How to make an angle grinder from a motor

How to make an angle grinder from a motor

Owners of suburban and homestead plots will be intrigued by the following video. Many of them use trimmers to keep the area in proper order. The possibility of failure of the electric motor installed on such a device is not excluded. The creator suggests using an angle grinder instead. Why make a bracket of waste material, which is installed in place of the burned motor. Not counting the bracket should make an adapter from the spindle angle grinder to the flexible shafts of the trimmer for grass. In installed design is attached angle grinder and trimmer for grass is ready to perform mowing overgrown grass.

The number of revolutions of such an upgraded design is about 10000 rpm. Grass mowing at such speeds is carried out quite perfectly. It may be that the use of a small range of power to reduce weight and dimensional features trimmer for the grass will lead to overheating of bolgar at work. You should watch the angle grinder’s gearbox temperature and take breaks as needed.

Plasma cutting attachment

The plasma torch is used to cut circular blanks. Frame construction, as shown in the following video, plays the role of a device for fixing and adjusting the cross-section of the resulting blanks. “Trick” in the application of the angle grinder gearbox is that its beveled pair changes the direction of rotation by 90°. The hand drive creates the rotation in the horizontal direction and the gearbox leads it in the vertical direction and ensures the correct functioning of the plasma torch.

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For a boat motor

Gear ratio of the angle grinder gearbox enables the propeller to give the required rpm for efficient work. Many household electrical motors are suitable for making a home-built boat motor. In the following video electric motor powered from the car battery through a long shaft in a tube and the gearbox connected to it transmits the rotation of the propeller.

Gearbox of angle grinder is not designed to work in the aqua. It is necessary to perform its completion in an unavoidable manner. V-1-h, make a seal at the output of the spindle from the reducer, in-2-h, plug the place where you need to remove the mechanism for securing the angle grinder from the twist when changing tools. Such measures do not guarantee 100% prevention of water ingress into the gearbox. But, more frequent changes of lubricant will make it possible to work gearbox angle grinder as a node of the boat motor for quite a long time.

Angle grinder out of a chainsaw with their own hands: tips and recommendations

The chainsaw can rightfully be called the most versatile tool, which can be turned into new equipment through certain modifications. With certain attachments and modifications you can make boat motors, snowmobiles, snowmobiles, winches, etc with your own hands.д. But the simplest chain saw product is an angle grinder. such tool has an extremely high power and gives the operator an opportunity to work with both artificial and natural materials.

The second option. Self-Assembly (2 videos)

If the task is to make a miniature tool with your own hands, then you should first select the electric drive. As the electric drive fit the motor from a variety of devices. printer, an old cassette recorder, or from an ordinary child’s electrified toy.

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Depending on the capacity of the electric motor you can build a mini angle grinder in two ways. The first direction is the use of a mains power supply. For example, from an old cell phone. The second direction involves a fully autonomous model from a motor that will be powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries.

The difference between the two directions is in the case design. In the first case, you need space only for the motor, and the second needs to install the battery compartment.

For the body is very convenient to use a piece of PVC pipe. If its diameter is slightly larger than that of the electric motor, you can wrap electrical tape around the motor. The motor can be fixed with a glue gun.

As plugs can be used caps, which are put on PVC pipe for transportation and storage. You have to make a hole in the front plug for the motor shaft and in the back plug for the power cable. On the body should be mounted power connector and a switch.

The ideal is to be able to mount some kind of collet clamp on the shaft. This allows the use of standard burs, drills and non-standard mini cutters and disks. If you cannot mount a collet clamp, you can connect the shaft and cutting tool with a double contact from an electrical block.

You can use a similar method to make a housing for a self-powered mini angle grinder. Only after installing the motor in it, you must also install the battery pack. Wires from the batteries will be connected through a switch mounted on the body.

In both cases, you can use both homemade tools and standard industrial tools. burs and drills. on mini bolsters.

Drive 523 1 “angle grinder” or handheld circular saw. a great tool that always comes in handy at home. But it’s hardly what you’d call a -sized device, and it’s awkward to carry around. However, there is a way out. make a mini angle grinder with your own hands.

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Hello all. Today will be the second review of a similar tool. The first time I wrote about 180-watt engraver from the same company, bought with my own money. This time I was given a more powerful model to review. Let’s go under the hat, there are more details.

Examples for inspiration

Above we have provided 3 of the most popular options for a homemade microdrill for drilling circuit boards. In the forums we found some more original ideas that may inspire you to make your own, unique homemade.

So, to your attention, photo ideas of parts to create a mini drill with their own hands at home:

  • Glue gun handle for easy use. Motor taken from an old Canon printer. Power is supplied by a standard battery charger.
  • The second life of a hair dryer. According to the inventor this handy device is based on the motor of an ordinary household hair-dryer which means it does not need a special power supply and has a high capacity. However, do not forget the danger of mains voltage, so you need a reliable housing and insulation of all connections. In a similar way, you can make a device out of an old blender, and leave the handle untouched.
  • Toothbrush for drilling boards. The next idea would be to use a toothbrush as a mini drill. Both batteries and motor already have a motor, one only has to saw off the upper part and install the collet nozzle.
  • Plastic bottle can also be successfully used as a body for a homemade drill, and the collet chuck is perfectly substituted by a special sleeve, the analogue of which is in the terminal block for wires.
  • Another version with a toggle switch for convenient operation. This way you don’t have to plug the power plug into the socket all the time to drill holes on printed circuit boards. In addition, a comfortable handle makes the drilling process more comfortable.
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That’s all I wanted to tell you about how to make a mini drill from a motor with your own hands. As you can see there is nothing complicated, and there are countless ideas for assembly. We hope that you found our photo examples and video instructions useful and interesting. You can also assemble the microwire by your own forces using an old disk drive from DVD, an electric screwdriver, an electric razor and even a motor from a washing machine!

The first option. Using a drill

The first option has a simpler solution. Let’s say you need to make a miniature grinding wheel, which will be installed in a drill or an electric screwdriver. For this we can take a broken disk. On it with a caliper draw a circle with the required dimensions. Then we cut the future miniature disk along the drawn circle. In its center we drill a hole, into which we insert a bolt with a diameter of 6 mm. From below put the washer and tighten the nut.

The bolt will be the axis of rotation of the disk. We insert it into the chuck of a drill or an electric screwdriver and clamp. This tool can be used to cut materials in hard-to-reach places or with small dimensions. It is possible to grind finished parts.

make, angle, grinder, motor

It is not difficult to make a miniature cutter for cutting small parts from plastic or wood. For this, we take an ordinary tin from a glass bottle cap. Make a hole in its center for installing the axle. The axis can be the same bolt with a diameter of 6 mm. The edges of the plug align and cut out the serrations. It is desirable to make a minimum of marking.

Such a cutter, loaded into a drill or an electric screwdriver, can easily cut small wooden slats, for example, for modeling. Plastics are also amenable to this uncomplicated tool.

Cord to Cordless Angle Grinder Restoration Conversion

First option. Using a drill

The first option has a simpler solution. Let’s assume that it is necessary to make a miniature grinding wheel, which will be installed into a drill or an electric screwdriver. For this we can use a broken disc. On it, using a caliper, we draw a circle with the necessary dimensions. Then cut out the future miniature disk on the circumference you have drawn. Drill a hole in its center, and insert the bolt with a diameter of 6 mm. Put a washer on the bottom and tighten with a nut.

The bolt will be the axis of rotation of the disk. We insert it into the chuck of a drill or an electric screwdriver and clamp. This tool can be used to cut materials in hard-to-reach places or those with small dimensions. You can grind finished parts.

It is not difficult to make a miniature cutter for cutting small parts from plastic or wood. For this purpose we take an ordinary tin plug from a glass bottle. In the center of it we make a hole to install the axle. The shaft can be the same bolt with a diameter of 6 mm. Level the edges of the cork and cut out the teeth. It is desirable to make a minimum of marking.

Such a cutter, loaded into a drill or an electric screwdriver, can easily cut small wooden slats, for example, for modeling. Plastics also lend themselves to this uncomplicated tool.

make, angle, grinder, motor

Main steps of the work

First we need a sprocket and a steel round bar (blank). Put a sprocket on a round bar and weld.

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Then bore the inner hole on a lathe. Cut off the excess length of the blank.

1 The master has shown how to make a powerful “angle grinder” from a chainsaw

After that we install a reinforced drive sprocket on the chainsaw. See photo below.

In the next step, from the metal strip (or sheet metal) weld the bar.

1 Hiking stove out of a metal canister

At the edge you need to weld a sleeve with bearings inside. The shaft from the gearbox of the angle grinder is inserted into the bearings.

Next we make a sprocket. This is put on the back of the shaft and then welded on.

1 The easy way to bend a shaped tube into a ring

We mount the selfmade guide bar on the chainsaw. Fix it with nuts. Then the chain is tensioned onto the sprockets.

The chain “angle grinder” out of a chainsaw is ready. On the whole, the design is simple enough.

It can be fitted with discs for large angle grinder (both metal and concrete). Fix the discs with a standard clamping nut.

It is imperative to make a metal strip to protect the blade. Weld it directly onto the rail.

Why you need the smallest angle grinder

Angle grinder angle grinder angle grinder standard type differs from the mini angle grinder in size, but otherwise the functionality is virtually the same. The small angle grinder is mainly used in areas where work is carried out on small parts. In contrast to the standard-sized grinder, when working with which you need to hold it with two hands, then with the mini angle grinder everything is much easier. The tool has a low weight, so the operator can hold it with one hand, and the other to hold the part.

Mini-tools are used mainly by jewelers, where the smallest precision in the manufacture of those or other small parts is important. This tool can be used when repairing watches, electronics, small parts. Mini angle grinders are designed for cutting metal, plastic and wood products. Demand for them occurs even in everyday life, when it is necessary to grind, sharpen or saw a fine detail.

Good to know! If there is a need to use the mini angle grinder, it is not necessary to buy it. To make it simple enough, besides for the manufacture requires a minimum set of components.

Pros and cons

The advantages of self-made products can include only cost savings, as almost all components for making mini angle grinder can be found in the garage. Unlike professional mini-gritters, which are equipped with all the necessary attachments in the kit, in a homemade angle grinder such accessories are excluded, so you will need to buy or make them yourself.

How to make DIY Angle Grinder using 775 motor

make, angle, grinder, motor

The minuses of the mini angle grinder include the fact that in most cases it uses a low-power motor, while the professional models have more powerful and reliable motors.

In conclusion, it should be noted that if there is a need to purchase a mini angle grinder, it is worth giving preference to models from well-known manufacturers. The main advantage of the mini-tool is its compactness, so you can perform work even in the most inaccessible places. If a person by virtue of duty often has to deal with the need to process small or miniature parts, then he must necessarily have a mini angle grinder. We advise to read the article about the home-made mini drill.