How to Make a Smooth Start on a Face Saw

To have the whole range of electric tools at home is too expensive. For example, circular at home is rarely required. Sawing boards can be done with a modernized angle grinder.

Hand saw

A hand-held circular saw from an angle grinder is obtained by replacing a standard cutting disc with a wood disc.

How to Make a Smooth Start on a Face Saw

True, this option is suitable for short cuts of sheet materials or cutting thin rails. With a large length of cut or on thick bars there risk of skew disc, jamming it. It will be much easier to hold the saw if the handle is not placed perpendicular to the axis of the tool, but is made to be a continuation of the case.

It is not recommended to remove the protective cover, as it will protect against the presence of sawdust in the face.

Craftsmen also make a hand-held chain saw from an angle grinder. True, such a tool is dangerous for the user: the absence of a chain stopper can lead to unpredictable consequences. In addition, the chain is not lubricated, which leads to its rapid wear.

Miter saw

Trimming, that is, a transverse cut of boards or bars at a right angle, is obtained better if you use a special device.

You can also make such a machine yourself from an angle grinder.

  1. To do this, an angle grinder with a wood disc is mounted on turntable perpendicular to the direction of the length of the board so that the plane of the disk was directed strictly vertically. One mounting point should be located in the area of ​​the gearbox, and the second. at the opposite end of the machine.
  2. The gear housing has threaded holes for mounting full-time handles. Using the corners and these holes, the angle grinder must be attached to the moving part of the machine.
  3. The back of the case is attached to the board with a clamp. Protective cover the disk can be used from any power tool of a suitable size.
  4. Closer to the vertical support you need to fix thrust corner. It should be located strictly perpendicular to the plane of the disk, both in the vertical and horizontal directions.

The spring at the rear end of the bar serves to return the miter saw to its original position after the end of the cut. The horizontal table should have a transverse groove into which the disk enters when cutting the board. Disc diameter choose, focusing on the width of the boards. So trimming can be done in one go. The main thing is that the inner hole of the disk must coincide with the mount on the axis of the gearbox.

When working on such a machine, it should be borne in mind that the drive power is not designed for heavy loads. Therefore, the rotating disk to the surface of the sawed part must be brought smoothly, the cut is done without strong pressure.

Video: How to Make a Smooth Start on a Face Saw

Table saw

Sometimes there is a need to change the width of the board or the thickness of the bar. The best option for such work is a circular saw, especially if there are a lot of boards. For cutting boards of small length (1-2 m), the desktop version of the circular is very useful. It is not necessary to buy such a machine, you can do it yourself from the same angle grinder.

The design of the circular saw is much more complicated than the trimming machine. The contact time of the saw blade with wood is quite long, therefore, the reliability of attaching the case to the angle grinder to the bed should be higher.

Here so one of options of a desktop circular may look.

The photo shows that the desktop consists of two planes:

  • the top table is designed to promote the workpiece;
  • the bottom serves as an abutment for the grinder.

The disk passes through a groove in the upper surface. If the contact angle of the two planes is provided with pivoting loops, it will be possible to adjust the working height of the saw blade to reduce the area of ​​friction surfaces.

On the upper surface of the table, the head of the bolt is clearly visible, with which the angle grinder is fixed. Protruding bolt limits the width of the processed board. You can cope with this problem by laying another layer of plywood.

Turning the angle grinder on and off with the button on the case is rather inconvenient. If the key can be locked in the working position, then on the outside of the machine it is worth installing a socket with a switch.

The stop corner should be as long as possible in order to avoid deviation of the board from the direction of cut. It is better to mount the corner so that you can change the working distance between it and the disk: then the width of the cut part will also change.

Stationary circular

It is possible to use an angle grinder as a working mechanism in stationary conditions. The bed in this case will have a slightly different design. The stationary option implies the availability of free space and a large amount of work. Therefore, the entire structure can be made more thoroughly, more massive, and, therefore, more reliable.

Frame frame can be made from a corner by a welded joint. Bolted and other types of detachable mounts from constant vibration lose their grip, the design begins to stagger.

On top of the metal frame is a desktop made of a wide board or thick plywood. The workpiece will move along it. Thrust corner equipped with a movable mount to adjust the width of the cut.

It would be nice to provide for the adjustment of the height of the table or the removal of the disk above its surface. then it will be possible to cut out the longitudinal grooves in the board.

On the side of the machine are located governing bodies: socket and on-off buttons. In the stationary version, the key on the body of the angle grinder makes sense to exclude from the diagram. If there is sufficient space, a high-power grinder can be used as a drive.

How to make a power-saw bench from an angle grinder is shown in this video:

The nuances of using homemade circular

It should not be overlooked that the angle grinder in its main purpose. angle grinder. Therefore, using it as a home-made circular saw, you need to pay attention to the nuances.

  1. The duration of continuous cutting should not exceed 15-20 minutes in order to avoid overheating of the engine.
  2. Native protection on the blade is not suitable for a circular saw. The protective cover can be used from this circular or made independently.

It should be remembered that the rotation speed of the grinder can be more than 10,000 rpm. this is several times higher than the speed of woodworking machines. At this speed, the wood begins to smoke. In addition to an unpleasant smell, fire is possible.