How to make a trailer for a power tiller

A trailer for a power tiller or a power tiller: assembling a trailer truck with your own hands

In the household, every opportunity to save money is good. And in order that this savings would be useful, it is necessary that it would pay for itself over time. Thus, all appliances made with their own hands, will eventually bear fruit. Including a homemade cart for a power tiller.

Instead of buying a fairly expensive machine in the store, you can simply collect all the necessary materials, which in the farm can be quite enough to make a good and reliable trailer that will last a long time.

The usefulness of such a product is hard to overestimate, but if it is designed by the owner, it will be one of the best associates.

The design of a cart for a power tiller

The simplest variant of the trailer, a cart for a power tiller is a monolithic block that is placed on the lattice frame. For the manufacture you need a crossbeam, longitudinal bars made of pipes. Attached to the tubes, located along the structure, 4 struts.

And already to them (to their upper block) is welded strapping made of angle. If you want to supplement the trailer with hinged sides, the frame must be made separately from the supporting frame. Platform grid is better to be covered with duralumin sheet and fastened with bolts.

Thin sheets of metal are used for the construction of the curbs, fixing them with welding.

Depending on what will be the size of the cart for the power tiller, you can make several versions of the beam, to which the axle with the wheels is attached. For a large trailer is suitable only prefabricated, which consists of two channels set into each other and fastened by welding.

For a small cart of a small size, you can do with a square profile. Such a device makes it possible to carry out the simplest transportation of goods and passengers. Equipped with springs, the cart for the power tiller photos illustrate their prevalence and popularity.

Due to the fact that they are very easy to make and repair, and folding sides make loading and unloading easy, these carts are widely used in all farms, where almost any single-axle tractor is available, whether it be the Luch, Tarpan, Mole, Zubr, Niva, Salut, Lifan 6.5, Husqvarna, Carver or any other.

For details about the cart for power tillers see

ready-made variants

If we start to compare factory carts for power tillers, their will seem exorbitant, considering that such a product will be used on a limited area and on a simple route.

Although their quality still attracts the attention of many owners of power tillers, who for one reason or another do not make them at home. Although there’s a lot to see. galvanized sides and bottoms, brakes for every taste, and padded seats with footrests. just about every kind of comfort.

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You can even get a guarantee on the product. But, because all of them are made according to certain standards, their size, load capacity and overall design convenience often don’t meet the demands that are set by the buyers. That’s why it’s a serious question of choice. to buy or to make it by yourself?

  • TPM-350-1 cart for power tillers, equipped with belt brakes, with non-galvanized tipper body type, has the dimensions of 1,2 m by 1 m. The load capacity of this product is 500 kilograms.
  • The cart is suitable for many models of power tillers, both foreign, made in China, and for domestic, which use components supplied from China. Its total length is 2.6 meters and width is 1.3 meters.
  • Cart TP-350-1 galvanized collapsible for mini-tractor, the body of which is fully assembled of galvanized steel sheets, also equipped with reflective elements. With its own weight of 90 kilograms, its lifting capacity is about 500 kilograms.
  • The dimensions of the body are 1.1 meter by 1 meter exactly. This cart has disc brakes, it is completely demountable. True, as standard, it is only suitable for hitching to a mini-tractor.
  • In order to use this cart together with a power tiller it is necessary to supplement it with necessary fasteners. Medium

    Trailer is a cart which, in spite of its name, can be used not only with this manufacturer’s blocks, but also with their analogues. And there are plenty of them, because as well as motor blocks, it is made in China.

The production of this country is known for the fact that different models and even companies use the same parts, so you can make repairs by replacing parts in similar models.

make, trailer, power, tiller

The same applies to attachments, or rather mountings for it.

How to hitch?

An important question for owners of power tillers with trailers is how to hitch. Many people, rather quickly figuring out how to hitch a cart to a power tiller, did not take into account the fact that the constant movement of the holes, with which the connection is made, are broken.

As a result, a backlash appears, which has an even more detrimental effect on the parts. and as a result they need to be replaced.

But although it is not very difficult to replace the mount on the trailer, it is enough to simply weld on an extra layer of metal with the help of electric welding, or simply replace a part of the drawbar, it is much harder to do with the fixing of the power tiller.

The factory-made attachment bracket is also used for hitching the power tiller to the trailer. It is firmly fixed in the structure if it breaks, then there is no simple repair. it needs to be completely replaced.

Advantages of homemade and purchased trailers

There are two ways to get a trailer for a power tiller: to buy one at a specialized store or to make a trailer for a power tiller with your own hands. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages.

A factory trailer for a power tiller

Purchased models are made according to ready and tested schemes, no time and effort are required to assemble them. Assembly of such trailers is engaged in professional mechanics, who can make strong connections and choose quality materials. But there are some negative aspects. First, it is not always possible to get on a bona fide seller, who will release a quality product, and secondly, a good thing is quite expensive.

The self-made version will have to spend quite a lot of time and effort. But, it has a number of advantages:

  • if you have the necessary materials, such a trailer does not require a large monetary investment;
  • for homemade equipment, you can set the dimensions and parameters that best suit the user;
  • The owner of the motoblock himself selects parts for the trailer, which means that you can be sure of the quality of components, connections and the unit as a whole.
  • The trailer is precisely made for the specific vehicle model, which makes working with it as simple and effective as possible.

Where to begin?

The first step in creating a trailer for a motor-block with their own hands will be the development of the drawing. It will help to choose the right quality materials, determine their dimensions, make a clear plan of action, think through the curiosities in advance.

The drawing of the trailer to the motor-block

The process should be taken as seriously as possible. In the drawing, the trailer is drawn from different sides, the dimensions of the parts are signed next to each of them. It is desirable that in creating the drawing the proportions should be clearly observed. Separate more complicated units need to be drawn individually in close-up and also from different sides.

When working on the drawing it is important to think about such moments:

  • Provide in advance what parts and assemblies are to be interconnected and what type of connection will be used. Prepare in advance the required number of rivets, bolts or welding machine;
  • the decision is made to make a tipping trailer (with automatic tipping) or a regular trailer with manual unloading;
  • which scheme to use in the rotary knots. This could be a bearing, an axle, a bushing. These, too, need to be prepared in advance.

Once the drawing is drawn in detail, you need to study it once again and think through the key points. After that you can already make purchases of materials. To save money, it’s best to look through your stock of metal and wood first. Perhaps something can be used in the work.

Dump trailer for power tiller

In order to make your trailer a tipper trailer, when constructing the frame, weld common door hinges-“drops” to beams 1 and 2 (shown in the photo below). To prevent the body from tipping over during driving and loading, it can be secured by welding a latch (such as a door latch) to the edge of the frame. Such a trailer is ideal for such models of motor blocks as Neva MB-1, Neva MB-2, MTZ, Oka and other models of well-known manufacturers.

Brakes for the trailer to the tiller are needed for safety reasons. After all, it won’t always be easy to stop a loaded trailer, especially if there’s a slope in the way.

To equip the trailer with brakes yourself, you must first acquire tools and find such parts from an old motorcycle:

Brakes must be made on each wheel, so the trailer will not skid when braking.

Remove the cables from the brake drums and grind them before beginning installation. Slide the drums, which have been honed, onto the wheel hubs and fasten them in place at the rear. Cover the space between the ribs of the discs with spokes. Fit the drum on the axle and secure it with the bushings. To prevent the part from shifting, weld a piece of angle to the axle.

After installing the drums, pull the cables to the steering point. The control place is made similar to the parking brake system of the car (handbrake) from improvised means.

We suggest that you also familiarize yourself with the video, which shows the device of self-made brake for the trailer to the tiller:

How to make a dump truck?

A dump trailer for a diesel power tiller will become an indispensable aid in any economy. It is very convenient to transport cargo, which can be easily unloaded in seconds. It’s quite easy to make such a construction with your own hands.

And the self-made trailer can be even better, as it will be made according to all necessary requirements.

It is best to begin the construction of the trailer with the body, or rather with its frame. The side boards can be welded from profile pipes. Similar pipes are used to make the entire frame. You can check the squareness of the joints with the help of an ordinary angle piece.

It is worth noting that when welding, you must first slightly “tack”. When you can see that everything is assembled correctly, you can weld more firmly. Very well, if the welds will be grinded with the use of “angle grinder”.

It would be better to make the tailgate detachable to make unloading easier. To fix it, you can use the usual door hinges, and to close it, you can use the blind bolts

To make the trailer safe at night, you can glue reflective stickers on the rear board.

On the front board, as well as on the sides, it is necessary to weld small pieces of pipe, which will become posts for wooden or metal boards. The final step is cladding the frame with the chosen material (wood or metal).

Next, you can begin to make the beam. It can be made of profiled or prefabricated tubes.

After that you can make a drawbar from profile pipes. They should be firmly welded to the beam. As a result you will have a construction in the form of a triangle. Reinforce the structure in the corners should be made with metal braces, which will be at least 4 mm thick. At the front, a metal plate that is more than 8 mm thick should be welded under the hitch.

make, trailer, power, tiller

To make the trailer a tipper trailer, you need to weld drop door hinges to the beam and bottom braces, which are commercially available.

A normal door latch can be used to secure the body. It is attached by welding to the spacer, which is located between the pipes that make up the drawbar. You can also buy a one-piece self-tipping assembly.

The latch should be inserted into a piece of pipe and welded on. This ensures a strong connection. The door can be opened with a lever that can be attached to the seat. You can connect it to the latch using ordinary wire.

It remains to attach the wheels with the axle. Experience has shown that it is best to use a prefabricated axle structure. Depending on the carrying capacity and size, you can make a two- or four-wheeled trailer.

Stability is important for every trailer, to achieve this you can install a step in front of the front beam. It will allow the body to remain in a stable position even without the motoblock.

As promised, I made a trailer for power tiller from details of OKA car. I only got the rear beam from the car.

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Recommendations of experienced homebuilders on how to assemble a trailer to a power tiller by yourself:

How to make electric power Tiller Machine for Agriculture

  • When mounting the body, it is better to use galvanized steel sheet, 1 mm thick or thicker. If you choose wooden boards as construction material, take into account that wood is not very resistant to moisture. Another option is plastic. This material is cheap and moisture-resistant, but has low strength. It is preferable to make a double bottom for strength. It is desirable to use stiffeners in the design;
  • it is recommended to use the wheels from a motorcycle sidecar and install them in a set with the central part of the wheels. You can also adapt the wheels from a car (Zhiguli or Moskvich). It should be taken into account that the size of the wheel affects the passability of the vehicle, the larger, the higher;
  • It is not necessary to make the design of the running gear heavier, because it reduces the payload of the trailer;
  • When making a trailer for a cultivator with tipping function, it is preferable to buy an industrial-made trailer attachment assembly to a motor-block, since it is not easy to make it yourself, and a ready-made product is quite cheap and available. Especially buying a finished part will save you a lot of time;
  • To create the frame, it is better to use profile pipes of square or rectangular cross section. You can use a metal angle;
  • it is recommended that the parts of the cart be fastened to each other with a welding machine, since a bolted connection is considered to be short-lived. It is even better to combine both methods.

The service life of the homemade trailer depends on the quality of the materials used in the manufacture, as well as on the way of fastening the elements of the structure.


Recommendations of experienced homemakers on the self-assembly of the trailer to the motoblock:

  • When mounting the body, it is better to use galvanized steel plate with a thickness of 1 mm. If we consider wooden boards as a manufacturing material, we should take into account that wood is poorly resistant to moisture. Another option. plastic. This material is cheap and moisture-resistant, but has low durability. The bottom, for strength, it is preferable to do double. It is desirable to use stiffening ribs in the design;
  • it is recommended to use the wheels from a motorcycle sidecar and install them in a set with the central part of the wheels. It is also possible to adapt the wheels from a car (Zhiguli or Moskvich). Keep in mind that the size of the wheel affects the passability of the vehicle, the more, the higher;
  • You should not make the design of the running gear heavier, because it reduces the payload of the trailer;
  • When making a trailer for a cultivator with tipping function, it is preferable to buy an industrial-made attachment unit for the trailer to the tiller, because it is not easy to make it yourself, and a ready-made product is quite cheap and available. All the more so, buying a ready-made part will save you a lot of time;
  • it is better to use square or rectangular profile pipes to create the frame. It is possible to use a metal corner;
  • It is recommended that the parts of the cart be attached to each other with a welding machine, as the bolted connection is considered to be short-lived. Even better to combine both methods.

The service life of the homemade trailer depends on the quality of materials used in the manufacture, as well as on the method of securing the elements of the structure.

Trailer for power tiller with his hands

The trailer for the power tiller with his own hands increases the possibilities and efficiency in the work of the device. With this device reduces the amount of work performed manually.

The availability of a power tiller greatly simplifies the earthmoving operations. But if you expand the capabilities of this device, you can get an additional means of transportation of goods. Having available the necessary resources and tools, the master will implement such a device as a trailer for a power tiller with his hands. This device will come in handy in the farm or in the countryside.


Trailer on a single-axle tractor with their own hands makes it possible to carry a variety of cargo:

Transportation of these loads is needed not only in a private home, but also on summer cottages and country houses. Therefore, the trailer cart will be a reliable assistant in any household.

Photo of a power tiller with a trailer

Schemes, drawings

To answer the question of how to weld a trailer for a motor-block, you should take into account in the preparation of schemes certain subtleties:

  • Availability of fundamental and auxiliary nodes;
  • The method of fastening nodes;
  • Type of connection with the elements responsible for turning;
  • The presence or absence of parking supports;
  • Whether or not there is a tipper for mechanical unloading.
make, trailer, power, tiller

And also this list can be supplemented by other points.

Blueprints and schemes of self-made trailer for motoblock with their own hands:

Characteristics of a cart

Regarding the power of a motocultivator, it is necessary to make trailers of certain capabilities to move the necessary material.

There are three known varieties:

Motor cultivators with a capacity of 10 l.с. assume the use of a two-axle body. It has a scale: 1,2х2(3) m. This type of cart can handle 0.5-1.0 tons. If a single-axle tractor has 4.8-10 hp.с., approximate dimensions are 1,0х1,5 m, 1,1х1,4 m. This will be a middle size trailer. They are designed to carry 0.3-0.5 t of load.

Mothballs, which capacity is not more than 4.8 liters.с., fit a single axle trailer. Body part will be 1×0,85(1,15)m.

How to make a trailer for your power tiller?

The level of the sides of the standard body is 0.3-0.35 m. The devices used when transporting large material with a huge weight, it is better to equip them with frame sides. The height of such a construction will be 50-60 cm. For easy and convenient handling, the tailgate is designed with a tipping and lifting function.

A small device is characterized by the absence of a lifting hydraulic cylinder. Instead of it you should calculate a certain design parameters, namely the center of gravity of the trailer and the cargo. It must be placed on the pivoting axle. This axle is aligned with the wheels of the body. This arrangement facilitates manual tipping.

A wheelbarrow for a power tiller carrying a load of more than 0.35t must have a mechanical braking device. This is required in order to supplement the power block brakes with an auxiliary braking system when going down a steep slope.

The device

The structure is formed by the frame and the body. Homemade trailers for power tillers with their own hands involve making a frame out of metal.

If the initial material in obtaining the frame element will be taken wood, then there are several negative consequences when using this material:

  • due to the humidity of the wood will occur shrinkage, twisting elements, which will lead to frequent repairs;
  • service life is very short, since the wood is exposed to damp, insects, ultraviolet rays;
  • The bending strength of wood limits the capacity of the trailer.

It is easier to use profile tubes for mounting the frame. They are characterized by good rigidity and no tendency to shrink when exposed to gravity.

If screws are used for binding, it will be easier to trim. The material for cladding is chosen at will: iron, trapezoidal sheeting, boards.

The dimensions of the trailer for a motor-block with their own hands are chosen according to the dimensions of pipes. Standard bogie will require pipes of size 50(60)x30 (frame) and 25×25 (columns). A channel is good For cladding a cart is good for different materials. The bottom of the trailer must be thicker to prevent the occurrence of deforming reactions. the upper strapping of the struts ensures the strength of the structure.

As the axle for the wheels is used the base of a metal nature or used in any technique beam. The smallest axle diameter is 3 cm. It is necessary to mount angle and brace zones to strengthen the support. The wheels of the cart can be wheels from Zhiguli or a motorcycle. The use of SZD motorcycle sidecar wheels will contribute to obtaining a hub for the motorcycle block trailer.

The hub component is fastened by means of pressing. Its end is bored and placed on the axle section, so that there is no skewing.

The attachment of the trailer to the tiller is provided by the hitch. The “pipe-in-tube” method is considered a simple execution. The bent tube serves as a base. It is joined by a small section of pipe when welding. Then a connecting pin is installed. On the other side of the curved part is installed a section of pipe and a kingpin. The described coupling for the motoblock with their own hands contributes to the reliability of the coupling and mobility when turning.

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Heavy trailer design

The creation of such trailers implies the use of a trailer from a car. If the necessary parts and tools are prepared in advance, this assembly will take approximately 2 days.

  • Channel (65 mm);
  • front half-axles (it is recommended to use elements from “Zhiguli” or “Moskvich”);
  • profile (pipe 60×40);
  • steel pipes;
  • angles (60×60);
  • welding machine.

We take a channel axle as a basis. The dimensions of the cart for a power tiller are calculated from your needs. Weld on both sides of the channel the front automotive half-axle, and place a profile on top. Profile must be placed in the center of the construction.

Along the edge of the channel (at the junction of the ends with the half-axles) lay a pipe 2 meters long, so that the junction will divide all the pipes in half. Lay the pipes parallel to each other. The ends of the pipes should be perpendicularly fastened with the help of angles.

That way the central tube profile plays the role of a drawbar. From the front corners of the structure it is necessary to stretch the angles or a profile, thanks to which you will obtain additional strength. You can install the body and the driver’s seat on the finished frame. A trailer for a power tiller must be attached to the drawbar.

Assume that a dolly for a power tiller will cost you almost nothing. for materials and other elements can be substantial, so you will have to splurge. Before the crime to work, it is advisable to make an estimate, in which you need to include all the costs.

Statistically, a dolly for a power tiller can cost half as much as its factory counterparts. But it is necessary to understand that to achieve such a result. you need to do serious work.

At the stage of preparation for the work, you need to think carefully about the possible problems, as well as to prepare all the tools and materials. Making a homemade trailer can take time, so you need to allocate a few days in advance. On average, such work takes one week, but it is possible that you may need more free time.