How to Drill a Dustless Hammer

When drilling holes in concrete or brick with a puncher, a lot of dust is generated. When construction processes go on, it does not bother anyone. If you need to drill a hole in a residential, clean room, this becomes a problem. Dust, especially brick, will ruin the wallpaper, upholstered furniture and other interior elements.

In the article we will discuss how to work with a hammer drill without dust. Or how to neutralize it during work.

How to Drill a Dustless Hammer

Drilling holes with a dust-free hammer drill.

Disadvantages when using a vacuum cleaner

Some use a vacuum cleaner. This is a good option to avoid dust when drilling with a hammer drill, but not always acceptable. This machine may not be at hand. Two people are needed to work with him. One drills a hole with a hammer drill, the other holds the suction tube of the vacuum cleaner near the working part of the drill. All dust is sucked into the vacuum cleaner. But one cannot cope in this situation. It is inconvenient for one person to monitor two working devices at the same time, holding their parts in the right places.

How to drill a wall without dust

To perform wall drilling with a dust-free puncher, two things will be required: adhesive tape and a plastic bag, which are used for packaging.

Adhesive tape is preferable to use masking. Mark the future holes in the right places on the wall. Glue the opened plastic bag under the mark on the wall with tape. It must be held in such a way that the dust from drilling is poured all inside it. You can carefully drill, the main thing is not to "gas". Then the waste spills into a bag.

Video: How to Drill a Dustless Hammer

It is worth adding revolutions at the punch, as part of the dust will blow around the air stream from the engine fan. If you beat it carefully, at low speeds, the process will go just fine. You collect all the dust in a plastic bag. It can be used repeatedly.

An important point: the adhesive tape must be glued to the wall very tightly. Not sticking density will cause dust to sprinkle between the wall and the tape and stain the wallpaper.

How to drill a dust-free hammer drill

Here the situation is more complicated. You can apply the same design that was described in the previous paragraph. But the effect of it will be worse. As an option, we use a disposable plate, or a disposable plastic container pierced in the middle with a drill. If you do not add much speed, then most of the trash during the drilling of the ceiling will fall into this additional element. During operation, this plastic part will need to be held by hand to avoid its rotation.

Drilling a hammer drill without dust ceiling.

The best option in this case will still be a vacuum cleaner.

In general, solve the problem of how to work with a hammer drill without dust in accordance with the situation.

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