How To Disassemble A Screwdriver Gearbox

The principle of operation of a two-stage screwdriver gearbox

  • The sun gear of the motor rotates the satellites. Rotation occurs along a circular path of the ring gear. From here it becomes clear that the carrier rotates slower than the motor itself.
  • Further, the first carrier gives the torque to the second trinity of satellites. The transmission takes place via a sun gear. The second trinity also rotates in a circular path as a result. The second carrier gets even less revs. It connects to the main shaft of the chuck.

This is a two-stage gearbox diagram. The device of the screwdriver gearbox is the same, only the number of satellites differs. For example, for a 3-stage gearbox, another mechanism is added.

How to disassemble a screwdriver gearbox?

Most often, the gearbox fails during long-term operation under heavy load. The most frequent breakdown. This is the Curvature of the main shaft with the chuck. With such a malfunction, the device begins to vibrate strongly in the hands.

Another breakdown. This is the wear on the bearing of the shaft with the chuck or support sleeve. If only the bearing or bushing is deformed, and the shaft remains in the same condition, then repairing the screwdriver gearbox with your own hands consists only in replacing the worn out element.

If, when turning on the screwdriver, the motor starts for a second and then stops abruptly, then the problem lies in the gearbox. In such a situation, the pin most often fails, due to which the satellite cannot transmit revolutions to the main shaft. In this case, installing a new carrier will help. If the carrier is also damaged, then you need to change the whole gearbox.

How To Disassemble A Screwdriver Gearbox

The teeth of the gears also affect the operation of the gearbox. If the device will work for a long time with worn gears, then this can make most of the parts unusable, which relate to the device of the screwdriver gearbox.

Screwdriver gearbox diagram

How to repair a gearbox yourself?

Reducer. This is such a mechanism, which practically cannot be repaired. We are talking about repairing a screwdriver gearbox with your own hands. For example, the wires can be soldered and the button can be attached. Here is a way out of the situation. This is the replacement of faulty parts.

Also, if the switching of revolutions occurs with a delay or in some cases DOES NOT switch, you can try to lubricate the gears in the gearbox. When parsing, you can stumble upon debris, which interferes with the normal operation of the planetary mechanism.

Screwdriver gearbox diagram

Dismantling the screwdriver gearbox:

  • Remove the cartridge. It is most convenient to do this with a 10 mm hex wrench.
  • It is necessary to clamp the short end of the key into the chuck, and then perform a short-term start with the tool in such a way that the key at full speed the electric motor hits the table surface.
  • But this method is suitable for a screwdriver, where the gearbox is somehow started. If the mechanism is faulty, you need to clamp the spindle in a vice. In this position, you can disassemble the gearbox.

The scheduled operations can now be performed. Lubricate parts or replace, provided new parts for the screwdriver are available.

It is not recommended to take gears or couplings from other models, as there will most likely be a discrepancy, although visually it may not be visible. It is not recommended to work with a screwdriver for a long time at high speeds, as this will most likely lead to breakage.

What breakdowns occur?

Before disassembling a screwdriver, everyone should study the information about what breakdowns occur most often. Conventionally, every tool, regardless of brand, has typical breakdowns. It is worth highlighting:

  • Battery malfunction.
  • Broken brushes.
  • Buttons fall.
  • The cartridge vibrates or hits.
  • Does not turn on, off.
  • Unstable work.

Each person is able to cope with such violations himself, but only if there is experience with measuring tools and a soldering iron. difficulties arise when a gearbox or engine breaks down. In such a situation, it is better to contact a service center. The procedure for repairing a screwdriver with your own hands has several main stages. The instruction should be the basis.

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Breakdown and device

Before disassembling a screwdriver, it is worth examining its device. This includes a number of functional units:

  • Starting system.
  • Regulator.
  • Engine.
  • Transistor.
  • Planetary reductor.

Each unit is housed in a durable material housing. There is a control button, a handle, a place for a battery. There are units on sale that can only work from an outlet. When starting at low rpm, a squeak appears. This is normal. When performing work, do not need to worry that it has become unusable.

There is a ratchet whose task is. Limit rotation when moving the chuck. The location of the concepts is simple. The ring is rotated. It helps to understand how deep the bolt or screw goes. If the work is carried out with soft material, then the fasteners sink there, sometimes it goes right through. Ratchet problem. Keep the tool in working order and avoid cutting off the head of self-tapping screws.

Increasing the number allows you to make turns frequent. The choice is made depending on the job. Often there is an icon in the form of a drill on a screwdriver, which means that this function is applicable in work. When switching, rpm becomes maximum.

Cartridge recovery

The part, depending on the brand, has a different attachment to the shaft. There are few ways:

  • Morse taper.
  • Presence of thread.
  • Thread and screw for fixing.

There is useful information on the bottom of the electrical appliance case. The instructions should be at hand. How to disassemble a threaded chuck:

  • Unclamping clamps.
  • Remove the screw by unscrewing it clockwise.
  • The hexagon is fixed in the chuck and pressed (it should start or hit the unit). It’s easier to unscrew the part.

To disassemble the cartridge, it is worth removing the plugs, depending on the material (plastic or metal), the tool is selected. There are many problems with this component:

  • Bolts do not fit straight.
  • Clearance between bit and cam.
  • Cams come out wrong.

Gearbox repair

It includes:

  • Gears.
  • Drove.
  • Satellites.

Two materials are used for manufacturing. Plastic, metal. To make repairs, you need to know how to remove the screwdriver gearbox. The gear has cylinders in which the internal teeth are fixed along the entire perimeter. And already on them is the movement of the satellite. The motor transfers the rotational process and work begins. After detecting a breakdown, it is worth analyzing:

  • Dismantle the cartridge.
  • Remove all fixing fasteners on the body.
  • Disconnect the wires from the gearbox to the engine.
  • Remove plates.
  • Pull out every part in the body. Be sure to follow the sequence.
  • To disassemble the gearbox itself into two parts, the fasteners are removed.
  • Check spring for faster transmission.
  • Remove the retaining ring, washer, bearing (this is a parsing of the coupling).
  • Remove the shaft.

How to disassemble and assemble a screwdriver? So that the assembly does NOT cause difficulties, each part is arranged in order. When the operation of the screwdriver is accompanied by unusual noises, the breakdown of the gearbox gives such a change. After analysis, it will become clear what has become unusable. Bearings and bearing bush are usually replaced. If the engine stops after starting, the carrier or gearbox will have to be replaced. If the gears wear out, work is done with the gearbox. There are enough breakdowns, but sometimes it is enough to disassemble and lubricate. DO NOT do too much, otherwise the work will become of poor quality in the future.

How to repair?

Before disassembling a screwdriver, it is worthwhile to roughly estimate what the problem is. After the body is removed, the main units are disconnected. DO NOT violate the correctness of actions:

  • Battery is removed.
  • The screws securing the case are unscrewed. There are a lot of them in it, so every screw is carefully removed so as not to break the case.
  • Detach the top. Remove the entire inner set.
  • Dismantle the button. This is the hardest part because it is fixed to the main propulsion system with wires. They cannot be torn and broken.
  • Remove the speed switch.
  • Dismantle the gearbox, engine, clutch, cartridge. Most often you have to unscrew the fixing screws, you can not skip any.
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Thus, the screwdriver is disassembled Vortex other. The difference between the systems is negligible. The instruction is suitable for each model. After that, the repair begins.

Button violation

When this part fails, the following is observed:

  • Unauthorized movement.
  • The device does not turn on.
  • There is consistency in work.

Here are the buttons, there are several wires to different components. Battery and engine. You need to know for sure that the problem is in it:

  • The voltage is checked, it should not be in the button.
  • The battery is removed and the upper motor cable is removed from the button itself.
  • The engine starts directly. In the absence of malfunctions, the button is out of order.

Do-it-yourself Interskol screwdriver repair: how to fix a gearbox and a button?

One of the varieties of home tools that differ in functionality is the screwdriver. Interskol. One of the most popular brands of household screwdrivers. For long-term and effective work, it is important to know how the repair of the Interskol screwdriver is carried out.

Use drills

The bolt heads installed do not have the required geometric shape. To correct the situation, you can use drills. With its help, we carefully trim the heads and legs of the bolts, giving them the required shape.

When working with a drill, it is important to perform short and smooth movements. Otherwise, the possibility of overheating of the plastic housing of the gearbox is NOT excluded, which will lead to its melting.

How to fix the button of the Interskol screwdriver

If the battery is charging normally, but the tool does not turn on, you need to check the state of the power button of the screwdriver.

To do this, after disassembling the device case, we get access to its button. On the terminals, which come from the button, you need to measure the voltage level with a multimeter. In this case, the battery must be in an active state. If voltage is applied, the button contacts must be short-circuited using clamps. The multimeter switches to Ohm mode. If the voltage is close to zero, it means that the button is in working condition. Otherwise, the button needs repair.

Screws in bolts instead of new teeth

In place of the worn out teeth, bolts of suitable diameter can be installed. Each bolt is carefully screwed into a pre-drilled hole in the body.

Unsolder the old switch

First you need to disconnect the old switch from the screwdriver body. A soldering iron is used for this. We must not forget about the need to fix the polarities on the sealed contacts of the old button.

Solder a new switch

If you had to buy a new button, you must pay attention to the fact that it must be completely identical to the old one, have the same dimensions and fit snugly into all the grooves of the tool body. If there are small errors, you can fix them with a file and sandpaper.

Observing the polarity, solder the new button to the contacts of the electric motor. In order to make sure that all operations were performed correctly, experts recommend checking the button for turning on and the smoothness of rotation of the screwdriver. Only after that you can start assembling the case.

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disassembly, assembly, cleaning and lubrication of the gearbox. : Removing the plastic plug from the chuck Screwdriver

Common cartridge malfunctions:

  • Clamps the bits crookedly;
  • Backlash between bits and cams;
  • Cams advance unevenly.

To find out the causes and eliminate them, perform the following actions:

  • Let’s analyze the cartridge.
  • Remove the flare nut, which is in two parts.
  • Unscrew the clamping jaws.
  • Check the condition of the threads on the Nut and on the cams, replace defective parts.

In the process of working on the cams or the flare nut that controls their operation, the thread may develop or crumble, then these parts must be replaced

  • Assemble the cartridge in the reverse order of disassembly.

Chuck repair

The chucks in different models of screwdrivers may differ slightly from each other. They can be attached to the shaft in three ways:

  • Morse taper.
  • Threaded connection.
  • Threaded connection with locking screw.

To determine how the cartridge is fastened, you need to read the inscription on its sleeve:

  • Marking 1-6 B10 means Morse taper. Nozzles with shank diameters from 1 to 6 millimeters are used. Encoding AT 10 O’CLOCK indicates the size of the cone. Take a hammer and knock out the cartridge with blows to the body;
  • Type decals 1.0-11 M12x1.2 or 2-13 mm ½-20 UNF means metric and inch threads.

If the cartridge turns out to be threaded, proceed as follows:

  • Open the chuck jaws.
  • If there is a screw inside, unscrew it clockwise (the screw has a left-hand thread).
  • Take a 10mm hex L key.
  • Insert the short edge into the chuck and clamp tightly in the jaws.
  • At low speeds, start and immediately turn off the Screwdriver so that the long end of the hexagon hits the table. Instead of turning on the device, you can simply hit the key with a hammer. The thread will move and the chuck will unscrew.

In order to remove the cartridge, you need to clamp the hex key into it and start the engine at low speeds until the key hits the table

How to disassemble a screwdriver

The screwdriver is disassembled in the following sequence:

  • Remove the battery.
  • Unscrew the screws connecting the two halves of the housing.

The body The screwdriver consists of two parts, connected by a rather large number of self-tapping screws. In order to disassemble it, you need to find all the attachment points

  • Take off its top.
  • Take out the contents.
  • Disconnect the button.

Button The screwdriver is a single unit with the switching mechanism, which is connected to the motor, therefore, when separating the button from the socket on the body, care must be taken not to break the wires

  • Remove the speed switch.
  • Disconnect the motor, gearbox, adjusting sleeve and chuck.

In order to disconnect the gearbox from its motor, it is necessary to Unscrew the four screws located at the point of contact of the two plastic covers

Device and malfunctions Screwdriver

All screwdrivers are similar. They consist of the following functional units:

  • Start button;
  • Pulse width regulator;
  • Electric motor;
  • Transistor;
  • Planetary reductor.

All components of the device are in a solid and aesthetically pleasing case, which has a rubberized handle, control and adjustment buttons, as well as a slot for installing a battery (if the Screwdriver is designed only for operation from a 220 V network, it does not have a battery).

When you press the start button not completely, the Screwdriver may squeak. It is normal for DC motors to operate at startup and at low rpm.