How to fix one -axle tractor on a mini -vector’s hitch. From Shtenli hitch with your own hands: drawings and dimensions

The following factors are taken into account in the manufacture of the hitch:

A three.point hitch is installed on compact models. Before you make hinged equipment for tractors, it is recommended to determine the type of structure:

  • Plow (for soil plowing). to work with such an unit, rear hinders are used.
  • Harrows (facilitate harvesting) with a width of coverage of 1-2.7 m.
  • Potato.resident. such a hitch is made for a Japanese and Chinese mini.vector (power above 24 liters. With.).
  • To take care of the harvest, a rake is made-the width of the capture of the gun ranges from 1.4-3.1 m. In this case, the engine power should exceed 12 liters. With.
  • Cultivator. such a hinge on a minister with your own hands is made with the aim of caring for agricultural crops in the process of their growth.
  • Sprayer. designed for watering and spraying fertilizers. Home.made hitch performance for a mini.tractor is 120 l/1 min.
  • Potato.cutter. designed for cleaning root crops. To connect the unit with the tractor, you will need a rear hitch.

Cargo transportation and transportation Cargo trailer. Trailers for motor blocks can have a carrying capacity of 300 to 500 kg. The body usually overturns, and the cart itself can be equipped with brakes, lighting devices and the operator seat. The trailer is convenient, as it facilitates the work when harvesting, transporting various cargoes.

four.2. Wheels with soil.spaces. These metal wheels contribute to an increase in traction force. They are heavier than pneumatic, not clogged with earth. Thanks to this, soil.spaces do not slip at the load.

four.3. Tears. Hang on the case or on wheels in order to increase the weight of a light motor block and that it can be installed on it a heavier hitch.

four.four. Driving module. This is a trailer adapter that helps to turn one-axic tractor into a mini-tractor. It is a rear bridge with a seat and a hitch for trailer equipment.

Summer life

This machine will be extremely useful in agriculture, because with the help of it you can do a wide range of work, for example, snow cleaning with a mini.vector. Therefore, even old motoblocks can be very successfully used to create mini.tractors that will be more than useful to you.

You can do this from the new walk.behind tractor if you think that you need a compact tractor.

In agriculture, equipment plays a very important role. She is a way of movement, and an excellent assistant, and a tractor, and a strong man. Therefore, there is nothing better than a private house with a household, which has a full fleet of all necessary equipment. Tractors are especially widely applicable (for example, MTZ tractors).

They do not have to be large and powerful, because even a small and compact tractor is able to provide significant assistance, become a good transport and a way of transporting goods. In a word, application for such a technique can find how much it is convenient, because when working on Earth you can come up with almost any “tasks”.

axle, tractor, mini, vector, hitch

But small tractors are most often used precisely as transport, as well as mobile platforms on which you can install various agricultural machinery.

If you equip a mini.tractor with a bucket, you get an analogue of an excavator (see. For example, Hyundai excavator), with which you can dig and loosen the land, which is simply necessary in agriculture.

In addition, you can even with convenience with a minister, because instead of hiking you will ride on your steel horse.

Is it realistic to make a mini.tractor yourself? If you can’t imagine how to make a mini.tractor from a walk.behind tractor, then we are ready to please you: everything is easier than it seems. To be inspired, you can see how to make a mini.tractor from a walk.behind tractor with your own hands video. Also, we suggest watching a video about homemade mini.tractors. here.

Fracture and alteration of technology is not the most difficult process. In addition, you do not have to do absolutely everything yourself. There are special sets that will allow you to easily turn one type of equipment into another in a short period of time. This set includes the following details:

  • Frame with a special space for the engine
  • Pedals
  • Seats
  • Levers to turn off the blocking of the semi.shafts
  • Steering wheel
  • Wings
  • Front beam and back hood

This set is ideal for those who ask how to redo the same.based tractor into a mini.gunner quickly. But there are many people who approach this idea with genuine enthusiasm, and therefore want to carry out all the work on their own, without using ready.made sets of details.

It is for them that we will tell you how to make a mini.section from a walk.behind tractor yourself.

Criteria for choosing a walk.behind tractor

To make a home.made mini.tractor from a walk.behind tractor, first of all, you need to correctly choose the special tool itself.

When choosing, they proceed from the rule “Power is directly proportional to the area of ​​the site”. That is, the larger the site, the more powerful the engine engine is selected. For processing a site in 20-60 acres, a motor unit with a capacity of 4 liters is enough. With., in 1 hectare. 6-7 l. With., For plowing of a plot of 2-3 hectares, you need a single.based tractor for 8-9 liters. With. Motobogloks do not use it for work on a larger area. this is inappropriate. A full.size tractor is needed here.

Examples of motoblocks and their technical characteristics

The engine should be diesel. it is more economical and reliable than gasoline. When choosing, pay special attention to the mass of the block and the distance between the wheels. The higher the mass, the better the mini-tractor made from this block will plow the ground. The greater the distance between the wheels, the more stable the system will be, and the lower the specific pressure on the soil (the mechanism will not “self.repap” into soft soil).

When buying, it is recommended to make a choice in favor of motoblocks whose manufacturers offer corporate equipment for remaking to a mini-tractor-less work will be released. Among domestic firms, such “designers” offer the following companies:

AGRO motoblocks have a weak place. semi.shafts, fragile on a fragment. If you make a “mini” tractor from such an aggregate, you will need to strengthen the pennies with wheel gearboxes.

Choosing between the domestic and imported manufacturer, it is worth knowing that the “Germans” and “Americans” are more reliable, but spare parts for them are expensive, and it is difficult to get them. Therefore, for small and medium.sized sites, it is recommended to take a domestic one.axle tractor, for large ones that are used for commercial purposes, a more reliable “foreigner” will be the best solution.

Necessary consumables, details and spare parts

To understand what components are needed to create a machine, you need to know what components are included. This is an important aspect that allows you to immediately buy the necessary elements and will avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • frame. is made from any type of metal;
  • device for turns;
  • brakes;
  • sitting;
  • the metal required for lining the body;
  • Clutch. helps connect other equipment.

These components are not difficult to buy: there are many of them in places of showdown of cars or at a scrap metal reception point. But the choice of these components should be approached responsibly. Often they are no longer new, so they must be carefully examined for lack of damage. In case of defects, a homemade unit will work incorrectly.

Drawings and assembly

To make a mini-tractor from a walk-behind tractor with a do-it-yourself engine, you will need to prepare drawings and assembly scheme in advance. You can work on this independently, but we must fulfill the main condition. there must be an equilibrium in order to avoid unpleasant “surprises” in the work of the apparatus.

Creating a frame

To create a frame, a lot of material does not need. At the same time, if something is not, then you can use analogues. But the dimensions and properties should be similar. This is about:

  • metal. it is necessary to prepare corners, a channel and a square tube in shape. For the casing, you will need steel with a thickness of at least 1.5 mm;
  • rotary device;
  • wheels and axes;
  • bearings;
  • roulette, welding, drill, corner grinder.

The assembly is carried out only according to the scheme. it is impossible to deviate from it.

As soon as all the elements were connected, it is necessary to check if the installation was performed correctly. To do this, you need to install the frame on a single tractor. If everything became as it should, then you can continue to create a mini-tractor. If something went wrong, then you need to fix the shortcomings.


At the next stage, it is necessary to install ready.made elements: steering traction, hubs and an axis on which the wheels are attached with bolts. The first element must be installed on the rear axle.

This is the whole assembly. now you can start trial races. It is important to run the unit on a flat surface. Often you need to additionally configure the control and location of the wheels. If there are no complaints, then you can attach attaching equipment and go to field tests.

Not everyone is engaged in independent remake of a walk.behind tractor, since this process is painstaking and requires attention. And if you take into account that for the tractor from the Neva motor block there is already a finished design, then there is no sense in this. But this is in the case when you need to do small work.

If the work is carried out on an uneven surface or viscous type of soil, then a mini-tractor cannot be dispensed with.

Engine installation and hydraulics

The most profitable option for a home-made mini-tractor is the installation of a single-cylinder diesel diesel with water cooling. It is beneficial from an economic point of view, so the use of the unit on its basis will not be costly. It is mainly placed on the front of the frame, therefore, when operating with additional equipment, equilibrium is maintained. In the place where the engine will be installed, the sliding mount system is mounted. this will make the adjustment and tension of the belts easier.

The transmission of the force from the engine to the rear wheels of the mini-tractor is carried out by the belt transmission. Gearboxes and handouts can be borrowed from a cargo car, for example, GAZ-53. The installation of the motor passes so that the pulley is in the same plane with the pulley of the rear axle of the unit. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the place where the clutch pedal will appear.

After installation of the engine, it is necessary to mount hydraulics. Its set should have an oil pump, oil tank, hydraulic cylinder and distributor. These elements are connected with flexible oil resistant hoses. The best option if hydraulics are with a floating regime.

axle, tractor, mini, vector, hitch

Minitor from the Neva Motoboblock

Alteration of the walk.behind tractor in a small tractor may vary slightly. It all depends on the constructive features of the walk.behind tractor and its abilities. Consider the principle of manufacturing a mini-tractor from the Neva brand motoblocks. As in the first case, before the manufacture of a mini.tractor, you need to study the schemes. They indicate in detail the size of the elements and the procedure for their assembly during assembly.

The procedure for alteration will be as follows:

  • The manufacture of the frame is carried out in the same way as in the first case. To create it, use pipes of various sections. Fastening the elements of the frame is carried out by means of bolts and welding;
  • Next, proceed to the manufacture and installation of the chassis. To install the rear wheels, use an additional axis that can be made from a steel pipe. In both ends of the latter, press the bearings and bushings that will be equipped with the rear wheels;
  • Next, a tractor from the Neva motor block should be equipped with a motor. over, you can install the engine, both in the front and back of the frame. In the second case, the front and rear wheelbase of the mini.tractor will need to be expanded;

At the end, with your own hands, the unit will remain to be equipped with a driver’s seat, lighting devices and overall lights. Thanks to small sizes, the finished tractor will have high maneuverability, which will effectively use it in places.

How to make a hinge on a single tractor with your own hands. special equipment

The current peasants do not represent their activities without special equipment. Most collect hinged equipment for a walk.behind tractor with their own hands, since this machine is on sale with a minimum set of additional tools for processing land.

For summer residents and residents of rural areas, where it is required to treat sufficiently large areas of the Earth, this technique is a real savior, allowing to perform the planned work quickly, efficiently and without heavy physical efforts. Only now the Unoa tractor itself represents the value in the role of a tractor, to carry out various land work, you need to purchase or do a dozen equipment with your own hands.

There are a lot of additional tools for this machine, so it is beneficial to purchase them only to large farmers and those who are engaged in the performance of land work to order. But in order to process quite small areas of the Earth or in order to save, you can create all these tools with your own hands.

Often, experts advise to acquire a coupling in the store, as it plays a rather important role in work and has a universal type. It is simply necessary for motoblocks, with its help attaching devices, such as: plow, trailer, potato.resident, hip and much more that will be needed in the work of the farmer.

Unfortunately, this clutch node does not come with the equipment, so it will have to be purchased separately. But many craftsmen in the case of unsuccessful searches of the coupling make it on their own.

How to make a clutch node?

This part should be made of durable material, as it is a link between the tool for work and the traction power of the walk.behind engineer. This node should have strong fixation elements on both sides.

The following tools and materials will be needed for its manufacture:

  • Metal or channel. They will be needed to create the main body of the node.
  • Fastening elements in the form of bolts, nuts and steel rods.
  • In order for the position of the node to be changed, you need to think about which adjustment element is needed. It should be a durable and metal lever.
  • To assemble this part of the walk.behind tractor, you will need a welding machine, a set of keys, a drill and a metal drill.

Amazing Restoration of Broken Truck Axle Skillfull Process | machinery works

Such homemade devices must correspond to the dimensions and carrying capacity of the machine. The node should have sufficiently strong mounting details and in its size approach the main equipment.

axle, tractor, mini, vector, hitch

Of course, you need to make a universal hitch, since it will be possible to attach to it both home.made devices and purchased.

The universal node is collected in the following sequence:

  • First you need to take 2 P-shaped metal arches of the same in size, a channel is perfect for their manufacture. In each metal plate you need to drill holes: in one. 6 pcs., and in another. 8 pcs.
  • The case is a more complex part and is assembled using a welding machine. He should clearly be measured and drilled holes for connecting elements, and on one of the brackets it is necessary to consider how to perform a movable connection.
  • The most difficult in this work is the manufacture of a lever, or rather, the very mechanism of adjusting the position of the walk.behind. Its main details are a screw, bracket and handle.

To perform this work, it is recommended to use a special machine on which it will be possible to make all the necessary details. When the coupling is collected and ready for operation, it is worth checking the strength of its connection and fastening of the working device for the walk.behind tractor.

Hinged devices for a walk.behind tractor

In order to process the land and perform a number of agricultural work on a small tractor, the following additional devices will be needed:

  • Rake.
  • Plows.
  • Overpers.
  • Potato and potato.cutting.
  • Harrows.
  • Problemers and mowers.
  • Looskoli.
  • Sprayers.
  • Soilines.

All these devices will be needed sooner or later, but most often they use, rakes, plow, holigo and devices for planting and collecting potatoes.

The simplest home.made attachment is a cupboard. To assemble this device, the following tools and materials will be needed:

  • 2 disks of the same size from durable metal. They can be made independently, or take the seeder from the time that has served their term.
  • Bolts, nuts, metal axes and washers, sliding bearings.
  • T-shaped metal frame.
  • Racks. 2 pcs.
  • To properly adjust the angle of the disk rotation, it is necessary to purchase screw talreps.

In the center of the discs, adapters have, with their help, fastening to the frame. Ideally, racks must be attached to such devices that in the future it is possible to adjust the distance between the disks. The remaining details are collected by welding and bolts.

Potato digging device

This device is indispensable during the collection of the harvest of tuber culture, especially potatoes. Such homemade for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands is not so easy to do. Before work, it is necessary to create drawings of attachment equipment and think through every detail.

The frame, as the main case, is made of metal corners or channel welding by welding. It should be strong enough and stable.

For direct collection of tubers, 1 or 2 metal plates with rounded edges are required, this is done so that they do not cut potatoes. Metal rods will also be required, which are welded to the plate. All together this design is called a lime. this is a mobile part of this device.

An equally important element of equipment is an editorial unit. For its manufacture, it is necessary to purchase 2 metal cylinders, they are designed to connect 2 bushings, which ensure the interaction of the shafts.

Tuber cleaning case. It is quite difficult to make an inexperienced master. To assemble it, it is necessary to purchase roller chains, steel rods, it is with their help that you need to assemble a design that, in its appearance, will resemble a protein wheel. This wheel must be firmly fixed on 2 special rods so that the drum can rotate.

≡ hitch mounting equipment for a walk.behind tractor |

Work in the garden and in the garden takes a lot of time and time that can be spent on your loved ones. Yet, standing day under the scorching sun by removing the harvest, you risk your health. But technology does not stand still and every year the lives of owners of small land plots are getting easier.

Work in the garden and in the garden takes a lot of time and time that can be spent on your loved ones. Yet, standing day under the scorching sun by removing the harvest, you risk your health. But technology does not stand still and every year the lives of owners of small land plots are getting easier.

Motor. an excellent assistant to a modern farmer. With it you can treat the earth, harvest, fertilize the ground and treat the crop from parasites. in general, it does all agricultural work. To that, having closed the attachment equipment, he can become an excellent communal technique: he will clean it from snow, and the cargo will transport. homemade mini.cutters

Homemade is ideal for processing soil, transportation of goods and other household needs. Almost everyone who understands the technique even at the minimum level can collect them.

How to make a mini.tractor from the Neva walk.behind tractor

First, we purchase the same Tractor itself, on which a factory or home.made coupling has already been mounted in advance. Then it will be possible to attach a plow, a trailer with a body, a harrow or another hitch. Other additional details are also needed:

The volume of Neva motoblocks is usually within 6-8 liters, so a mini-tractor with this basis requires a minimum number of improvements.

Homemade mini.tractor from the bosom motoblock

  • Frame.
  • The cylinder with the brake.
  • Street mechanisms, pedals.
  • Steering and steering wheel itself.
  • Front bridge with brakes and a hub node.
  • Wings on the rear wheels.
  • The rear hitch.

When all the details are collected, you need to connect them using a hammer and drill, wrench and welding. On the front steering axis, special wheels are installed instead of standard or “native” are left. The engine is located on the frame in the front.line part, so during operation the mini.tractor saves the balance. On the same axis with a pulley on the rear bridge there is a power shaft. Belt transmission helps to transfer the force from one part to the other. Belt tension and adjustment will be facilitated if the engine mount is floating.

Minitor based on the MTZ Motoboblock

This one.axic tractor has one difference from other standard models. equipping a two.cylinder diesel engine. This can lead to a complication of the operation of a home.made mini.tractor, if you make it three.wheeled and put the engine in front. Therefore, it is recommended to make 4-wheeled transport.

The manufacturing process is approximately as follows:

  • Cook the frame of their metal profile and pipes.
  • Native wheels can be changed to motorcycle or car (depending on the size and purpose of the future mini.vector), but you can leave. The main thing is that they should be placed on the front bridge, where we put the steering.
  • We connect the frame and mount for the driver’s place with electric welding.
  • The battery and hydraulic distributor are installed at the engine on a specially welded platform.
  • The back is connected to an additional metal frame for the hydraulics system.
  • Put the brakes on the rear wheels that we mount on the rear bridge. It is better to make them a foot pedal.
  • We carry out an electrician, put the seat, if necessary, mount the wings on the wheels.
  • On the walk.behind tractor we use the mode of work with mowers.

We get a compact mini.tractor with an MTZ engine with our own hands.

Minitor from the walk.behind tractor agro

We prepare several main details in advance: steering, brake system, additional wheels, hydraulic system. Hydraulics is needed so that the system works normally in combination with mounting equipment. Additional wheels are easy to take from a regular car.

If the AGRO engine is located in front of the mini.vector, then it will be necessary to strengthen the front pennies with gearboxes. To avoid unnecessary work and parts, you can mark the motor behind. the load will be distributed evenly. The rest of the assembly process is similar to other motoblock models. minister from the walk.behind tractor

Motobobes centaur with a capacity of 9 liters.With. belong to the varieties of professional equipment, so the mini.tractor from it will have the highest performance.

The manufacturing process is not much different from other models of motoblocks: we weld a metal profile frame, install additional two wheels, steering and a driver’s seat. As an option, the engine can be placed in the rear of the home.made mini.vector.

Minitor from the motor block bison

Motobobes of this brand have a reliable and quite powerful engine, the presence of which allows you to redo the unit in a full.wheel drive mini.tractor. Before work, be sure to study detailed drawings, as well as buy steel sheets, pipes and corners. The procedure for the manufacture of a mini.tractor is as follows:

  • When arranging a frame, you will need to expand the existing motor block frame. This is necessary in order to install additional wheels. Cut the corners and pipes into suitable pieces, and then weld them to each other;
  • The front beam for a mini.tractor is mounted by means of a ready.made hub equipped with brakes. The wheels in the front of the unit should correspond to the size of the rear wheels, or to be a little larger than the latter-this will prevent the “digging up” the mini-tractor when driving along the crossed terrain;
  • Then install the motor block motor. It is best to install it in the front of it in order to achieve the best balance of the entire structure;
  • To the back of the finished mini.tractor, weld the towbar. it will be required to install the trailer.

A homemade mini.tractor made on the basis of the bison of the bison will be able to cope with a number of most difficult economic tasks: soil plowing, grass mowing, harvesting and transportation of crop.

Most mini.tractors are installed with a manual drive, t. e. requiring a person’s participation in the rise, movement, etc. However, it significantly accelerates the performance of field work and reduces the load of the operator. When expanding areas, you can consider the purchase of a more powerful tractor, which will provide automatic manipulations with equipment. However, for a small farm for the first time, a mini.tractor and homemade equipment are quite enough. it is simple, effective and inexpensive.

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How to make simple hinges?

A three.point suspension is the most popular mount of attached equipment. It can be either the back and the front. This knot differs with universality. only in a broken frame or a caterpillar tractor there are another configuration nodes.

The three.point suspension consists of a “triangle”, which is made of steel using welding. The main screw provides a dynamic mount with the unit. Make a hitch with a manual drive (with a mechanical rise) is not particularly difficult.

This design works through a “triangle”. thanks to it, the connection of the vehicle and attachment equipment is being implemented.

The connection occurs within two minutes: the tractor in reverse approaches the unit, the “triangle” is supplied using a hydraulic device under the mounting groove. The suspension rises and clicks.

How to make hinged equipment on a mini-tractor with your own hands, watch in the next video.

Homemade mini.tractors

Ideal for processing small areas. Almost everyone who understands the technique even at the minimum level can collect them.

How to make a mini.tractor from the Neva walk.behind tractor

First, we acquire the same Tractor itself, on which the clue, factory or in the form of homemade is already mounted in advance. Then it will be possible to attach trailers with the body on which the load is easily transported, regardless of the size. There are other additional details that give comfort when using:

The volume of Neva motoblocks is usually in the range of 6-8 liters. Therefore, a mini-tractor with this basis requires a minimum number of improvements.

If there is an electric welding and a corner grinder along with additional tools, a dump truck can be created on its own. The main thing is to give a special design to fasten the frame, and make the mini.tractor from the walk.behind tractor tilt the trailer, turn it. The controls of these devices duplicate each other, because the unoic tractor can be used separately, simply dismantling a small tractor.

Homemade mini.tractor from the CBR Motoboblock

  • Frame.
  • The cylinder with the brake.
  • Street mechanisms, pedals.
  • Steering wheel column, complete with rods.
  • The beam in front, connects to the hubs and discs for the brake.
  • Wings in the rear.
  • Harm.hitch with a hand lift.

The last step is a joint assembly, when using a hammer and a drill, wrench with a welding apparatus. In addition, the wheels are installed ahead. The engine is attached to the frame in the front.line part, so during operation the mini.tractor saves the balance. On the same axis with a pulley on the rear bridge, a power selection shaft is located. Belt transmission helps to transfer the force from one part to the other. Belt tension and adjustment will be facilitated if the engine mount is floating.

Minitor based on the MTZ Motoboblock

This one.axic tractor has one difference from other standard models. equipping a two.cylinder diesel engine. This leads to the fact that the center with heaviness is ahead when the device is actively working. Because of which the workflow is noticeably more complicated. But you can eliminate the problem, acting as follows:

  • We use the mode of work with mowers.
  • The site ahead is dismantled in full.
  • It is replaced by a wheel from the front of the motorcycle, for which we use bolts. At the same time, the control steering wheel is set.
  • In the upper part of the frame there is a niche where steering is installed. Here it is necessary to fix the traction adjusting, then the design will receive an increase to strength and hardness.
  • We connect the site and mount for the driver’s place with electric welding.
  • The engine should have an additional platform where the hydraulic distributor is placed with the battery.
  • We connect the back with an additional metal frame, for the hydraulics system.
  • The front motorcycle place is ideal for the arrangement of a hand brake.

We get a compact mini-tractor with three wheels.

Minitor from the walk.behind tractor agro

As always, we prepare several main details in advance. this is the steering and brake system, additional wheels, a hydraulic system. Hydraulics is needed so that the system works normally in combination with mounting equipment. Additional wheels are easy to take from a regular car.

In the case of the AGRO motornote, additional actions will be needed to strengthen the leading peninsula along with the wheeled reducers. Suppose an option when the engine in the device is located behind. Then the load will be distributed as uniformly as possible.

“The craving should do something in the blood, otherwise it will be costly financially. I can’t pass by some piece of iron, but I must mentally scroll where it can be attached, so design ideas are created. Carefully inspect everything that you have, decompose, estimate what you can do from this, what you would like to see in the end, what else needs to be found, if you can’t imagine right away, then look at the forums of approximate drawings, and then the picture will become more clear “

“Hello everyone readers from the designer of tractor equipment. I want to give you one practical advice: start making a mini.tractor only if you are confident in your abilities and the presence of a lot of time, means and patience. If there is even a drop of doubt, then it is better and do not start! Make a trolley or an adapter with a seat. And don’t bother with 4×4 drive. This is difficult in terms of implementation. Equip your Belarusian as an adapter and rubber 7.5×16. And he will run faster, and the draft will become more “


All MTZ motorcots are quite large and powerful. Such a caterpillar prefix can be combined not only with Belarusians, but also by other manufacturers.

If you decide to make a mini.tractor from a walk.behind tractor, it is also important to consider the cost of the starting equipment, it should not be too high, otherwise it will not be possible to save money. And for the body, high.quality steel is suitable with a thickness of 3 mm.

Mod Review. Manual Attaching

The regular main pair and differential are preserved in the rear bridge. The frame should have sufficient strength and withstand the weight of the tractor mechanisms, as well as the loads that occur during operation.

The assembly stages to the frame must be connected to the chassis with the wheels, and install the engine. Do not be afraid of a large weight, MTZ is designed to work with such loads.

Read addition: MTZ-82 brake adjustment

Homemade mini.tractor from the MTZ motornote: features and assembly sequence

The front wheel from the motorcycle is installed in its place with the help of bolts, along with the control steering wheel. Stages of fastening the front wheels: select a steel profile pipe, which will be equal to the thickness of the front axis of the tractor.

Due to the fact that in the entire structure the same-based tractor is located behind the mini-tractor, it remained the opportunity to connect units to the walk-behind tractor. The design of the frame can be solid or with a turning point.

Minitor from the MTZ motornote: Simple remodeling with your own hands

If you are well versed in technology and drawing, you can do it yourself. A full.wheel drive tractor requires the installation of electrical equipment and the output of sensors to the dashboard. When upgrading fireworks, it is recommended to: expand the front axle rut to mm to improve stability; Increase the rut of the rear base axis by installing homemade or factory semi.shafts; use regular tires as leading wheels. For the rotation mechanism, serial details of the steering mechanisms of domestic and imported cars are used. Wheel hubs are attached to this pipe.

Connections from the bolts are fixed with welding of the joints for higher reliability. The disadvantage of such a scheme is the increased weight and low ability of the tractor along the soil soil. Remove its front platform and install the front wheel from the motorcycle in its place, as well as the control steering wheel. MTRO MOTO block MTZ with and without

The lineup

The first uniform tractor MTZ-05 weighing 135 kg was produced from the 78th to the 92nd years and became the basis for further developments of small agricultural machinery. The model was intended for the processing of small land plots: gardens, garden and personalities and other individual and municipal lands. The device was equipped with a domestic one-cylinder gasoline engine OD-15.

MTZ-06 is one of the most common motoblocks used in personal utility farms and small farm farmers. Thanks to adopted improvements, the unit has found widespread use in all climatic zones of agriculture. A new closed disc transmission and the presence of differentials on autonomous wheels allow us to conveniently conduct pre.sowing soil processing and other seasonal field work.

In 1992, models of MTZ “08N” and “09N”, similar in production parameters and differing only in engine power, were received in production. They are a heavy direction of small special equipment with advanced functionality:

  • agricultural purpose. plowing, harrowing, hilling, haymaking;
  • Communal use. snow cleaning, fencing of lawns, sweeping paths;
  • Transport functions. movement of goods, trawling logs.

Thanks to the wide line of additional equipment and the possibility of moving the power shaft to the front position, the MTZ Belarus 09N model has become one of the most popular heavy motoblocks in the post.Soviet market of small agricultural machinery.

The most powerful modification of the MTZ-12 is designed to work on heavy and virgin soils. The large mass of the same.axle machine does not allow this model to compete with modern double.axle mini.tractors, more convenient to operate.