How to Dress a Knife On a Trimmer

How to mow with a trimmer (with a metal knife)

1. First, walk around the site ,
a) to determine:
– the boundaries of the plot on which you will mow with a trimmer;
– where in the grass are plants that cannot be cut (flowers, bushes, seedlings);
b) in order to determine the place of the beginning (it is necessary to start mowing with a trimmer from the lightest section, in order to create an open place, so that moving to the larger grass it is better to see the mowing area);
c) to determine the direction of mowing with a trimmer (depending on the presence of ditches, slopes and grass slope);
d) to determine the methods of mowing with a trimmer:
– in folds, if the site is flat with even grass (so that fewer transitions);
– with the transition back to a clean place, when mowing laden grass (its slope should be directed forward);
– mowing across a large slope (it is much easier to mow a trimmer across a slope than to rise and fall along a slope).

2. We put a metal knife: weed or hay. Protection i.e. knife guard, required (no additional protection for the trimmer head)
– to mow with a trimmer, it is necessary to assemble in order: a driving cartridge, a metal knife (it must be put without distortion), a support cup, a mounting flange and screw on the nut (left-hand thread);
– insert the locking pin and turn the metal knife to lock the output shaft of the Husqvarna gearbox;
– tighten the nut with a wrench with a force of 3. 5 kg / m;

4. When mowing with a trimmer with a metal knife must be set:
– the speed of the knife, depending on the bumps (to mow with a trimmer cleaner and faster);
– working disk capture: between 8 and 12 hours (when the knife moves to the left);
– the return stroke (can be a worker, cleaning or idle);
– gas (by load);
– on a level: the angle of inclination of the knife and the width of the mowing (larger);
– cutting height (to make it easier to mow with a trimmer or to make it cleaner);
– where to move (along the ditch, along the slope of the grass, along the site);

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11 hours) and to the right with an inclination for the handles to the right (sector

1 hour), and do not rush. to mow cleanly with a trimmer and not to “dig” the ground;
– during work (and turns) do not forget to look around !:
1. To notice the gestures of others, turn off the engine and remove the headphones,
2. so that children, animals, spectators and assistants do not come closer than 15 m, because when a metal knife collides with a stationary object in the grass, the trimmer or lawn mowing (lawn mowing) can be strongly thrown to the side or turned back, and the maximum speed of the metal knife is 10 500 rpm. and he is able to cut off his arm or leg,
and also, when mowing with a trimmer from under a metal knife, various objects (crushed stone, glass, garbage) can fly out and ricochet.

How to mow with a trimmer (more about the mowing technique).

The engine revolutions during mowing with a trimmer are set depending on the load on the engine. the thicker the grass and, naturally, the heavier the engine, the bolder it is necessary to open a hole (throttle in the carburetor diffuser).
Try to keep the engine speed while mowing with a trimmer constant (slightly above average). or less gas. only depending on the total load on the engine. It is not necessary to completely dump the gas (and immediately accelerate again) with each stroke of the braid. And the clutch burns not for long, and the edges on the drive shaft can overtake, and the total wear of the trimmer (lawn mowers) increases sharply.

How to Dress a Knife On a Trimmer

We find out the parameters of the site before mowing with a trimmer:
(to know which knives to take, how much fuel and time are needed)