How To Fill The Line In The Trimmer Reel And Which One Is Better To Use?

Very often, those people who personally own dachas, gardens, face the need to care for the lawn on the site. In such cases, can not do without the usual manual braid or trimmer. The first is slowly fading into the background, and the people who use it are getting smaller. The trimmer works automatically and does not require much effort. over, the presence of a special skill for its use is not necessary.

How does the trimmer work?

The principle of operation of such a device lies in the fact that the grass cuts by a special fishing line mounted on a fast-rotating head. The number of revolutions per minute can reach 8000. In a short time, the line becomes unusable, more precisely, is erased. Then the summer residents have a question: “How to fill a fishing line with a trimmer reel”?

Types of trimmer lines.

First of all, in order not to resort to frequent replacements, it is better to use a more solid fishing line. The number of its species and manufacturers is amazing. The main parameter of the trimmer line is its diameter. It varies from 1.6 to 3.2 mm. The most common type is a 2mm fishing line. However, the selection must be made depending on the type of trimmer you have.
There are several options for cutting the line. So, it can be round, square, in the form of an asterisk with sharp edges. The most effective is the last option. However, it is necessary to use it only on great braids, and at the same time, it is essential to know how to fill the line with a trimmer reel. Therefore, we can conclude that the more powerful your trimmer, the fishing line should be thicker.
Such a process as winding the line on the trimmer is not complicated but has its characteristics. First, you need to choose the right fishing line, the diameter of which registered in the passport of the device.
To begin, unscrew the coil cover. Be careful, as the thread can be left and right. The left-hand thread is necessary so that the braided head does not unwind during operation.

Threading the line with a trimmer.

Before you fill the line in the trimmer reel, measure 5 m from the skein (the average number of lines on the trimmers). Then fold it exactly in half to find the middle. The resulting center must be inserted into a special slot, which locates on the coil. After that, wind the fishing line in the direction of the arrow that is on the head.

From the above, it follows that the process of replacing the fishing line itself is not complicated. Having carried out such manipulation as winding a fishing line on a trimmer reel, several times, you will bring this process to automatism. The only thing you need to constantly monitor the condition of the fishing line to avoid its rupture at the time of work on the site, when the spare skein may not be on hand.
Now you know how to fill the line in the trimmer reel, and you can do it yourself without much effort!