How to Make a Belt Sander

When working with wood, the final stage of material processing will be grinding. A grinding machine will help you with this. There are many different models on the market, but if your budget is bursting at the seams, you can make such a machine yourself.

How to make a grinding machine

How to Make a Belt Sander

You can make a simple machine from the hard drive of your PC. To do this, you need the hard drive itself, abrasive, PC power supply. It will be intended to work with small parts. When disassembling the disc, stick the abrasive onto a rotating plane. After this, the structure must be connected to the power supply unit (power supply unit), and then the entire structure should be fixed on the working plane of the table, equipped with a speed regulator, a switch.

Do-it-yourself sanding machine for wood

Grinders are represented by the following types:

  • eccentric or orbital;
  • vibrating;
  • angular;
  • tape.

When making a machine you will need:

  • electric motor;
  • source of power.

The power unit must be taken from household appliances, for example, from a fan, the power supply is computer, the battery is household. As a basis for the above elements, a wooden board is suitable, on which a battery with an electric motor should be fixed with screws. The start button must be attached to the base with self-tapping screws. Wire cores are fixed using staples of an industrial stapler.
The working part of the tool is the grinding wheel, which can be purchased independently. The abrasive disk will be driven by an electric motor using two bushings.
You can strengthen the design of the device if you take the motor from the washing machine as the engine. In addition to polishing discs, in this case, grinding and abrasive tools can be installed on the tool.

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Homemade Belt Sander

How to make a mini grinder do it yourself

First you need to find polystyrene to prepare the basis for the device. After that, you need to cut a hole to install a switch in it. Then you need an electrical tape and a power source, for example, the well-known Kron battery. We wind the power battery (Krona) to the foam base with electrical tape. Take the champagne cork and the handle rod. We cut the rod to the desired length, then put the handle rod on the cork with a blunt end and insert the point of the rod into the hole for the motor shaft. After that, you need to cut a strip of abrasive tape under the cork’s dimensions with scissors. After you have cut the ribbon, stick it on the cork around the circumference. This construction of cork will be the working part of the machine. Carefully inspect all the wires and connect them with twists, isolate the connections with electrical tape. We try to start the resulting device. Now you have your own mini machine. Such a device is useful for performing simple minor work for which a conventional grinding machine will be too large and inconvenient. If you are an observant and patient, as well as assiduous person, it’s not difficult to make a grinding machine yourself. For this you need only dexterous hands and a little patience.