How to Make a Home Circular Video

During the initial processing of wood, a sawmill will be needed. This equipment can be of several types. disk or tape. For self-manufacturing, preference is given to the first form, since it has good performance properties and a relatively simple design.

The principle of operation of the circular sawmill

How to Make a Home Circular Video

Before making the design, you should familiarize yourself with the principle of operation and the purpose of the configuration of the mini disk sawmill. In most cases, it is necessary for sawing logs of large and medium diameter. As a result of this, boards or timber are formed.

The main component of the design is the power plant. It should provide the proper number of revolutions of one or two disks. In addition, for maximum automation, the following components are required:

  • feed line. It can be fixed or with a system for transporting logs to disks. Most often they prefer to make the first option, since it is the least expensive for self-production;
  • knot of a cut. Consists of one or more saws. Depending on their location, it can be horizontal or transverse. For simultaneous processing of logs in two planes, an angular sawmill is required;
  • Control block. Most often, it is located on the outside of the cut assembly. With it, the operator can adjust the engine speed, turn equipment on or off.

An angular sawmill is necessary for tangential and radial cutting of workpieces. Due to its design, the entire volume of the log is used as rationally as possible.

Mini double disc models usually come with two engines. However, their power and the number of revolutions may not always coincide. These parameters must be calculated in advance and an appropriate cut knot should be made.

The choice of design of a circular sawmill

The simplest home-made sawing construction consists of a table, above the surface of which there is a cutting disc. You can make a similar model at home. However, its performance will be low.

The main disadvantage of this design is the need to independently supply the log to the sawing site. This will lead to a violation of the geometry of the future board or timber. Therefore, these types of equipment are used only for processing small workpieces or sheet material.

The angular sawmill has much more functionality. She performs two cuts simultaneously in a horizontal and vertical position. However, its manufacture is more complicated than that of the above model. Do-it-yourself circular sawmill has the following design features:

Video: How to Make a Home Circular Video

  • movable cutting carriage. It moves along the guides located on the body of the stationary platform. There are two motors on the carriage, on the shafts of which saw blades are mounted. Be sure to make a device to adjust the position of the edges of the disks;
  • stationary platform for blanks. It provides log clamps. Otherwise, during operation, displacement is possible, which will lead to deformation of the product.

A similar mini design can be made from improvised materials. It is important that it can withstand loads and constant vibration, which will inevitably appear during operation.

If the sawmill is designed only for the production of boards. you can install another vertical saw instead of a horizontal one. This will increase the productivity of the equipment.

DIY Tips

If a sawmill is necessary for commercial purposes for processing large volumes of wood. it is necessary to approach self-production very carefully. Home-made models will not always be able to provide high-quality cuts under constant load. But for small jobs, you can make a design with your own hands.

First of all, you should choose the right power and number of revolutions of the power unit. When installing electric motors, such problems will not arise, but it will be necessary to connect a 380 V fishing line, since installation of three-phase models will be required to ensure performance. If you plan to use internal combustion engines, which is extremely rare, install a step-up gear to increase the number of revolutions of the saw blades.

First you need to make mini drawings of the future design. Since improvised materials will be used for manufacturing. before forming the diagram, their exact sizes should be removed. There are no exact rules for the manufacture of a two-disk sawmill. the design in each case is purely individual.

However, to create reliable equipment, it is recommended to follow the advice of professionals:

  • the frame must be made of channels No. 4 or No. 6. For connection, two methods should be used. mechanical using bolts and welded. This will provide maximum strength and, as a result, durability;
  • as carriage guides, it is best to use standard P50 rails. They must not be deformed or bent. The wheels for the platform are selected for them;
  • during manufacture it must be taken into account that the width of the carriage and the mobile platform must be the same. Small adjustment is possible with the help of wheel hubs;
  • engine location. Since most models are air-cooled, the power plant should be located as far as possible from the place of sawing. To drive a disk, make a shaft or chain drive;
  • To protect the operator, a steel shield is installed on the platform. It will prevent dangerous situations. But at the same time, it should not interfere with normal viewing.

During operation, it is necessary to periodically check the condition of the equipment. A home-made installation with prolonged use may lose its original quality. Also, do not forget to sharpen the saws from two sides, and after completing their resource of work. change to new ones.

For the manufacture of a manual sawmill with our own hands, we need (depending on the design):

  • construction goats;
  • boards;
  • channels;
  • corners;
  • electric motors;
  • a set of hand tools;
  • the presence of two pairs of rails;
  • metal plates.

In the video you can see an example of a home-made corner circular sawmill: