How to Mow a Lawn Without a Lawn Mower

Landscaping with a lawn is beautiful and stylish, but how to achieve that the territory is ideal on each side? Today, when greening the territories around houses, cottages, as well as other structures, grass is usually used for which proper care is required.

Lawn description

When we sow a lawn, to remove a mowed grass or not, what culture to give preference? These and many other questions may be of interest to those involved in landscaping the lawn with a garden. This element in landscape design is especially important, and its benefits can be written almost endlessly.

For example, if you plant a lawn in a certain sequence and then trim the lawn correctly, then the grass will be able to combine several parts of the garden ensemble, making it fresher, brighter, more spacious and clean. The grass that will grow on this green lawn is able to absorb dust particles and increase air humidity, saturating it with oxygen.

In addition, an even lawn is not the last among relaxation methods: psychologists believe that the green color is soothing, as it causes associations with nature, something alive and fresh.

How to Mow a Lawn Without a Lawn Mower

Important! The benefits of landscaping will be only if the lawn is trimmed in a timely manner to maintain aesthetics. For a rolled lawn, regular and proper care is required in compliance with a certain procedure and the use of agricultural techniques.

How often to mow the lawn, and why do you need such a procedure? Trimming the grass with a trimmer allows you to:

  • significantly extend the life of a decorative lawn;
  • to form a cover of the required design;
  • prevent the flowering of cereals and the formation of fruiting of a different type of grass on the lawn;
  • strengthen the root system of the lawn;
  • accelerate the growth of green mass of the lawn;
  • prevent the appearance of weeds.

How often do you need to trim grass with a trimmer? On average, grass cutting is carried out from the end of April and lasts until the end of autumn until winter comes. There is a certain rule for trimming the lawn, since the grass must be left so high that the roots can get the necessary useful substances from the shoots, and UV rays can break through to the surface of the turf.

The frequency of cutting with a trimmer is selected depending on the type and variety of lawn grass, the climatic conditions of the region in which it is sown. Mowing new shoots of grass on the lawn is based on how fast they grow, but, on average, the range of cover height should be between 4-6 cm. Experts recommend removing the overgrown layer of grass 1 time per week at the end of the season, and 3- 4 times a week. at the beginning.

Lawn seeder

Lawn mowing

  • You need to wait until the grass reaches 14 cm in height.
  • The lawn is trimmed with a trimmer up to 8 cm.
  • For a couple of years, grass is mowed up to 4-5 cm in height on the ground grass.
  • If the lawn is functional or landscape gardening, then you need to remove the cover with a trimmer to a height of 5 cm.
  • The lawn intended for a playground or playing sports has resistance to trampling and is cut by 5 cm, no more.

To plant a quality lawn cover, you need to prepare. It is better to sow grass with seeds, and pre-treated with special solutions to prevent the formation of diseases. To clean the grass with a trimmer correctly and safely, you must follow the recommendations:

  • From the territory of the lawn you need to remove objects that can create difficulties in the process of cutting with a trimmer, for example, garden furniture, decorative products, garden tools, toys, garbage in the form of branches and stones.
  • To increase the efficiency of the lawn mowing process, it is worthwhile to comb the territory with a rake and a broom with a hard pile.
  • The best time for mowing the grass with a trimmer is morning or evening, and choose warm days with little cloud cover.
  • It is strictly forbidden to remove grass on the lawn in the rain.
  • It’s strictly forbidden to even try to mow the grass with a mowed blade.
  • Trimming grass with parallel strips.
  • With each subsequent mowing of grass in a given section of the lawn, the direction in which the lawn mower moves changes.
  • If the lawn has a slope, cut the grass at an angle directed toward the slope.

Why is it undesirable to work on the lawn with a trimmer or lawn mower in the rain or when there is dew on the grass:

  • It will not be possible to achieve a perfect flat surface when mowing the lawn, since the blades of grass will stick together.
  • The mower will become too clogged with grass and cleaning will cause a lot of problems.
  • When wet grass mows, it does not cut, but comes off the tops, and this can lead to the formation of a brown hue, which will significantly spoil the appearance of the lawn.
  • Safety precautions. it is strictly forbidden to work with a power tool (for example, mowing a lawn with a trimmer) during rain, as there is a high probability of electric shock.

Note! After not too heavy rain, mowing the grass with a trimmer is quite possible, but only if it is slightly wet. In this case, the water will act as a lubricant when cutting grass.

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How many times a week or a month do I need to take on a trimmer to remove the overgrown grass? Pruning is a significant stress for any plant, including the lawn. The cover will recover quickly enough, but after mowing the grass there will be an increased loss of moisture, immunity will decrease, which can cause diseases. This can be eliminated if, for 1 approach, the grass is mowed 1/3 of the length, after which feeding and watering of the lawn are carried out. With irregular watering and grass mowing, the area will begin to become covered with weeds.

Mowing the lawn with a lawn mower

How tall can the lawn mower be? How to mow the lawn correctly with this equipment? These and other questions may be of interest to someone who prefers to care for the green carpet using modern technology. There are a number of rules that cannot be ignored:

  • The device moves evenly forward.
  • You can move the unit back provided that the motor is turned off.
  • Work on the slopes is performed with a slope downhill.
  • Lawn mowing is done only on dry grass, as power units are not designed to work in high humidity, with rain.
  • The power cord must be positioned so that it does not fall under the mower and does not interfere underfoot.
  • The deck is cleared of grass only when the engine is completely stopped.
  • The grass catcher is cleaned of grass after turning off the device, and not only from the button, but also from the outlet.
  • Moving along tracks is excluded when the engine is off.
  • The tool is strictly forbidden to be left unattended, especially near children.

The height of the mowed grass is an indicator that you should pay attention to when purchasing a lawn mower, as there are models with a constant arrangement of knives, and there are regulators for changing the height. On average, lawn mowers can mow grass to a level of 5-6 cm, and the mowing will be carried out once every 10 days, but it will all depend on precipitation, variety and climatic conditions.

Mowing the lawn with a lawn mower

How to mow a lawn without a lawn mower? In this case, it is worth giving preference to lawn scissors or the simplest non-electric device. They trim the edge of the cover, and if the area of ​​the lawn is not too large, then you can trim the entire canvas as a whole. You can use a trimmer, which is compact in size, easy to use and allows you to work even in the most inaccessible places of the lawn. Trimmers are gasoline and electric.

Features of working on a lawn with a trimmer

The trimmer, according to some gardeners, is more convenient, unlike a lawn mower, in caring for a lawn coating. Before work, you need to perform competent preparation:

  • In a gasoline device, the presence of fuel in the tank is checked.
  • In the electric trimmer for the lawn, you need to plug the plug into the network, check the length of the wire so that it is enough, and if necessary, install an extension cord, examine the wire for integrity.
  • In the battery device, the battery is put in the appropriate place for it.

For the trimmer, there are recommendations regarding operation on the lawn, which are strictly forbidden to neglect:

  • The trimmer is placed as close to the ground level as possible, and the situation needs to be adjusted and worked out before work begins.
  • Mowing starts after the corresponding key is turned on.
  • The movement on the lawn should be uniform from side to side and slightly forward.
  • Before work, you need to clear the cover of stones to avoid dulling or breaking the fishing line.
  • If the grass has ceased to be cut off and is torn, this indicates wear of the fishing line, for which it needs to be released more from the head.

In many devices there is a special button for releasing fishing line, for which you need to press the trimmer head on the ground, and in semi-automatic mode, under the influence of centrifugal force, the fishing line will protrude a certain length (in other words, it will be unwound from the trimmer coil).

In other models, this process is done manually, for which the unit stops, disconnects from the outlet, turns the cutting edge toward itself, and then hands release the fishing line to the length that is needed. Basically, in 1 pulling of the fishing line is extended by 2 cm, and the length of the cutting strip is 4 cm, but this parameter directly depends on the series and model of equipment. If an excess amount of fishing line is unwound, then it is cut off using a special cutting knife inside the plastic protection.

Work on the lawn with a trimmer

When working on the lawn, you need to stop periodically, even if there is no fatigue, because, despite the lightness of the unit, when you are in one position for a long time, especially with back problems, severe pain can subsequently occur, so it is advisable to have a backup, this will exclude overload.motor apparatus.

No need to try to cut the grass to the ground, as this will lead to clogging of the trimmer head with soil, the consumption of fishing line will increase, and the lawn is unlikely to look too attractive. Mowing the lawn is carried out to a height of grass of 5 cm, and the surface should have a relative cleanliness, after which the technique turns off.

It is advisable to mow the green cover until it is too large, it is easier and faster than when working with strong thickets, and not every trimmer can process tall plants with weeds. In addition, it is not very convenient then to collect a large amount of cut grass from the lawn, since this will take a lot of time, and if you do not remove the residues from the site on time, they will turn yellow and ruin the appearance of the cover.

Important! Before each lawn mowing, a site is prepared, regardless of the type of grass mowing device you select, since stones, rubbish, toys and the like can cause damage to the machine.

On sale, you can often find orthopedic corsets that help to greatly simplify the process of cutting and maintain a healthy back.

The trimmer is not intended to be used as a chainsaw, garden tractor or chopper branches and large grass. this will disable it. Keep the unit as far away from the legs and arms as possible, closer to the lawn, as it can cause serious injury. It is forbidden to lower the trimmer in the active state or simply plugged into the outlet into the water, as this will provoke an electric shock.

How to mow lawn in hard to reach places

Is it possible to cut grass in hard to reach places? As a rule, removing the cover with a lawn mower does not allow to cut grass in inaccessible places, for example:

  • under the bench;
  • under the bush;
  • near the porch and stairs.

The edge of the grass is trimmed with scissors or a trimmer. Some consider the process of such a mowing unnecessary, but this is how you can achieve the creation of an aesthetic and neat look of the lawn. If the landscaped area has the shape of a rectangle or square, then the lawn mower can cope with cutting the grass near the curb, and in this case the following places will be considered inaccessible:

  • near a tree trunk;
  • under the bushes;
  • near the fence and the wall.

The most important thing is not to forget about observing safety precautions when working with various types of equipment, through which you can carry out lawn mowing. Then the lawn will look beautiful, and the owner of the site will be satisfied with the result.