How to Make a Motorcycle From a Benzotrimmer

Preparation of equipment and materials

Before making a drill from a chainsaw, carefully prepare the materials and tools necessary for the job. From the materials you will need:

  • Serviceable household chainsaw;
  • Gearbox;
  • Solid steel sheet, or plywood, 2 cm thick;
  • Set of various fasteners;
  • Metal tube;
  • Steel pipe, diameter 15 cm;
  • Metal tube, 25 cm long;
  • Steel auger;
  • Rubberized insulation for the handle.

To work on the manufacture of a motor-drill from a chainsaw, be sure to prepare the following tools:

  • Head on 27;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • Electric jigsaw;
  • Grinding machine;
  • Welding machine;
  • A set of nozzles for working with metal.

To create some parts for a motor-drill from a chainsaw, you need a lathe, so you need to agree in advance with the master for the manufacture of metal parts.

Gear drill tips

The design of a motor-drill from a chainsaw necessarily includes a gearbox, which can be taken from unnecessary electrical equipment. When choosing a part, be sure to ensure that it has the necessary parameters, namely:

  • The gearbox must have a direct rotation;
  • The gear ratio of the element should be from 1:25 to 1:50;
  • The shank and shaft of the selected part must rotate in the same direction.
How to Make a Motorcycle From a Benzotrimmer

It is best to equip the chainsaw with a gearbox having a gear ratio of 1:30, in which the shaft is a continuation of the motor rotor.

Yamobur from a chainsaw. the order of manufacture at home

Before making a motor drill from a chainsaw, you should carefully study the drawings. The chart will help you determine the correct course of action and prevent mistakes.

If you did not find the plywood of the required thickness, then instead of it you can take two thinner sheets and glue them together. Having received a product of suitable thickness, mark on it to make the required holes intended for fasteners. Using a drill, you will need to make 2 additional holes. one of them should be located opposite the chain saw of the chain saw from a chainsaw, and the second. next to the first. is intended for mounting nuts.

The further procedure for the manufacture of a motor-drill from a chainsaw is as follows:

  1. Make a recess in the upper part of the plywood product using a grinder. After that, attach a gearbox to the treated area to find out where it was installed in a chainsaw from a chainsaw. At the same time, be sure to consider the features of the household tool that is used to make the structure. If there is an asterisk with 6 beams in the saw device, then use a 27 mm gear;
  2. Next, fix the gearbox, center it and securely fasten to the bottom of the plywood. Then attach a chainsaw to the top of the plywood. After that, start its engine and check the reliability of the design;
  3. At the next stage, you need to attach a screw to a homemade ice saw from a chainsaw. To do this, take a pipe with thick walls and attach it to the gearbox with two bolts. The screw is attached to the gearbox in a chainsaw from a chainsaw should be carried out by means of an adapter that plays the role of a shock absorber. It can be made of a steel 15-cm pipe, on which the rings are welded. Next, process the adapter on a lathe;
  4. To work with a chainsaw from a chainsaw was more convenient, the unit must be equipped with handles. For their manufacture, a curved steel pipe is taken, on the edges of which rubber seals are put on. You can fix the handle on a chainsaw from a chainsaw using self-tapping screws or other improvised fasteners;
  5. Excess plywood parts on a chainsaw from a chainsaw are cut off, and the edges of the remaining sheet are processed with an electric jigsaw;
  6. Next, the finished chainsaw should be equipped with cutting knives. To do this, cut the steel sheets and weld them to the pipe that was used as a screw. In this case, the steel sheets must bend around the screw in the form of a spiral. The edges of the sheets must be carefully sharpened.

Chainsaw drill head. application features

Of course, to make a motor-drill from a chainsaw is a more exciting and budgetary procedure. However, if there is no desire to spend your time and energy, then you can buy a ready-made nozzle that can be installed on a household tool in order to make holes in the ground or ice.

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This kind of ready-made prefix for a chainsaw wins significantly in a homemade ice drill, as it is made of steel, which is several times stronger than plywood. It is smaller and easier to transport. In addition, due to the use of factory sharpening technology, it is much less necessary to restore blunt blades of a purchased nozzle.

Installing and using a prefix-ice drill is quite simple. To do this, the tire and the chain of the chainsaw are removed, and instead of them a screw with blades is mounted. After that, you will need to install the lower part of the motor drill above the place where you need to make a hole, and start the motor of the unit.

To make a motor-drill from a trimmer is many times easier than it might seem at first glance. All work can be done independently from improvised means by purchasing a certain amount of spare parts. Let’s study the manufacturing process of the unit at home in more detail.

How to make an ice drill from a trimmer. start with a gear

Motobur, or, as it is also called, ice drill. a thing quite useful in the household. With its help, you can quickly make deep holes for laying the foundation or installing wooden piles. The unit can also be taken with you fishing for drilling holes in ice.

The first thing you need to do for the future motor-drill from a trimmer is a gearbox. It is necessary to transfer rotation from the motor shaft to another shaft, which has increased torque and reduced angular velocity. In fact, the gearbox is one of the most important mechanisms of each unit, especially such as a homemade motor drill from a trimmer.

Depending on the type of direction in which the working part rotates, gearboxes are divided into the following types:

  • Gearboxes, the output shaft of which rotates clockwise;
  • Mechanisms whose output shaft rotates counterclockwise;
  • Reversible mechanisms;
  • Planar or inverse gears.

A trimmer ice drill is best equipped with a reversing mechanism. When the drill is jammed in solid soil, such a reducer will allow you to change the side in which the working element of the unit will rotate and quickly remove it from the ground.

Once you decide on the type of gearbox, you will need to choose the location of the motor shaft and the shaft of the drill working unit from the trimmer. In practice, mainly 2 options may be possible:

  • The location of the shafts parallel to each other along the same axis;
  • The location of the shafts at an angle of 90 °.
  • Housing;
  • Worm shaft;
  • 2 bevel gears;
  • 2 pairs of bearings;
  • Output shaft.

Having collected all the necessary details, you can begin to assemble the assembly. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Fasten the worm shaft to the motor output shaft;
  2. Install a rigid or flexible coupling. If the motor emits strong vibrations during operation, it is better to use a flexible coupling. it should soften the shock of the working element and dampen the vibration of the engine;
  3. Connect the worm shaft to the double row gear. In this case, the lower part of the part should be equipped with straight teeth;
  4. When assembling, leave a hole between the gearbox elements for filling the lubricant;
  5. Adjust the angular speed by selecting different sized gears.

The self-made unit is the simplest single-speed mechanism for transmitting the rotation of the motor to the working element of the drill from the trimmer.

Making a screw. detail for beginners

Regardless of its design, the trimmer ice drill must have a screw. This is a screw-shaped cutting element designed to drill holes in ice or soil. To make a screw you will need:

  • Tip;
  • Core;
  • Screw blade.

As a material for the core, you need to use a strong material. The steel pipe is best suited for this. If the trimmer is to be used for drilling hard soils, the steel must be hardened so that it does not deform when twisted.

The manufacture of the blade for the screw is made of carbide steel grade 65G. This material is strong enough and easy to machine to give the desired shape.

For the manufacture of the tip also need to use metal from hard alloys. Grooves will also need to be cut on the part profile. Thanks to this shape of the tip, the drill from the trimmer will easily be screwed into almost any base.

The second end of the core must be equipped with a shank on which the coupling or drive gear will be installed.

Ice drill assembly. in details from “A” to “Z”

To assemble an ice drill from the trimmer, you will also need an engine that will power the unit. This is where the home trimmer comes in handy, from which you can “borrow” a motor.

In order to eliminate errors during the assembly of the ice drill, you should carefully study the drawing of the unit. The diagram clearly shows which mechanisms of the motor-drill from the trimmer to connect with each other and in what sequence it is necessary to do.

The diagram shows 3 options for making a homemade ice drill from a trimmer. The first option is a screw auger, which consists of such elements:

  • 1. bar;
  • 2. nozzle;
  • 3. coupling;
  • 4. auger;
  • 5. knives.

The second option is a pan-shaped ice drill made of trimmer, the design of which includes such details:

  • 1. tip;
  • 2. slot for lubrication;
  • 3. knife;
  • 4. knife lock;
  • 5. the case of the mechanism;
  • 6. riser.

The third option is a trimmer motor drill, equipped with half-disk cutting knives. Its design includes:

  • 1. handle;
  • 2. riser;
  • 3. cutting elements.

Due to the fact that the motor from the trimmer has a small torque, it means that you will need to use gears and lower the rotation speed of the engine itself. As the gears should use several gears placed in one housing. In order to reduce the engine speed on the input shaft, you will need to install a small gear. In this case, the secondary shaft is equipped with a large gear.

In order to make the motor drill out of the trimmer rigid and stable, you need to make a strong frame to which the gearbox and motor will be attached. As controls, use handles that will also be attached to the frame. Trimmer handles should be covered with rubber covers that will prevent the controls from slipping in the hands of the owner.