How to make a self -propelled mower from a regular.

DIY Rotor haying. how to make homemade vases from the rear axle, how to make a hinged combine from the gearbox

Work on its own land is a rather difficult occupation. In order to facilitate the whole process, special labor devices were invented, which over time evolved and automated.

However, in addition to large.scale production units, there is a need for individual means of cultivation of land, which will differ in mobility, efficiency, environmental friendliness, etc.D. And at the same time, without fail, the whole agricultural vehicle should cope with maximum efficiency with the task set before it, whether it be a single tractor or mower, which will be discussed today.


It is no secret that often the creators of a particular project are not always able to meet the optimal cost of manufactured equipment. In this regard, ordinary gardeners are not ready to purchase a professional tool at an extremely high price. However, no one forbids making devices with your own hands.

In our case, it is worth noting that a home.made mower cannot be called a complex unit, which is not possible to fulfill its own efforts. It is only necessary to take into account the main points of its creation.

Currently, there are two varieties of mowers on a single tractor:

The segment mower is quite complicated and often problematic in maintenance, due to frequent clogs. In turn, the rotary is an easy to create and operate option, which affects the growth of its popularity in horticultural circles.


To make a device that will suit you and will match the tasks facing it as much as possible, adhere to the next algorithm:

  • Make the terms of reference;
  • select materials;
  • Draw a drawing;
  • make or buy the missing details;
  • Collect the device according to the drawing.

Drawing up technical specifications

At this stage, determine why you need a lawn mower, as well as what characteristics it should have. For example, a device for a small house area with an area of ​​a couple of hundred parts (one hundredth. 100 m2) can be made with a small width of mowing (capture), which will reduce its weight and facilitate movement even without drive to the wheels.

In addition, it is important to take into account the parameters of the grass. the higher and tougher, the more powerful engine will have to be put on a mower.

It is also necessary to decide on other characteristics, that is:

  • the size of the wheels (the larger they are, the higher the ability and easier to roll the device in the site);
  • the possibility of installation and design of the grass collector;
  • mulching function and its effectiveness;
  • type of engine;
  • drive to wheels (is needed or not);
  • adjusting the height of mowing (is needed or not).

Selection of material

There are no strict criteria for the material used, except that it goes to the manufacture of a knife does not exist.

The hull of the braid can be made from:

  • steel or aluminum corner;
  • sheet metal;
  • thick textolite or gutinax;
  • boards;
  • Tolstoy plywood or OSP;
  • old door from a closet or bedside table;
  • cropped pan (if the case is also a deck).
  • cropped pan or bucket;
  • roofing iron;
  • leaf aluminum or galvanized steel;
  • fiberglass and epoxy resin.

The wheels can be selected from:

  • carriage;
  • scooter;
  • children’s three.wheeled bicycle;
  • heavy toys;
  • carts from a store or from a warehouse.

The knife can be made of a steel strip 3-5 mm thick, and for the gearbox and drive to the wheels, pulleys from the old equipment and belt of the generator of the passenger car are suitable.

The motor can be removed from the old gasoline or electric technology, for example, a chainsaw or some machine.

It is quite difficult to get a battery motor of suitable power (0.5 and above kW), except that a broken equipment with such an engine will turn up. Or you can buy it and a suitable power source separately, but then the costs will be comparable to the price of a new battery mowing.

Drawing up a project

Having decided on the parameters of the lawn mower and available materials, proceed to create a project, that is, a drawing and sketch.

At this stage, try to think through not only the overall design of the mower, but also the execution of each of its elements, also the fastening of individual parts to each other.

The more thoroughly you will think through all the little things, the easier it will be to collect the device in the drawing. Draw a drawing and a sketch on a large scale so that you can really draw all the details and their position regarding each other. Be sure to consider the properties of the materials that you use.

For example, if the housing is made of an aluminum corner, and a deck of the bucket, then the upper part of the deck of plywood or metal is necessary, which will prevent mowed grass through the space between the corners.

Use the elements of drawings and photos that can be found on various forums or sites, because if someone has found a successful technical solution of a particular issue, then why invent it again?

Manufacturing or buying parts

When the drawing is ready, determine what you can do on your own, and what to order or buy.

For example, for the manufacture of a nozzle to the engine shaft to which a knife is attached, a current machine is needed, if you have it, then you can make a part yourself, if not, then you will have to order a turner.

Where to get drawings, schemes and photos?

Despite the fact that all law mmores are made according to one principle, there are many ideas and technical solutions that facilitate the independent manufacture of such equipment or increase its effectiveness.

We have prepared links to forums whose users discuss the independent manufacture of such devices, and are also divided by their ideas or successful technical solutions.


The lawn mower can have a complex device due to various options, but at the base of its own, this is just an engine with a knife put on its shaft, fixed on the chassis with a handle. It happens that the shaft with the knife is installed separately and it is tied to the shaft of the engine or belt gear.

  • Gasoline: a lawn mower with such a drive is autonomous, which is very convenient with a large area of ​​the lawn.
  • Electric: you need connection to the mains using the wire, so you can’t go far on such an apparatus.

The lawn mower equipped with an electric drive has a number of advantages:

Elekposilk is a preferred option for a lawn with an area of ​​up to 12 acres.

make, self, propelled, mower, regular

The platform on which all nodes are installed is called a mowing shield. Below it has sides that prevent the grass from flying up in all directions.

By the number of wheels, the lawn mower are divided into:

  • Two.wheeled: maneuverability characteristic of this device allows you to process areas. But it is difficult to give the knife a horizontal position, so experience is required to perform an even cut.
  • Three.wheeled: maneuvering is more difficult, but the mower is stable and its knife is strictly horizontal.
  • Four-wheeled: irrational option: the advantages are the same as in 3-wheeled, but you will have to spend one wheel more.

The dimensions of the wheels and other elements are selected so that the knife is located 5-6 cm above the ground. then the cut will be even.

A handle is attached to the chassis to control the lawn mower to the chassis.

Unlike the purchased, a home.made mowing cannot be made self.propelled and provided with mechanisms for collecting grass and adjusting the height of the cut. But with the main function, she will successfully cope.

Motivation for creating a tool from improvised materials

First of all, it is necessary to determine which tool will effectively replace a regular manual braid when caring for a site. Perhaps dense ambushes, frequent bushes and flower beds will not provide access to the rounded area, and then the “whirlwinds” of grass will need to be removed manually. DIY lawn mowing need to be assembled for mowing the area, more than 4 acres.

Choose a way of putting into the cuts of cutters. the basis for the collection of the necessary nodes. Knives can be set in motion:

  • due to manual exposure, pushing forward of the mechanism, which requires great physical strength;
  • using the electrical energy of single.phase or three.phase current;
  • motor from the battery;
  • using an internal combustion engine, two or four.stroke.

Having decided on the energy component, you will need to choose wheels, handle, platform for collecting a lawn mower with your own hands. Collect the necessary fasteners and components of the connection, protection and connection schemes.

How to make a mechanical mower with your own hands

Inexpensive, useful mechanical lawn mowing with manual controls, you can make it yourself. 2 types of knives should be made: the former spin and collect grass, the latter are motionless and planted plants. Using the transmission from gears and wheels, it is necessary to create the necessary speed of rotation of the knives. It is necessary that the grass is cut off by the scissors method. Then you need to fulfill the conditions for the operation of the knives, between which the grass is located. Elements should be given a curved shape for continuous cutting of grass.

A grass collector is a container of plastic, metal or fabric in which mowed grass is assembled. Attached behind the lawn mower and does not interfere with work.

To equip a home.made lawn mower, a finished container or material for it with your own hands will be needed. Can be used:

Hall.collector from the canister: choose a canister suitable for the dimensions of your mowing. Put it to one side, cut the side and end wall with a knife. Attach the resulting container to the frame using a thick wire, tie it with a rope or a chain to the handle of a lawn mower.

The grass collector from the box is a more durable design. At the box, one side wall is cut off from the side where the collection will be attached to the mower. To give rigidity, it is necessary to fix the walls of the box in a chain. Fasteners for the grass collector can be made of wire or nails in the form of hooks, or use carbines.

A trawler from a tarpaulin can be made in the form of a bag or box with soft walls. For the second option, you first need to make a frame of wooden bars, metal.plastic or aluminum pipes. From the pieces of tarpaulin, make the walls and fix the fabric on the frame with rivets, a stapler, or sew with a needle and a thread. Attach with latches to the lawn mower.

Metal grass collector is perfect for a home.made mower with a steel frame. It can be made from the same sheet metal, according to individually selected parameters. On the sides of the container, make holes or slots for ventilation. Without them, the power of the air flow will decrease, and there will be problems with the release of mowed grass into the grass collector.

And you have already figured out what you are constructed from the lawn mower? Share your ideas and tips.

Necessary materials and tools

A device such as an electric shovel with your own hands is not a matter of first necessity. But the presence of such an instrument at home will significantly save labor costs with the mowing of grass. Very simple lawn mower can be made even from an electric motor. They include the same details and functionality as the factory analogues.

Lawn mowers on an electric motor include:

  • an electric motor or a drive mechanism, with which nozzles rotate;
  • the basis of the frame on which all the details of the mechanism will be held;
  • protective shield;
  • the handle with which the mechanism is controlled;
  • Load knives;
  • 2-4 wheels;
  • button for turning on and off the mechanism;
  • power cable;
  • a capacity for collecting grass or its removal.

It is necessary to constantly observe the safety of the work, and therefore you need to mount an element of emergency and automatic shutdown of the electric shock.

All electrocosylins have the same principle of operation. After the voltage supply to the electric motor, its shaft begins to rotate. And since knives are fixed on the shaft, they cut the grass at high speeds of the electric motor.

The choice of a suitable engine

As a motor for a lawn mower, you can use the engine:

If you need to pump out small sites, then just right there will be an engine from the old drill. It does not even need to be disassembled, just fix it in an upright position.

DIY lawn mowing from a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner can be made without much effort. They have all the necessary details. The best option for mowing grass near the house is an electric motor with a capacity of 0.5 kilowatts, and the recommended number of revolutions is about three thousand. The quality of work and the mowing of the grass depends on the speed of the motor, and accordingly its blades.

The longer the knives of the device, the smaller speeds you can use it due to an increase in linear speed. But its power should increase in order to fight an increasing load. In practice, it has been proven that for home needs there is enough device with a capacity of one kilowatts and engine speed one and a half thousand. over, the working plane is half a meter. In the event that the engine power is less than these indicators, then you need to regularly undermine the blades to obtain the desired result.

If only three phases were found in the farm, then the start.up capacitors must be added to this design. They must correspond to the engine capacity. Drawings of the lawn mowed from corner grinders or other starting materials can be easily found on the Internet or specialized literature.

Additional materials for the design

Knives are intended for direct mowing of the grass. In order to make them yourself, you need to prepare plates of steel up to 45 centimeters long, 3-4 centimeters wide, and 2-3 mm thick. Thin knives are better and better mowing grass, and thick are more durable.

They can be made in three variations:

  • One strip that has exactly in the center of the hole, and the sharpened edges on the right sides. Its length should be from thirty to fifty centimeters.
  • The design consisting of two parts that are mounted on a continuous rib is fixed using bolts.
  • A sharpened disk.

To save wheels and material for handles, you can take from the old baby stroller. When choosing the diameter of the wheels, it must be borne in mind that the distance between the Earth and the blade should be no more than 5 centimeters. If possible, it is necessary to adjust the height of the planting of the lawn mower. When the cutting part of the device consists of two elements, then maneuverability improves, and if from 3-4, then reliability. Such wheels can also be made from plywood and mounted on a shaft with bearings.

The casing for protection against blades can be made from plywood, steel barrel or body of the old washing machine. over, in such an element of the lawn mower it is necessary to make holes for the normal functioning of the electric motor and admission to the closed part.

The body of the washing machine can also be used to create a casing around the blades. Longerons for the motor are made of plywood or sheet of steel. The cord for connecting the device to the network must be selected taking into account the power of the motor. As an option, you can take it from old devices.

In order to make a knife for the lawn mower with your own hands, as well as all other structural elements, you need to prepare the required materials in advance:

  • electric drill;
  • a hammer;
  • corner grinder with a disk;
  • lobby with a set of files;
  • pencil;
  • roulette;
  • pliers;
  • vise;
  • sandpaper;
  • screwdriver;
  • welding;
  • wires;
  • Turning and off button;
  • set of bolts and nuts;
  • corners;
  • Wooden bars.

As an alternative to a corner grinder or an electrician, you can use a hacksaw for metal or wood, but with small teeth. And also experts always recommend drawing a manufactured apparatus to have an idea of ​​the future structure.

The principles of the electric motor

A similar engine can be as single.phase, which works from a regular network, and three.phase, in need of additional electricity. By connecting an electric motor, you must always remember about personal safety. For an engine operating on one phase, protection of the RCD must be installed, and the three.phase motor must have the appropriate capacitors.

Very Common Fix for Your Self Propelled Push Mower

For a home lawn mower, you can also use a drill with revolutions up to three thousand. When collecting the structure, it is necessary to choose the right hay of the haymaking to its crook. The battery or electric drill mounted on the basis of or platform will fulfill its tasks, and the grass will be doused.

In the process, one should not forget about the intervals of work, since you need to give the motor time to relax in order to avoid overheating. Such a tool will easily clean the territory of the grass and give the lawn an attractive look. The platform on which the engine is installed should be of optimal size so that you can mow grass near the wall.

The principles of the electric motor

A similar engine can be as single.phase, which works from a regular network, and three.phase, in need of additional electricity. By connecting an electric motor, you must always remember about personal safety. For an engine operating on one phase, protection of the RCD must be installed, and the three.phase motor must have the appropriate capacitors.

For a home lawn mower, you can also use a drill with revolutions up to three thousand. When collecting the structure, it is necessary to choose the right hay of the haymaking to its crook. The battery or electric drill mounted on the basis of or platform will fulfill its tasks, and the grass will be doused.

In the process, one should not forget about the intervals of work, since you need to give the motor time to relax in order to avoid overheating. Such a tool will easily clean the territory of the grass and give the lawn an attractive look. The platform on which the engine is installed should be of optimal size so that you can mow grass near the wall. assembly instructions

Depending on the source materials for electrogazoniacs, such stages will differ. One of the most common options is the assembly of a mower from an old washing machine. It will be useful to consider instructions precisely to create such an apparatus.

Actions should take place in the following sequence:

  • Making a frame or spar for an engine of the future structure. It must be made from a metal or steel sheet of 500 by 500 millimeters.
  • In the central part of the sheet, the hole for the shaft of the electric engine should be drilled.
  • From below the metal sheet (spar) is welded corners around the perimeter. And they can also be fixed with bolts. Then you need to install wheels. They can be made independently from plywood or wood, or removed from old devices. They are placed on the shaft (metal axis).
  • After that, the motor needs to be fixed on the platform. To do this, it should either be welded on pre.mounted metal corners, or drill holes for existing holes in the motor itself, and then fasten with bolts.
  • Then you need to install a handle to control the design.
  • A protective casing for control is mounted under the platform.
  • A metal knife is installed (homemade or ready). It is attached to the shaft of the electric motor.
  • To protect the motor from the grass, it is necessary to mount a tin can on its val.

All mechanical parts are collected. Then you need to proceed to the electrical design of the design.

The grass collection container must be installed at the very end. It is made in the form of a box or bag.

Coating knives with a casing is mandatory, as this will increase safety during operation. Such protection should be done for the motor in order to avoid rubbish and its durability, as well as resistance.

Types of homemade mowers for a walk.behind tractor

All such devices can be divided into types:

The front location is convenient in that it does not pose a danger to the operator and provides it with the most convenient control over the mowing process, while you can walk around the walk.behind tractor or go on a trailer trolley.

The rear location is convenient in that it does not turn the uniform tractor into an extremely dangerous mechanism, because the cutting tool located in front when loss of control over it can cause extremely severe injuries.

There are 2 types of cutting mechanisms:

The rotary mechanism is a steel circle to which freely rotating knives are attached. Когда круг вращается, ножи под действием центробежной силы раскрываются и срезают траву, а при встрече с камнем складываются, не получая урона.

The segment mechanism is similar to scissors or hair cutting machine. On the moving and fixed parts, triangular cutting segments are fixed, when the mobile part moves, the segments are shifted in such a way that they pass by each other and cut everything that comes between them between them.

To connect the motor block engine to a mower, the belt drive of the variable tension is most often used. Когда выжимной ролик натягивает его, то сцепление ремня со шкивами мотоблока и косилки становится максимальным и он эффективно передает энергию вращения. Когда выжимной ролик не натягивает ремень, то шкив двигателя мотоблока проскальзывает и передача энергии вращения блокируется.

Where for some reason the use of belt transmission is impossible, the following types of connection are used:

A cardan connection is a shaft with two or more cardan hinges, without a severe loss of transmission coefficient changing the direction of rotation within a small limits. Electric connection is one or more powerful direct current generators that feed the corresponding engine through the control system.

This type of connection is most often used on slopes, because neither a cardan nor less belt connection here is suitable due to a large angle of rotation of the cart relative to the walk-behind.


To make an effective and reliable hinged or trailer, follow this algorithm:

  • Determine what actions you can do yourself, and why you will have to attract specialists and whether there are such specialists nearby;
  • Determine which materials and components are available to you (part can be found at the nearest landfill or reception point of ferrous/non-ferrous metal, and something will have to be bought in stores or at various enterprises);
  • Determine the main parameters of the mowing;
  • Pick the type of mower that will be better in your conditions;
  • Determine the optimal methods of hinging and connecting home.made equipment to the walk.behind tractor;
  • Make a drawing;
  • make or buy all components;
  • Collect the device and burn it on the uniform tractor;
  • Check all mowing mechanisms and conduct test mowing.

Independent actions and help of specialists

Regardless of what type of mower you choose, you will have to do the following work:

If you can independently perform only part of these works, then think about what is better-to learn and practice something simple, then to do everything yourself, or to entrust their implementation to the one who can pay its services?

Where to find materials and components?

One of the best sources of any materials are the points of receiving non.ferrous or black metal scrap, because there you can find both sheet metal and various products.

For example, the rear bridge from the old “Lada”, from which you can remove the semi.shafts and bearings suitable for the manufacture of a rotary mower.

Storage warehouses are also suitable for old or utilized equipment, those who work there can be obtained for relatively little money to get a suitable part or unit.

How to determine the parameters and type of mowing?

Any equipment is made to solve certain problems, so first determine why you need a braid and what opportunities it should have.

If you have to cleanse large even areas from dense multi.grass and weeds, a segmented cutting mechanism is preferable.

However, to work in uneven areas, as well as where wooden growth is often found, the rotary mechanism is better suited.

The second important parameter is the installation site of the attachment equipment. The braid located in front is convenient in that the operator has a good overview, however, its use requires constant high concentration, which is not suitable if you just need to clean the empty field from the grass.

The attaching equipment located behind the walk.behind equipment is extremely uncomfortable and dangerous, if you have to walk behind it, but if a cart is installed behind it, on which the operator will sit, then this location gives good control over the mitch and is much less dangerous than the installation in front.

If you place the cutting mechanism under the body, then the safety of such a mower will be maximum, but it can be used only where high accuracy of mowing is not required, that is, in large open spaces.

The third important parameter is the width of the mowing (capture). The larger it is, the wider the strip that the device will boil in one pass, however, the less efficiency will be when cutting thick grass and young wooden growth. Therefore, under some conditions, the device with a maximum capture width will be more effective, and in others, on the contrary, the smaller the width of the strip, the better.

make, self, propelled, mower, regular

The fourth important parameter is the method of energy transfer. With the front and rear installation, it is easiest to do this using a belt transmission, because the position of the mowing mower relative to the walk.behind tractor does not change.

Somewhat more difficult with a floating mowing, so you have to install 2 drives located one by one, as well as use a gearbox that changes the rotation angle of 90 degrees. If the cutting mechanism is located under a body, then you will have to invent such a drive that will be effective for any angle of rotation of the wheelchass wheels relative to the wheels of the cart.

In the same way, determine the type of cutting mechanism, which is better corresponding to the tasks that are facing the mowing. If this is a mowing of thick grass on an even area, then it is better to use the segment type, and on uneven areas it will be more effective by the rotary apparatus.

Methods of fastening

There are 2 main types of fastening:

Hard is easier in manufacturing and connecting, because the location of the cutting mechanism relative to the walk.behind engineer or cart is always the same.

However, the cutting tool cannot effectively bend the irregularities on the site, which means that the grass will be poorly molested or the mower is damaged.

The floating fastening is devoid of this drawback, because the carriers or wheels provide a constant identical distance to the ground, but because of this, the angle between the cutting tool and the walk-behind tractor changes.

This design, although it increases the efficiency of mowing, sharply complicates the transmission of rotation energy from the engine to the cutting mechanism.

If you do not have enough knowledge or technical capabilities to realize the floating mounting of a mower, then use hard. Unevenness, where good mowing will not work, are rare, but you will spend less time and resources, because you will not have to attract an additional specialist, and therefore pay for his services.

How to make a drawing?

To correctly draw up a drawing, carefully study the maximum information on such homemade and purchased devices on thematic forums and view the videos that we offer at the end of the article. This will help you find the most successful technical solutions.

Having developed the general concept of the device, make its drawing on a convenient scale, carefully transfer all the sizes of parts and mechanisms to paper or to a computer, this will help you detect and successfully solve most of the problems that usually occur during the assembly.

Friendship from the chainsaw

The first way is that we will use the old and long.unnecessary chainsaw under the world.famous name “Friendship”, about the technical characteristics of the chainsaw Friendship you will learn here. But if you do not have the presence of this model, then you can quite safely take the Ural chainsaw, for example, or another other model, there is no significant difference in this. Why exactly domestic chainsaws, and not say imported models?

Everything is very simple, because it is these chainsaws that have a high level of power, which we need so much to create a lawn mower, which in the future can quite safely cope with weeds and lawns have a significant number of stones.

make, self, propelled, mower, regular

So, before starting to understand the aspects of the “creation” of the lawn mower, it is worth clarifying the actual ones from what main details and the so.called nodes it will consist of, so:

  • The main and effective mechanism will serve as an engine;
  • The frame will be a kind of support for the installation of all the necessary nodes of the device;
  • a protective casing;
  • knives;
  • wheels;
  • Details and pens converting into the spectrum of the control system.

So, let’s get down. In this lawn mower, we will take the engine itself from the old chainsaw, precisely assembly. However, if the device is not working, then in this case it will not suit us. You must remember that it is by no means unnecessary to change in its mechanism.Just got out of the chainsaw and installed in a movable cart.

Now let’s figure out how to make this such a cart so necessary for us? To do this, take 25×25 corners, which will have dimensional indicators equal to 500 mm and 600 mm. To cook them among themselves in the form of a frame.

After that, it is necessary to install the wheels in the area of ​​the corners, which are actually designed for your lawn mower, you determine their direct size by personally. With the help of this kind of manipulation, you will get a kind of chassis.

After that, you must unscrew from the old chainsaw “helm” and tire. As for the handle of our trolley, you can make it from the pipes of the water supply precisely with the direct possibility of altitude adjustment. Naturally, this adjustment is not such an important necessity, but it is worth noting that it will be much more convenient to work with the device, especially if it will operate different people with different growth factor.

Technical characteristics of the MAZ of 20 tons are indicated about the functionality and reliability of the machine.

The production of production has been proved for several years to prove their competitiveness in the world market. Make sure of this by going through this link yourself.

Here // MachinSpec.COM/Kommunalnaya/Evakuator/Chto-PredPrinyat-Zabral.html, we will tell you where the cars are being taken on the tow truck.

You need to fasten the so.called “helm” to the made handle, then conduct lengthening the gas cable, as well as the fuel hose. It is important that the gearbox, together with the engine itself, should be turned into ninety degrees. This is done so that the shaft itself is located in the lower part, and for this it must be scrolled onto the frame.

This can be done through the use of a special hole that is located on the gearbox, but in the chainsaw it is used for tire fixing, and also use two mounting studs of the flywheel casing, which is located in the lower part. In fact, we have completed the basis for our device, there are very few left, namely, to install the tool of the cutting direction.

In order to make it, you need a chainsaw “star” on which you actually need to install a small piece of pipe with a size in a coaxial position: length. 80 mm, diameter. 50 mm. After that, it is necessary to process this segment on a lathe in a turning machine.

But you need another segment, but in this case its length should be 80 mm, while the diameter should be 58 mm. It needs to be put on the first piece.

By performing these manipulations, you will receive a kind of telescopic shaft from pipes that need to be connected with special Bolts M6 that actually have countrogikes. They should also be in the diameter direction parallel to each other. As for the holes, they need several, since in this way you can easily adjust the high.altitude cut of the grass itself.

Through work, the labor of which will be carried out relative to each other, thereby they will, let’s say, can compensate for the imbalance in a certain coefficient.

And now the last thing you have to do is to make a knife base. To do this, you need to weld a special disk made of metal to another pipe, and which has a dimensional indicator of 180 mm in a diameter of 4 mm sheet steel.

From corner grinders

Perhaps today an electric municipal mower with your own hands from a corner grinder and has a large number of various ways, is not known, but at least one method is reliable and practical, as it is used by a significant number of modern “craftsmen”. Actually we will talk about him now, so.

In order to make such a lawn mower, you need to install directly the corner grinding itself to such a simple agricultural instrument as a chopper no less by using tape of simple. As for the disk, it can be taken from the so-called digital saw, since its size is most suitable for us.

After that, it is necessary to fix the cord trap to the very handle of the trap, this is done so that it simply does not interfere and does not fall under our lawn mower.

Example of the lawn mower with your own hands in the photo.

In fact, our device is ready, the only thing that should be increased by the diameter of the saw disk itself, this feature is needed if you have large areas of the site that needs to be processed, and if not, then the described above is perfectly suitable. OK it’s all over Now. As you can see, a method with a corner grinder is largely simpler than the previous. You can find out about a more convenient unit, namely about a home.made rotary mower for a mini.vector from this article.

Types of devices for various situations

Senage and Silos

For such work, a segmented mower is best suited, because it not only has the greatest performance, but takes away less engine power than any other type of cutting tool.

If you make such a tool are too difficult, make a rotary or saber mower, they are approximately the same in performance and power consumed.

Use a hinged device with a chain cutting tool only in the most extreme case, because in addition to very low performance, it negatively affects the grass, slowing its growth, which will reduce the number of mowing per season.

Cleaning the site from thickets of weeds

The areas overgrown with weeds are often cluttered with branches or stones, and the earth on the surface is covered with potholes and elevations, which complicates the use of any cutting devices, except for chain.

Since there is no task to reduce the traumatic effect on the grass, the main lack of devices of this type is automatically eliminated. And low performance is compensated by the minimum maintenance of such a mower, because the chain does not require editing or sharpening.

Haircuts of lawns

If you need to cut the lawn or any other green area with a flat surface of the soil with the help of a tractor, then a saber and segment cutting tools will cope with this.

However, the saber mowing is much easier in manufacturing and maintenance, in addition, it not only cuts, but also raises crushed grass.

The only conditions on which the effectiveness of the haircut of the saber mowing depends are:

  • A sharply.drawn knife with a wing of aerodynamic shape (you can read more about such knives here);
  • a cover that closes the knife, which increases the effectiveness of creating an air flow;
  • High speed of rotation (2700 and above revolutions per minute).

Therefore, you will have to install a raising gearbox, because the speed of rotation of VOM tractor 540 or 1000 revolutions per minute. But even with such a gearbox, the design of a saber mowing is much easier than its segment analogue.

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Cleaning the territory of the tops of potatoes or other crops

If you need a mower only for such use, then choose a chain cutting tool, because it requires a minimum of costs.

However, the maximum efficiency of this device is possible only when its rotor rotates at a speed of 2500 revolutions per minute, and on the top and sides of the chain are closed by the casing.

Когда оба условия соблюдены, раскрученные цепи не только срезают, но и измельчают ботву, превращая ее в хорошую мульчу.

If, in addition to cleaning the territory from the tops, she will have to do other work, then the best choice will be a rotary mower because it combines in itself:

Mowers for different tractors

When developing a mower for a specific tractor model, consider:

  • The power of the engine. the vehicle will have to not only twist the shaft of the cutting tool, but also move the tractor along not too flat land;
  • Type effort. the higher this parameter, the more heavily the tractor can drag the tractor behind him;
  • The speed of rotation of VOM. most tractors of 3 mode of operation of the REDUTOR VOM, which differ in the speed of rotation of the shaft, which must be taken into account in order to ensure the optimal rotation of the shaft of the cutting tool;
  • the place of installation of the mowing. it can be put in front, back or side, and each of the installation options requires a special design of the frame and drive.

Next, we will talk about the features of braids of various types for the most popular tractors models.

This self.propelled chassis was born in the sixties of the twentieth century, but in the nineties its production stopped. Nevertheless, this chassis is still popular due to its versatility and maintainability. Engines with a capacity of 16 liters were installed on this technique. With. (T-16) and 25 l. With. (T-16MG), and the number and location of the VOM depends on the modification.

Here are the main technical characteristics of the tractor:

Due to small weight and power, you can use only relatively small mowers of any type, for example, segmented or multi-generated with a capture width of 1.5–2.2 m, which must be taken into account when making the device with your own hands.

Chain or saber with a capture width 40-60 cm are also suitable, if a wider mowing strip is needed, it is better to install a couple of such mowers with a capture width of 25–45 cm.

Remember, the thicker and tougher the grass, the less the capture width should be, otherwise the tractor engine will operate in overload mode and quickly fail.

This tractor also comes from the sixties of the last century, but, unlike the self.propelled platform, is precisely the tractor. It is equipped with engines with a capacity of 20–40 liters. With., as well as rear.wheel drive, although modern modifications are leading wheels.

Despite the fact that the initial model, which was developed at the Kharkov Tractor Plant in 1966, has already been discontinued, the total number of cars produced exceeds 800 thousand.

Here are the characteristics of the T-25:

Due to the fact that the T-25 is harder and more powerful than the T-16, it can be installed on it larger equipment, for example, a two-scale segment mower with a total capture width of 4 m.

However, installing rotary hinged devices with more than four disks is undesirable, especially on high.power motors with low.power motors.

On T-25 with a 40 l engine. With. Even six.rope mowers are suitable, however, you can use such a combination only for low young grass, but if you need to mow coarse green, it is better to use two.rope devices.

The T-40 tractor also comes from the middle of the last century, however, they developed and produced it at the Lipetsk Tractor Plant. This model is one of the most popular, because for the entire time the original T-40 (1961–1995) was produced more than a million cars.

The T-40 is noticeably harder and more powerful than previous models, therefore, it belongs to the traction class 0.9, which allows you to add even very heavy three.bide braids weighing two tons.

Here are its main characteristics:

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Due to the increased power of the power unit, it can use mowers designed both for small tractors (some of the manufacturers attribute cars similar to T-16 and T-25 to the class of mini-tractors), and medium tractors, such as MTZ 80/82.

Therefore, as a sample and technical specifications for the manufacture of a home-made mower, you can use any hinged or trailer device of this type, designed for MTZ-80/82 or mini-tractors of a mini-minute.


This legendary tractor has become a symbol of the era of the seventies, and today its modern modifications can be found in any farm or public household.

The reason for his popularity is that he was the first full.size universal tractor suitable for working in the field or on city streets.

It is equipped with an 80 liter engine. With., And its traction class 1.4 allows you to transport trailed devices weighing several tons.

Thanks to a more powerful engine, several braids can be installed on this tractor, for example, the front hinged and rear trailer, which sharply increases its performance, and a fairly large weight allows you to hang equipment weighing in a ton.

Here are the characteristics of MTZ-80/82:

  • mass 3.6 t;
  • engine power 80 liters. With.;
  • traction class 1.4;
  • rear drive (MTZ-80) or full (MTZ-82);
  • The hydraulic system is separately agent;
  • Installation of attaching equipment is possible in front, back, side.

This tractor can work with mowers of any reasonable size, so the maximum capture width is limited only by the ability and maneuverability of such a technique.

Therefore, choose the type and configuration of hinged/trailer equipment, which: