How to Do Hair Removal Trimmer Correctly

Smooth skin is so nice to touch! And no wild weeds should interfere with its demonstration in all its glory. How to cope with them with minimal loss of time and effort, read below.

Is it true that hair removal hurts the skin? How long does it take to recover?

During hair removal, the upper layer of the skin is removed, so after it a small crust forms on the surface (usually not visible to the eye), which heals within a week.

Can I sunbathe after hair removal?

Immediately after hair removal, it is very undesirable to go out in the sun. After all, your skin is injured, and exposure to sunlight can cause a burn. In addition, without the upper layer of the skin, ultraviolet penetrates into it without obstacles. Ideally, after hair removal in the sun you need to go out after a couple of days. And after laser hair removal. in a week.

How long does the effect of waxing last?

Waxing is effective. To do this procedure at home, use wax cassettes or warm wax. one that heats up from the heat of the hands. And after epilation, apply a lotion on the skin that slows hair growth. In this case, the effect of it will last 2-3 weeks. And keep in mind: the remnants of wax after epilation are not washed off with water, you need to remove them with oils or body lotions.

Is it possible to get rid of hair once and for all?

It is possible, but only in beauty salons. For 5-7 procedures forever (or for a very long time) electrolysis and laser hair removal get rid of hairs. In the first case, the beautician inserts the finest needle into the hair follicle and directs a current discharge there that destroys it. And with laser hair removal, the root of the hair and its bulb are destroyed by a beam. But this type of hair removal only works well on dark and coarse hair, it is far less effective on light hair.

You can learn in detail about all the procedures from this article.

Is it true that the more often you shave your legs, the hairs become thicker, darker and grow faster?

Shaving and hair removal do not accelerate hair growth. But remember: at what time of the year do you most often remove excess “vegetation”? Of course in the summer! Namely, in the warm season, high air temperature accelerates blood circulation in the skin, hairs get more nutrients and, as a result, grow faster. And they seem thicker because the slice that you make at the root always has a larger diameter than its thinned tip.

That the hair grows darker. another misconception. But this feeling sometimes arises because the growing hairs have their own natural color, which has not faded in the sun and has not yet faded from the frequent use of soap and water.

What time of day is it best to do hair removal?

The ideal time for this procedure is evening. After 18 hours, our body resists less when you want to deprive it of something. During the night, irritation from hair removal will pass, and you can spend the day without feeling discomfort.

Can waxing be less painful?

First, take a warm bath so that the pores of the skin open wider and it is easier to remove hairs. Dry your skin, degrease it with a matting lotion (you can use a facial cleanser). Glue wax strips or run a container with wax on the skin. Wait for the right time and remove the wax against hair growth. And after the procedure, to reduce pain, rinse your feet with cool water.

What to do if a hair has grown into the skin and irritation has occurred?

Ingrown hairs are those that twist and grow in the opposite direction or under the upper layer of the skin, creating a small painful tubercle. To prevent this from happening, regularly peel the skin, cleaning it from dead cells and clearing the hairline for proper growth. But remember, you need to use the scrub regularly, and not immediately before hair removal, otherwise you risk injuring your skin. If an abscess has already appeared around the ingrown hair, wipe the tubercle with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol and stick the adhesive plaster. If this does not help, contact a beautician to remove the harmful hair.

What is the best way to remove hand hair?

In no case should not shave them! This can lead to ingrown hairs. If the hair on your hands is thick and stiff, try to get rid of it with the help of a depilation rem. To keep the skin smooth, apply once a week. If you want to keep the effect for a longer time, you will have to use wax or an electroepilator.

Is it possible to shave the antennae on the face with a razor?

Not a good idea. If you shave the hairs with a razor, their rough ends remain in the form of dark dots on the skin, and in a couple of days you will have a stiff unpleasant brush over your lip. It is better to use wax or cream for depilation. after all, they do not leave “stumps” on the skin. If you are not afraid of pain, use an electroepilator. If the hairs are dark. it is best to go to the salon and do laser hair removal. And here is a useful video tutorial on facial hair removal.

What to do if itching occurs after hair removal?

Most likely, unpleasant itching occurs due to ingrown hairs. As a rule, in this affected area, the body begins to produce white blood cells, which causes itching. Tools with salicylic acid will help to cope with it.

What to use for hair removal of sensitive skin?

Machine tool and depilatory cream for sensitive skin. On such machines there is a tape containing lubricants. They make the razor glide soft. In addition, lubricants often include nutritious oils that help the skin recover faster after hair removal. And before using a depilatory cream, be sure to conduct an allergy test.

A well-groomed man with a neat haircut and the absence of unwanted facial hair makes a good impression on others and gives self-confidence. It is not necessary to visit expensive beauty salons. It is quite simple to purchase a trimmer for home use. It is ideal for haircuts, modeling mustaches, beards, whiskers. They can remove hair in the groin, axillary. The trimmer is a multifunctional device equipped with shaving blades. In fact, this is a small copy of the clipper. It can ideally remove hairs in hard to reach places. Recommended for all skin types. Suitable for sensitive.

The difference between a trimmer and an electric shaver

The trimmer completely replaces the electric shaver Brown and other companies. It has the ability to remove hair in all parts of the body. Distinctive features of the innovative device:

  • small weight and size;
  • nozzles that are easy to rinse under running water;
  • ease of use, can be used by a beginner;
  • simple care of the product;
  • removes hair in the nose, ears;
  • serves to form complex patterns.

The razor has more tips. She has more weight and size, covers a lot of skin. Shaves hairs of different lengths.

Features of using a trimmer to shave men’s faces

Pretty simple to use. The main thing is to carry out preparatory work:

  • a few drops of engine oil are applied to blades and metal parts;
  • turns on for 30 seconds;
  • excess is removed with a soft, dry cloth.
  • area for shaving is determined;
  • during the procedure, the device is held at a certain angle;
  • shaving occurs in smooth movements.

The waterproof trimmer can be used on wet hairs. It is better to shave long rods with scissors or a machine to a certain length. 0.3-0.5 cm. The device can hardly cope with hard and thick hairs larger than 0.8 cm. Manipulation is carried out against the mowing line of growth. It is not recommended to strongly press the product to the skin. The nozzle should only touch the surface without causing injury.

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The principle of action and the result. how is it different from a razor

It looks like a regular clipper. The blades are driven by the appliance engine. They shave quickly and under the root. For skin safety, the knives are protected by a fine mesh of stainless steel. Nozzles are adjustable for different lengths. The trimmer helps to get smooth skin or a light bristle effect. It has the property of shaving off a mustache or giving it a clear contour, making complex beard patterns, leveling sideburns.

Advantages and disadvantages

In technical terms, the trimmer is a rather complex device, which has its positive and negative sides. The first include:

  • autonomous food;
  • the opportunity to take a business trip and travel;
  • a large number of nozzles;
  • spot shaving;
  • light weight, compactness;
  • painlessness during manipulation;
  • the comb nozzle protects the skin from injury;
  • simple care of the device;
  • water tightness;
  • a cover for transportation;
  • root hair removal, shaving or cutting;
  • ergonomic design;
  • speed of the procedure;
  • large selection of models.
  • high price;
  • regrowth within 4-7 days.

How to choose what to look for

When choosing an apparatus, some points should be taken into account:

  • main characteristics and features;
  • convenience;
  • equipment;
  • power;
  • vibration;
  • weight;
  • backlight;
  • number of nozzles;
  • recharge time;
  • Battery capacity.

Rating of the best male devices

Only a reliable product can qualitatively remove body hair. Using it at home is quite simple. Even beginners can do hair removal. We offer a list of trimmers with a description of the characteristics, cost, minuses and pluses.

Remington MB4030

Available for face care. It can correct the relief of the mustache and beard or completely remove them. In a set of 2 nozzles with an adjusting device for 13 length settings. Powered by mains and battery. Offline mode. 40 minutes. The blades are coated with titanium, which makes them 300% stronger. It guarantees an even, quick haircut without any pain. With an optimal tilt, it provides comfort in contact with the dermis. The comb nozzle is set to a length of 1.5 to 18 mm. Ideal for emphasizing individual lines when cutting. Sharp serrated blades guarantee smooth skin for up to 5 days. Recommended for any hair stiffness. Cons: it is difficult to brush, quickly clogs.

Moser 1531-0050

Recommended for all hair types. It has the shape of a writing pen with a weight of 60 g. The rotary engine is started using an AAA battery. Waterproof case, during the procedure does not cause discomfort. Effectively removes in hard to reach areas of the body. Not irritating, does not injure mucous membranes. Cons: fragile body, frequent battery replacement. The cost is from 1000 rubles.

Braun cruzer 5 beard

The comb nozzle allows you to cut the hair of the selected length. The dual battery system makes the battery last longer. The device has 6 steps for setting the length. This will make the bristles stylish or make out the relief of a long beard. Adjustment is made by a simple touch of a finger. The sharp trimmer blades are made of high quality stainless steel. Recommended for all hair types, including stiff bristles. The case is waterproof, prevents the ingress of water and dust. It is washed under the tap. Minus: can break off coarse rods. The price is from 3000 rubles.

Panasonic ER-GB40

Recommended for haircuts on the head and beard. Has 20 levels to set the length. The case is waterproof, it can be washed in running water. There is a stand for charging and storage. Suitable for wet and dry shaving. The minimum length of the haircut is 0.5 mm, the maximum is 1 cm. Autonomous operating time is 50 minutes. Weight. 160 g. There is a dial with numbers on the case. Cons: not suitable for hard type. The cost is from 2300 rubles.

Philips Beardtrimmer Series 9000

Recommended for beard and mustache care. The practical model is characterized by ideal operational characteristics. Ergonomic holder holds well in the hand, does not slip. The sharp knives are made of high quality stainless steel. On the case there is a charging indicator, a display with length selection control. The head is cleaned under running water. Powered by mains and battery. In a set a case for transportation and storage. Removes hairs of any stiffness and density. No cons found. The price is from 6800 rubles.

Comparison table

Philips Beardtrimmer Series 9000 Remington MB 4030 Moser 1531–0050 Braun cruzer 5 beard Panasonic ER-GB40
NUTRITION Mains battery Mains battery Mains battery Mains battery Accumulator battery
CHARGING TIME 60 min 8 h 8 h 8 h 8 h
OFFLINE MODE 1 hour 40 min 50 minutes 40 min 50 minutes
RESISTANCE TO MOISTURE 100% 100% 100% 100% fifty%
NOZZLES / PC. / 2 5 1 2 1
HAIR LENGTH / MAX. MIN./ 7 / 0.4 mm 24 / 0.5 mm 24 / 0.5 mm 11 / 0.5 mm 10 / 0.1 mm
WIDTH OF KNIFE 32 mm 30 mm 32 mm 32 mm 27 mm
BLADE MATERIAL Stainless steel Chrome Titanium Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
GUARANTEE 24 months 12 months 12 months 24 months 12 months

How to use

Using a trimmer is not difficult. It resembles the work of a razor or clipper. The main difference is the softening of the skin and hair. Step-by-step procedure:

  • Wash hair on a beard or mustache with warm water and shampoo;
  • comb with a fine comb;
  • cover with a hot towel;
  • after 5 minutes, comb again;
  • turn on the trimmer and walk along the cultivated area against the mowing line of growth;
  • treat the skin with a soothing or moisturizing cream.

If the beard will only be trimmed, put on the nozzle nozzle with the set length.

Making beards and mustaches. how to shave men beautifully and smoothly

To give the hairs on your face stylish shapes, you should follow these steps:

  • determined by fishing line bristles. Outside, all hairs under the root are removed;
  • haircut is carried out against the growth of hair rods;
  • further, the zones of the lower jaw and whisker are formed;
  • whiskey trimmed;
  • the mustache is shortened or completely shaved.

To create a stylish beard and mustache, it is better to turn to the barber. He will choose the appropriate option and conduct a session in comfortable conditions. Further hair removal can be carried out at home independently. The usual length for a beard is up to 1 cm. There is an adjustment of modes on the trimmer, which allows you to choose the length from personal preferences. For whiskers, you should choose a nozzle of a different size. It is better to leave the upper part of the hair above the upper lip intact, to prevent the rods puffing in all directions. It is recommended to trim them with small scissors and lay with wax.

For the inguinal intimate area

When performing hair removal in the intimate area, you should choose a trimmer with a waterproof body. This will allow you to easily carry out the procedure in the bathroom. To create a stylish pattern, you should use a narrow nozzle. She will also perfectly remove the rest. After removal, the skin is lubricated with a sedative. The device ideally removes hair rods up to 0.5 cm long. When the length is higher than recommended, the hair can break off at the root, which leads to the problem of ingrowth.

How to Do Hair Removal Trimmer Correctly

How to shave armpits

This does not require preparatory measures. The main thing is to follow the recommendations of specialists:

  • wash armpits with mild soap;
  • apply shaving foam;
  • trimmer is carried out on a mowing line of growth. For perfect smoothness after a razor, you can use a razor and perform depilation against growth;
  • after every second pass, rinse the head under running water;
  • rinse off the residue with warm water;
  • blot the armpit area with a soft towel;
  • apply a soothing cream or lotion.

Ear canals and nostrils

For depilation in the ears and nose, it is recommended to use a narrow rotating head. Do not enter the device far into the aisles. It is enough just to bring it in and deepen a little, about 1-1.5 cm. Experts recommend that you clean the ear and nasal passages from contamination before the procedure. Manipulation with a trimmer is recommended in good lighting.

Trimmer Care

The device does not require special cleaning. The main thing. after each depilation, rinse it under running water and allow to dry. This is possible if the trimmer is waterproof. Pressure effectively removes hair residues. Before cleaning, make sure that the device is disconnected from the mains voltage. After every second shave, it is recommended to lubricate the working knives with mineral-based synthetic oil. If the product was not included in the kit, you can use oil to lubricate the cooler for the computer system unit. Another option is not acceptable. For dry cleaning, it is better to use a special brush, which is included in the kit. If the head cannot be removed, use sharp objects: a pin, a needle.


On the video. which trimmer is better to choose:


  1. Trimmer is a smaller version of a hair clipper or razor.
  2. It has distinctive nuances from an electric razor.
  3. Can epilate the ear and nasal passages.
  4. There are negative and positive sides.
  5. Suitable for styling a stylish beard and mustache.
  6. Caring for the product does not require much effort and a lot of time. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Venus female shaving machine in this material.

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