worries with fuel or fuel mixture The peculiarity of electric motors requires frequent pauses in work

Engine location. upper or lower

This is an important design feature for electrical models to recognize users themselves.

The trimmer for grass with the lower engine and detachable bar is popular. True, the power of such a model does not exceed 600-700 watts. Only the cord is included in the kit. In this case, the lower location of the engine almost completely eliminates the work with wet vegetation, after the rain. Such trimmers for grass are often used for “cosmetic” lawn care. That is, when it is necessary to trim the already trimmed lawn. Such a trimmer for the grass cannot cope with the cleaning of a strongly overgrown lawn. From the “pluses” of a trimmer for grass (with the lower engine location), a low cost can be noted.

In trimmers with the upper engine location, power can reach up to 1,400 watts. They can mow thick and tall grass, as well as small shrubs.

Trammers for grass with the upper location of the engine can be equipped not only with the cord, but also with a knife. They are able to mow wet grass. The cost of such models is higher, but their performance corresponds to the price.

Owners of electric trimmers often use portable extension cords. The cable for this extension cable is usually chosen by the principle. whatever hit the arm.

As a result, honestly connecting a trimmer for grass to a network of 220 V, the user is surprised to find either weak speeds or, in general, an inoperative trimmer for grass.

Remember a few simple rules:

  • With an increase in the length of the cable, the voltage at its end will fall. To compensate the losses, it is necessary to increase the diameter of the cable
  • It is advisable to choose a cable in the rubber shell, and the cable veins are multi.dwelling
  • With the same cross section, the copper cable has a greater supply of reliability and less electric power than aluminum.
  • Completely unwind the extension cord before turning on the power of the trimmer for the grass.

CHOUT from the engineer Champion

B. Gasoline

Gasoline Prosesses
Engine power High level of noise and vibration
Autonomy Require regular service
High performance Price
Capable of working with almost any vegetation The weight
The installation of a knife is available

2 or 4-stroke engines

Two.stroke engines. a mixture of gasoline and special oil for two.stroke engines is used as fuel; differ in high noise; exhaust gases contain a large amount of harmful substances; These models are most on sale.

four.stroke engines. gasoline and oil are poured separately, there is no need to prepare the mixture; lower speed of wear of internal nodes; less noisy; more economical in fuel consumption; The choice of models with 4-stroke engines is small; If you need a trimmer for the grass only to trim the small lawn, the power of the 4th stroke model will be a lot. over, any model with a 4-stroke engine is more expensive than a model with a 2-stroke.

Step engine power

The main parameter, which, first of all, should be paid attention to. engine power. The engine power directly affects the vegetation with which the trimmer is capable of cope for the grass and how much effort and time the mowing will take work. powerful engines allow you to install a variety of cutting headset thus expanding the circle of tasks that the trimmer for grass can solve.

Naturally, the more powerful the engine, the more productive the trimmer for grass and higher price. Choosing based on our needs.

Conditionally, we select 3 groups of engines in power:

determine, power, trimmer, gasoline

Engine power to electricity gasoline class, volume of work
Up to 0.6 kW. Up to 1 liter.With. household trimmers
From 0.6 to 1 kW Up to 1.5. 2 l.With Universal and semi.professional trimmers for grass
From 1.5 liters.With. on professional devices, for complex work

Type of suspended belt

Taking into account the time necessary for processing the lawn of the middle area, plus the weight of the trimmer itself for grass (on average 5-6 kg), the mower will inevitably experience a decent load on the hands and shoulder belt. In addition, with tired hands, it is really more difficult to carefully cut the grass in places. Reduce the load and save strength will help the suspended belt. If this is a professional gasoline trimmer for grass weighing 8 kg, then a suspended belt is simply needed. At the same time, the easiest belt option may not be suitable due to its properties to transfer the entire mass to one shoulder.

About the battery models

It became clear to us that the higher the engine power, the more producing the trimmer for the grass, the greater opportunities for the mowing of a variety of vegetation, it has. The direct dependence of the price of a trimmer for grass on the power of its engine is also fair.

In this system, we consider the range of tasks solved by different models of trimmers no more than 13.000 (Fig.X).

Here. gasoline models have a wide range of tasks performed, electric ones can be slightly less. Batteries are more expensive than some electric due to the battery itself. However, in this price segment. up to 13 thousand. The most extensive front of work is available to gasoline models. Electric and battery models are approximately comparable in their working characteristics. The most budget option is an electric model (with power from the network) with the lower engine.

Technologies and consumer characteristics of the battery in recent years have taken a big step forward. over, such that soon store shelves can be free from electric power models from the network cable. Their place is already occupied by batteries, which have both a sufficient resource of batteries for long-term operation and the ability to install knives for working with serious weeds. True, the price of these models can scare away the average summer resident.

For a complete understanding of the capabilities of the battery, we will place the rice.Y models worth ~ up to 40.000. Given the development rate of the battery technology, as well as the presence of models on the battery market that can compete with the most powerful gasoline trimmers, we will imagine how this diagram may change in the near future.

What we wanted to show with this pattern: trimmers for grass with a battery worth 30 thousand. quite capable of competing with gasoline (from 10 thousand.) with regard to Spectra of the work performed, however, the latter lose the latter competition in price.

Which lawnical mower to choose

To care for the yard in the country or a small garden will turn out with a trimmer with a capacity of 0.7 liters.With., a two-stroke power unit with a volume of 21 cm3, with a fishing line of 1.4 mm, a mowing width 225-250 mm, a tank capacity of 0.3 l, a flexible drive shaft and a total weight of 4 kg. Storing in the pantry will be more convenient to collapse model.

To prepare hay for animals, you need a device with a capacity of 1.8 liters.With., the possibility of setting a metal disk, mowing width 300-400 mm, tank capacity of 1 l, D-shaped handle, flexible shaft, weighing 6 kg.

A cut of high weeds among residential quarters is carried out using motorcycles weighing 5-7 kg, engine volume 30-40 cm3, two-stroke, with a fishing line by 3.0 mm, a mowing width of 350 mm, a tank capacity of 0.7 l and a U-shaped handle. The power of the device is 2.5 l.With.

Care for the side of the track with shrubs is carried out by a benzoca with a plastic knife, a cut width of 270-320 mm, a four-stroke power unit, a volume of 45-56 cm3, with a capacity of 3 liters.With., a tank with a tank 1 l, a hard drive shaft, a J-shaped handle and a total mass of 8-10 kg.

How much does a lawn mower costs

Tool for a summer residence will cost 3500-4500

Equipment for the bevel of fields and meadows for food for animals costs 5000-8000

Trimmer for grass for housing services is estimated at 7000-14000

The lawn mower to combat vegetation along the highway will cost 17000-40000

How much does a trimmer cost for grass for grass

To work on a tuberous area and along the fences, the model will cost 3200. 7000

In utilities, trimmers for grass are purchased at 10,000-14,000

To care for the green territory of companies, the tool will cost 15,000-20000

For giving, the models start from 1200

In kindergartens and recreation centers, the device on batteries will cost 3000-25000

Household or professional

Modern models are divided into household, professional and semi.professional (farm). The key factor here is power in conjunction with other technical characteristics. engine volume, cut width, type of equipment, type of suspension and handle.

Three classes of benzotrimmers have different purposes.

  • household perform small work, suitable for a summer residence or garden plot;
  • “Farm”. equipment for small farms or households;
  • Professional motorcycles serve to process plots over 20 acres or for improvement of streets.

In domestic conditions, when the entire volume of work comes down to the end of the lawn around trees or paths, there is no need for high performance, and short.term operation does not provide excessive physical activity. For such work, you can buy the simplest mowing with a capacity of about 1 liter.With. The units of the household class are small in weight, therefore, they are more maneuverable.

Trimmer for grass Carver Promo PBC-33 of domestic class

The trimmer for grass has a rather moderate fuel consumption, but the time of continuous use is limited. about 20 minutes. The manufacturer indicates the exact data in the passport.

determine, power, trimmer, gasoline

Semi.professional lawn mowers are suitable not only for grass, but also for high, dense thickets. The power of such a tool reaches 1.7 liters.C, cut width about 25 cm. The technique of this class is intended for periodic work in large volume, for example, for hay harvesting, processing a large personal plot. The time of continuous work in such models is larger. up to half an hour, but about once per hour the working body should be cleaned of accumulated grass. Thanks to average power and performance, these units cope with work faster.

Semi-professional lawn mower echo SRM-2655SI (L)

Professional gasoline trimmers for grass or lawn mowers are designed for prolonged operation, but they have higher gasoline consumption. Often such models are purchased for employees of utilities or organizations providing landscape improvement services. High power is expressed in a large mass, the daily use of such units for several hours requires maximum convenience: motorcycles are equipped with durable, convenient paramedic belts, ergonomic bicycle handles.

Professional lawn mower Shindaiwa (Japan)

Focusing on the technical part and classification, you can easily choose a trimmer for grass or motorcycle, which will complete all the tasks and last several seasons. In conclusion, it is recommended to read reviews about the chosen model: often users share very useful information that will help make the right decision.

Electric trimmer for grass

The engine is also used here, but already electric. Typically, such trimmers for grass are used for begging grass in gardens and on private land plots. Electric trimmers for grass are simple and environmentally friendly. In addition, they emit less noise than their gasoline counterparts.

Electric trimmers for the grass in the following parameters differ:

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Engine power

Electric coslins can have both a low engine power from 250 watts, and a higher engine from 800 watts. It all depends on the model and its cost.


On the upper part of the braid for the grass is an electric motor (in some models it can be at the bottom), a cutting element below. Connects their bar. straight or curved.

Cutting element

Similarly with a gasoline trimmer on a spit, various cutting devices can be used. Some are better suited for complex, overgrown sites, others for cutting the lawn. The problem is that the weak electric motor is in principle not designed for serious loads, so you will have to work mainly with the fishing line.

Duration of work without recharging (for trimmers working from the battery)

Battery braids are convenient, since you can work with them away from the outlet, and it is not as difficult to transfer as gasoline. However, here everything rests on the battery of the battery. Keep in mind that the battery is 2 A h for about 30 minutes of work.

Features of an electric trimmer for grass

The weight. Since an electric engine is easier than gasoline, it does not create a large load on the back and hands.

Simplicity in circulation. An electric trimmer for grass does not require permanent maintenance and a special place for storage, so even elderly people and adolescents can use it. However, do not forget about the safety rules.

Environmental friendliness. The electric motor is the least harmful to the ecology, since it does not throw harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Comfortable operation. The electric trimmer for grass makes less noise, which makes it more comfortable in using.

The need for an extension cord. For models without a battery, you need a constant connection to the outlet. The length of the cord in any case is not enough, so you need a large extension cord.

The danger of a short circuit. You can not use an electric trimmer for grass in rain or with abundant dew, as the likelihood of a short circuit increases.

Fragile design. Electric trimmers for grass have a less reliable design compared to gasoline. A weak spot can be both a bar or engine.

Power. The engine of most models has small power, which seriously limits the capabilities of the mowing.

Comparison of gasoline and electric trimmers

To understand which trimmer for grass is better for you, you need to compare them in the main parameters:


Gasoline trimmer for grass is much more mobile for electric. It does not require a constant connection to the power source.

The battery trimmer for grass also does not need to be constant to connect to the mains. However, it has a fairly large weight compared to the network, so it is recommended to wear it on a special shoulder belt.


For cutting complex areas, where there are many weeds and shrubs, it is recommended to use a gasoline trimmer for grass. It has great power and will better cope with such work.

An electric trimmer for grass is suitable for cutting areas of medium and low complexity.

The number of revolutions

Not the most important indicator for mowers. It indicates the effectiveness of work, but it should be considered only coupled with the power of the motor.

The number of revolutions of electric and gasoline trimmers is approximately the same. on average about 12 thousand revolutions per minute.

Ease of use

The electric trimmer for the grass has less weight compared to gasoline, so it is more convenient to work and is not so tired. In addition, the gasoline engine operates louder, giving out about 105 dB, while the electric noise production of about 89 dB.

Care and storage

Since the gasoline trimmer for grass works on flammable fuel, it cannot be stored in places where there is a risk of overheating and fire. The engine itself needs to be regularly service, before and after the season.

The electric trimmer for grass in this regard is less demanding, but still it cannot be stored in places with high humidity, since there is a risk of short circuit. It is also necessary to serve an electric engine from time to time, but it is not as difficult as in the case of ICE.

You can’t choose one winner, since each of the trimmers is good in its own way and is suitable for different tasks. Before buying, determine the specific goals for which a mower is purchased.

If you do not have a complicated area and a trimmer for grass is needed just for cutting the lawn, buy electric. If you cut a large and overgrown site, take gasoline.