How to Light a Car From a Screwdriver

The case is not frequent, but it occurs. On some machines there is no mechanical unlocking of the locks, and even a keyhole (larva) may not exist. That is, if the battery has sat down, to zero (for example, left some device. it has sucked out all the energy, or the car has been parked for a long time) then you will not be able to open mechanically with either a key fob or a key! And then what to do? Today I will answer your question, well, as usual, the video version at the end.

how to light a car from a screwdriver


  • Professionals
  • Door and windows
  • Open the hood
  • Power Out

It should be noted that most modern cars have systems that turn off energy consumption when the car is in the parking lot. If you forgot to turn off the headlights or radio, everything will be cut down automatically. On older machines, such a system may not exist, but there is a keyhole. just insert the key (often it is one) and open the doors mechanically. But it happens that the battery is so “dead” that even an alarm system puts it in for a couple of days of parking, that is, through the signaling, the standard remote control cannot be opened, and there may not be any wells (for manual opening). Today I want to share some methods of discovery, as well as talk about the most effective


Of course, if this happened to you, and it’s impossible to open it. You can call specially trained people. Now there are a huge number of services that will come to your aid. They also have equipment, and on such occasions they say that "they ate the dog."

However, it is not cheap, from 500 to 2500 rubles. Depends on how difficult the work is, well, the class of the car. Therefore, this is not our option, but it is worth saying about it. If you don’t want to suffer, just call and call

Door and windows

The second most common method is exposure to the door and windows of the car. The schemes are really working, but they also have disadvantages:

  • Doors. Usually they try to bend, with something wooden, so as not to damage the metal frame and put in a wire or thread with a loop to put on a lamb (door latch).

MINUSES such a way that you can damage the door, seals, and the latches on top may not be, on some cars. be next to the handle.

  • Glass.They try to lower it a little, if it can put a lot of pressure on it, it can sag a little, releasing a small gap from above, a wire or thread is pushed into it (this does not always work if there is no “lamb” on top).

Video: How to Light a Car From a Screwdriver

Another method, you guessed to break, is usually either minor or basic. BUT this is the last resort, apply when everything else does not work!

From my experience, I’ll say that in our old VAZs where there were no windows, you could lower the glass with your hands and almost climb inside (with electric windows, this most likely will not work). On foreign cars, sometimes it turned out to stick a wire with a loop, and throw it on a lamb.

Open the hood

The main problem is that there is no power in the auto circuit. However, if you replace the battery or light it, then you can open the car. BUT not so simple. Opening the hood in a closed car (guarded) is still that task!

Now many hoods are held by a special loop that engages with the lock hook (pull the handle out of the passenger compartment. this hook moves away. the hood opens).

Many people write that you can also do this from the outside, just take a screwdriver and crawl through the decorative grille. I don’t know, it seems to me personally that this does not work, because the grill can be almost cast (there’s no place to creep in), or it is too far away. In general, this is also not our method.

Power Out

However, I want to note the method with power. it is correct. If we cannot get to the battery, then we need to supply power from the outside and open the car! “This is how,” you ask? And it’s simple, we need two wires, as well as an external power source (you can take the battery from a neighbor, or from a "screwdriver", even from a booster, you can "light up" if it has a 12V output). There are again two ways simple and complex.

  • Starter is a complicated method.. You can crawl under the car to find a starter (it is usually below). Two wires usually go to it, red is a plus and black is a minus or mass. From our donor battery, we hook plus to the red wire, minus. you can to the mass. And click on the remote control, the car should open. BUT NOT EVERYONE WILL USE UNDER AUTO! YES and protection there may not allow this to be done.
  • Turn Signals, Backlight. Easy Method. The essence is the same you need to apply power to the system (that is, plus to plus, minus to minus). To do this, take a screwdriver and pull out the turn signal or backlight. Usually they go out easily and simply, then we connect the wires from our donor battery (do not mix up the main thing, usually red is a plus) and open the car through an alarm or a regular key fob

Personally, I had to do this several times. it works flawlessly. Always the car opened.

Now we are watching a small video of this method

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